Tuesday, April 13, 2021

April 17-18: Chris Potter, Antonio Sanchez trios perform in Central Park as 'Walk With The Wind' continues

Artist-focused non-profit Giant Step Arts presents new edition of acclaimed concert series Walk With The Wind

April 17-18 free performances at NEW LOCATION in Central Park: Summit Rock in Seneca Village

Concerts honor legacy of congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis

Featuring James Brandon Lewis Freed Style Free Trio, Chris Potter Trio, Antonio Sanchez Trio, Marquis Hill Quartet, Michael Thomas Quartet, Nasheet Waits, Mark Turner, Marika Hughes, Johnathan Blake, Abraham Burton, Jason Palmer

"Sitting socially distanced on The Mall and listening to live jazz feels like an optimistic moment...Jimmy Katz and Giant Step Arts are plugging a gap with Walk With The Wind." - Dan Bergsagel, London Jazz News

Giant Step Arts with additional funding from Jazz Generation’s KEYED UP! continues the acclaimed performance series Walk With The Wind honoring civil rights activist and congressman John Lewis. The concerts – curated by Jimmy Katz and Nasheet Waits – will take place at pop up locations in New York City’s Central Park. Shows will be rescheduled in case of inclement weather.


• Saturday, April 17 – at Summit Rock in Seneca Village (map below)
     Noon: Robert Lotreck Quartet with Drew Anderson, Sarah Hanahan, Nolan Nwachukwu
     1 p.m.: Sarah Hanahan Trio with Jason Clotter, Michael Ode
     2 p.m.: Chris Potter Trio with Joe Martin and Nasheet Waits

• Sunday, April 18 – at Summit Rock in Seneca Village (map below)
     Noon: Robert Lotreck Quartet with Coby Petricone-Berg, Anthony Hervey, Phil Norris
     1 p.m.: Steve Slagle Trio with Marty Kenney, Jason Tiemann
     2 p.m.: Antonio Sanchez Trio with Donny McCaslin and Matt Brewer

• Saturday, April 24 – Marquis Hill Quartet

• Sunday, April 25 – Michael Thomas Quartet with Michael Rodriguez, Edward Perez, and Johnathan Blake

• Saturday, May 1 – James Brandon Lewis, Freed Style Free Trio with Rashaan Carter and Chad Taylor; Aaron Burnett Quartet with Peter Evans, Nick Jozwiak, and Tyshawn Sorey

• Saturday, May 8 – Marika Hughes: The New String Quartet with Hughes, Charlie Burnham, Marvin Sewell, and Rashaan Carter

• Saturday, May 15 – Mark Turner Trio with Vicente Archer, Johnathan Blake

• Sunday, May 23 – Johnathan Blake Trio; Nasheet Waits Quartet with Mark Turner, Steve Nelson, Rashaan Carter

• Saturday, May 29 – Abraham Burton Trio with Dezron Douglas, Eric McPherson

• Monday, May 31 – Jason Palmer Quartet with Mark Turner, Edward Perez, Kendrick Scott

“The pandemic has been disastrous for musicians, many of whom normally earn a living through live performances and tours,” says Katz. “We wanted to find a way to continue supporting musicians, bring them together with audiences safely, and enable them to have a payday! Walk with the Wind, honoring the legacy of the great American John Lewis, is one way we are accomplishing this, and the response has been tremendous.”  

The well-received series, which began August 28, 2020 with Wayne Escoffery’s trio, has also featured The Marquis Hill Quartet, the Michael Thomas Trio, Marcus Strickland Trio, the Eric McPherson Trio, the Leap Day Trio and the Joel Ross Quartet. 

Founded by renowned photographers Jimmy and Dena Katz in January 2018, Giant Step Arts is an innovative, artist-focused non-profit organization dedicated to commissioning and showcasing the work of innovative modern jazz artists. Giant Step Arts offers musicians the artistic and financial resources to create bold, adventurous new music free of commercial pressure. Giant Step Arts provides promotional material and publicity services, presents premiere performances and compensates artists, records performances for independent release, provides artists with CDs and digital downloads to sell directly, conveys complete ownership of masters to artists, and provides PR support for the recordings. “Giant Step Arts does not sell any music,” Katz says. “Our goals are to help musicians make bold artistic statements and to advance their careers.”

Jazz Generation was founded in 1999 to emphasize the importance of live jazz as an art form and the performing arts as a cultural asset. The Jazz Discovery Program (JDP) and The Jazz Standard Youth Orchestra (JSYO), and since 2014 KEYED UP!, an anti-poverty program, has offered services that support professional jazz artists in their performing careers, revitalize local businesses, and develop a new generation of audiences and performers. KEYED UP! Has quickly become a favorite NYC entity for musicians, audiences, and venues. Operating simultaneously in over 25 partner venues spanning from Jersey City to Boston, KeyedUP! Is proud to keep hundreds of musicians working and thousands of jazz listeners happy at no extra cost to partner venues.

Fifth Element - Fifth Element

“FIFTH ELEMENT” incorporates the musical talents of each member to create the ensemble sound you hear on every track. Bassist, Ron Johnston, brings decades of experience to provide the big sound that is the foundation of every great ensemble. His lines weave in and out of the changes in a seamless manner and he is also a wonderful soloist. Drummer, Glenn Anderson, provides the ideal balance bringing his vast knowledge to supply just the right touch to every tune. In Swing and Latin tunes, Glenn provides energy and drive to the ensemble and he is equally gifted with impeccable brush work on Ballads.

Pianist, Dale Scaife, has a musicality in his accompaniments that demonstrates remarkable sensitivity in backing the vocals and soloists. His own solos have a thoughtful compositional approach and are, at times, playful. Our vocalist, Nina Richmond, has a complete mastery of every genre on this album. With her gift of musical phrasing and lyricism, she has an ability to communicate with her audience in large and intimate settings, which translates beautifully in this recording. 

Tenor saxophonist, Dave Coules, ensures that he complements each vocal in an eminently tasteful manner. As a soloist, he consistently gives the listener access to the song clearly rooted in the lines he crafts. "FIFTH ELEMENT" displays the strengths of the individual players and provides the perfect vehicle for this ensemble to perform 12 of its most requested tunes, all arranged by Dave Coules.

We released "FIFTH ELEMENT" on December 3, 2020, and plan to celebrate with a performance as soon as live music is allowed once again in Toronto.

"All About Jazz" recently chose our opening track "I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me" as its upcoming "Track of the Day" for May 7th. Within 5 days we have had over 900 listens! 
1. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 04:06
2. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square 04:06
3. It Might As Well Be Spring 03:13
4. I Love Being Here With You 03:53
5. The Gentle Rain 05:12
6. There Will Never Be Another You 03:27
7. More Than You Know 05:09
8. September In The Rain/On A Misty Night 05:01
9. The Look of Love 03:32
10. Days Of Wine And Roses 04:13
11. My Romance 05:19
12. My Shining Hour 04:06

Charles / Lauzier / Epps - Écoute à l'Envers (April 2021)

1. Victor 33:13
2. Reznor 17:01

Xavier Charles, clarinette
Philippe Lauzier, clarinette basse
Ellwood Epps, trompette

Dijkstra / Epps / Caloia / Hollenbeck in Montreal (2021)

1. Dijkstra/Epps/Caloia/Hollenbeck-19022019 40:00

Jorrit Dijkstra, alto saxophone, lyricon, analog electronics
Ellwood Epps, trumpet
Nicolas Caloia, bass
John Hollenbeck, drums

Recorded by Ellwood Epps
February 19 2019 at Casa del Popolo, Montréal as part of the Mardi Spaghetti series.
Mastered by Nicolas Caloia.

Zinman​ / ​Epps - Duets (Set of 3 albums) 2021

1. Briar 25:27
2. For John Heward 18:24
3. Duet one 06:47
4. Duet two 05:09
5. Duet three 05:09
6. Duet four 05:46
7. Duet five 06:42
8. Duet six 03:58
9. March Afternoon 2020 09:54
10. July 2020 11:06
11. August 2020 07:25

Ellwood Epps trumpet
Eric Zinman piano, percussion, synthesizer

Tracks 1 & 2: ''Obscura!''
Recorded at Casa Obscura, Montréal
May 19 2018
Originally released as Mr. E Records # 9

Tracks 3-8: ''Duets''
Recorded at Studio 234, Cambridge

Tracks 9-11: ''Assemblage''
Recorded in March, July, and August of 2020 in Cambridge and Montreal.
Released September 29, 2020
Produced by Eric Zinman
Originally released as Mr. E Records #16 and Studio234 0019

All music composed by the performers.
All music registered with SOCAN.

Anton Goudsmit - Ton Petit (2021 Dox Records)

“Ton Petit is my new album, recorded with Sean ‘the dude’ Fasciani on bass and coming man Tim Hennekes on drums. Tons of time, patience and a few good ideas turned out to be the perfect conditions for the creation of this particular album. The summer of 2020 offered more than enough of this for me and my cat Molly to tinker endlessly with the music. Every strum, voicing, or whatever detail could be patiently attended to as if it were a fine knit. I hope it fits your ears.” - Anton Goudsmit

1. Graat/Paling 05:56
2. el Hugonote/Franje 07:13
3. Calme 04:41
4. The Fridge 01:50
5. Desbarato/Karma-tic 06:59
6. Mont Blues 05:21

Anton Goudsmit - guitars
Sean Fasciani - bass
Tim Hennekes - drums

All compositions by A.M. Goudsmit except Mont Blues by Sean Fasciani

Recorded on August 11 and 12, 2020 at Warning Studios Amsterdam
Produced by Anton Goudsmit & Björn Warning
Mixed by Hans Ravestein at Studio Groenland
Mastered by Sander van der Heide

John Engels, Joris Teepe & Benjamin Herman - When Will The Blues Leave (2021 Dox Records)

1. Sonny Boy 05:10
2. Fried Bananas 04:18
3. The Peacocks 03:52
4. When Will The Blues Leave 03:20
5. I Found A New Baby 04:45
6. Moose The Mooche 05:46
7. Bittersweet 05:29
8. Time Was 04:52

Drums: John Engels
Bass: Joris Teepe
Saxophone: Benjamin Herman

Recorded June 15 & 16 at Bimhuis, Amsterdam
Recorded by Marc Schots

Produced by John Engels, Joris Teepe, Benjamin Herman
Co-produced by Liz Horvath

Benjamin Herman - Collected Ballads (2021 Dox Records)

Benjamin Herman got his first saxophone at the age of twelve. At thirteen he was already playing on the professional club circuit. By the time he was twenty years old he was appearing with different groups around the world and initiating projects of his own. His fame spread beyond jazz circles in the 1990s when he formed the groundbreaking ensemble New Cool Collective. Having made a name as soloist while still a teenager, Benjamin Herman has appeared on over a hundred records with all kinds of artists, from Candy Dulfer to Misha Mengelberg. Herman has also built a career in The Netherlands and abroad as a composer. With New Cool Collective as well as with his smaller bands. He is a well respected craftsman who’s playing is firmly rooted in jazz tradition. His gigs are strongly influenced by dance floor jazz, surf and punk music, free jazz and traditional music from all over the world, attracting adventurous music fans of all genres as well as straight ahead jazz aficionados.

Today Benjamin Herman is one of the most original and productive jazz musicians in the Netherlands exploring influences beyond the confines of the jazz world. After starting his own record label ‘Roach Records’ in 2004 Benjamin Herman produced a string of cd’s, vinyl’s and yes, cassette tapes. He recorded and toured with amongst others Paul Weller, Dr. John, Tony Allen, Stan Tracey, Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink, Peter Maffay, programmed several festivals, played all over the globe and worked on numerous personal projects. Amongst many awards and prizes are the prestigious VPRO/Boy Edgar Award, four Edisons and ‘Best Dressed man’ by Esquire magazine.

In 2017 New Cool Collective released two new albums (one featuring Senegalese alto saxophonist Thierno Koite of Orchestra Baobab) and Benjamin released a live album on the ICP label with The Quartet NL. An all star Dutch foursome with drummer Han Bennink (74), bassist Ruud Jacobs (78) and pianist Peter Beets.

In 2018 to celebrate his 50th birthday Benjamin released ‘Project S’, a luscious ode to Johan Cruyff’s car of choice the ‘Citroën SM’ and punk-jazz album ‘Bughouse’ with guitar magus Reinier Baas, bassist Peter Peskens (Jungle By Night) and legendary hard core drummer Olav van den Berg (Lärm, Seein’ Red, Marxbros). 

2021 will see the release of trio album ‘When Will The Blues Leave’ with 85 year old drum legend John Engels and bassist Joris Teepe. Also coming up in spring ’21 is a compilation of Benjamin’s slower stuff, new material from 2020’s lockdown and a number of albums and bonus tracks from Benjamin’s back catalogue currently unavailable online.

1. Sara, Sunbathing 04:14
2. Anouman (featuring Robin Nolan) 05:07
3. A Slow Hot Wind (featuring Daniël von Piekartz) 04:26
4. Verre et acier 03:28
5. Thierno (featuring New Cool Collective) 04:34
6. Reflections 04:48
7. De Sprong O Romantiek Der Hazen (featuring Ruben Hein) 03:42
8. Mmmmm (featuring Roos Jonker) 04:42
9. Lizard Waltz 01:59
10. Ari (featuring Jules Deelder) 03:54
11. Airhead 03:45
12. Mood Indigo (featuring Stan Tracey, Clark Tracey, Bart van Lier and Andrew Cleyndert) 08:14
13. Lamento (featuring Remco Campert) 02:45

Collection of ballads from Benjamin Herman's back catalogue featuring one new track: 'Anouman' with Robin Nolan.