Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ameen Saleem - The Grove Lab (2015)

Saleem (Roy Hargrove Quintet and the Roy Hargrove Big Band — Hargrove plays trumpet and flugelhorn on The Groove Lab) says only plays jazz, but also funk. Really, if a bass is available, he’ll play it.

However, the sound of the album, and the thought process behind it, is best expressed by Saleem and the other musicians who appear on the album, including Cyrus Chestnut on piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and organ; Jeremy Clemons handling drums and percussion; Stacy Dillard on tenor and soprano sax; Gregory Hutchinson, also on drums; Craig Magnano on guitar, and Mavis Swan Poole and Ramona Dunlop on vocals. “Some music is timeless,” Saleem says. “And hopefully this is, also.”

Ameen Saleem, bass
Roy Hargrove, trumpet and flugelhorn
Cyrus Chestnut on piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and organ
Stacy Dillard, tenor and soprano sax
Craig Magnano, guitar
Jeremy "Bean" Clemons, drums and percussion
Gregory Hutchinson, drums
Mavis "Swan" Poole and Ramona Dunlop, vocals

Don’t Walk Away
Love Don’t
For My Baby
“A” Theme
Best Kept Secret
Baby It’ll Be Alright
So Glad
For Tamisha

(son of Domi)

Enrico Pieranunzi with Simona Severini - My Songbook (2016)

Uscira' a gennaio 2016 per Jando Music|Via Veneto Jazz, My songbook, nuovo cd di
Enrico Pieranunzi che non manchera' di sorprendere anche i piu' affezionati fans del noto
pianista. Pieranunzi si presenta infatti qui nella inusuale veste di songwriter
rivelando un’ulteriore, emozionante sfaccettatura del suo variegato universo musicale.
Undici i suoi brani inclusi nel cd, tutti rigorosamente con parole che, in alcuni casi, ha
scritto lui stesso. A dare unità e continuità alle canzoni (o se si preferisce, “storie in
musica”) è la voce fascinosa di Simona Severini, che si rivela il veicolo
comunicativo ideale per i brani del cd. Una collaborazione, quella PieranunziSeverini,
iniziata nel 2012 in occasione del tributo discografico a Lucio Dalla, e giunta,
proprio con My songbook ad uno splendido coronamento.

Gli arrangiamenti, curati dallo stesso Pieranunzi, prevedono formazioni diverse, dal duo
al sestetto, e vengono eseguiti da alcuni tra i migliori musicisti mai espressi dal jazz
italiano (Luca Bulgarelli, Nicola Angelucci e i due guests, Rosario Giuliani e Francesco

Un cd tutto da ascoltare e da scoprire, ad alto potenziale narrativo

Simona Severini, vocals
Enrico Pieranunzi, piano, electric piano, arrangements, vocals (track 11)
Luca Burgarelli, bass
Nicola Angelucci, drums
Rosario Giuliani, alto and soprano saxes (tracks 2, 8, 10)
Francesco Lento, trumpet (tracks 2, 5)

01. My Heart in a Song
02. Night Bird
03. Fairy Flowers
04. Coralie
05. Soft Journey
06. Premier Moment
07. Where I Never Was
08. Reasons Why
09. Just a Song
10. Io non saprò mai perché
11.Non posso sognarti come sei


Enrico Pieranunzi - Tales from the Unexpected (Live at Theater Gütersloh) 2015

“Presence is very important to me,” Enrico Pieranunzi said in an interview for Jazz thing magazine’s series “European Jazz Legends”. “The theater director Peter Brook speaks of ‘emptying yourself’ in order to perform. You should be empty in order to listen to yourself and to others – and to be in the moment. That to me is the essence of jazz.” Born in the Italian capital of Rome on December 5, 1949, young Enrico developed his love of jazz from his father and by imitating what he heard on 78s by the likes of Charlie Parker, Lee Konitz, Lennie Tristano and Chet Baker. The latter, with whom Pieranunzi eventually got to play and record in Italy in the early 80s, steered his piano influences away from McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea toward Bill Evans. Combining this with a sense of swing and serious lyricism, Enrico Pieranunzi is internationally known by now as a unique and decidedly European voice on his instrument, having won accolades and awards for his more than seventy recordings.

On August 29, 2015, Enrico Pieranunzi added a new chapter to this extensive discography with this live recording from Theater Gütersloh featuring his trio with the Dutch double bass player Jasper Somsen and French drummer André Ceccarelli. Playing intricately woven compositions by the leader and telling a few spontaneous “Impro Tales,” they aptly illustrate Pieranunzi’s initial statement – and make these “Tales from the Unexpected” a profound joy to listen to, forever in the moment.

Bass – Jasper Somsen (tracks: 1-10)
Drums – André Ceccarelli (tracks: 1-10)
Piano, Composed By – Enrico Pieranunzi (tracks: 1-10)

01. Improtale 1 04:46
02. The Waver 08:03
03. Anne Blomster Sang 06:59
04. Improtale 2 06:13
05. B.Y.O.H. 06:41
06. Tales From The Unexpected 08:41
07. Improtale 3 07:41
08. Fellini´s Waltz 06:41
09. Improtale 4 02:24
10. The Surprise Answer 06:22
11. Interview with Enrico Pieranunzi 11:50


Enrico Pieranunzi, Federico Casagrande - Double Circle (2015)

A piano and an acoustic guitar. A sweet melody, “Anne Blomster Sang”, which can positively affect your daily mood, if listened to when you wake up. This brightly beautiful gem is the opening track of “Double Circle”, a CD that brought Enrico Pieranunzi and Federico Casagrande together in a recording studio for the first time: two musicians from different generations and with different backgrounds, but united by their love for jazz. This love has led Pieranunzi to become a reputable piano master over time and Casagrande to live far from home, since he left the province of Treviso (Italy) and moved all the way to Paris to learn the ropes in the jazz clubs of the French capital and returned more mature and ready to tell his musical tale. Two different paths crossed in a recording studio in Udine and gave rise to a charming record including airy, quiet tunes that alternate with small, more quick-paced movements, like the two brief improvisations, “Sector 1” and “Sector 2”. Speaking of paths, “Dangerous Paths” is one in which Pieranunzi’s and Casagrande’s instruments become vehemently entwined, suggesting their being chased on a bumpy road. But it doesn’t take much to restore the calm: “Within The House of Night” is a gentle oasis of uncommon refinement. The very moving “Charlie Haden” is Pieranunzi’s tribute to a musician with whom he has shared so much for so long, in the ‘80s together with Chet Baker and in the last decade with two projects, “Special Encounter” and “FelliniJazz”, recently re-released in double LP format on CAM JAZZ for the tenth anniversary of their initial release.  Pieranunzi and Casagrande wrote all of the tracks here, except for “Beija Flor” by Noel Silva, Augusto Tomás Jr and Nelson Cavaquinho.

Recorded and mixed in Cavalicco on 12, 13, 14 November 2014 at Artesuono Recording Studio.

Enrico Pieranunzi (Piano)
Federico Casagrande (Acoustic Guitar)

01. Anne Blomster Sang
02. Periph
03. Sector 1
04. Clear
05. Dangerous Paths
06. Within the House of Night
07. No Nonsense
08. Beija Flor
09. Disclosure
10. Sector 2
11. Charlie Haden