Saturday, May 8, 2021

Satoko Fujii - Piano Music Vol. 2 (May 2021)

1. Tomeru 32:35

I played and recorded fragments, and made collage with them.

Satoko Fujii - piano
Recorded and mixed by Satoko Fuji

Vasco Trilla / Liba Villavecchia - ASEBEIA (May 8, 2021)

It is said that desecrating or mocking the sacred leads to punishment sooner or later. Hell devours us into the depths of its black heart. The first circle of the wheel of Asebeia is associated with sharing. Giving everything as a matter of life or death. Blood sweat and tears, metals and creaks, until the last breath. The next circle corresponds to happiness. Loading and unloading oneself, taking a deep breath, releasing everything, not letting anything inside and letting the soul grieve for dreams of joy.

The third circle corresponds to knowledge. Accumulating and forgetting it, knowing that you are going to lose it, like Don Quixote, whose brain dried up as a result of reading too much. Do you feel the punishment?

Because now comes excess, that is, organizing and disorganizing the universe from one end to another, one galaxy after another, an eternity of forced labor that can’t be finished ahead of you. Not bad, right? Because after this, peace arrives along with the anguish that it is associated with. For what happens when nothing moves? A puff and then chaos, a confusion that obliterates us.

Are we sketches of our senses? What do you feel? Failed calmness. Knowing that you have vanquished, wishing something, trying to carry the burden of the world and failing at it. Compassion enters the scene in order to overcome pain. You can only try again. Saxophone and drums. Freedom without rules. 

1. Koinos_what is shared 04:09
2. Eudaimonia_happiness 05:05
3. Pistis_creed or faith 04:26
4. Akolasia_excess 05:18
5. Ataraxia_freedom from perturbation, complete absence of desires or fears 10:33
6. Eidola_images of the senses, sketches sent from objects to the senses 05:31
7. Sophrosyne (o Sofrosine)_spiritual healing 03:09
8. Theión_the divine, that which transcends man 06:49

Liba Villavecchia, alto saxophone
Vasco Trilla, drums and percussion

NCY Milky Band - Burn'IN (May 2021 BMM Records)

The four musicians deliver unique jazz experiments at the crossroads of 70's french groove and modern electronica.

The album covers a wide range of moods, switching from cheerful anthems with goofy synths to slow jams in which the saxophone breezes a deep feeling of nostalgia.

With Burn’IN, NCY Milky Band are bringing a refreshing and original touch to the upcoming french jazz scene.

1. Magic Polo 04:16
2. L'Ombre d'un Homme 02:42
3. Burn'IN 03:23 video
4. Love Alert 04:37
5. Chercher La Magie I 00:30
6. Politricks 04:33 video
7. Gotham 04:14
8. Plus Profond 04:29
9. Young Fiasco 04:03
10. Chercher La Magie II 00:39
11. Mermoz 05:06
12. Lynx Theme (Digital Bonus) 01:53
13. Chercher La Magie III (Digital Bonus) 02:38

NCY Milky Band
Louis Treffel (keyboards)
Antoine Léonardon (bass)
Quentin Thomas (saxophone)
Paul Lefevre (drums)

Dan Karlsberg Trio - All In (May 8, 2021)

The Long Lost Trio Album of Dan, Steve, and Anthony:

Several years back I decided to have my friends Steve and Anthony come back from Brooklyn to play a few gigs and go into the studio to record us playing. We had done two previous albums together, but not exclusively as a trio. Our chemistry together was evident the very first time we played together, and in many ways, our sound hadn't changed since. Steve and Anthony give me the freedom to create however I want, as if I am playing by myself and can move in any direction I choose. This is very rare. And I believe it is a mutual feeling between the three of us.

So knowing we hadn't made strictly a trio album, it felt important to me to be able to capture this groups chemistry. I knew that we played best with out any preconceived ideas. I just called tunes we all knew, or I brought in some simple themes for us to improvise with (which was the case for John Coltrane's Consequences). Steve Whipple had these different launching points, or little games to play, for us to create free improvisations. Some of which sound like complete songs (which is the case for the improvisation I titled Bruce Lee). We recorded many takes in 2 days. At night, we played at the Blue Wisp here in Cincinnati. I whittled it down to 9 tracks that I have turned into the album, Dan Karlsberg Trio: "All In"

-Dan Karlsberg

1. All In 01:16
2. Rhythm-A-Ning 06:29
3. Consequences 03:18
4. Bruce Lee 02:54
5. Nutty 03:57
6. Whipple & "T" Time 01:20
7. Blue Monk 07:37
8. Epilogue 02:01
9. Camptown Races 04:07

Dan Karlsberg - piano, ukulele (track 9 only)
Steve Whipple - bass
Anthony "T" Lee - drums