Monday, April 5, 2021

Jay McShann - It Feels Good (April 2021 nagel heyer records)

"You'd hear some cat play, and somebody would say, 'This cat, he sounds like he's from Kansas City.' It was Kansas City Style. They knew it on the East Coast. They knew it on the West Coast. They knew it up North, and they knew it down South." - Jay McShann

One of Jay McShann's favorite stories to tell was how band member and friend Charlie Parker got his nickname "Bird". During their drive to a gig in Nebraska with a car full of musicians, the driver of the car accidently hit a chicken. According to McShann, Parker requested the driver turn around so he could get the bird, and sat with it in the backseat of the car all the way to Lincoln. Once they arrived he asked the keeper of the home they were staying in to cook it up for him.

1. Tenderly 04:27

2. Blue and Sentimental 06:26

3. Confessin' the Blues 02:53

4. Memories of You 05:21

5. Moten Swing 06:27

6. Duke and the Brute 02:52

7. Hootie's Ignorant Oil 04:29

8. Lady Be Good 03:55

9. Say Forward, I'll March 04:43

10. Nasty Attitude 02:55

11. Hootie's in Hutchinson 06:08

12. Slow Drag Blues 05:52

13. Reach 02:47

14. Four Day Rider 04:01

15. You Can Depend on Me 04:18

16. Doggin' Around 06:11

17. Jay's Boogie Woogie 04:13

Jay McShann - piano


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