Sunday, April 11, 2021

Erik Fratzke's Fáke Accent - Four Serious Allegations (May 14, 2021 Skirl Records)

Erik Fratzke is renowned for his work as a bassist in Happy Apple and guitarist in Dave King's Trucking Co, as well as his group Zebulon Pike. Fake Accent brings his many musical interests and talents together in his own vision. Fratzke will be on guitar, joined by Nathan Hanson on saxophone and clarinet, Cooper Doten on bass, and Cory Healey on drums.

1. Fake Accent (Theme)
2. Health House
3. City Science
4. Secular Exorcist

Erik Fratzke - guitar
Nathan Hanson - tenor saxophone and clarinet
Cooper Doten - bass
Cory Healey - drums/percussion/guitar/bass

Engineered by Rob Oesterlin at the Terrarium in Minneapolis Sep/2018
Mixed by Brett Bullion
Mastered by Huntley Miller 
Original Artwork and design by Dave King

All compositions by Erik Fratzke

Aver & Move 78 - The Algorithm Smiles Upon You (April 2021 Village Live Records)

Village Live Records is proud to present “The Algorithm Smiles Upon You”, the debut EP by Aver & Move 78.

The Berlin-based band consists of Doron Segal on keyboards, Nir Sabag on drums, Hal Strewe on bass and Aver on sampler and production.

The eight tracks of their EP are crafted from hours of studio improvisations, that have then been chopped-up, rearranged, and layered with additional strings, flute and horns. This many-layered approach has helped create the band’s signature sound: a balance between free flowing jazz and automated, programmed hip-hop.

“The Algorithm Smiles Upon You” is available to pre-order now on Limited edition transparent vinyl (100) & Black vinyl (200) (Shipping Begins Monday, April 19th)

All copies of the record will come with a hand numbered OBI strip, printed inner sleeve and gloss detail finish.

Please note, all transparent vinyl will be available exclusively via our website

1. Faye 04:10
2. Middling 04:32
3. Housecat 04:13
4. Daisies 03:59
5. Live From The Village 03:56
6. Pearls Before Swine 03:42
7. Sanctuary 04:34
8. Normal Jazz 03:43

Adiela - Live Improvisations 01 (April 2021)

1. Hernandez JAM 2020-01-15 01:30
2. complacent, platitudes JAM 2020-01-15 10:17
3. Eldart street 02 JAM 2020-08-02 05:47
4. Popcorn JAM 2020-01-15 10:25
5. Nazareth JAM 2020-01-04 05:19
6. Peruse JAM 2020-01-04 06:22

Freddy Caro - Drums
Alex Quintero - Bass
Christian Diaz - Guitar
Jahi Williams - Keys, synth
Michael Hernandez - Keys, woodwinds, brass
Kajren Adielman - Vocals, FX