Monday, November 22, 2021

Jamie Breiwick and Jay Mollerskov - Solve for X (January 7, 2022 B Side Recordings)

Original improvised works for trumpet and electronics

1. Unfolding
2. Remainder
3. Heaps
4. Strata
5. Summoning Moons
6. Traces of Things
7. For Norm
8. Reflect

Jamie Breiwick, trumpet and flugelhorn
Jay Mollerskov, electronics
Nolan Breiwick, trumpet (8)

All compositions by Jamie Breiwick and Jay Mollerskov
All trumpets recorded by Jamie Breiwick at home
Edited, mixed, and mastered by Jay Mollerskov
Cover art "Solve for X" by Jay Arpin
Inside photo by Jamie Breiwick
Design by Jamie Breiwick, B Side Graphics

Unknown To Known - Portico (November 2021)

Improvised extracts from our first encounter in July 2021.

Portico Gallery, South London.

This group is a culmination of four musicians each active in some of the most prominent musical forces around today including Sting, Van Morrison, Anoushka Shankar, Wild Flower, Ill Considered, Collocutor, Akram Khan, Dele Sosimi, Sarathy Korwar, Joy Crookes and more.

On woodwinds, Idris Rahman and Tamar Osborn weave together the melodic fabric of this music. Having already released the album “Conversations” together in duo - described by Max Reinhardt from the BBC’s Late Junction as “a revelation” - their lyrical approach gracefully compliments one another, whether they play in unison or counterpoint.

Jihad Darwish oscillates between the sitar, double bass and electric bass, providing a bridge from melodic and harmonic worlds down to earthy, pulsating yet sensitive grooves which Yusuf Ahmed ties together on the drums and various hybrid percussion instruments.

The formation of this band means that performances can be entirely acoustic or amplified. This was a conscious decision made at conception.

Idris Rahman (Anoushka Shankar, Wild Flower, Ill Considered):
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Flute

Tamar Osborn (Collocutor, Akram Khan, Dele Sosimi, Sarathy Korwar):
Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, Flute

Jihad Darwish (Sting, Van Morrison, Anderson Paak, Imroel-Quays):
Sitar, Double Bass, Electric Bass

Yusuf Ahmed (Joy Crookes, Etc Etc, Anoushka Lucas, Bukky Leo & Black Egypt):
Drums, Percussion

1. Improvisation I 05:37
2. Improvisation II 06:57
3. Improvisation III 04:27
4. Improvisation IV 07:32

Idris Rahman - Tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Tamar Osborn - Baritone saxophone, clarinet, flute
Jihad Darwish - Double bass, electric bass
Yusuf Ahmed - Drums, percussion

Recorded by Yusuf Ahmed
Mixed and Mastered by Idris Rahman

Magnus Munk Tækker - Bright Yellow Space (November 2021)

Bright Yellow Space is a record that begins with an early morning optimism and peacefulness. The atmosphere of a bird singing to you while the sun wakes you up on a shiny day of spring. Halfway through the narrative a night time melancholy falls upon the music, leading to a darker and more chaotic vibration that takes you all the way to the moon. The ending you’ll have to judge for yourself.

The album is a blend of compositions by Magnus Munk Tækker and a few excerpts of improvisations. I hope it will light up your day, fuel your creative potential and take you to your own Bright Yellow Space.

1. Hello, Sunshine 06:39
2. Helios 02:29
3. November 04:35
4. Sun Tour 04:09
5. On the Beach, Bill 04:34
6. Moonwalk 02:07
7. A Bridge to a Place 07:38
8. Fading Colours 02:31
9. A Meeting On the Moon 01:28
10. Cirrostratus 05:13
11. October Stars 04:52

Magnus Munk Tækker - el. gtr & santoor & pedal steel

The Solace Band
Andreas Birk Olesen - piano & wurlitzer
Søren Juul Christensen - upright bass
Sebastian Kinch - drums
Jacob Birkeland Steenstrup - trumpet og fluegelhorn

Photos by Gisli Dua
Mix & Master by Oliver Mønster Andersen
Cover-design by me & Gisli Dua

Thomas Naïm - More Sounds of Jimi (November 2021)

Guitariste, compositeur et producteur, Thomas Naïm débute la guitare à l’âge de 12 ans. Influencé tout d’abord par le Rock, il s’intéresse par la suite à de nombreux courants musicaux pour enfin se passionner pour le Jazz.

Depuis Thomas Naïm est sollicité pour accompagner sur scène ou en studio de nombreux artistes parmi lesquels Hugh Coltman, Mayra Andrade,, Hindi Zahra, Bob Sinclar...  

1. Voodoo Child (Feat. Célia Kameni) 03:31
2. The Wind Cries Mary 05:13
3. Cherokee Mist (Dub Version) 05:29

Thomas Naïm - Guitare et Basse (1,3)
Raphaël Chassin - Batterie et Percussions
Marcello Giuliani - Contrebasse (2)
Célia Kameni - Chant (1)

Réalisé par Thomas Naïm
Mixé par Pascal Garnon
Masterisé par François Fanelli @ Sonics Mastering
Artwork par Hamza Djenat

Triorität & Noa Erni - The Mental Traveller (Triorität Session) November 2021

A modern day love story might go as follows: Lukas and Jonathan, two brothers running Berlin-based label Kommerz Records, started connecting with their favorite new jazz combo Triorität via IG without any business in mind, just to find out that they grew up in the same place – often overlooked, but damn cute city of Darmstadt.

So why not just meet up during winter holidays in their parent’s garden (social distancing was still a thing in winter 2020) to sit around a fireplace and drink wine from daddy’s stack? A perfect start for a new friendship.

Noa Erni’s extraordinary debut “The Mental Traveller” hadn’t been released at that time, but the trinity of Triorität was immediately caught by Noa’s unpretentious chord play and the idea was born to create some live interpretations of his compositions. The Swiss-born producer and wine merchant (meet him at Friedenauer Weinhandlung) produced his obscure jazz and hip-hop atmospheres as a one man band hidden away in his home studio in Berlin. Childhood friends Triorität, on the contrary, developed their “dancefloor jazz” on stage and in the rehearsal room, finessing their very own melange of 70s fusion, disco as well as modern electronics and hip-hop. With their 2020 masterpiece “ALG0” they perfectly captured the stage powerplay on a 12” record, awarded with a co-sign by Gilles Peterson.

Fast forward into 2021: Ouvo Records, the imprint run by Triorität and DJ Ion, and Kommerz Records are best label buddies and their collaboration “The Mental Traveller - Triorität Session” came to life. Three songs of Noa Erni revisited by Triorität’s Alexander Hoffmann (drums), Gerrit Ebeling (keys) and Grégoire Pignède (bass) in their very own jazz fusion madness. Recorded in summer 2021 at Il Civetto studios in Berlin-Lichtenberg by Christ Hentz a.k.a. Hentzup and mastered by Mark Pfurtscheller, the full EP will be available on all digital platforms November 19th alongside a live video of the session. 

1. Seeds of Labor (Triorität Session) 05:52
2. Train Ride (Triorität Session) 04:24
3. The Mental Traveller Theme (Triorität Session) 05:50

Triorität are:
Alexander Hoffmann (Drums)
Gerrit Ebeling (Keys)
Grégoire Pignède (Bass)

Composed by Noa Erni
Arranged and performed by Triorität

Recorded and mixed by Chris Hentz aka Hentzup at Il Civetto Studio
Mastered by Mark Pfurtscheller at Chin Chat Studio

Artwork by Benedikt Luft, Dominik Keller and Luca Christakopoulos aka mesobroke

Tete Leal - FIVE ELEMENTS (November 2021 DISPAR)

Tete Leal (Málaga 1982) is a composer, conductor, sax player, director at CAMM (Malaga modern music center), cultural entrepreneur and a couple of things more.

His first album FIVE ELEMENTS is a ground-breaking symphonic suite arranged for jazz sextet, choir and electronics. 

1. I. Fire 04:16
2. II. Earth 08:42
3. III. Air 11:46
4. IV. Water 12:55
5. V. Aether 09:12

Alto, Soprano & Baritone Saxophones, Transverse Flute & Bass Clarinet / Tete Leal

Korg Minilogue, Korg Ms20 & electronics / Alejandro Lévar
Trumpet /Julian Sánchez , Nacho Loring, Fran Rivero
Piccolo / Elena Barrios Campo
Piano & keyboards / Juan Galiardo, Jose Carra
Double Bass / Bori Albero, Joan Masana
Electric Bass / Jesus Bachiller “Bachi”
Drums / Adrián Jiménez, Juanma Nieto, Manuel Masaedo, Andreu Pitarch
Percussion & Mandoline / Carlos Cortés Bustamante

Cristina Risueño López ( Soprano )
Jennifer Rodríguez Serrano ( Soprano )
Ruth García Delgado ( Contralto )
Pablo Guzmán Palma ( Tenor )
Daniel García De Castro Domínguez ( Baritone )

Produced by Tete Leal, Alejandro Lévar & Manolo Toro
Recorded by Manolo Toro at PuertoRecords (Malaga) between december 2019 and march 2021
Mixed and Mastered by Manolo Toro and Alejandro Lévar
Artwork & Graphic Design by Narita Estudio

Various Artists - Shorter Moments / Exploring The World Of Wayne (November 2021 Posi-Tone Records)

Acting upon the thoughtful advice to give out flowers to the living while they are still here to enjoy them, Posi-Tone would like to show our profound appreciation and affection for Wayne Shorter. With the release of “Shorter Moments,” we celebrate the music of this wonderful composer and present a special compilation of his compositions, lovingly performed over the years by a wide variety of artists from our talented roster.

1. Chief Crazy Horse from the 2008 album David Ashkenazy “Resonation” - David Ashkenazy - drums, Matt Otto - tenor saxophone, Steve Cotter - guitar, Roger Shew - bass

2. Edda from the album 2012 Ed Cherry “It’s All Good” - Ed Cherry - guitar, Pat Bianchi - organ, Byron Landham - drums

3. Rio from the 2019 album Out To Dinner “Different Flavors” - Michael Dease - trombone, Tim Green - alto saxophone, Behn Gillece - vibraphone, Boris Kozlov - bass, Rudy Royston - drums

4. ESP from the 2016 album Jordan Young “Jazz Jukebox” - Jordan Young - drums, Matt Chertkoff - guitar, Brian Charette - organ

5. El Gaucho from the 2017 album Farnell Newton “Back To Earth” - Farnell Newton - trumpet, Greg Goebel - piano, Dylan Sundstrom - bass, Christopher Brown - drums

6. Lady Day from the 2021 album Alexa Tarantino “Firefly” - Alexa Tarantino - alto saxophone, Art Hirahara - piano, Boris Kozlov - bass, Rudy Royston - drums

7. Scarlet Woman from the 2016 album Walt Weiskopf “The Way You Say It” - Walt Weiskopf - tenor saxophone, Brian Charette - organ, Behn Gillece - vibraphone, Steve Fidyk - drums

8. Water Babies from the 2014 album Orrin Evans & The Captain Black Big Band “Mother’s Touch” - arranged by Tatum Greenblatt; soloists Stacy Dillard - tenor sax, and Tatum Greenblatt - trumpet

9. Children Of The Night from the 2009 album David Ashkenazy “Out With It” - David Ashkenazy - drums, Joel Frahm - saxophone, Gary Versace - organ, Gilad Hekselman - guitar

10. United from the 2009 album Sam Yahel “Hometown” - Sam Yahel - piano, Matt Penman - bass, Jochen Rückert - drums

11. Charcoal Blues from the 2014 album Jared Gold “JG 3+3” - Jared Gold - organ, Dave Stryker - guitar, Sylvia Cuenca - drums, Patrick Cornelius - alto sax

12. Infant Eyes from the 2009 album Wayne Escoffery “Uptown” - Wayne Escoffery - saxophone, Avi Rothbard - guitar

Lebik / Edwards / Lovens - Lepomis Gibbosus (Fundacja Słuchaj)

They are sameïliar which means each one resembles the one before as well as the consecutive one as if they were the same. Perhaps they were all the same in a utopian past, or there was even only one of them – which must have been, then, identical. The sameïliarity they show holds that the same is always different. As a consequence, the difference is always the same. In other words: The variety in sameness is as real as the repetitions in the creation of difference. They are two sameïliar thrusts of existence, which means ... Philipp Schmickl

That afternoon we played one single long and continuous piece: that is the general way of working in freely improvised music. If we had played several smaller pieces, the beginning of each would have been different from what you hear here. A post-productional cutting-up gives you listener of this cd the wrong impression. This music needs to be listened to in one go (or would you have left the concert hall for a while ?), if not, you cannot follow the real-time process = the development of this collectively and instantly composed material (which - by the way - is one of our music’s main and unique qualities). Don’t dip into B, C, or D - you would miss most of our adventures: start at A and join us on our journey… Lo!

1. Lepomis Gibbosus 45:36

Gerard Lebik - tenor sax
John Edwards - double bass
Paul Lovens - drums

Recorded 23 of April 2015 at Lublin Jazz Festival
Recorded and Mixed by Marek Krupa
Mastered by Zopan
Photos by Maciej Rukasz
Graphic Design: Anna Płotko
Executive Producer: Maciej Karłowski