Thursday, August 26, 2021

Haeun Joo - We Will Find (August 2021)

The eight tracks that make up We Will Find represent the first complete set of original statements from Joo committed to disc. Recorded in two sessions in 2019, the album is a carefully arranged selection of original compositions that stand as strongly as an overall artistic statement as they do a selection of individual tunes. There’s a calm assurance to both Joo’s playing and her compositions, which are lyrical and accessible but never without sparky musical intuition.

1. 86 04:14
2. John 04:39
3. We Will Find 05:24
4. Thursday 04:01
5. In The Rain 03:36
6. Questions 05:13
7. A Window In The Dark 03:27
8. Eternal Love 05:48

Haeun Joo - Piano, Voice
Matt Holman - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Doug Weiss - Bass
Ronen Itzik - Drums

Produced by Vadim Neselovskyi
Recording / Mixing : Michael Brorby
Mastering : Peter Karl
Photography : Bill Douthart, William Oh
Album Artwork : Sukbum Kim

Javier Subatin - Mountains (August 2021 Habitable Records)

Javier Subatin’s laser-accurate guitar drive grounds the interplay on Mountains, a natural world infused spin through the past and future of improvised music. Sidestepping the jazz concept of rhythm-section-with-lead-“voice” the partnership here operates with fluidity- a constant exchange of summit and valley- the listener’s attention drawn to multiple complementary synapses climbing together in tandem revelatory invention. Demian Cabaud’s double bass and Pedro Melo Alves’ drums suffuse Javier’s compositions with colorful innovation, restraint, heft, elation…guests (Samuel Gapp, piano; Ricardo Jacinto, cello; João Mortágua, alto sax) expand the range cohesive and untethered.

1. Mountain#1 03:52
2. Rocks 01:30
3. Mountain#5 11:29
4. Birds 03:42
5. Mountain#3 10:11
6. Cave 03:09
7. Mountain#4 06:02
8. Ground 02:44
9. Mountain#2 06:09
10. Mountain#6 10:05
11. Shadows 03:45
12. Solo#5 05:01

Javier Subatin - guitar, live electronics and composition
Demian Cabaud - double bass, birds (4) and water (3)
Pedro Melo Alves - drums
João Mortágua - alto sax (10, 11, 12)
Ricardo Jacinto - cello (9, 11, 12)
Samuel Gapp - piano (4, 5, 11, 12)

All tracks composed by Javier Subatin except 2, 4, 6, 8 and 11 (group improvisations)
Recorded by André Espada at Musibéria Sound Studio
Mixing and mastering by Javier Subatin
Design by Raquel Nobre G.
Produced by Javier Subatin with the support of Fundação GDA

"Mountains" was recorded in April 2021 as part of the RAM (Musiberia Artistic Residences) program at Musibéria, in Serpa.

Cachopou - Stakes Are High (August 2021)

Cachopou’s third and definitive studio album “Stakes Are High” delivers an inflexion in the band’s sound, thrusting a powerful new mix of fresh organic electronica and post-jazz routines featuring lots of randomness and freedom.

"I listened to "Stakes Are High" and it's lovely. The idea of expressing emotion using synthetic music is such a basic one but still so few people do it well - Cachopou does it well.  For me it is just the right balance of chaos and order.” - ISAN (morr music)

Is this art music?
Post-everything and a bit of jazz
We like to think it is

1. Stakes are high 02:51
2. Together 03:24
3. Unexpected reminder 03:35
4. The mountain is just a hill 04:36
5. One day before yesterday 02:53
6. All you black lectroids 03:29
7. Nominated for a G but winning an E 02:15
8. A beautiful odyssey of loss 03:52
9. Erdera 03:28

Cachopou are Juanma Lodo & David Quiles Guilló
Additional sounds by Navin Kala & Macarena
Recorded in Maitino, Vigo, Ururuca & Madrid between 2020 and 2021
Mastered by J.M. Rosillo. Artwork by Mark Klink