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Max Petersen - LiberA (Tape) February 24, 2022

German-Australian pianist Max Petersen is among the most promising instrumental musicians of his generation. As a band leader, he released five albums, the last two of which were highly praised in the international press. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) referred 2016 to his “accolade to the top league of jazz”. 

1. Rennert's Blues
2. No SM (acoustic take)
3. Get Out of Me (Rework by Fabian Arends)
4. No SM (Rework by Fabian Arends)
5. Get Out of Me (acoustic)

Max Petersen - composition, piano, harpsichord
Song Yi Jeon - vocals, effects
Fabian Arends - drums, electronics
Kolja Legde - double-bass

Produced by Valentin Liechti.

Recorded January 16, March 26-27, and April 17, 2021, at Suburban Sound Studios, Winterthur, Switzerland by Valentin Liechti.
Mixed by Manuel Egger at Suburban Sound Studios, Winterthur.
Mastered by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, New York.

Jeff Gauthier & Maggie Parkins - The Smudges (February 18, 2022 Mack Avenue Records)

The Smudges are violinist Jeff Gauthier and cellist Maggie Parkins. The origin of their name is shrouded in mystery. Smudges on a window? Herbs that chase away evil spirits? The seamless integration of daring improvisation and varied musical styles that define these L.A. based musicians? The answer is emphatically YES! 

The Smudges met after a Nels Cline recording session for his album New Monastery that Jeff produced in 2006. A few years later Maggie and Jeff were married and shortly thereafter The Smudges were born. However, it took a global pandemic and suspension of all live concerts for them to hunker down in their home studio and document their work. Thus, the album Song and Call came into being. 

Born into an extraordinary musical family that includes downtown NY composer/harpist Zeena Parkins (Bjork, John Zorn, Butch Morris, Skeleton Crew), and her twin sister violinist Sara Parkins (Angeles Quartet, Eroica Trio), Maggie Parkins has been playing in ensembles with her sisters most of her life. She has since become a fixture on the West Coast scene as an accomplished new music cellist with Eclipse Quartet, Mojave Trio, and Brightwork newmusic. As an improviser she has played and/or recorded with the Jazz Passengers, Anthony Braxton, Guy Klucevsek, Caetano Veloso, Bjork, Zeena Parkins, Billy Childs, Alex Cline, Nels Cline, and many others. 
Jeff Gauthier created his own musical family around his West Coast jazz/new music label Cryptogramophone, where he has been in-house producer for such artists as Nels Cline, Alex Cline, Mark Dresser, Bennie Maupin, Ben Goldberg, Jenny Scheinman and many others. As an improvising violinist Jeff has performed and recorded with artists like Nels and Alex Cline, Yusef Lateef, Adam Rudolph, Mark Dresser and Myra Melford, to name a few. He was a member of the seminal L.A. group Quartet Music with Nels and Alex Cline and bassist Eric von Essen for 12 years, and after von Essen’s death started own ensemble The Jeff Gauthier Goatette with both Clines, pianist David Witham and bassist Joel Hamilton which has recorded five CDs for Nine Winds and Cryptogramophone.

Song and Call is a Smudges sandwich of compositions by good friends Guy Klucevsek and Tom Flaherty on the outside, and pieces by Jeff and duo improvs in the center. All of this music can be performed live with the assistance of loops, samples and a vast array of computer hosted electronic effects, all activated by the violinist’s feet. 

1. Music of Chants (In Memory of John Cage)
2. Julius Caesar Eyebrows
3. The Gigue Is Up
4. Kasha's Lament
5. Matter Of Time
6. Song And Call
7. Blitva
8. Palindrones (for Bobby)
9. Release

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Felix Hauptmann / Leif Berger / Roger Kintopf - PERCUSSION (February 18, 2022 Boomslang Records)

1. a present. a picture 04:18
2. drift 05:28
3. black water 08:34
4. ballad for clouds 03:31
5. for m 03:31
6. once 07:40
7. laye 07:25

Felix Hauptmann, piano
Leif Berger, drums
Roger Kintopf, upright bass

AKKU Quintet / Manuel Pasquinelli - Live (February 18, 2022 7d Media)

“Live” takes you on a 75-minute long musical journey and
leads you into the cosmos of Swiss-based AKKU Quintet
led by drummer and composer Manuel Pasquinelli (also
known for his work with Sonar & David Torn). It contains
five songs from different stages of the group's history,
recorded at various locations between 2016 and 2020.
You’ll hear the touch and character of each player, acting
as a part of the ensemble to create this atmospheric,
minimalistic yet livingly driving music.

“They take the ‘Swiss zen maximalist/minimalist approach’ of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin, Sonar, and Schnellertollermeier to a different, but utterly logical conclusion. Fabulous stuff. Recommended!”
- Steve Feigenbaum, Cuneiform Records

1. Waves (Live)
2. Polar (Live)
3. Deep Sleep I (Live)
4. Schneemann (Live)
5. Deep Sleep II (Live)

Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums
Michael Gilsenan - Sax & Fx
Markus Escher - Guitar
Maja Nydegger - Grand Piano, Keys
Andi Schnellmann - Bass

At concerts: Jonas Fehr - Visuals

Music written by Manuel Pasquinelli
No edits, loops or overdubs on this record

Live recordings and mix by Chris Diggelmann (dasKlangereignis)
Mastering by Serge Christen at Mazzive Sound Studios
Artwork and Logo by Sandro Galli (Gallografix)
Photos by Dersu Huber taken at bee-flat, Bern

Misha Panfilov - Repetitive Music Vol. 1 (February 14, 2022)

A collection of experimental synthesizer and piano works recorded in 2020-2021 in Tallinn, Vaskjala, and Vääna-Jõesuu.

1. Stratum 15:29
2. Pauluna 05:53
3. Tune for Janno 07:53

Trokut - Rotate, Align EP (February 2022 Rika Muzika)

EP Rotate, Align represents a new direction for the band – it's a unique mixture of contemporary jazz, electronic music and trip-hop.

The new release features brand new compositions with intricate arrangements full of soulful vocals, lush synths, trippy guitars, vibrant saxophone lines, deep basslines and club-driven drums. Unlike their previous release, the critically acclaimed Shapeless, vocals are now a prominent and powerful leading element of the band, carrying the message of tomorrow.

With Rotate, Align Trokut is set to explore new creative endeavors on the verge of jazz and contemporary styles.

1. Temptation 04:11
2. Boi 03:57
3. Waiting Hours 04:28

Ana Čop - Vocal, Synthesizers, Electronics
Jaka Arh - Tenor Saxophone, Synthesizers, Electronics
Luka Čapeta - Electric Guitar, Electronics
Hrvoje Kralj - Electric Bass
Jerko Jurin - Drums

All songs written, arranged and performed by Trokut
Produced by Jere Šešelja and Trokut

Recorded at Twenty Twenty Studio, Zadar, from September 3rd to September 6rd 2021
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jere Šešelja
Artwork & graphic design by Sven Sorić

Josh and Ray - The Horn Bellows (February 2022)

In the spring of 2021, Ray Larsen and Josh Hou started playing duets on the deck of Josh's house: Josh masked up and Ray sitting in a tiny one-person COVID trumpet tent. Filled with exuberance at the simple pleasure of making music with another human being after a long quarantine, they continued playing deck sessions regularly. Week after week, they played, collecting a series of duets that eventually culminated in this album they're very proud to present: The Horn Bellows.

1. Places We Used to Go 05:12
2. 可惜都係一片霧海 / Too Bad It's All a Sea of Fog 05:51
3. Emily 04:03
4. Long Last 04:39
5. Little Sunflower 07:14
6. Bal Masque 04:09
7. Nica's Pizza 03:59
8. Smile 03:21

Ray Larsen -- trumpet
Josh Hou -- accordion

Ray plays Thane trumpets
Josh plays Petosa accordions

Recorded and mixed by Ray Larsen and Josh Hou at Jason's House
Mastered by Ross Nyberg
Art by Nicole Thayer

Places We Used to Go and Long Last by Ray Larsen
Too Bad It's All a Sea of Fog and Nica's Pizza by Josh Hou
Emily by Johnny Mandel and Johnny Mercer
Little Sunflower by Freddie Hubbard
Bal Masque by Dave Douglas
Smile by Charlie Chaplin

Derviche (Brochard & Favriou) - Murs absurdes (February 2022 Ayler Records)

The follow-up to their self-titled first album, "Murs Absurdes" finds the duet of Eric Brochard and Fabrice Favriou (Derviche) presenting five new 'sequences' (numbered VI to X). These are (unlike the first five on the previous disc) not separate, independent tracks but conceived to be played as a continuous 'suite', building layer upon layer, turn after turn, a 38+ minutes wall of sound, still hypnotic, still powerful.

1. Sequence VI 09:16
2. Sequence VII 06:34
3. Sequence VIII 06:55
4. Sequence IX 07:14
5. Sequence X 08:06
6. Murs absurdes (complete) 38:08

Eric Brochard, electric bass
Fabrice Favriou, drums

All music by Eric Brochard & Fabrice Favriou.
Recorded on September 23 & 24, 2021 by Pierre-Henri Thiébaut
in the "Logis Férolle", Parthenay, France.
Cover artwork by Alexandre Chanoine & Stéphane Berland.

Marbin - Fernweh Backing / Tracks (February 2022)

1. All of me 04:10
2. Stardust 06:17
3. Dark Eyes 02:51
4. Georgia on my Mind 04:07
5. Minor Swing 03:44
6. Nuages 05:53
7. Honeysuckle Rose 03:42
8. I'll see you in my Dreams 03:45
9. Confessin' 04:40
10. Swing Gitane 03:02

Backing tracks for the entire Fernweh album. These tracks have the GUITAR and SAXOPHONE solos muted.

Sputnik Trio - Time Hunt (February 2022 Sentencia Records)

Sputnik Trio is the temporary autonomous zone where alto saxophonist Ricardo Tejero, bassist Marco Serrato, and percussionist Borja Díaz meet from time to time. Their self-titled debut album was recorded in 2013; that was followed by "Live Betrayal" in 2016 and "What The Hate" in 2021. They have also released two albums as a quartet with saxophonist Colin Webster, "Spain Is The Place" and "Matadero".

"Time Hunt" seems to derive its title from ‘Time Hunters’, the final track on "What The Hate". That piece was a 16-minute abstract drone, Serrato’s bass groaning like a wooden ship’s hold as Díaz’s cymbals hissed and air seemed to escape Tejero’s horn on its own. This album goes in a different direction; it’s Sputnik Trio’s most conventionally swinging release to date.

The first piece, ‘Bird of Pray’, begins with gently dancing cymbal triplets and deep bass booms, as the saxophone drifts in. Tejero plays a slow and reverent melody that gradually increases in intensity until it’s a mournful cry. ‘Will Be Back’, introduced by a bowed bass line, has a fitful stop-start energy and a hypnotic, singsong melody with a keening, Middle Eastern quality. ‘Headless Walk’ fades in like it’s already been going on for hours, a cool blues shuffle that allows Tejero to wander as far as the spirit will take him. On the shortest track, ‘Tar or Cox’, Serrato plays a Jimmy Garrison-esque strummed line as the sax spits out rough, incantatory lines. It all ends with the almost hymnlike ‘Three Times Ura’, bringing the listener gently down to earth.

The members of Sputnik Trio speak the language of free jazz, but they understand it’s not always necessary to scream and shout. Time Hunt is a thoughtful, emotionally resonant album that welcomes you in and feels like home.

PHIL FREEMAN (Burning Ambulance, The Wire, Stereogum; author of "Ugly Beauty: Jazz in the 21st Century") 

1. Bird of Pray 11:11
2. Will Be Back 05:11
3. Headless Walk 09:52
4. Tar or Cox 03:47
5. Three Times Ura 05:10

Ricardo Tejero: alto sax
Marco Serrato: bass
Borja Díaz: drums

Time Hunt was recorded at La Mina Estudios, Sevilla on 28th February 2020.
Mixed at Happy Place Estudios, Sevilla.
Recorded and mixed by Nacho García.

Cover photo: Marco Serrato
Design: Borja Díaz
Layout: Gonzalo Santana
Liner notes: Phil Freeman

Art Pepper - YAMAGATA The Complete Concert (March 14, 1978) February 2022

IN 1978 we made our second trip to Japan. This time Art had his own band and played his own charts. It was such a great tour. This was a radio broadcast recorded in an amphitheater in Yamagata. You can hear what a wondrous and inspiring audience the band had. After Art died I was desperate for money and got some licensing this recording to Toy's Factory Records in Japan. Later I licensed it to Storyville Records.

Band is Art Pepper, Milcho Leviev, Bob Magnusson, Carl Burnett. This recording was remastered by dear James Moody of Sage and Sound Studio on Hollywood Blvd. in L.A. All the ATLAS sessions were made at this tiny efficient studio.

1. CARAVAN 12:55
2. OPHELIA 11:26
4. FEB FREEBIE MY LAURIE 16 minutes! 15:56
5. THE TRIP 10:28
6. THE SUMMER KNOWS (summer of '42) 08:22
7. RED CAR 14:46