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Melissa Aldana - 12 Stars (March 4, 2022 Blue Note Records)

GRAMMY-nominated saxophonist and composer Melissa Aldana joins the Blue Note Records family with the release of 12 Stars, her debut album as a leader for the legendary label following her appearance on the acclaimed 2020 album by the collective ARTEMIS. The Brooklyn-based tenor player from Santiago, Chile has garnered international recognition for her visionary work as a band leader, as well as her deeply meditative interpretation of language and vocabulary. 12 Stars grapples with concepts of childrearing, familial forgiveness, acceptance, and self-love, and was inspired by her deep interest in tarot. The album was produced by guitarist Lage Lund, who also performs as part of a remarkable quintet with Sullivan Fortner on piano and Fender Rhodes, Kush Abadey on drums, and Pablo Menares on bass.

If the digital album is purchased, you will receive the full album via email on March 4th, 2022.

Standard digital downloads are delivered as MP3 44.1khz/24-bit audio files.

Please note, digital downloads are only available in the U.S. 

1. Falling
2. Intuition
3. Intro to Emilia
4. Emilia
5. The Bluest Eye
6. The Fool
7. Los Ojos de Chile
8. 12 Stars

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Melissa Aldana: Tenor Saxophone
Lage Lund: Guitars & Gizmos
Sullivan Fortner: Acoustic Piano; Rhodes 
Pablo Menares: Bass
Kush Abadey: Drums

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Dan Bruce's :Beta Collective - Time To Mind the Mystics (April 29, 2022 Shifting Paradigm Records)

This project explores the interaction between humanity and technology. At its core is the idea that our embrace of technological innovation cannot come at the sacrifice of generational knowledge and ancient wisdom.

1. Time To Mind the Mystics
2. Blueprint
3. Insignificance (A Love Song)
4. Slant
5. The Walk 07:01
6. You vs. You (For Bill Frisell)
7. Not Knowing
8. Moth Flame Blues

Dan Bruce - electric guitar, nylon string guitar, Ableton Live programming
Chris Coles - alto/tenor saxophones, vocoder
Brad Wagner - soprano/tenor saxophones, bass clarinet
Caleb Smith - trombone
Will Wedmedyk - vibraphone
Theron Brown - piano, Fender Rhodes, melodica
Aidan Plank - acoustic bass, electric bass
Anthony Taddeo - drums, percussion
Joel Negus- synthesizers (Mystics and Slant)

Recorded by Ian Anderson a Kent State Stark Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Schwab
Produced by Dan Bruce and Joel Negus
Cover Artwork by Oscar H. Gresh
Layout and Design by Hannah Taddeo

Gabrielle Ducomble - Les chansons de la Brasserie (April 22, 2022)

Now a firm favourite in her adopted UK, talented vocalist Gabrielle Ducomble brings a special blend of Gallic charm and sophistication to the British jazz scene.

Singing in English and her native French, Gabrielle performs Parisian-style jazz and tango, putting a contemporary spin on songs by Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg and Astor Piazzolla, plus her own original material.

1. Je M'en Fous Pas Mal
2. Les Champs-Élysées
3. La Bicyclette
4. Ménilmontant
5. Syracuse
6. Mon Homme
7. Paroles, Paroles
8. Les Amants D'un Jour
9. Rimes
10. Mon Manège à Moi

Gabrielle Ducomble - Vocals
Rob Updegraff - Guitar
Ben Hazleton - Double Bass
Richard Jones - Violin on Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9
Dave Shulman - Clarinet on Tracks 1, 3, 7, 10

Recorded at Slipway Studio Richmond in September 2021
Sound Engineer: Simone Filiali
Mixing and mastering: Simone Filiali

Photography: Michael Garrett

Album release April 22, 2022

Malcolm Earle Smith - Vocal Intent (April 22, 2022)

Vocal Intent fulfils Malcolm Earle Smith's long held desire to make a vocal album; in contrast to previous releases, where he is also also featured as trombonist. ‘Leaving my horn respectfully in its case this time has given me more space to develop my vocal style', he says. 'In particular, I've always had a passion for scat singing, and for this recording I've explored making a closer connection between vocal improvisation and the mood of the song'. Vocal Intent also makes a strong connection with Malcolm's passion for teaching. Featured alongside him are four of his former students – all now highly respected artists on the UK jazz scene and beyond. 'My students have always inspired me, and working together on this project has been very special, not to mention a lot of fun!'

'....an electrifying vocal performance which is completely captivating’
- Nick Lea, Jazzviews 2020

1. Stompin' at the Savoy
2. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
3. Confirmation
4. Don't take your Love from Me
5. I Had the Craziest Dream
6. Just in Time
7. Time on my Hands
8. Dream Dancing
9. Old Fashioned Love

Malcolm Earle Smith (vocals, leader, arrangements)
Leo Richardson (saxophone)
Chris Eldred (piano)
Conor Chaplin (bass)
Douglas Marriner (drums)

Recording: Nick Taylor at Porcupine Studios, July 18th 2019
Editing, mixing and mastering: Alex Bonney, November 2012/January 2022

Photography: Hollin Jones
Artwork: Rich Stoney

Paul Edis announces 1st March vinyl launch show for 'The Still Point of the Turning World

“A brilliant young pianist”
- The Guardian



Lateralize Records is proud to announce the long-awaited vinyl release of The Still Point Of The Turning World, the mesmerising new album by British jazz pianist, Paul Edis. The album will be performed in its entirety in a special concert at London’s beautiful Hampstead Parish Church on 1st March.

The second half of the show will feature the premiere of Awakening, a multi-movement work that combines jazz and classical influences and features Adam King (double bass), Matt Home (drums) and the Estilo String Quartet.

Nobody sounds quite like Paul Edis or transports you to the places he travels to with his ethereal music. Simultaneously soothing and stirring, rapturous yet relaxed, at times the melodies almost appear to become subservient to the mood on this dreamlike album.
“There’s a certain meditative quality to The Still Point Of The Turning World,” Edis explains. “Compositions like Start Over, Dig Deep and The Way You Make Me Feel are a mixture of reflection, sadness and love. There’s been so much sadness and loss around whilst working on this record, it’s hardly surprising that it sounds so reflective. When I write, the process often starts with a kind of mood that’s almost a meditation in itself.”

After releasing a string of critically acclaimed independent albums, he signed with London-based Lateralize Records and spent a year composing the music for The Still Point Of The Turning World. With a distinctive style that effortlessly blurs the boundaries between Bill Evans, Brad Mehldau and Claude Debussy, Edis is undoubtedly one of the finest British jazz artists to emerge over the last decade.

“The more accomplished you are as a musician, the more you realise that chops and technical demonstrations don’t necessarily say that much. I’m always trying to find the most elegant, simple message in the music. Simple is not the same as simplistic. Picasso could paint incredible things, but he didn’t need to use his technical ability to articulate his emotions. I’ve always tried to get to the emotional essence of the music, but it feels like something new and exciting has happened with this record.”

The Still Point Of The Turning World is an achingly beautiful, impressionistic album that washes over you like a wave of emotion and wells up from places Wordsworth deemed ‘too deep for tears.’

The Still Point Of The Turning World will be released on CD and Limited Edition Heavyweight 180g vinyl on Lateralize Records on 1st March 2022.

John Donegan - Siamsa Vol 2 (March 1, 2022 Jayde Records)

John Donegan, UK based and originally from Cork, is a modern jazz pianist and composer. He has worked with a variety of artists incl., Art Blakey, Art Farmer, Barney Kessel and more. Musicians Union Magazine review - “An intriguing combination of classic bebop laced with Irish folk melody, this album from pianist John and his saxophonist friend Tommaso Starace is full of sublime lyrical moments”

1. On The Banks Of The Carrowbeg 03:05
2. Tra An Aonaigh (The Beach OF The Fair) 01:28
3. Five To One 06:36
4. Cascade 04:54
5. At The Mouth Of The Blackwater 03:33
6. Veesta 04:49
7. Fan, Gra Mo Chroi. (Wait, Love OF My Heart) 04:12
8. Rince Jazz Beag (A Little Jazz Dance) 04:02
9. Abhainn Bui ( Yellow River) 02:12
10. My Gentle Dream 06:35
11. Tra An Aonaigh ( The Beach Of The Fair) 01:28
12. Tranquility 01:08

John Donegan - Piano & Composer
Tommaso Storace - Soprano Sax
Bernard O'Neill - Double Bass

Vasil Hajigrudev Sextet (March 31, 2022)

The album you are about to hear is a work of love. I was composing and/or arranging this music especially for these musicians in mind. It was an immense joy creating those songs, I hope it will be a memorable experience for you too when you spend some time listening to it.

1. Life Is Hard And Then You Die
2. Her And The Sun
3. Котешки живот / Cat Life
4. Дъх / Breath
5. Interlude
6. Цветан / Tzvetan
7. The Girl Who Plays Go
8. Temple

Rossen Zahariev - trumpet
Dimitar Liolev - alto sax
Arnau Garrofè - tenor sax
Vladislav Michev - trombone / bass trumpet
Vasil Hajigrudev - bass / compositions
Borislav Petrov - drums

Recorded and mixed by Konstantin Katzarski
Mastered by Dimitar Bodurov
Artwork by Aleksandra Ventova

Nicola Pisani - Cypriana (March 1, 2022 Dodicilune / Ird)

Prodotto da Dodicilune, distribuito in Italia e all’estero da IRD e nei migliori store on line da Believe, martedì 1 marzo esce “Cypriana”, concerto per voce solista, voce recitante, jazz/traditional ensemble e coro del sassofonista, compositore e direttore pugliese Nicola Pisani.

In Italia si conosce poco del difficile e durissimo percorso intrapreso da Cipro per raggiungere lo statuto di Repubblica Democratica. Questo avvenne nel 1960 con l'Indipendenza conseguita dall'Inghilterra che, subentrata alla dominazione turca sull'isola, represse con violenza inaudita la ricerca di autonomia e libertà del popolo cipriota. Per celebrare il 50° anniversario della fondazione della Repubblica di Cipro è nata questa partitura originale: composta e diretta dal Nicola Pisani (compositore, sassofonista e  docente di Musica d’Insieme Jazz presso il Conservatorio “Giuseppe Verdi” di Milano) è basata su temi musicali selezionati dal repertorio tradizionale cipriota inseriti in un tessuto musicale contemporaneo che si avvale di momenti di composizione estemporanea in scena e include poesie e testi di poeti greci  e ciprioti selezionati ed elaborati in una drammaturgia vocale da Maria Luisa Bigai (regista, attrice, docente di Arte Scenica presso il Conservatorio “San Pietro a Majella” di Napoli).

Il progetto nasce da un'idea di Yiannis Miralis, (docente del Dipartimento delle Arti/Musica dell’Università Europea di Cipro) ed è stato realizzato con la collaborazione, per la prima volta congiunta, di Ministero della Cultura e dell’Educazione di Cipro, Municipio di Strovolos, Progetto Erasmus,  Liceo Musicale di Cipro, Dipartimento delle Arti dell’Università Europea di Cipro con primo debutto assoluto nel marzo 2011 nel Teatro Municipale di Strovolos/Nicosia di Cipro, in occasione del 50° anniversario della fondazione della Repubblica di Cipro. In Italia viene presentato a Roma, nel 2012, in occasione del Semestre di Presidenza della Cultura Europea affidato alla Repubblica di Cipro, e nell'ambito della Settimana della Cultura Cipriota in Italia. Il concerto, eseguito nell’aula magna dell’Università "La Sapienza”, è registrato live e ora pubblicato nel cd “Nicola Pisani – Cypriana” grazie all’etichetta Dodicilune.

«La drammaturgia di Cypriana nasce dall'intersecarsi e giustapporsi di materiali eterogenei raccolti con una ricerca estremamente personale», spiega Maria Luisa Bigai. «Già dal primo impatto avuto con l'Isola di Cipro nel 2009, durante il mio primo viaggio di scambio Erasmus, emerge nella mia esperienza la pluralità di accenti e la frammentazione. La Città è tuttora divisa in due per quella che è detta 'la questione turca'. E girando per le strade e ascoltando le persone parlare si sente un ottimo inglese e un greco fatto di accenti e ritmi differenti, frammenti diversi per uno stesso orgoglio di appartenenza. Questo t erritorio», prosegue, «ha prodotto una cultura frutto di influenze disparate (gli antichi popoli mesopotamici mischiati con la classicità greca, i francesi del medioevo, Riccardo Cuordileone, i Veneziani, i Turchi presenti sin dalla battaglia di Lepanto e poi rimasti per secoli, gli Inglesi e poi quei Turchi piombati nel 1974 in una vera e propria invasione militare ...) una ricchezza incredibile di immagini e suoni, ritmi e accenti diversi. Parlando con un avvocato greco addetto di questioni internazionali ho avuto informazioni sulle tensioni greco-turche, sul protettorato inglese, sul processo di indipendenza che portò nel 1960 a Cipro finalmente riconosciuta come repubblica indipendente, ma attraverso un processo non incruento. E visitando il celebre Liceo Musicale, ho visto immagini di musicisti poi celebri, insieme a strane foto storiche di ragazzi...che furono impiccati nel 1957 e 1958 perché lottarono per l'indipendenza di Cipro. Una tragedia nel cuore dell'Europa modern a, senza che apparentemente nessuno lo sapesse, mentre a Londra già suonavano i Beatles. Tutte queste voci echeggiano attraverso letture di articoli di giornale, frammenti di lettere private, versi di poeti greci e di poeti greco-ciprioti, traduzioni parziali e commentari, echi e deformazioni – anche personali- insieme a informazioni storiche. 

Il lavoro di ricerca e composizione-scomposizione-ricomposizione creato da Nicola Pisani per la parte musicale, a partire anch'egli dall'ascolto e ritrovamento di echi e melismi storici e tradizionali, insieme a gesti precisi di composizione anche improvvisativa, con la sua richiesta di gesti individuali e fortemente personali in veste di solista, da parte di ogni componente del gruppo, mi ha portata a costruire un percorso a monologo, in una forma che restituisse le molte voci e i molti suoni di una narrazione collettiva. Ho voluto costruire una voce di Corifea, interprete e veicolo tra la parola e il suono di quanto narrabile e di quanto inenarrabile di questa vicenda, sviluppando i sentori, le grida e I sussurri che le singole voci orchestrali, il coro e il canto solista esprimono prima e dopo la parola», continua. «Parole dette, in italiano, inglese, greco cipriota, fino alla dissoluzione in sillabe, lallazioni, grida, parole prese da didascalie, informazioni di giornale, note a margine, frammenti di epistola, righe di diario privato, riverberi poetici liberamente tradotti o echeggiati nel loro suono iniziale o in libere riletture, fino a deformarli in suono, ritmo canto, è il percorso che ho voluto produrre perchè l'insieme dei frammenti diventasse l'albero di una nave fatta di palcoscenico e strumenti orchestrali, e i respiri e I canti vela del grande racconto collettivo che è questo momento tragico della nostra Storia contemporanea europea, tragico non solo perché ha visto la morte terribile di ragazzi giovanissimi impiccati per un'opinione e lotta politica, ma anche per lo scarsissimo riconoscimento che tuttora ha questo capitolo della creazione della nostra Europa attuale».

Docente di Musica d’insieme jazz al Conservatorio “Giuseppe Verdi” di Milano, Nicola Pisani si è perfezionato in Jazz e direzione con Bruno Tommaso, in Musica Contemporanea con Vinko Globokar, in canto corale e direzione con Marcel Couraud. Primo premio assoluto al Concorso Internazionale di Stresa 1991, nel corso degli anni ha inciso per etichette italiane (Splasch, Dodicilune, Lieto Colle, Squilibri) e straniere (Ogun, Leo Record, Losen Record, Yvp ed Enja). Ha collaborato con John Surman, Pino Minafra, Andrea Centazzo, Michel Godard, Paolo Damiani, Sergey Kuryokhin, Steve Lacy, Keith Tippet, Louis Sclavis e con alcune produzioni Rai. Ha diretto e compos to per le orchestre Dolmen, MultiJazz, Minafric, Assemblage, Tromso University, ICO - Bari, Orchestra Nazionale dell’AMJ, Orchestra Nazionale Docenti di Conservatorio, M.A.O. Orchestra. Suona in tutta Europa, USA, Argentina, Marocco, Arabia Saudita. Ha tenuto stage su Improvvisazione e Conduction in Italia, Danimarca, Norvegia, Estonia e Cipro. Coordinatore scientifico del 1° I.P. Erasmus in U.E. sull’Improvvisazione per i Conservatori di Cosenza, Tromso (N), Esbjerg e Aahrus (DK), Tallin (ES), Nicosia (CY), Vienna (A). È stato Presidente dell’A.M.J, fondatore del sindacato musicisti SIAM-CGIL, coordinatore della Conferenza Nazionale Docenti Jazz – AFAM.
L’etichetta pugliese Dodicilune è attiva dal 1996 e dispone di un catalogo di oltre 300 produzioni discografiche (cd, vinili, dvd) di artisti italiani e stranieri. Grazie a Ird e Believe i dischi sono distribuiti in Italia e all'estero nei migliori negozi di musica, nelle principali catene (Feltrinelli, Fnac, Ricordi, Mondadori, Melbookstore) e su 60 piattaforme di download/streaming digitale in circa 80 paesi in tutto il mondo (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, AppleMusic, Amazon, Qobuz, Tidal).

1 - Thalasses
2 - Conduction N.52
3 - Insulae
4 - Cypriot Popular Song
5 - Musiki

All compositions by Nicola Pisani
Lyrics by Maria Luisa Bigai (1, 2, 3, 5)

Nicola Pisani, composer, conductor
Maria Luisa Bigai, drammaturgy, narrator
Erica Gagliardi, vocals
Michalis Kouloumis, violin
Piero Gallina, violin, lira calabrese
Ilaria Montenegro, flutes
Yannis Miralis, soprano sax
Elli Michael, alto sax
Alberto La Neve, tenor, baritone sax
Marco Sannini, trumpet, flugelhorn
Giuseppe Oliveto, trombone
Mario Gallo, tuba
Andreas Christodoulou, oud
Massimo Garritano, guitars, bouzouki
Marios Toumbas, piano
Carlo Cimino, double bass, electric bass
Checco Pallone, frame drums
Vassilis Vassilleiou, drums
Alessio Sisca, drums
Giuseppina Conti, choir conductor
Choir “Cantus Vitae"

Total time 54:56 STEREO DDD
(p) 2022 DODICILUNE (Italy)
(c) 2022 DODICILUNE (Italy)

Produced by Nicola Pisani and Maurizio Bizzochetti, Gabriele Rampino, Dodicilune
Label manager Maurizio Bizzochetti (www.dodicilune.it)
Live recorded 1 October 2012 at Aula Magna, La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy
Sound engineer Fabrizio De Rose
Mixed and mastered 20/27 November 2012 at Dedalus Studio, Cosenza, Italy
Sound engineer Checco Pallone
Cover photo by Fabio Ciminiera
Photos by Donato Anselmi, Raffaella Mastroianni, Pino Ninfa, Paola Scirchio
Contact: nicsax16061962@gmail.com, facebook.com/nicola.pisani.5

La musica di questo disco è stata analizzata nel libro “Big Band” (Ferrari editore) di Francesco Caligiuri

ZKHR - Pieces for Double Bass & Piano (March 1, 2022)

Neo-classical music in which all the power and performance potential of double bass are discovered, accompanied by pianoforte and ambient electronical music.

ZKHR announced release of the LP “Pieces for Double Bass & Piano” on March the 1st of 2022. There are not so many compositions for double bass written. The musician promises to expand the abilities of double bass in a fresh new way, to find experimental images and change listener’s  vision of the very fundamental function of this great musical instrument in this work.

The album consists of 9 compositions. Double bass part is recorded by the author, while pianoforte part is recorded by Kamilla Leonenkova, Gnesin Russian Academy of Music student.

The pieces, presented on the record, slide into one another, creating the feeling of an endless story. The composer transmits emotional experience of the persona with the bow movements, describes the world filled with some special sadness and romanticism with the help of sounds. This romanticism is picturesquely unusual, it violates the conservative form and gets exposed in something that comes to be bulky and massive at first sight.
The sounds of double bass and pianoforte slip into the half-light constrained with meditative silence. These sounds fill the whole room peacefully and confidently, distracting the listener from the routine and ordinary things, inviting to the world of melancholy and contemplation upon something really important.

This is exactly the way one can describe atmosphere created by the talented composer Zakhar Zaitsev, who works under the stage name ZKHR and violates classic composing traditions.

The musician successfully combines solo career with participation in diversified projects. One can hear Zakhar’s bass-guitar on the records of the rock bands Target Audience and Animatronika, double bass – on the acoustic records of Solarburst or in combination with nyckelharpa and harp in the folk band Opletai repertoir, pianoforte – in Natalia Drepina and indie-pop singer Daria Loiter’s (the band LOAD’s frontwoman) songs.

ZKHR’s talent has been noticed far outside of Russia. The composer’s debut album “Ride” was critically acclaimed by the international media: Portugal Threshold Magazine, German Kulturform, French totoromoon. Zakhar cooperates with the mexican artist René Villarreal, recorded soundtrack to the advertisement by the Spanish designer Maria Jose Garcia and the Amerrican designer Lory Sun Artistry. After graduating the Popakademie in Baden-Wurttenberg Zakhar Zaitsev started cooperating with the German musician Jon Darco.

The cover has been created by the artist Anna Mikhailova, well-known for her artworks for the books “Herman” and “Fish don’t melt” published in Samokat publishing house, design of the web media portals «Такие дела» (That’s the way it goes”), «Батенька, да вы трансформер» (Oh, dear! You’re a transformer), cooperation with Alexey Kozlov’s jazz club and participation in the international art festivals (Fumetto comix-festival, Typomania, MorsFest, Non/Fiction).