Friday, December 8, 2017

Eero Koivistoinen Quartet - Illusion (SVART RECORDS 2017)

Illusion is the second recording of Eero Koivistoinen Quartet for Svart Records after the quartet’s debut Hati Hati. The ensemble has worked together for five years, performing at festivals and clubs in Finland and the USA.

Playing together for 5 years has made the ensemble tight and the interplay is happening. All members of the quartet are recording artists and playing busy in many other combinations as well. Drummer Jussi Lehtonen is making his Svart Records debut at the same time with his Quintet recording Move On. Pianist Alexi Tuomarila released recently his second trio album Kingdom on Edition Records. Bass player Jori Huhtala just finished recording with his new trio Jori Huhtala 3.

The title tune Illusion is a new composition in a lyrical atmosphere. Big 5 is named after 5 African game animals, the time signature is also 5/4. Eero is playing soprano sax. What animal is this? Maybe a leopard. Catalonia is a melody from a suite El Viejo Almacen for a big band. First in rubato and then modal vamping in 6/4

Straight Up is one of the most popular tunes that Eero ever wrote. There is also a big band version of it on Arctic Blues / Umo Jazz Orchestra / Svart album. Is Blue In Green composed by Miles Davis or Bill Evans? My vote is Evans. This is a soprano sax & piano duet from an earlier Hati Hati session. Hallanvaara’s melodic motives can be found in a song Harmaaparta, Hallanvaara. It is based on a poem by famous Hannu Salama. The composition has a dark and free feeling starting with the famous big gong of the studio.

This recording session was the last one made in the famous M1 Studio of YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company). The title Goodbye M1 is dedicated to the studio where I myself and so many others have had a number sessions and memorable moments during the 35 years that this sidewise largest studio in Finland was still active.

There is a palpable sense of honesty, thought, experience and commitment that is apparent from the first note.
Dave Liebman

Eero Koivistoinen has been one of the most constantly creative saxophonists, composers, and band leaders I’ve known through the years.. He is always developing and documenting music that is full of his beautiful honest expression… I’m a big fan…
Joe Lovano

Eero Koivistoinen is truly a legend in Finnish jazz or as the current terminology would have it,
a genuine ‘local hero’. He really deserves much greater recognition across Europe…
Stuart Nicholson

Illusion 6.04
Big Five 5.02
Catalonia 7.32
Straight Up 5.31
Blue In Green 3.51
Hallanvaara 5.48
Goodbye M1 6.09

Eero Koivistoinen tenor and soprano sax
Alexi Tuomarila piano
Jori Huhtala bass
Jussi Lehtonen drums

Dave Brubeck: Live with the LSO (feat. Darius Brubeck, Chris Brubeck, Matthew Brubeck, Dan Brubeck, Bobby Militello & Alec Dankworth) London Symphony Orchestra, Dave Brubeck & Russell Gloyd (2017)

This is a rather unique release by Dave Brubeck because it features the veteran pianist/composer with four of his sons, saxophonist Bobby Militello, and bassist Alec Dankworth, along with the London Symphony Orchestra in a concert played not long after his 80th birthday in December 2000. Unlike many jazz meets symphony affairs, this is a truly integrated effort that succeeds very well. Brubeck arranged "Chorale" (a powerful classical work primarily featuring the strings); Darius Brubeck, who is also featured on piano, contributed the arrangements for both "Summer Music" and "Blue Rondo à la Turk," demonstrating considerable skill in his writing for strings, as well as an original dedicated to his father, the tense and occasionally rockish "Four Score in Seven." The pianists' late brother, Howard Brubeck, scored the ever-popular "In Your Own Sweet Way" (a feature for Matthew Brubeck's lyrical cello) and the moving "Brandenberg Gate Revisited."

Chris Brubeck (heard on both bass trombone and fretless electric bass) arranged the snappy "A Salute to the Count," which briefly touches upon several pieces associated with Count Basie, and also the catchy "Unsquare Dance," a longtime favorite which he plays when leading his own groups. The inevitable "Take Five," arranged by conductor Russell Gloyd (Brubeck's longtime manager), leads off with Bobby Militello's exuberant alto sax before giving way to the patriarch of the Brubeck clan and wrapping with youngest son, Dan's climatic drum solo. All of the musicians are in top form; this memorable concert is well-worth acquiring.

1 Summer Music (Arr. Darius Brubeck) 6:35
2 In Your Own Sweet Way (Arr. Howard Brubeck) 5:56
3 A Salute to the Count (The Basie Band Is Back in Town) [Arr. Chris Brubeck] 7:45
4 Chorale 10:36
5 Blue Rondo À La Turk (Arr. Darius Brubeck) 6:26
6 Four Score in Seven 7:31
7 Brandenburg Gate, Revisited (Arr. Howard Brubeck) 15:50
8 Take Five (Arr. Russell Gloyd) 9:22
9 Unsquare Dance (Arr. Chris Brubeck) 4:18

Chris Brubeck Arranger, Bass (Electric), Trombone (Bass)
Dan Brubeck Drums
Darius Brubeck Arranger, Composer, Piano
Dave Brubeck Arranger, Composer, Leader, Piano, Primary Artist
Howard Brubeck Arranger
Matthew Brubeck Cello
Alec Dankworth Bass, Double Bass
Paul Desmond Composer
Tony Faulkner Editing
Russell Gloyd Arranger, Conductor

London Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra, Primary Artist)

James Mallinson Producer
Bobby Militello Flute, Sax (Alto)
Stuart Nicholson Liner Notes
David Redfern Photography
Jack Renner Engineer
Alyn Shipton Liner Notes

Arturo Serra - Locomotive (FRESH SOUND RECORDS 2017)

Arturo Serra fue el primer vibrafonista en toda España que se atrevió a adentrarse en el complejo mundo del jazz. Artista entre dos mares, trabaja como Profesor Músico de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga desde hace más de veinte años y es uno de los docentes más considerados en los cursos de jazz que se imparten en toda España. 

Él se define como “un músico que nada entre dos mundos, el clásico y el jazz”. Lo cierto es que este inquieto vibrafonista compagina los concietos que ofrece dentro de la orquesta de Málaga con actuaciones de jazz en las que ha compartido escenario con músicos muy reconocidos, nacionales e internaciones, de la talla de Jerry Bergonzy, Dave Santoro, Joe Magnarelli, Dick Oatss, David Pastor, Juan Galiardo, Pedro Cortejosa, Miquel Casany, Albert Palau, Perico Sambeat, Francisco Blanco Latino y un largo etcétera. 

01. Dual Force (Buster Williams) 7:58
02. El Gaucho (Wayne Shorter) 4:31
03. I Waited for You (J.J. Johnson) 6:06
04. L’s Bop (Lenny White) 4:10
05. Locomotive (Thelonious Monk) 5:50
06. Wild Flower (Wayne Shorter) 6:42
07. Little Melonae (Jackie McLean) 7:13
08. Rounder’s Mood (Booker Little) 4:53
09. So Far, So Near (Bennie Green) 7:01
10. Giant Steps (John Coltrane) 6:00

Enrique Oliver (tenor sax)
José Carra (piano)
Bori Albero (bass)
Ramon Prats (drums)

Recorded at FJR Studios, Granada, December 3, 2015

Recording engineer: Fernando J. Romero
Photos by Luis Tentor
Album artwork: Margot Coca

Produced by Arturo Serra
Executive Producer: Jordi Pujol