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Arkadia Jazz All-Stars / Thank You, John! (January 2022 Arkadia Records)

“5 STARS! …”Thank You, John!” is a look at the sax genius’ music with stars from the (Arkadia) label. The variety of performers produces a range of approaches… …an album that will leave you humming – and respecting Coltrane.” – Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

This album, the “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: Thank You, John! – Our Tribute to John Coltrane”, nominated for a Grammy Award for “My Favorite Things”, is a testament and tribute, from the elite Arkadia roster, to the awesome accomplishments and musicality of John Coltrane. From Bebop to Hip-Hop to Bossa Nova, all of the artists on this album have benefited from Saxophonist John Coltrane’s music, teaching, and influence. Wide in scope and deep in nature, Coltrane’s influence remains alive more than 50 years after his death, and will surely be felt by future generations.

“…a superb tribute to ‘Trane. “Thank You” is a salute from a variety of (Arkadia Jazz) artists, who play his music their way without trying to emulate the Coltrane sound – and the result is vibrant and fresh.” – Jared Rutter, Players- August 1998

We at Arkadia Records feel it is important to honor the legacy of some of Jazz’s greats. For our “Thank You” series of musical homages, we asked our artists go into the studio and record an all new, previously unreleased song either derived from or influenced by the enduring legacy Jazz’s royalty. The liner notes contain reflections by each of the artists about John Coltrane.

From celebrated Jazz luminaries such as Benny Golson and Billy Taylor, to Latin Jazz stars Nova Bossa Nova, and everything in between such as pianist Ted Rosenthal, Saxophonist extraordinaire David Liebman (whose track of My Favorite Thinks received a Grammy Award Nomination), and Hip Hop/Jazz fusion hip hop group Red Time, this album, “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: Thank You, John”, all new recordings from the Arkadia roster of artists, creates a lasting tribute to one of Jazz music’s most prolific and important artists.
“A most savory and consumer-friendly clutch of fresh compilations… a top-of-the-ladder cast…. rewarding jazz without compromise.” – Dr. Herb Wong, Jazz Educators Journal

“…very moving, emotionally poignant… This is a beautiful album.” – Jeanette Housner, Victory Review

To the younger generations who never got to see Coltrane, Bird or Miles, the current jazz masters are the true link to the great historical figures. From Benny Golson and Billy Taylor, to Joanne Brackeen and David Liebman, to Randy and Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny and Dave Holland – all of whom have played with the Great Ones – they now carry the torch into the future. Even though we can choose to look back, Jazz can only move forward. “The Stars Of Jazz Volume 1” is proof that the future is for us to hear, right now.

“These (Arkadia Jazz) artists have chosen to approach the music individually and let their performances elucidate how they feel about Coltrane and what they think of his music. This is the only way that this tribute album for someone of such gigantic stature as Coltrane is going to work, and it certainly does here. Liebman… gets some sparks going. Then there are some purely unexpected delights, like Nova Bossa Nova. The best overall cuts are still the most straight- ahead pair from Billy Taylor. This is a successful tribute that could have been a real disappointment.” – James Lien, CMJ New Music Report

1. Benny Golson, Mike LeDonne, Dwayne Burno, Joe Farnsworth - Syeeda’s Song Flute 06:53
2. Dave Liebman, Vic Juris, Tony Marino, Jamey Haddad - My Favorite Things* 05:13
3. Nova Bosa Nova; Bob Mintzer, Claudio Roditi - Moment’s Notice 04:48
4. Benny Golson, Mike LeDonne, Dwayne Burno, Joe Farnsworth - Naima 05:39
5. Benny Golson, Mike LeDonne, Dwayne Burno, Joe Farnswort - Touch Me Lightly 06:33
6. Ted Rosenthal, Dean Johnson, Ron Vincent - Giant Steps 04:26
7. Nova Bosa Nova; Bob Mintzer, Claudio Roditi - The Night Has a Thousand Eyes 06:43
8. Dave Liebman, Vic Juris - I Want to Talk About You 04:52
9. Billy Taylor - Moment’s Notice 05:29
10. Red Time - Take the Trane 04:42

Sethstat - White Night (Live at PMGRF11) January 2022 PMGJazz

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1. Korab 09:38
2. Wired 09:10
3. Afyon 07:56
4. Yeager 10:10
5. MVP 09:09

SETHSTAT -“White Night “ Live at PMG Recordins Festival 11

All music composed and arranged by SETHSTAT
Recorded on 25.09.2021 by Dorian Jovanovic at PMG Recordings Festival 11
Mixed by Vladan Drobicki

Vasko Bojadjiski
Vladan Drobicki
Panche Bujukliev
Pavel Drobicki
Dino Milosavljeviќ

Cover art by Violeta Kachakova
Produced by Vladan Drobicki for PMGJazz
PMGJazz 029 / 2022

Sean McGowan - Union Station (January 2022)

Modern original Jazz & Groove music for classic guitar-organ-drums trio.

Sean McGowan is a fingerstyle jazz guitarist who combines many diverse musical influences with unconventional techniques to create a broad palette of textures within his compositions and arrangements for solo guitar.

1. Union Station 01:13
2. Around the Corner 04:03
3. North: Cheyenne 01:19
4. Hickory Stripe 04:42
5. Blue No. 4 03:10
6. Sunflower Poetic 03:46
7. Boxcar Interlude 01:29
8. Narrow Gauge 07:57
9. Come Back To It 05:08
10. Lanterns On The Wall 06:42
11. Joie de Vivre 00:42
12. Under The Western Stars 04:38
13. Now Open 04:36
14. Cumbres & Toltec 03:27
15. Silverpoet 04:42
16. Red No. 5 05:38
17. South: Santa Fe 00:57
18. Cimarron 04:40
19. Palo Duro Canyon 02:31
20. Amarillo 03:25

Giulio Corini / Roberto Soggetti - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (January 2022)

1. All The Way (Jimmy Van Heusen/Sammy Cahn) 05:01
2. Samba Do Aviao (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 05:30
3. Lover Man (Jimmy Davis/Roger Ramirez/James Sherman) 02:21
4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Ewan MacColl) 03:50
5. I'll Be Seeing You (Eddie Heywood) 06:01
6. Stella By Starlight (Victor Young/Ned Washington) 04:20
7. Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War (Paul Simon) 04:53
8. Stomping At The Savoy (Edgar Sampson) 03:56

Roberto Soggetti: piano
Giulio Corini: double bass

Recorded at Monolith Studio by Michele Marelli
Mixed by Roberto Soggetti
Cover Photo: Stefano Soggetti

Blue Moods - Myth & Wisdom (January 2022 Posi-Tone Records)

All too often we encounter the sad reality that the songwriting of many influential jazz artists, who are regularly proclaimed as masters by the critics, languish in relative obscurity, while their compositions remain recondite, or at best, largely unfamiliar to a vast segment of contemporary audiences. In the hope of remedying this situation and creating new interest in these artists, Posi-Tone is initiating a series of “Blue Moods” releases. These introductory programs are focused on a single artist to re-present some of their vital works to a new group of listeners. 

This 2022 premier volume spotlights the compositions of Charles Mingus, and celebrates the “Myth & Wisdom” of his masterful musical artistry. These collaborative releases will feature the members of our musical repertory theatre company performing succinctly focused and interpretive reenactments to highlight some of the “great plays” of these under appreciated songwriters.

1. Better Get It In Your Soul 04:52
2. Nostalgia In Times Square 05:07
3. Tonight At Noon 04:31
4. Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love 05:50
5. Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Silk Blue 07:15
6. Peggy's Blue Skylight 05:06
7. Pussy Cat Dues 05:38
8. Pithecanthropus Erectus 07:53
9. Portrait 06:26
10. Reincarnation Of A Lovebird 07:52

Diego Rivera - tenor saxophone
Art Hirahara - piano
Boris Kozlov - bass
Joe Strasser - drums
David Kikoski - piano 5, 8, 9

Marc Free - producer
Nick O’Toole - engineer
recorded June 4-5, 2021 at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY
mixed & mastered at Woodland Studio, Lake Oswego, OR
photography by Anna Yatskevich
package design by Alex Koehler

Farnell Newton - Feel The Love (Posi-Tone Records)

Emotional integrity is the keynote address when Farnell Newton plays his trumpet with heartfelt and hopeful expressiveness entreating us to “Feel the Love.” As this 2021 album covers a wide range of moods and genres, Newton's trumpet playing remains steadily focused on portraying the subtle and tasteful elements of his style. He pushes melodicism to the forefront while also demonstrating his formidable command of the instrument. The whole album is truly a labor of love. To make this happen, Newton traveled east from Portland Oregon to New York City, to work with Posi-Tone and their capable rhythm section of pianist Art Hirahara, bassist Boris Kozlov, and drummers Rudy Royston and Joe Strasser.

The album also features wonderful guest appearances from several of Farnell's favorite saxophonists, including Jaleel Shaw, Braxton Cook, Brandon Wright, and Patrick Cornelius. With an amazing combination of diverse talents, several brilliant performances, and an evocative program of musical compositions, Farnell Newton keeps everything moving steadily straight forward, and continues to announce he is an important and emerging voice on today's jazz scene.
1. Feel The Love 04:43
2. Affectionately Roy 04:16
3. I'll Catch You 04:50
4. A Child Not Yet Born 05:13
5. The Bluest Eyes 06:34
6. Litoral 06:52
7. Pale 06:06
8. The Force Of Gravity 04:34
9. Laws Of Motion 04:37
10. Lawn Darts 05:19
11. Our Chosen Family 05:44

Farnell Newton - trumpet
Art Hirahara - piano
Boris Kozlov - bass
Rudy Royston - drums & percussion on all but 4, 6, 9
Braxton Cook - alto saxophone on 2, 10
Jaleel Shaw - alto saxophone on 3, 5, 7
Joe Strasser - drums on 4, 6, 9
Brandon Wright - tenor saxophone on 4
Patrick Cornelius - alto saxophone on 6, 9
Michael Dease - trombone on 7

Marc Free - producer
Nick O’Toole - engineer
recorded June 21, 2018 & September 17, 2019 (4, 6, 9) at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY
mixed & mastered at Woodland Studio, Lake Oswego, OR
photography by Andrew Wallner
package design by Jamie Brunson