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Ignacio Berroa Trio - Straight Ahead From Havana (August 5, 2017)

New Release

“... the only Latin drummer in the world in the history of American music that intimately knows both worlds: his native Afro Cuban music as well as Jazz...”
—Dizzy Gillespie 

Ignacio Berroa-drums, Martin Bejerano-piano,
Josh Allen-Upright Bass, Lowell Ringel-Upright Bass (tracks 6 & 10)

Special Guests:
Conrado “Coky” Garcia percussion on tracks 5 & 7, Ruben Blades lead vocal on track 5

Artist Website: 
Label: Codes Drum Music
Release Date: AUGUST 5, 2017
UPC Code: 040232590801 

Track Listing: Alma Con Alma; La Tarde; Drume Negrita; No Te Importa Saber; Negro De Sociedad; Deja Que Siga Solo; Los Tres Golpes; Si Me Pudieras Querer; Nuestras Vidas; Me Recordaras.

There’s an undeniable connection between music and culture, but maybe sometimes we imagine that bond to be a little too strict. While specific musical elements rose from distinct regions of the world, it’s unrealistic to put those pieces into boxes. 

There’s a natural ebb and flow between musicians that results in a flexible exchange of cultural elements, breaking down restrictions and making music a bit more maleable. We can’t easily describe a country’s music by pointing to a few musical elements; that’s an over simplification that doesn’t reflect the modern musical state of any location. In today’s world, cultural has been re-contextualized through a variety of perspectives, making connections readily apparent.

Drummer Ignacio Berroa has embraced this idea of cultural connections and explores the concept on his new album, Straight Ahead From Havana. On the recording, he takes standards from the Cuban repertoire and re-imagines them in a straight-ahead jazz context. Berroa has a history of exploring this connection, most notably during his time with jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie. The iconic trumpet player embraced every cultural element in music, viewing them all as equals while respecting their differences. Berroa has carried that into his own work as a leader on fantastic albums such as Codes and Heritage and Passion. Today’s video features a sneak peek at Straight Ahead From Havana, letting us take a look at Berroa’s outstanding playing in the studio, where he shows us music transcending cultural elements. —CHIP BOAZ The Latin Jazz Corner

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Dinosaur // Mercury Prize Nominated Album 'Together, As One'

Together, As One has been nominated for the 
2017 Hyundai Mercury Prize!

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HOJE na PORTA-JAZZ - Kevin Hays Trio

5ª-feira, 27 julho
Sala Porta-Jazz


Kevin Hays | Piano
Romeu Tristão | Contrabaixo
Marcos Cavaleiro | Bateria

Kevin Hays é internacionalmente reconhecido com um dos grandes pianista da sua geração. Com 15 álbuns já editados em seu nome, a sua notável contribuição musical está registada em discos com Chris potter, Joshua Redman, Nicholas Payton, Al Foster e Bill Stewart.

Em 2011 gravou em duo com pianista Brad Mehldau e o compositor Patrick Zimmerli, tendo o disco recebido grandes elogios por parte da crítica especializada.

Sábado, 29 julho
Sala Porta-Jazz
19:00 & 22:00
João Guimarães / Eduardo Cardinho / Max Luthert III / Allan Mednard

João Guimarães - saxofone alto
Eduardo Cardinho - vibrafone
Max Luthert III - contrabaixo
Allan Mednard - bateria

Sábados de Agosto às 22:00
Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

5 de agosto
João Mortágua - AXES

João Mortágua - saxofones alto e soprano
Tomás Marques - saxofone alto
Hugo Ciríaco - saxofone tenor
Rui Teixeira - saxofone barítono
Alex Rodriguéz-Lázaro - bateria
Pedro Vaconcelos - bateria e percussão

12 de agosto
Mariana Vergueiro
'Morning Rain'

Mariana Vergueiro - voz
Pedro Neves - piano
Nuno Campos - contrabaixo
Nuno Oliveira - bateria

19 de agosto 
João Paulo Rosado - Sinopse

João Guimarães - saxofone alto
AP - guitarra
Hugo Raro - piano
João Paulo Rosado - contrabaixo
António Torres Pinto - bateria

26 de agosto
The Nada

João Guimarães - saxofone alto
Eurico Costa - guitarra
António Augusto Aguiar - baixo eléctrico
José Marrucho - bateria

OUT.FEST - 14º Festival Internacional de Música Exploratória do Barreiro

4-7 Outubro / October

Artistas confirmados / Confirmed acts:

CASA FUTURO (P. Sousa, J. Berthling & G. Ferrandini)

Passe global já à venda a preço especial de 25€ e em quantidade limitada / Global pass already available at a special price of 25€ and limited availability @

Fantastic Negrito announces UK tour dates, signs to Cooking Vinyl and reissues the acclaimed 'The Last Days of Oakland'

Signs to Cooking Vinyl
Debut Album Reissue Out Now
With Two New Tracks
European Dates and Festivals
Grammy Award 2017

The Guardian **** The Mirror **** MOJO****
Uncut 8/10 Classic Rock 9/10

“An Oakland musician whose life story…. is fascinating enough but nothing compared to the compelling brilliance of his new album” – The Sunday Times

“The first great album of the post-Prince/post-Ali world... Tremendous” – The Mirror

“A major work of stunning breadth and originality” – Classic Rock

Cooking Vinyl is proud to announce a new partnership with the 2017 Grammy-winning artist Fantastic Negrito and his imprint Blackball Universe. The UK label have re-issued Fantastic Negrito’s current and critically acclaimed debut album The Last Days of Oakland (recipient of a Best Contemporary Blues Album Grammy Award) with two new additional tracks, just in time for his imminent European tour.

The new tracks -- “Push Back” and “The Shadows” -- are both produced by Xavier Dphrepaulezz (aka Fantastic Negrito). The extra tracks are available now for download and streaming, and have been released worldwide along with the rest of the album on CD and 180g vinyl. Order the album here:
Musicians on these new recordings include Masa Kohama and Tomas Salcedo (guitars), Cornelius Mims (bass guitar), Lionel Holoman Jr. (piano and organ), with vocals, additional piano, additional guitar, drum programming and claps by Xavier Dphrepaulezz. 

In his teens, Xavier ran the streets of Oakland, before finding music and eventually signing with Prince's management. After a slow recovery from a car crash that left him in a coma, Xavier undertook several different musical alter egos, but in the end, he walked away from music -- only to re-emerge years later as Fantastic Negrito.

Watch Fantastic Negrito performing “Scary Woman” (a track off The Last Days Of Oakland), Live At The Viaduct in downtown Los Angeles:

And the twist he gives to timeless folk-blues classic “In The Pines” electrifies the song with an immediacy and relevance torn from today’s racial strife-ridden headlines:

A performer with something to say, Fantastic Negrito runs an arts-collective in his hometown of Oakland, and performed at Bernie Sanders' rallies in New Hampshire, Las Vegas and San Francisco during the 2016 US Presidential campaign. Of the new songs, he says, “We must unify -- not divide -- along the lines of our differences. We have a common enemy: distraction and propaganda. Our strength is in our diversity. We push back against our common enemies: fear, hate, bigotry, misogyny, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, classism... these parasites, these carcinogens that live in the shadows of our society. One world, one love, one race.”

Fantastic Negrito has once again invited UK friends, Miraculous Mule to support him at his London, Manchester and Nottingham dates.

UK Dates:

July 28th London @ Nell's Jazz and Blues | BUY TICKETS
July 29th Cambridge @ Cambridge Folk Festival | BUY TICKETS
July 31st Manchester @ Band On The Wall BUY TICKETS
Aug 3rd Nottingham @ The Bodega | BUY TICKETS

Akmee – Neptun (NAKAMA RECORDS 2017)

A new exciting quartet emerges on the scene, launching their highly anticipated debut album named after the planet Neptune and the Roman god of the sea and the subconscious

Neptune. A planet invisible to the naked eye, it was originally discovered through mathematical deduction after scientists noticed unexpected changes in the course of Uranus. It was named after the Roman god of the sea. In addition to being ruler of the liquid element, he was said to have tremendous power over our subconsciousness and emotions, which we ourselves still today have little understanding of. The title represents the unknown, ranging from the depths of the human mind and the oceans out to the vastness and mysteries of space. The music itself is a rubbery mass of composed and improvised ideas stirred and distilled into a concrete pellet with a unique flavor: It is dark like the deep sea, astral as the sky and uncategorizable as our very own subconscious – and it grooves in a minimalistic, awkwardly satisfactory Akmee-kind of way. The album is partly inspired by Jens Bjørneboe’s novel Haiene (The Sharks) and the music of John Coltrane's later period.

Neptun is out on the 22nd of June – CD // LP // digital download // streaming

Akmee is a Norwegian collaborative quartet formed in 2013 by drummer Andreas Wildhagen and pianist Kjetil Jerve. With only a handful of concerts in Norway, Denmark and Germany, the band has been a ghost on the scene. Until now, it has been a group dedicated to practice and exploration. All of the musician brings original music to the band - accurate, written out material, but with the intention to allow all parts to float between the different instruments. It is very much a collective sound where all players are equally important in shaping the music; letting it drift and stretch beyond control.

Erik Kimestad Pedersen
Erik Kimestad Pedersen studied trumpet at Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in København, and is currently based in the same city. He plays in bands such as Horse Orchestra, Kresten Osgood Kvintet, MEMBRAM, Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters and has collaborated with among others Phillip Gropper, Nasheet Waits, Adam Rudolph and Akira Sakata.

Kjetil Jerve

Kjetil Jerve is a Norwegian pianist and composer based in Oslo since 2010. His work explores improvisation and performance as a physiological process. Recently starting his own trio he's also a member of Lana trio, Orter Eparg, Baker Hansen, and Jervaas as well as Akmee. Kjetil is also running Dugnad Rec together with collegaue and Akmee-member Erlend Albertsen.

Erlend Olderskog Albertsen
Erlend Olderskog Albertsen is a bass player, saxophonist and composer from Stjørdal, Norway. After graduating from the jazz department of NTNU in Trondheim in 2013, he moved to Oslo to study pedagogy and connect with the jazz/improvisation scene. Apart from Akmee, Erlend is also playing in Filosofer, Avatar and leading his own project, 2000 & Erlend.

Andreas Wildhagen
Andreas can be summed up as an open-minded and flexible musician. The projects he is involved with display a wide range of musical and dynamic output: Intricate improvisations with Lana trio, extreme bursts of energy in Paal Nilssen-Love's Large Unit or beat oriented modern jazz with Mopti and Bendik Baksaas. Andreas has a master's degree from the Norwrgian Academy of Music.