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Jack DeJohnette and Elan Mehler

After these brutal couple of years, the world is opening back up.  Music brings us together.  When we came up with the idea of Newvelle Records, we were making a bet that there is an untapped community of music enthusiasts that could sustain a model that cuts no corners sonically or aesthetically and treats the musicians right.  We're looking for executive producers that could come this Winter/Spring to East Side Sound in Manhattan.  This is a unique chance to get an inside look at the studio environment and the entire process of bringing a Newvelle Record into the world. 

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Executive Producing a Record with Newvelle
Attending the recording at East Side Sound in NYC and one or both days of recording
Being an integral part of bringing this music to the world
Input on design and artist choices, kept in the loop from the beginning of the process to the completed set
Unique test pressings signed by the artist
Unique hand cut lacquers cut and sent by our mastering engineer
Credit included on the record 
Live show in NYC

Listening Sessions every Tuesday Night with Label co-founder and artistic director Elan Mehler

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Volume One

Joel Lyssarides - Stay Now (2022 ACT Music)

Joel Lyssarides is Sweden’s rising piano star of the moment. And whereas awareness of him beyond Sweden’s borders may still be restricted to assiduous followers of the scene, his listening figures speak for themselves. Recordings by the pianist, born in 1992, are already among the most listened-to in European jazz; on Spotify alone he has reached well over 50 million plays. And yet these huge numbers are not the result of any calculation, audience targeting or 'crowd-pleasing' on the pianist's part. He explains: “As happy as I am that a lot of people obviously like my music a lot and want to listen to it again and again, the creative impulse always comes from within me. Me and my piano, they’re at the centre of my musical world.” His ACT debut “Stay Now”, Joel Lyssarides’ third album, is a dazzling and vivid insight into that world. One thing is abundantly clear: the time has arrived for Lyssarides to step out onto the international stage.

Joel Lyssarides is not yet thirty, and so the things he has already achieved musically are quite staggering: he has played countless concerts either solo or with his trio; he has collaborated with jazz, classical, blues and pop artists such as trombonist Nils Landgren and singer Viktoria Tolstoy, including her current album “Stations”... But he has also worked with YouTube phenomenon “Dirty Loops”, and with the great Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter. And despite Joel Lyssarides’ evident and impressive versatility and adaptability, jazz is at the very core of his work. The initial spark came from records by Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk and others which were played in his Swedish-Greek parents' home. Thereafter came the music of Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. Lyssarides studied music in Stockholm and Rome, and it was not long before recognition came in the form of numerous national and international jazz prizes. In just under ten years, Joel Lyssarides has received almost twenty of them, notably the Swedish Society of Composers’ Prize, the Bengt Säve-Söderbergh Award, the “Jan Wallander Award” and, in 2019 at only 26 years of age, Musician of the Year from Swedish Radio.
For Joel Lyssarides jazz is above all a language, a tool for uniquely personal expression. He composed the pieces for “Stay Now” in a remote house in the forest, a good half-hour outside Stockholm. And by preference at night, in silence, darkness and deep concentration. The atmosphere of this place is audibly reflected in the music, which is strongly influenced by space, sound and mood - reinforced by the highly concentrated, differentiated, subtle interplay of pianist Lyssarides with bassist Niklas Fernqvist and drummer Rasmus Blixt. The Swedish magazine “Lira” states: “Even though the concept of jazz is a very extensive one, it is too narrow of a description for the music of this trio.” What these three young musicians have in common is their capacity for great sensitivity and expressiveness. Their music is based on a vocabulary that draws equally from European classical music, jazz from both sides of the Atlantic and great songwriting, with all its depth and accessibility. And yet this has nothing to do with crossover. Everything flows and swings, nothing seems deliberate or contrived, one can hear a natural understanding for the infinite possibilities of every note. This trio has the self-confidence to put the entirety of their efforts into enhancing the expressiveness of the music.

And it is in the most intimate, quiet, focused and concentrated moments that the most spectacular things happen. The album title “Stay Now”, therefore, is above all an acknowledgement of quite how precious the here and now is. These are the moments when we start to understand the true value of present and past encounters. As we listen, we can let the moment linger… and allow ourselves to sink blissfully and unforgettably into it.

1 As Night Let Down Its Curtain (Joel Lyssarides) 01:34
2 Sommarsnö (Joel Lyssarides) 02:06
3 Cloudberry Hill (Joel Lyssarides) 04:36
4 Is There a Way (Joel Lyssarides) 04:05
5 Gowns of Dark (Joel Lyssarides) 03:12
6 Procession (Joel Lyssarides) 04:30
7 Chimera (Joel Lyssarides) 05:08
8 Stay Now (Joel Lyssarides) 02:49
9 Echoes (Joel Lyssarides) 02:11
10 Down and Out (Joel Lyssarides) 03:10
11 St Joseph (Niklas Fernqvist) 05:04
12 The Last Verse (Joel Lyssarides) 04:02

Joel Lyssarides / piano
Niklas Fernqvist / bass
Rasmus Blixt / drums

Recorded by Joar Hallgren at Nilento Studio, Gothenburg, September 7 & 8, 2021
Sound design, mix and mastering by Lars Nilsson

Produced by Joel Lyssarides

Cover art by Manfred Bockelmann

Dieter Ilg - Dedication (2022 ACT Music)

"Dedication" finds Germany's renowned double bassist alone in the studio. For this recording, Dieter Ilg preferred not to pre-plan or pre-determine anything, but rather to create music in the moment in an intimate dialogue with his instrument. The idea might seem challenging but the results are totally compelling: Dieter Ilg's solo album is a homage to people who have left their mark on him, to some fellow musicians, and to the strong imperatives that have made him the man and the musician he is. "Dedication" is a manifesto for the freedom of jazz and at the same time a declaration of the special affection he feels for his low-frequency friend and companion.

The album also bears witness to the unique accomplishments and experiences of this "pillar of the bass from Freiburg" (SWR) during the four decades of his career to date, which flow quite naturally into this album. A significant moment for Ilg came early on, when trumpeter Randy Brecker was so impressed by his playing that he invited him to join his quintet in 1987. That helped to establish Ilg's reputation as one of the most sought-after sidemen in Europe, a role in which he has gone from strength to strength ever since, for example in Nguyên Lê's trio, with Dave Liebman or alongside Trilok Gurtu, Dhafer Youssef, Nils Landgren, Rebekka Bakken, Thomas Quasthoff and many others. And there was the important role he played in significant chapters in the history of jazz in Germany, notably as a member of the Albert Mangelsdorff-Wolfgang Dauner Quintet, and his work with Till Brönner. Lastly, there have been his own groundbreaking projects such as the duo with the late Charlie Mariano and above all his own current trio with Rainer Böhm on piano and Patrice Héral on drums. This group has created some very fine albums building bridges between musical epochs and genres, notably the series from 2011 to 2017 in which jazz meets classical composers: Verdi, Wagner, Beethoven and Bach.
All this now culminates in "Dedication". Ilg is a superb story-teller on the bass and has built a highly convincing narrative here, starting with "Rochade" dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach. This is almost philosophical improvising on the Sonata No. 1 for solo violin in G minor. There is also a piece dedicated to Beethoven, inspired by the "Pathétique" sonata. Unsurprisingly, there are homages to some great figures in jazz who are important to Ilg too, such as hardbop icon Nat Adderley ("Altes Land"), bass revolutionary Charles Mingus ("Diversity"), German free jazz bass pioneer Peter Kowald ("Wupp") and his erstwhile duo partner, Charlie Mariano ("Hamami").

However, as Ilg always does, he has drawn inspiration from beyond the musical sphere as well. One of the most impressive pieces, the contrapuntal and fugal "Redemption", spread over several tracks, is dedicated to his mother. And almost half of the album consists of invocations of big ideas and themes: the endangered planet in "Forest Kill", a world of freedom in "Wanderlust", a celebration of the haptic and the analogue – as opposed to the digital and inauthentic – in "Brave New World", and the finiteness of everything ("No Manipulation, No Corruption").

"I didn’t decide on either the people or the themes in advance," Ilg says. And whereas the series of homages on "Dedication" might sound structured and very coherent, and despite the recurrent presence of familiar melodies, everything is based on improvisation: "What matters to me is to have the freedom to do what I think is right. In essence, life comes from movement. I like to be free of constraints, to be able to yield to the temptation of the moment and to let my double bass do the talking." This is the credo which underlies Ilg's work, and is what gives "Dedication" its magic. Through his technical brilliance, his refined intelligence, curiosity, experience and genius, these twelve pieces emerge gloriously. They owe their existence to a complete surrender to the moment; and yet they are also supremely and authoritatively timeless.

1 Rochade (Dieter Ilg) 04:44
2 Altes Land (Dieter Ilg) 03:53
3 Wupp (Dieter Ilg) 02:09
4 Diversity (Dieter Ilg) 02:30
5 Path-26 (Dieter Ilg) 02:16
6 Forest Kill (Dieter Ilg) 02:31
7 Fernweh (Dieter Ilg) 02:47
8 Hamami (Dieter Ilg) 03:00
9 Erlösung (Dieter Ilg) 04:43
10 Punk.t (Dieter Ilg) 01:20
11 Schöne Neue Welt (Dieter Ilg) 04:09
12 No Manipulation, No Corruption (Dieter Ilg) 02:18

Dieter Ilg / double bass

Recorded and mixed by Manfred Seiler at SWR-Studio Baden-Baden, October 24 & 25, 2020
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

Produced by Dieter Ilg in cooperation with SWR
Redaktion: Günther Huesmann

Licenced by SWR Media Services GmbH

Cover art (detail) by Martin Assig, Seelen #56, 2020, used with the kind permission of the artist

Emile Parisien - Louise (2022 ACT Music)

“The best new thing that has happened in European jazz for a long time” (Le Monde), Emile Parisien has formed a top-flight American-European sextet for this album, his seventh as leader or co-leader on ACT. The band will be touring in 2022, the year which also marks the tenth anniversary of Parisien’s first appearance on an ACT album.

The saxophonist developed his strong sense of direction in music remarkably early: he was 10 years old when the news reached his family in Cahors that a new music school would be opening up roughly 200 kilometres away in Marciac. The young-ster told his parents that this was the school he wanted to go to as a boarder...and so, with their support and approval, off he went. And it was through the school and the festival in Marciac that he received mentorship from some of the greats of North American jazz: Wynton Marsalis (who appeared as a guest on the album Sfumato Live), Clark Terry, Bobby Hutcherson, Oscar Peterson…

The fact that three of the musicians in the sextet on "Louise or half of the band is American (Theo Croker (trumpet), Joe Martin (bass), and Nasheet Waits (drums) is important for Parisien: “It was time for me to return to the source that gave me the love for this music in the first place,” he explains. The idea of a ‘return to the source’ is especially true of Parisien’s choice to work alongside Theo Croker, the grandson of trumpeter Doc Cheatham (1905-97). Parisien describes their meeting on the “Jazz Animals” tour in 2018 as having been a ‘super-rencontre’, and a particularly strong musical connection and a personal friendship have developed since those meetings. On “Louise” Parisien has not only ensured that a huge emotional and stylistic range can be heard in Croker’s trumpet-playing, but has also enjoyed matching and intertwining his own melodic voice with Croker’s. Their interaction is something special, and provides some of the many joyous moments on this wide-ranging yet very coherent album. Parisien has also generously given Croker the chance to have last word on the album, with his solemnly evocative composition, “Prayer for Peace”.
Drummer Nasheet Waits is a vivid and energising presence throughout the album, and especially in the third part of “Memento”, the most substantial piece on "Louise", which Parisien dedicates to his mother. “I just love Nasheet’s playing, he’s unbelievable. It was a dream to play with him,” says Parisien who first admired Waits’ playing on record, before their paths started to cross at festivals. This is the first time they have worked together. Joe Martin is one of the first-call New York bassists; Parisien knows him from their time as fellow members of Yaron Herman’s quartet.

Manu Codjia and Robert Negro are two of Emile Parisien’s very closest musical colleagues. “We have played in so many contexts, explored so much music together,” says Parisien. Guitarist Codjia was one of the very first musicians whom he met when he first moved to Paris nearly two decades ago. “Manu has an amazing ability to be the ‘glue’ that holds a band together and creates a common sound.” Codjia has contributed the composition "Jungle Jig", an energetic piece in which an ideal balance has been struck between chaos and order. Roberto Negro has also played with Parisien regularly as a duo, in Sfumato and other contexts. “European music, classical, jazz, Roberto plays them all so well! He’s such a complete musician,” says Parisien. Roberto Negro’s composition “Il giorno della civetta” (civet) is elegantly paced and has a wonderfully natural flow.

The title track “Louise” is gentle, spacious and meditative. The title refers to the ‘spider’ sculptures of Louise Bourgeois. These sculptures have mostly been seen in public spaces, and that has caused Parisien to reflect on how confinement during lockdown has deprived us all of the joy of being out in the open. Bourgeois’ sculptures are also very strongly connected to themes of motherhood, and to the metaphors of spinning, weaving, caring and protecting. Parisien’s affection for and valuing of the unconditional love of mothers for their children is the emotional background to this evocative track, with its glorious solos from Theo Croker and Manu Codjia.

Two pieces bring to the fore European musicians from earlier generations who have been decisive influences on Parisien: “Jojo” is a happy reference to Joachim Kühn; the track is unmistakably, intentionally, and deeply ‘Ornette-ish’ in its inspiration. “Madagascar” by Weather Report recalls a time when Parisien played in The Syndicate, the band formed in 2007 to carry on Joe Zawinul’s legacy and to perform his music.

“Louise” is a remarkable album in which ferocious energy contrasts and co-exists happily with a much softer side. Its subtleties and joys emerge the more one listens. As a result, "Louise" gives us the closest insight yet into the character and the creative individuality of one of Europe’s leading jazz musicians.

1 Louise (Emile Parisien) 05:47
2 Madagascar (Joe Zawinul) 08:21
3 Memento Part I (Emile Parisien) 07:14
4 Memento Part II (Emile Parisien) 02:56
5 Memento Part III (Emile Parisien) 05:15
6 Il giorno della civetta (Roberto Negro) 05:35
7 Jojo (Emile Parisien) 05:23
8 Jungle Jig (Manu Codjia) 03:36
9 Prayer 4 Peace (Theo Croker) 05:51

Emile Parisien / soprano saxophone
Theo Croker / trumpet
Roberto Negro / piano
Manu Codjia / guitar
Joe Martin / bass
Nasheet Waits / drums

Recorded by Mathieu Pion at Studio Gil Evans de La Maison de la Culture, Amiens (France), June 2021
Mixed by Mathieu Pion in October 2021
Mastered by Klaus Scheuermann

Cover art by Helena Soubeyrand

Times 4 - Frame of Mind (2022)

With the release of their fourth album Frame of Mind, San Francisco-based Soul Jazz quartet Times 4 delivers a fresh set of modern grooves and uplifting jazz improvisation. Performing all original songs collectively composed and arranged for the project, Frame of Mind features live in-studio performances full of energy, strong melodies, and powerful solos.

Over 20 years of collaboration and friendship have culminated in Times 4’s unique brand of Soul Jazz. Their joyful musical interplay generates tight, driving grooves, captivating melodies and dynamic improvisations that inspire their audience members, from critical to carefree, to tap their feet and feel dance in their bones.

Featuring Lincoln Adler (saxophones), Greg Sankovich (keyboards), Kevin Lofton (bass), and Maurice Miles (drums), the band’s artful and intense musical conversation is steeped in the history of friendship and common roots. Miles and Lofton have been friends and musical collaborators since high school; likewise, Adler and Sankovich continue a musical dialogue that also dates back to their teen years.
1. Let It Be Known 07:30
2. Zero to 50 06:04
3. Frame of Mind 05:29
4. Slow Burn 06:11
5. FC 04:20
6. The Point 08:06
7. Swell 07:12

Lincoln Adler - saxophone
Greg Sankovich - keyboards
Kevin Lofton - bass
Maurice Miles - drums

Recorded by Jason Hogan
Mixed by Lincoln Adler & Greg Sankovich

Let It Be Known & Frame of Mind Recorded at Fantasy Studios by Jessie Nichols
Mixed by Jessie Nichols

Mastered by Piper Payne

Composed and Arranged by Lincoln Adler, Greg Sankovich, Kevin Lofton, Maurice Miles

Jazz Sabbath Vol. 2 (April 22, 2022 Blacklake Records)

Now, reunited after 52 years, Jazz Sabbath entered the studio and finished their sophomore album, which was also being recorded in 1969, but due to legal disputes with a session player had to be abandoned and never saw the light of day... until now.

With the Birmingham band exposed, Milton Keanes and colleagues can now present these songs in their original form, replenished with 52 years of experience, vigor... and rage.

The tranquil 'Symptom Of The Universe', the full 8-minute version of 'Paranoid' (not that metal afterthought version everyone knows) and of course the song that other band so blatantly named themselves after.

Jazz Sabbath Vol. 2 will be released April 22nd on black and orange vinyl, cd, cassette and digital. Pre-order the album and get the track Black Sabbath right now.

1. Paranoid
2. Snowblind
3. Behind the Wall of Sleep
4. Sabbra Cadabra
5. Symptom of the Universe
6. N.I.B.
7. Black Sabbath

Uli Lenz - Rainmaker’s Dance (February 2022 Arkadia Records)

“He is a magician.” – Rolling Stone

The discovery of renowned German Jazz pianist Uli Lenz’s Arkadia Records CD, “Uli Lenz: Rainmakers Dance”, is a thought provoking and moving event. Rarely will you hear a Jazz album with a combination of such power and grace. From the spellbinding delicacy of A Perfect Couple to the stormy heights of Traumatic Experiences with Bavarian Trapdoors, Uli Lenz unique sound and writing style make him a rising star on the Jazz horizon. His songs, One Year After and Umbrella Indoors, were featured on the soundtrack of the award-winning film “Sideways”, starring Paul Giamatti.

““…capable of dizzying solo flights but is also adept at the use of space… colorful and respected presence.”
 – David R. Adler, All Music Guide

Already renowned internationally, Lenz is joined on his U.S. debut by music masters Ira Coleman on bass, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez on drums, with Arkadia label mate alto saxophonist T.K. Blue on several cuts as well. With a formidable command of the keyboard, composition and style, “Uli Lenz: Rainmakers Dance” not only represent the best of Jazz’s past, present and future, but masterfully displays the pianist’s playful sense of time and melody on this impressive album.

“…the precision with which Uli Lenz actually seems to imprint those racy, intense figures into the piano keys is almost unbelievable.” 
– Rheinpfalz Magazine

“The breadth of Lenz’s pianistic and compositional skills are astounding. He swings.”
– F. Norman Vickers is Executive Director of the Jazz Society of Pensacola FL 

1. Traumatic Experiences with Bavarian Trapdoors 04:37
2. Rainmaker’s Dance 06:01
3. Umbrella Indoors* 04:55
4. 1, 2, 3 Cuckoo! 05:01
5. RIP (Rest In Peace) 06:37
6. Subway to Vanilla City 04:14
7. A Perfect Couple 05:45
8. Brake for the Wild Boar Blues 05:03
9. One Year After* 04:22
10. Orange Coalition 05:07
11. My Foolish Heart (Victor Young, Ned Washington) 06:24
12. Little Ostrich* 04:53

(* featured in the Fox Searchlight film, “Sideways”, starring Paul Giamatti)

Al songs composed by Uli Lenz, except as indicated.

Uli Lenz: Piano
Ira Coleman: Bass
Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez: Drums
T.K. Blue: Alto saxophone on tracks 1, 4, and 8