Monday, May 31, 2021

Patrick Noland / John Tate / Charles Rumback - When I Look To Sky (May 2021 Ears & Eyes Records)

1. Once In Our Lives 10:42
2. Sense of Being 06:45
3. All The Things You Do (Mother) 10:09
4. Pat at Play 03:18
5. Duke 09:04
6. Blues 07:28
7. When I Look to Sky 04:58
8. Time Heals All 09:36
9. Peace 06:35
10. Ash Wednesday 05:24
11. Dancing On The Inside 08:03

Patrick Noland - piano & guitar
John Tate - acoustic bass
Charles Rumback - drums

All compositions by Patrick Noland (Windvale Music BMI) except ‘Pat at Play’ by John Tate (EADG440 ASCAP) and ‘Ash Wednesday’, ‘Dancing on the Inside’ by Charles Rumback (In the New Year ASCAP). ‘Blues’ arranged by John Tate

João Madeira / Mário Rua / Luís Vicente - Trio (May 2021)

"A majestic free jazz/free improvisation session recorded at a home studio in December 2020. The Trio plays four wonderful tracks, starting with "amor supremo", clearly having association s to John Coltrane's "Love Supreme". "até un fim" is a 10 and a half minute long peaceful ballad, while "grão" is a seven minutes long exploration of abstract free improvisation. But, the highlight is the closing "desassossego", lasting nearly 17 minutes, and including the most beautiful echoed solos of Luís. Last minute contribution to Book.v1, but a truly great one!!!\\ " Maciej Lewenstein

1. amor supremo 08:08
2. até um fim 10:32
3. grão 07:04
4. desassossego 16:38

João Madeira - double bass
Mário Rua - drums
Luís Vicente - trumpet

Dennis Mitcheltree - Union (May 2021)

Recorded while on tour in 1999, with the quartet at the height of it's power in the 1990s, Union features evolving compositions that are still fresh and relevant today.

1. The Rebbe 07:31
2. Snowbound 07:14
3. Union at 723 07:59
4. Waiting for Oyarsa 09:48
5. Flatbush Blues 04:36
6. Mosinee Mayhem 04:09
7. Sans Souci 07:20
8. Set Me As... 04:21
9. Union 00:36

Dennis Mitcheltree - tenor saxophone, composer
Johannes Wallmann - piano
Jesse Crawford - bass
Bill McClellan - drums

Dennis Mitcheltree - Transformation (May 2021)

Sophomore release by jazz saxophonist and composer Dennis Mitcheltree. Recorded in Mosinee WI in 1996 while on tour - the band is tight!

1. Absentikate 06:09
2. Saddam's Caravan 05:22
3. Suppressions 06:43
4. Gumbo 04:37
5. Perspective 07:47
6. Transformation 05:55
7. Modus Operandi 06:17

Dennis Mitcheltree - tenor saxophone, composer
Johannes Wallmann - piano
Jesse Crawford - bass
Bill McClellan - drums

Miguel de Armas Quartet - Continuous (May 2021 on Three Pines Records)

Internationally renowned Cuban pianist Miguel de Armas moved to Canada in 2011, bringing with him a rich and sophisticated musical heritage gleaned over many years of study, performance and composition. As a co-founder of N.G. La Banda — one of Cuba’s most legendary timba bands — de Armas packed concert halls around the world.

Under the leadership of de Armas - and featuring Marc Decho on bass, Michel Medrano on drums and Diomer González on congas - The Miguel de Armas Quartet was created in 2013. Since then, they have rocked the National Capital Region with their astounding musicianship and thrilling fusion of Jazz and Afro Cuban music.

With Continuous, de Armas reveals his heart and soul. It is an eclectic, inventive, and truly global album that demonstrates de Armas’ versatility not only as a player, but as a composer as well. These boundary defying songs defy categorization, with the rich melodic and rhythmic feel of songo, the fusion of Afro Cuban music with pop, Latin jazz, calypso, and classical influences.

Continuous represents the continuation of de Armas’ musical journey that began almost a decade ago when he moved to Canada. This album is a compelling collection of songs about love, immigration, long winters, and how to stay happy throughout. De Armas is a story-teller, and his medium is his music.

1. Continuous 6:10
2. Couscous 5:14
3. Angelique 4:29
4. Welcome Back from Varadero 6:31
5. Muñuñi 4:54
6. Eva Luna 3:01
7. Song for Bebo 5:32
8. It Meant Something Else 5:03
9. Gone Too Soon 5:35

All songs by Miguel de Armas, except 7 by Marc Decho

Miguel de Armas - Piano, Keyboards, Compositions
Marc Decho - Bass
Michel Medrano Brindis - Drums
Diomer González - Congas

Yasmina Proveyer - Voice (1); Roberto Riverón - Bass (1, 3);
Elmer Ferrer - Guitar (3); Petr Cancura - Tenor Saxophone (5);
Elizabeth Rodriguez - Violin (6); Gabriela Ruiz - Cello (6);
René Lavoie - Flute (7); Tyler Harris - Alto Sax (8);
José Alberto Alvarez Batista - Güiro (1);
Yaima Caballero - Güiro (7)

With Special Guests:
Samuel Formell (Los Van Van) - Drums, Timbales (1);
Joel Cuesta (Los Van Van) - Congas (1); Eliel Lazo - Congas (4)

L’abîme - L’abîme (2021 Multiple Chord Music)

L’abîme (The Abysm) is the first album by an exciting new Québec based quintet of the same name. Conceived over the past two years, this brilliant debut will be released in April of 2021 on the Montreal based label Multiple Chord Music, in both physical (vinyl + cd) and digital form. The album unveils a dreamlike universe, a cinematic adventure suspended in time, like a dive through the abysm.

The group displays a bold, unique sound rooted in modern jazz with strong rock and contemporary classical influences (the music of Olivier Messiaen being a particularly important touchstone.) Pianist Jonathan Turgeon’s compelling compositions are bolstered by strong arrangements devised by the whole group. This project is a particularly compelling showcase for the group’s woodwind players, who explore a wide range of textures and timbres. Faithful to its jazz heritage, L’abîme expres ses i t sel f through deep, engaging improvisations by Hugo Blouin (upright bass), Jean-Philippe Godbout (drums), Alex Dodier (saxophones, flute) and Gabriel Genest (tenor saxophone, clarinets).
1. Requiem 4:32
2. Perdu dans les bois 5:58
3. L’abîme 8:12
4. Le Culte I 4:14
5. Le Culte II 5:10
6. Le Culte III 4:49
7. L’étang au crépuscule 6:17

Hugo Blouin - Upright Bass
Alex Dodier - Flute, Saxophones (1-3, 5-6)
Gabriel Genest - Tenor Saxophone (3, 6), Clarinets
Jean-Philippe Godbout - Drums
Jonathan Turgeon - Piano, Compositions

Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra (feat. Philippe Côté and David Braid) - Twisting Ways (May 2021)

In 2019, two jazz composers from French and English Canada joined forces with the support of the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra to compose a 25-minute, multi-movement art song called Twisting Ways. A UK-Canadian collaboration, the piece combines the poetry of Dr. Lee Tsang (Liverpool) with music by Montreal-based composer, Philippe Côté (“Amazing” – NYC Jazz Record) and three-time-Juno Award winning Toronto pianist/composer, David Braid (“Uncategorizable” – Paris Transatlantic). The music is masterfully performed by the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, directed by Richard Gillis, and featuring acclaimed vocalist, Sarah Slean (“Compelling”– Time Magazine).

The album also features vibraphonist Stephan Bauer (NYC) on a variation from Côté’s, La fleur et la roche from his acclaimed album Lungta with David Binney (“a grand sweeping accomplishment” – Ottawa Citizen) and Braid’s Lydian Sky from The David Braid Sextet Live, Vol 2 ( “astonishing” – All About Jazz). Lydian Sky features new words by Tsang, plus performances by multiple Juno winning saxophonist Mike Murley and vocalist Karly Epp (a finalist in the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Competition).

The album’s central piece Twisting Ways begins with The Hand, sung from the perspective of a central character that takes the form of a nightingale, which is guided in turn by a mysterious force called The Hand. The second half revolves around the companion piece Hope Shadow, sung from the perspective of the mysterious force itself. Together, these texts explore imagery related to the human spirit and its transgressions. Slean’s performance infuses the music's narrative with brilliant colour and emotion, redefining what a vocal jazz album can be.

Twisting Ways (D. Braid & P. Côté, L. Tsang)
1. I. The Hand 9:51
2. II. Dialogue 2:55
3. III. Opening Glimmers 2:43
4. IV. Hope Shadow 11:58
5. Lydian Sky (D. Braid, L. Tsang) 8:14
6. Fleur Variation 3 (P. Côté) 7:16

Sarah Slean (1-4) Karly Epp (5, 6)

Neil Watson - Alto & Soprano Sax, Sean Irvine - Alto Sax (1-4)
Shannon Kristjanson - Alto Sax (5, 6), Jon Stevens - Tenor Sax (1-4)
Paul Balcain - Tenor Sax (5, 6), Mike Murley - Tenor Sax (5)
Lauren Teterenko - Tenor Sax, Ken Gold - Bari Sax

Jeff Johnson - Lead Trumpet (1-4)
Shane Hicks - Trumpet & Flugelhorn (Lead: 5, 6)
Richard Boughton - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Richard Gillis - Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Conductor
Andrew Littleford - Trumpet & Flugelhorn (5, 6)

Joel Green - Lead Trombone, Jeff Presslaff - Trombone (1-4)
Keith Dyrda - Trombone (5, 6), Francois Godere - Trombone
D’Arcy McLean - Bass Trombone

Rhythm Section
David Braid - Piano
Stefan Bauer - Vibraphone
Karl Kohut - Bass
Eric Platz - Drums

Saskatchewan All Star Big Band - Saskatchewan Suite (2021 Chronograph Records)

This is the most novel, ambitious, progressive, and challenging of projects in the history of the Regina Jazz Society and indeed, ever in all of Saskatchewan. No one has ever attempted to tell the 150+ year history of Saskatchewan in music and in the vernacular of jazz, with one of Canada’s most talented and brilliant composers, Fred Stride producing a commissioned work to tell this story that speaks to and includes all of us.  This is a brand new novel musical work of art celebrating Saskatchewan as part of Canada for the past 150 years, and telling our Saskatchewan Story musically, for the very first time ever.

The Saskatchewan All Star Big Band is the most significant superstar ensemble ever assembled in Saskatchewan  and it’s not humanly possible to imagine all these great players ever again sharing the same stage in our lifetimes. These are the kids that have grown up here, got their musical start here and then been exported to every corner of the globe and they’re players who have come here to live, teach, and perform because Saskatchewan affords them that grand opportunity.

The Saskatchewan Story:  It’s our story, and stories of everyone living here and all those that have gone before us. It’s 150+ years of stories that include everything from the thundering herds of the buffalo, heard by our first Indigenous Peoples. It tells the story of all the various settlers and immigrants coming to Saskatchewan.  It includes the clash of cultures initially, but even more importantly the inclusiveness of the society we live in here today. 

You will hear that we’re farmers, business people, potash workers, railroaders, hockey players, story tellers, writers, artists, and soldiers marching off to war.  We’re all the Saskatchewan Story and that’s what the Saskatchewan Suite is all about and telling us for the very first time.

Line Up:

Fred Stride – Musical Director

Dean McNeill – Lead Trumpet
Al Muirhead – Trumpet
Andy King – Trumpet
Brent Ghiglione – Trumpet
Dave Mossing – Trumpet

PJ Perry – Lead Alto Saxophone
Donny Kennedy – Alto Saxophone
Kelly Jefferson – Tenor Saxophone
Steve Kaldestad – Tenor Saxophone
Trent Reschny – Bari Saxophone

Shawn Grocott – Lead Trombone
Ross Ulmer – Trombone
Tom Richards – Trombone
Dave Dick – Bass Trombone

Jon Ballantyne – Piano
Jack Semple – Guitar
Miles Foxx Hill – Bass
Ted Warren – Drums
Dylan Weist – Vibraphone/Percussion

Ed Minevich – Violin