Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Studnitzky - KY-Organic (2017)

KY ist das Synonym für Sebastian Studnitzky's minimalistisches Projekt, welches gleichsam vielschichtig und abwechslungsreich daherkommt.

Der mit dem ECHO Jazz ausgezeichnete Trompeter & Pianist setzt bei »KY Organic« auf von elektronischer Musik beeinflusste Ästhetik in kleiner instrumentaler Besetzung.

Mit gleichsam virtuosem wie uneitlem Klavierspiel und seinem einzigartigem, fast schon gesungenem Trompetensound gelingt es Studnitzky mit Leichtigkeit, prägnante Grooves und Sounds mit wunderschön klaren und auffallend emotionalen Melodien zu kombinieren.

Studnitzkys Offenheit und Stil übergreifender Background schaffen es, Minimal Techno mit zauberhaft raffinierten Stimmführungen und offene Jazzimprovisationen mit Indie-pop-Harmoniefolgen in Einklang zu bringen. 

Rhythmisch, unnahbar und romantisch zugleich. Verfolgt man Studnitzky's Schaffen der letzten Jahre, versteht man wie sehr er einer klaren künstlerischen Stringenz folgt - dem Suchen nach dem perfekten Verschmelzen und gegenseitigen Befruchten unterschiedlicher Genres.

Studnitzky schafft seinen ganz eigenen Stil und vollbringt dabei den Spagat, zeitgemäß modernistisch zu sein und zugleich Zeitlosigkeit auszustrahlen.

C'mon Move

Adam Ben Ezra - Pin Drop (ROPEADOPE RECORDS 2017)

“Playing and recording the ‘Pin Drop’ album at ‘Little Big Beat Studios’ in Liechtenstein has undoubtedly been one of the most unique and creative experiences I’ve ever had. Recording an album in front of a live audience is a big challenge, it requires a lot of focus and attention since the songs are being played only once, with no option for re-takes. Luckily I had everything I needed to help me rise through this challenge.

Since the whole session was recorded through an analog tape, which had only 30 minutes duration, we divided the session into two focused sets with a brief interval for switching the tape. This contributed to the retro feeling whilst playing, the way musicians would have recorded before they introduced digital recording. Nothing compares to the quality of analog tape enhancing the warm sound of the bass.

The atmosphere in the room during the recording session was electrifying! The audience was asked to remain as quiet as possible so as not to interrupt the recording. This allowed for an even more attentive audience and it created such an immense energy. The sheer intensity of this silence and the effect it had on my playing is what inspired me to call the album “Pin Drop”. This rare experience of quiet before applause is something a musician rarely has the privilege to encounter.

I’ve learned so much during this experience. I believe it has sharpened my performance, improved my ability to really understand what it means to be in the moment and for this I am very grateful”. – Adam Ben Ezra

01. Intro
02. Silk Road
03. Prayer
04. Dear Prudence
05. Brown Piano
06. Can’t Stop Running
07. Balagusto
08. India Time
09. Flamenco
10. Lord of Forgiveness

All music composed and arranged by Adam Ben Ezra, aside from: 
- Dear Prudence (Composed by Lennon-McCartney, arranged by Adam Ben Ezra) 
- Lord of Forgiveness (Jewish traditional composition, arranged by Adam Ben Ezra) 

Recorded by Little Konzett at Little Big Beat Studios - Eschen/Liechtenstein 
Mixed and mastered by Little Konzett at Little Big Beat Studios – Weiler/Austria 
Technical assistant: Kerim Bachmann 
Production assistants: Olivia König & Anna Salcher 

Photography: Matthias Rhomberg 
Cinematography: Marco Rusch, Johannes Kogler, Bernhard Samson, Petre Mathislav, Chris Laine. 
Video editing: Marco Rusch 
Graphic Design: YONIL 
Print production: Victor Levin 
Love and support: Natalie Ben Ezra

Pin Drop – DIGITAL, CD, VINYL or BUNDLE. You get the complete digital album now, plus the pdf liner notes. CD’s ship out in 2 days! Vinyl preorders ship out by early July 2017.

Volker Goetze Quintet - Bridges (July 20, 2017)

The new quintet album “Bridges” from international touring trumpeter and composer Volker Goetze unites musicians from three continents. Together they explore new ground, stretch creative improvisation and build musical Bridges over thousands of miles. 

Goetze has brought together top tear Grammy Award winning and nominated musicians who have toured with the best jazz musicians on the planet including Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Esperanza Spalding, Bobby McFerrin and many more. 

The original compositions are rooted in West African and contemporary New York Jazz creating a unique cross-cultural musical experience.

1. African Child
2. Ding Ding Borlaba
3. Mask
4. Funky One
5. Snow Crystal
6. Fulani Dance
7. Bridges
8. Devika

Releases July 20, 2017 

All compositions by Volker Goetze 
Lyrics on Ding Ding Borlaba by Ablaye Cissoko 

Produced by Volker Goetze 

(2,7) Recorded at the Battery Park, New York 
(1,4,5) Recorded at the Center of Improvised Music, Brooklyn, New York 
(3) Recorded at Saint-Louis, Senegal 
(6) Recorded at Paris, France & Harlem, New York 
(8) Recorded in Harlem, New York 

Recorded by Tyler McDiarmid, Geoff Countryman and Volker Goetze 
Mixed by Jim Anderson at Avatar Studios 
Mastering by Alan Silverman 

Patrick Breiner (1,2,4,5,7) & Christian Torkewitz (8,6) - Tenor Saxophone 
Josh Myers (1,2,4,5,7) & Aidan Carroll (6,8)- Bass
Kristjan Randalu (1,2,4,5,7) & Chrisitan Torkewitz (8,6) - Piano 
Richie Barhsay (2,6,8) & Bodek Janke (1,4,5,7) - Drums 

Andreas Molino - bata, timbales & conga on African Child & Bridges 
Aziz Diop - baragabu on Ding Ding Borlaba 
Abdou Khadre Diop - sabar & tama on Ding Ding Borlaba 

Special Guests 
Oran Etkin - Bass-Clarinet (6,8) 
Ablaye Cissoko - Voice & kora (1,2) 

Additional Horn Players: 

African Child (1) 
Alan Ferber - Trombone 
Peter Ehwald - Soprano Saxophone 

Ding Ding Borlaba (2) 
Joe Beaty - Trombone 
Uri Gurvic - Soprano Saxophone 
Seth Paris - Tenor Saxophone 

Bridges (7) 
Seth Paris - Bass Clarinet 

Devika (8) 
Roger Rosenberg - Basson 
Christian Torkwitz - Flute

Fœhn Trio - Magnésie (MAD CHAMAN 2017)

Nous y sommes ! DEMAIN sortie officielle de notre album "MAGNESIE", première sortie sur le label Mad Chaman crée par André Manoukian, pour l'occasion nous sommes très heureux de partager avec vous ce TEASER pour vous en dire un peu plus sur cet album ! Partagez, likez si ça vous plait !

01. L'Obiou 6:26
02. Face nord 6:24
03. A Day in Chamonix 1:58
04. Call of the Mountains 7:20
05. Seolane 6:29
06. Indian Moon 2:50
07. Pili-pili 7:26
08. Neuf couleurs 7:32
09. WindChill 5:23
10. Arvi Pa 7:51