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Daniel Carter / Tobias Wilner / Djibril Toure / Federico Ughi - New York United Volume 2 (September 2021 577 Records)

New York United is an experimental group at the musical intersection of a classic New York avant-garde scene and forward-looking electronic production. Comprised of multi-instrumentalist and 577-cofounder Daniel Carter (Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet), electronic producer Tobias Wilner from Blue Foundation (Synthesizers, Percussion, Vocals, Piano, Guitar), Wu-Tang Clan bass player Djibril Toure and 577’s Federico Ughi (Drums), their sound reflects their decades of collaboration. This second volume follows their celebrated debut, the eponymous New York United (2019), and matches its characteristically dreamlike effect, while maintaining a steady, rhythmic momentum.

Like the first volume, this album was initially recorded in an improvised studio performance, and manipulated by Wilner in post-recording production, lending a uniquely ambient, electronic effect to otherwise spontaneous composition between musicians. Inescapably connected to its namesake city, the project is a testament to the transformative energy that sustains New York, dissolving individual boundaries into a collective sense of itself. New York United, Volume 2 will be available as a CD, 12’’ black vinyl and 12’’ grey vinyl in limited editions of 100 on September 3, 2021.
1. New York Flower 09:50
2. The Grind 04:10
3. Day Dream 04:34
4. The Corner 05:26
5. After The Rain 03:52
6. Sunrise at Brower Park 02:52
7. Bronx Night 07:19

DANIEL CARTER Saxophones, Flute, Trumpet, Clarinet
TOBIAS WILNER Sound manipulation, Field recordings, Synthesizers, Percussion, Vocals, Bass synthesizer, Piano & Guitar

Produced and Mixed by Tobias Wilner

Recorded by Jeremy Loucas at Sear Sound, New York City on December 5th, 2018
Mastered by Jeremy Loucas at Sear Sound, New York City

Photography by Henrik Molla Jensen
Graphic design by Sergio Vezzali

All music by Daniel Carter, Tobias Wilner, Djibril Toure and Federico Ughi (Five Seven Seven Records Music, ASCAP)

Leo Genovese / Mariano Otero / Sergio Verdinelli - Trio Sin Tiempo: Ritmos de Agua (2021 577 Records)

In Ritmos de Agua, longtime friends and jazz musicians Leo Genovese, Mariano Otero and Sergio Verdinelli explore the power and potentiality of water. Contextualizing their aesthetic inspirations within the historical and the metaphorical, the 12 tracks allude to the very tangible rise of civilizations, rich natural ecologies and the singular fluidity of water that moves through their art. Appealing to genres like Chamame, Chamarrita, Tango and Candombe, the musicians draw from the experience of water, its fluidity and its steady tidal rhythms. While water never dances the same way twice, its amorphous predictability can be felt in the repetitive sensation of waves, or the meditative course of a stream—a feeling the musicians mirror in their varied compositions and gentle deliveries on piano, drums and bass. Speaking to their project, they collectively affirm, “Water is a musical entity, and we’d like to be like water.” 

This project marks Leo Genovese’s and Trio Sin Tiempo’s debut on 577 Records. Ritmos de Agua will be available in August 2021 digitally and in CD format.

1. Battle of Adwa 03:09
2. Bety 03:25
3. Los Pajaros 04:39
4. Al Final Era Un Blues 03:44
5. Penumbra 03:35
6. Otra Cosita 02:31
7. Jack Palance 02:40
8. Hiedra 03:30
9. Danza Azul 02:47
10. Molay Bedra 04:40
11. Danza Trianu 02:36
12. Motian 01:47

Leo Genovese Piano
Mariano Otero Bass
Sergio Verdineli Drums

Recorded March 6, 2021 by Mariano Otero at Estudio Insigno, Buenos Aires
Mixed by Mariano Otero
Mastered by Paco Amenabar

Artwork by Gonzalo Elvira
Graphic design by Philip Marshall

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Ole Morten Vågan - Plastic Wave (2021 ODIN Records)

“Plastic Wave” comes as the sequel to 2018´s celebrated “Happy Endlings”, where Ole Morten Vågan, one of the most sought-after bass players in Norway, collaborated with the unpredictable and creative Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, comprised of a sort of «who´s who» in Norwegian jazz.  Where “Happy Endlings” took the listener on a 72-minute-long ride on the edge of their seat through a myriad of innovation, chock, and surprises, «Plastic Wave» sees TJO & Vågan take their mischievous end time antics from the previous album to the next phase, in some sorts a musical excavation of the next evolutionary step - and the sequel is no less than 12 minutes longer.

Titles such as Food Chain Reaction and Critical Mass Distraction are given extra momentum by Flu Hartberg ́s cover art, again a trusty companion for the music. Having been recorded half way through 2020, the music on «Plastic Wave» plays well against this unprecedented backdrop.

«The concept behind this album came about right after writing the music from Happy Endlings, which spun around a sort of end time scenario where the main characters are happily unaware of the impending doom that awaits them.... This may seem like a gloomy backdrop for an album, but it also has an inherent comic side to it, a sort of apocalyptic slap stick humour that I enjoy a lot. On “Plastic Wave”, I tried to shift the focus away from those characters and think about what happens when all our little endeavours fuse with the world around us, like the volcanic rock that melt with all the plastic from our garbage and create a new type of rock all together (plastiglomerate). In that sense, this album is more about all the small imperceptible processes that go on around us without our knowing, but that we are still a part of.” – Ole Morten Vågan 

Norway ́s Trondheim Jazz Orchestra is an unpredictable beast - constantly reborn from the ashes like a phoenix, its wings has taken it to a multitude of distant musical skies. Having cooperated closely with luminaries such as Pat Metheny and Joshua Redman, they are equally known for being a catalyst and laboratory for young composers, like Norway’s own SKRAP, Eirik Hegdal, Hedvig Mollestad and outside forces such as Anna Webber and Cory Smythe. Beginning on a high note in 2000 with a now legendary gig at the Molde Jazz Festival with Chick Corea, the TJO has since done hundreds of concerts around the world, and are today considered to be at the apex of large ensemble music in Europe. 

Ole Morten Vågan is known as one of Scandinavia’s most prolific bass players. He is as likely to be seen playing with people from the Berlin improv scene as together with musical madman Stian Carstensen or stepping in with the Joshua Redman Trio for a tour. He first came into the public eye with his band Motif as well as with Bugge Wesseltoft in the early 2000 ́s, is heard on about a hundred different recordings, and has been the artistic director for the TJO since 2017. 

«If there ́s anyone in Norway carrying the torch for bass icon Charles Mingus, both in terms of intrepid group leadership and muscular bass playing, it’s Vågan.» (John Kelman, AllAboutJazz) 

1. Fanfare 09:31
2. Plastic Wave 12:07
3. Critical Mass Distraction 12:13
4. Dismay on Ice 03:59
5. AfterMath Rock 06:29
6. Food Chain Reaction 06:17
7. Pickaboogaloo 11:46
8. Dismay Redux 07:05
9. Soil Survivors 04:34
10. Eldhinger 09:07

Sofia Jernberg: Voice
Ola Kvernberg: Violin
Eivind Lønning: Trumpet
Øyvind Brække: Trombone
Signe Emmeluth: Alto saxophone
Kjetil Møster: Tenor Sax and Clarinet
Espen Reinertsen: Tenor Sax and bass clarinet
Eirik Hegdal: Baritone/C-melody/Sax/Clarinet
Marianne Baudouin Lie: Cello
Oscar Grønberg: Piano
Ståle Storløkken: Hammond Organ/Synthesizer
Gard Nilssen: Drums (Right)
Håkon M. Johansen: Drums (Left)
Ole Morten Vågan: Bass, compositions

All music by Ole Morten Vågan
Poem and recitation on "Food Chain Reaction" by Frode Grytten.
Recorded 3rd to 5th of June 2020 @ Newtone Studios, Oslo
Engineered by Andre Viervoll and Aksel Jensen
Mixed by Jørgen Træen @ Duper Studios, Bergen.
Mastered by Jørgen Træen @ Duper Studios, Bergen.
Produced by MNJ and Ole Morten Vågan

Balimaya Project - Wolo So (2021 jazz re:freshed)

Driving collective polyrhythms, blazing frontline horns & virtuosic kora stylings collide across this dynamic meeting of traditional Mandé music/culture and contemporary jazz.

1. Balimaya 06:49
2. Soninka/Patronba 08:52
3. I No Go Gree 07:11
4. Viens Me Libérer (interlude) 03:34
5. City Of God 10:19
6. Anangofoli 02:32
7. Dakan 06:31

Yahael Camara Onono - Lead Djembe/Arranger/Composer/ Voice /Sangban
N’famady Kouyaté - Balafon/Sangban/ Voice
Jali Bakary Konte - Kora
Skanda Sabbagh - Dounoun
Adeegun Crispin Robinson - Congas/voice
Paul Goumou - Omele/Shekere/Sakara
Michael Adesina - Lead Talking Drums/Sakara
Moses Olukayode - Talking Drums/Sakara
Yohan Kebede - Keys
Godwin Sonzi - Guitar/voice
Jonathan Monga Moko - Bass/voice
Nathaniel Cross - Trombone
Joe Bristow - Trombone
Elias Ntiamoah Atkinson - Flugelhorn/Trumpet
Ife Ogunjobi - Trumpet
Triston Dubison - Kit
Mariam Tounkara Koné - Solo Vocal

Recorded at: Livingston Studios
Engineered by: Marcus Locock
Mixed by: Marcus Locock
Mastered by: Daz-I-Kue
Date recorded: July 2020

9 Horses - Omegah (2021)

Known for its virtuosic improvisations and wide-ranging stylistic flexibility, the experimental chamber ensemble 9 Horses has announced the release of its double album Omegah (Adhyâropa Records, TBR 08.06.21). Featuring three of today’s leading instrumentalists, Joe Brent (mandolin), Sara Caswell (violin), and Andrew Ryan (bass), the band’s performance on this album gives listeners the opportunity to experience its organic evolution from its acoustic original duo to its current revered acoustic/electric ensemble.

What began as a remarkable jazz-meets-new acoustic trio has blossomed as the band expanded its lineup, augmented its musical palette, and experimented with a variety of sound worlds including small chamber groups, avant-garde synth ensembles, and symphony orchestras. According to Sara Caswell, Omegah reflects 9 Horses’s natural progression. “This record is the culmination of years of experimenting with band members, musical timbres, colors and styles. In a way, it portrays our group’s entire odyssey.”

Six years in the making, Omegah is 9 Horses’s second full-length album. The first was the all-acoustic Perfectest Herald (Sunnyside Records) released in 2015. The centerpiece of that album was a four-movement suite for the acoustic trio alone. All About Jazz wrote that the music, "is just bursting with emotion and its immediacy is partly what makes it so attractive and inviting. This highly emotive music touches and communicates the essence of what it means to be an alive, feeling human being." The more digitally enhanced follow-up EP Blood From A Stone (Sunnyside Records) was released in 2019.

This third and by far largest album is a continuation of the two previous ones: acoustic and electric textures ever-present, blending seamlessly with one another throughout. It stands as a musical representation of the breadth of the band members’ influences and experiences, from classical to jazz and laced with folk and pop sensibilities, and as always, largely improvised.

The album was substantially recorded during the pandemic in Brent’s home studio and remotely from the home studios of 9 Horses’s collaborators. While the onset of COVID lockdowns initially created a challenge to complete the then-half-finished record, it eventually gave the trio an opportunity to be even more meticulous and expansive in its palette. As Brent noted: “Without the constraint of a prescribed amount of studio time, I got a chance to really tinker with the inner workings of the tunes. Entire sections were ripped out and re-composed, or re-recorded without the pressure of watching a clock. Each piece had time to grow and breathe naturally in our ears and imaginations rather than in the mixing engineer’s DAW. It was a unique opportunity for us, and wound up much more organic in feel than a stitched-together representation of just whatever studio time we had to work with.”
Listeners are encouraged to enjoy this exquisite, cinematic soundscape from beginning to end to try to catch the many recurring musical motifs sprinkled throughout the album. For example, the theme and chord progression which kicks off the title track returns at several instances in other songs, hidden like an Easter egg but always heralded by the granular, glitchy digital percussion texture created by 9 Horses’s close collaborator, electronic sound design specialist Justin Goldner. After the final statement of this theme in Caswell’s epic improvisation which closes the final track, ‘let’s just make it me and you’, the album reverses on itself and closes with a restatement of the leitmotif from the first album, creating a kind of bookend to the musical and life journey the band has been on together over the past few years.

The album continues to showcase the amazing artistry of 9 Horses’s musicians and collaborators. Hailed as “one of the truly exceptional musicians of his generation,” (The Bluegrass Special), mandolinist Joe Brent, formerly of Regina Spektor’s band and multiple classical ensembles and orchestras, has forged a career with unparalleled fluency across multiple genres. Sara Caswell, the first woman ever nominated for a GRAMMY award in the category of ‘Best Improvised Solo’, is leading the vanguard of creative violin playing and is also a highly sought collaborative partner with the likes of Roseanna Vitro and Esperanza Spalding. Bassist Andrew Ryan is an exceptional technician and improviser, as well as a regular member of folk musician Kaia Kater’s band. 9 Horses welcomed many of today’s top contemporary musicians to collaborate with them on Omegah, including pianist Glenn Zaleski, trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis, and cellist and producer/composer Emily Hope Price, to name a few.

Orders through Bandcamp come with a bonus track, Purple Paisley Telecaster, which is not included on any streaming platform or the vinyl release. 

1. Omegah 08:39
2. S7rophe 07:58
3. a new machine 10:07
4. the grain of the wood of the frame 08:52
5. Max Richter's Dreams 15:12
6. the water underdstands 07:44
7. all the beautiful Rockwood kids 09:19
8. let's just make it me and you 08:49

The Bridge Sessions - Crying Out Loud (September 2021)

1. Get up and walk, spirit, fly! 11:57
2. Dance of the fidels 02:00
3. Ghost of Ra, Spirit of Sun (I) 07:21
4. High Up, the Mountain 03:01
5. Hear the highway dividing our neighborhood 03:43
6. Is this your nation ? 02:55
7. Ghost of Ra, Spirit of Sun (II) 04:26
8. They WILL march 02:00
9. What is God 11:00
10. Our spaceship is ignored 04:01
11. Somewhen Else 05:2

Rob Frye - woodwinds, synth, miscellaneous
JayVe Montgomery - woodwinds, percussion, miscellaneous
Simon Sieger - trombone, accordion, piano, keys
Olivia Scemama - electric bass, double bass
Dan Bitney - drums, electronics

Constellation & ProMusica
by Ken Christianson
Experimental Sound Studio
by Kyle Maurisak

Alex Inglizian
Experimental Sound Studio
Chicago, IL

Mankwe Ndosi & Body MemOri - Felt /not said (2021 Auspice NOW)

Emerging from the body, these are intimate encounters from inside minds, bodies, and histories. From inside human landscapes, atmospheres, oceans, and molten cores. Voice/body/instrument meet sensation/memory/emotion without words. felt/not said

1. backmouthfindingpulse 10:13
2. slide/shift/shine 10:26
3. in mouth 01:13
4. underinside climbing 09:11
5. wide ending/beginning 07:30

Mankwe Ndosi - Vocals

Body MemOri:
Silvia Bolognesi - Contrabbasso
Tomeka Reid - Cello
Davu Seru - Drums and Percussion

Album Cover Art by Keegan Xavi
Cover Art Photography: Uche Iroegbu

Recorded and Mixed by Greg Schutte
Boom Island Recording, Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by Tom Garneau at Audioactive

Truth Revolution Recording Collective - Together Again (2021)

Together Again is a project where 6 producers and 12 arrangers collaborated with 44 musicians to reimagine 17 classical pieces recorded at home mostly from lockdown. This project took exactly a year to complete and captures the essence of what an artist endures while their world is shut down. Despite the setbacks that we encountered, the TRRcollective is proud to present the album that could be made no other way. 'TOGETHER AGAIN' 2020

1. Fanfare for the Common Man 03:05
2. Humoresque 06:33
3. Capriccio Espagnol Op. 34 Mvt. II 05:53
4. The Firebird VII. Finale 05:44
5. Ode to Joy 04:02
6. Dido's Lament 05:54
7. Capriccio Espagnol Op. 34 Mvt. IV 05:39
8. Clair de Lune 06:19
9. Symphony Concertante in G Major 05:35
10. Prelude in E Minor 05:21
11. Swan Lake 05:55
12. Trois Morceaux Op. 45 06:37
13. Lieberstraum 05:10
14. Capricho Arabe 07:11
15. The Firebird V. Infernal Dance of King Kashchei 04:47
16. Morning 03:52
17. Adagio in F Minor 04:41


1. Fanfare for the Common Man: Aaron Copland
Produced and arranged - Trombeatz

- Juan Jose 'Cheo' Quinones - Trumpet
- Ivan Renta - Tenor Sax
- Nigel Bello - Bone
- Homey Ramos - Trombone
- Nelson Bello - Congas
- Felipe Fournier - Vibes
- Alex 'Apolo' Ayala - Bass
- Camilo Molina - Batas and Drums

2.Humoresque: Antonin Dvorak
Produced - Zaccai Curtis
Arranged - Matt Dwonszyk

- Johnathan Powell - Trumpet
- Ray McMorrin - Tenor Sax
- Zaccai Curtis - Piano
- Matt Dwonszyk - Bass
- Jeremy "Bean" Clemons - Drums

3. CAPRICCIO ESPAGNOL Op. 34 II Mvt. II - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Produced and Arranged - Zaccai Curtis

- Rachel Therrien - Trumpet
- Julie Acosta - 2nd Trumpet
- Nick Biello - Alto Sax
- Ray McMorrin - Tenor/Soprano Saxes
- Andrew Wilcox - Piano - interludes
- Amaury Acosta - Drums
- Luques Curtis - Bass
- Brevan Hampden- Percussion

4. THE FIREBIRD SCENE IV - Igor Stravinsky
Produced - Zaccai Curtis/ Andrew Wilcox
Arranged - Erica von Kleist/ Ronnie Burrage

- Matt Chasen - Vocals
- Jonathan Powell - trumpet
- Kris Allen - Alto Sax
- Frank Kozyra - Tenor Sax
- Reinaldo De Jesus - Congas/ Percussion
- Andrew Wilcox - Keyboard/ Piano
- Ronnie Burrage - Drums/ Percussion (Holographic Principle)
- Nimrod Speaks - Bass (Holographic Principle)
- Alex Collins - Keyboards (Holographic Principle)
- Kendrick Smith - Ewi (Holographic Principle)

5. Ode To Joy: Ludwig van Beethoven
Produced - Luques Curtis
Arranged - Andy Gonzalez/ Luques Curtis

- Jonathan Powell - Trumpet
- Mitch Frohman - Tenor Sax
- Homey Ramos - Trombone
- Mike Boone - Bass
- Nelson Bello - Congas
- Camilo Molina - Timbales
- Damian Curtis - Piano

6.Dido's Lament: Henry Purcell
Produced - Zaccai Curtis
Arranged - Orice Jenkins

- Orice Jenkins - Vocals, Guitar
- Josiah Woodson - Bass, Trumpet, Guitar
- Damian Curtis - Piano
- Jeremy 'Bean' Clemons - Drums
- Brevan Hampden - Perc

7. CAPRICCIO ESPAGNOL Op. 34 Mvt. IV: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Produced and arranged - Zaccai Curtis

- Josiah Woodson - Trumpet
- Peter McEachern - Trombone
- Darryl Yokely - Tenor Sax
- Zaccai Curtis - Piano
- Brevan Hampden - Percussion
- Joe Dyson - Drums
- Matt Dwonszyk - Bass

8. Clair de Lune: Claude Debussy
Produced - Zaccai Curtis
Arranged - Darryl Yokley

- Orice Jenkins - Vocal
- Rachel Therrien - Trumpet
- Albert Rivera - Alto Sax
- Frank Kozyra - Tenor Sax
- Zaccai Curtis - Piano
- Jonathan Michel - Bass
- Amaury Acosta - Drums

9. Symphony Concertante in G Major for: Joseph Boulogne
Produced - Brian McCarthy
Arranged - Jonathan Michel

- Josiah Woodson- Trumpet
- Brian McCarthy – Alto Sax
- Damian Curtis - Piano
- Jonathan Michel - Bass
- Richie Barshay - Drums

10. Prelude in E minor: Frederic Chopin
Produced and Arranged - Brian McCarthy

- Eva Cortes - vocals
- Jonathan Powell - Flügelhorn
- Brian McCarthy – Soprano and Tenor Saxes
- Luques Curtis - Bass
- Ronnie Burrage - Drums
- Zaccai Curtis - Piano
- Little Johnny - Congas

11.Swan Lake: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Pro - Brian McCarthy
Arr - Matt Dwonszyk

- Josiah Woodson - Trumpet
- Peter McEachern - Trombone
- Brian McCarthy - Tenor Sax
- Matt Dwonszyk - Bass
- Andrew Wilcox - Piano
- Richie Barshay - Drums

12. Trois Morceaux Opus 45: Alexander Scriabin
Produced and Arranged by Marcus Persiani

-Marcus Persiani - Piano
-Rashaan Carter - Bass

13. Lieberstraum: Franz Liszt
Pro - Brian McCarthy
Arr - Matt Dwonszyk

- Natalie Fernandez - vocals
- Kris Allen - Alto Sax
- Darryl Yokley - Tenor Sax
- Santi Debriano - Bass
- Marcus Persiani - Piano
- Mark Whitfield Jr. - Drums

14. Capricho Arabe: Francisco Tarrega
Produced - Zaccai Curtis
Arranged - Rachel Therrien

- Rachel Therrien - Trumpet
- Johnathan Powell - Trumpet
- Peter McEachern - Trombone
- Zaccai Curtis - Piano
- Richie Barshay- Drums
- Luques Curtis - Bass
- Little Johnny Rivero - Congas

15. THE FIREBIRD SCENE II: Igor Stravinsky
Pro - Zaccai Curtis/ Andrew Wilcox
Arr - Erica von Kleist

- Josiah Woodson - Trumpet
- Mitch Frohman - Tenor Sax
- Erica von Kleist - Alto Sax
- Little Johnny Rivero - Congas/Perc
- Richie Barshay - Drums
- Zaccai Curtis - Piano
- Luques Curts - Bass

16.Morning: Edvard Grieg
Arr - Darryl Yokley
Pro - Luques Curtis/Darryl Yokley

- Haneef Nelson - Trumpet
- Nick Biello - Alto Sax
- Darryl Yokley- Tenor Sax
- Joe Dyson - Drums
- Marcus Persiani - Piano
- Luques Curtis - Bass

17. Adagio in F Minor: Joseph Boulogne
- Arr and pro - Zaccai Curtis

- Josiah Woodson - Trumpet
- Nigel Bello - Trombone
- Albert Rivera - Alto Sax
- Damian Curtis - Piano
- Nelson Bello - Congas
- Camilo Molina - Timbale
- Matt Dwonszyk - Bass

Executive Producer: Ted Curtis
Produced by Zaccai Curtis

Mixed and Mastered by Chris Sulit(Trading 8s Recording Studio)

All tracks were recorded from home during by the artists under their own budget except where noted.

Joe Dyson was recorded by Maurice Brown (MO Sounds Studio)

Eva Cortés and Marcus Persiani as well as Trois Morceaux Op. 45 were recorded by Jerry Weinstein (J-Note Studios)

All of Brevan Hampden and Jeremy 'Bean' Clemons percussion and drum tracks were recorded by Jeremy 'Bean' Clemons (Break Alive Studios)

Cover Art (B&W film) and graphic design by Edward LaRose

Jean Lapouge - Quadrilogie (2021)

Quadrilogie is a sequence of four movements, for three voices, which came to me in its whole in a very short period of time, around the year 2008. That year, I already had enough pieces to propose to my fellow musicians, there was no need for me to inflict them another sight reading session. So, these movements remained in a manuscript form.

Twelve years and a new trio later, the time has come to exhume this suite. I am extremely happy to have done so with Christian (Pabœuf) and Nicolas (Lapouge), my son.

Inspiration flowing once again, this trio’s repertoire has grown into the largest I have yet offered to an audience.

Jean Lapouge 

1. Marelle 05:15
2. Fureur 03:38
3. Suite : Roseaux / Fin d'année 11:52
4. Trois vignettes 05:44
5. Quadrilogie : a) L'école des garçons 07:02
6. b) Mélodrame 03:48
7. c) Mon favori caracole en tête 08:15
8. d) Un cargo noir et rouge 08:38

Jean Lapouge : guitare
Christian Pabœuf : vibraphone, hautbois
Nicolas Lapouge : basse électrique

Compositions : Jean Lapouge, sauf Trois vignettes : J. Lapouge, C. Pabœuf, N. Lapouge

Yosuke Watanabe - 思考の樹 (My Invisible Tree) 2021 Musilogue

Musilogue releases a new album by a percussionist Yosuke Watanabe. Together with five musicians, he has created this album full of tension and atmosphere, with an emphasis on improvisation.

With the exception of the percussion solo on the first track, every track is a duo performance between Watanabe and the musicians, which highlights the individuality of each player.

A succession of genre-less waves of sound, including ethnic collaborations with players familiar with traditional music such as the fiddle (Ireland), gadulka (Bulgaria) and kokyu (Japan), and sessions with violin and guitar using effects pedals in contemporary style.

Watanabe's evolving hybrid set of drums and percussions freely performances between static and dynamic in this ultra distinctive work.

1. 自由奔放 (Free and Alive) 03:58
2. 駆け抜ける (Dashing) 05:16
3. 光、揺れる (The Light, Sways) 02:28
4. 制御不能 (Out of Control) 04:56
5. 気、散る (The Mind, Wonders) 01:26
6. 枯山水 (Zen Garden) 03:33
7. 底の闇 (Lurking Darkness) 06:35
8. 秋の天気 (Kaleidoscopic Weather) 05:52
9. 律、乱れる (The Rhythm, Scatters) 01:06
10. 海面と鳥 (The Sea and The Bird) 04:11
11. 声、暴れる (The Voice, Bursts) 01:42
12. ぬくもり (Warmth) 02:49
13. 大騒動 (Spree) 05:17
14. こきりこ節 (Kokiriko-Bushi) 04:14