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King Crimson at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal!

Elliot Elliot - Sympathy Breakthrough (2017)


is an ambitious project with nothing but top musicians. Featuring the likes of Morgan Ågren (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai), Mats Öberg (Frank Zappa, Ale Möller), Daniel Tilling (Rigmor Gustafsson, Svante Thuresson, Victoria Tolstoy), Andreas Hellqvist (Claes Jansson, Barbara Hendricks), Mattias Ståhl (Georg Riedel, Per Texas Johansson) and Stockholm strings (Brian Wilson, First Aid Kit, Titiyo, Håkan Hellström).

With surprising combinations of instruments, like the special meeting between David Eriksson's keyed fiddle and double-bass, Rhodes, drums and pedal steel in the song, "Glöm Inte Skogen (Don't forget the forest)".  

The album includes a huge church's organ in "Goda Minnen Evigt liv (Good memories Eternal life", vibraphone in "Otillgänglighetens Ö (Unavailable island)" as well as the berimbau in the last track, "Curious and Comfortable".

Morgan Ågren ́s funky drums, brass section and Farfisa organ open the album and lead it towards a happy climax, like there’s no tomorrow.

The characteristics of Elliot Elliot's music is a fearless movement between genres and a wide emotional range. The album holds creative ideas, subtlety, sensitivity and confidence.

”Sympathy Breakthrough”, the album title epitomizes the moment when compassion wins. The term describes the psychological phenomenon where an attacker, face to face with his opponent, chooses not to kill.

Drums, Percussion / Morgan Ågren
Rhodes / Mats Byström
Silver flute / Jens Filipsson
Trumpet / Jonas Lindeborg
Saxophone / Andreas Andersson
Bass / Kristofer Krydda Sundström
Extra Guitar / Calle Löfmarck
Pandeiro, Berimbau / Lasse Tillberg Galsgaard
Tamborim, Caixa / Ola Bothzén

Triangle / Andreas Ekstedt

Keyed fiddle / David Eriksson
Double-bass / Josef Karnebäck
Rhodes / Mats Byström
Pedal Steel / Calle Löfmarck
Drums / Morgan Ågren

Accordion / Leif Ottosson
Cello / Christian Hörgren

Church organ / Hanna Sandman Recorded in Oscarskyrkan, Stockholm Sweden

Double-bass / Josef Karnebäck
Strings / Stockholm Strings
Drums / Morgan Ågren
Vibraphone / Mattias Ståhl

Drums / Morgan Ågren
Hammond / Andreas Hellkvist
Recorded live in PorkSausage Studios, Stockholm Sweden

Grand piano / Daniel Tilling
Drums / Morgan Ågren
Double-bass / Anders Johnsson
Electric bass / Ove Andersson
Handclap / Gustav Vasa kammarkör, (recorded in Gustav Vasa kyrka)


Clarinet, Bass clarinet / Andreas Andersson
Euphonium, Trombone, Bass trombone / Staffan Findin

Violin, Cello / Mukryan Abubakr
Rhodes, Organ / Mats Byström
Bass clarinet / Björn Jansson
Drums / Morgan Ågren
Cuica / Tiago Loei
Synth solo / Mats Öberg
Berimbau / Lasse Tillberg Galsgaard

Mixed by: Magnus Andersson Lagerqvist
Album photo: Stellan Herner

Michael Rabinowitz "Uncharted Waters" CD Release Show Fri., April 28th 5 to 7pm Buffet Crampon

Michael Rabinowitz
"Uncharted Waters"
CD Release Show
Friday, April 28th
5 to 7pm
Buffet Crampon Showroom
53 West 36th Street NY, NY 10018

Michael Rabinowitz - Bassoon
Ruslan Khain- Bass
Nat Harris- Guitar
Vince Ector- Drums

Catalog Number: CPD 9855
Artist Website: 
Release Date: APRIL 28, 2017
UPC Code: 5268798552

Track listing
1. Uncharted Waters (Michael Rabinowitz) 7:27 2. Harold’s Blues (Michael Rabinowitz) 8:01
3. Caravan (Irving Mills/Juan Tisol) 4:42
4. Kiki’s Theme (Michael Rabinowitz) 6:23
5. So Do It (Wes Montgomery) 5:14
6. How Insensitive (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 8:54 7. The Third (Art Farmer) 6:09
8. WhenSonnyGetsBlue(MarvinFisher/JackSegal)6:05 9. Calypso Joe (Michael Rabinowitz) 3:53

Michael Rabinowitz - Bassoon
Ruslan Khain - Bass
Nat Harris - Guitar
Vince Ector - Drums

This CD continues my mission to showcase the bassoon in a jazz setting featuring the instrument’s expressive and improvisation abilities. Although I have experimented with pickups and e ects I had special interest in preserving and exploiting the acoustic sound of the bassoon on this recording.

Three of the selections are tributes to my parents (Harold & Kiki) whom both passed over the last 2 years. This CD pays homage to their support of my musical endeavors over the last 40 years.

“Michael Rabinowitz merits a place in jazz history...he’s evolved into an astonishingly forceful presence”
—Neil Tesser, Critic’s Choice, Chicago Reader

Michael Rabinowitz – UNCHARTED WATERS:  Michael’s grand jazz bassoon playing on this vibrant CD release is joined by Nat Harris on guitar, Ruslan Khain on bass and Vince Ector doing drums, and let me tell you, folks – this SMOKES – it will be a true jazz adventure for listeners not accustomed to this often overlooked instrument (when it comes to jazz, anyway)… as I  listen to the intricate movements on “Harold’s Blues” (samples aren’t available yet; I’ll come back and link them in when I have them), I’m absolutely convinced that Michael is THE best jazz bassoon player on the planet (& I’ve listened to several of them), and each of the other players contribute to make this one of the most “alive” blues I’ve listened to (yet) in 2017!

The closer, “Calypso Joe”, is an original creation by Michael, and is a superb lead-out for this very entertaining album; decidedly Latin beat, as you might imagine from the title, but the energy on this one paints the bassoon in a whole different light than you’ve ever heard before.  My personal favorite of the nine songs offered up for your listening enjoyment is actually the title track, “Uncharted Waters”, another Rabinowitz original that will (simply) stun your ears; the “flow” on this piece alone merits the MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating I’m giving it… “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.98. - Rotcod Zzaj  Aka Dick Metcalf

“He’s a hero” —Gunther Schuller

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