Monday, February 14, 2022

Daniel DeLorenzo - K.BYE (February 2022)

Guitarist Daniel DeLorenzo's fifth studio album "K.BYE" marks a return to collaborative recording, communicative performance, and embracing distinction. The album consists of eight original compositions and a rendition of the Miles Davis standard "Nardis". Featuring performances by Daniel DeLorenzo (guitar), Gaston Reggio (drums), Robbie Link (bass), and Ben Lassiter (additional guitar on "Flora").

1. Huh
2. K.Bye
3. Dobbie Donnakis
4. Flora
5. Conniption Fit
6. Small Time
7. Nardis
8. Prelude
9. Data Mining Operation

Alawari - Alawari (April 29, 2022 April Records)

Do you want to see the dark backdrop that creates the scenery for your everyday life?

ALAWARI is a musical project with a European sound that brings modern history together in one burning expression and improves the contrasts in life routines.

Fragments from ancient wars and revolutions resonate in the music that brings both elements of classical music and jazz into a strong format that has never been more relevant. An orchestral,compositional and improvisational music that seeks to overwhelm and undress the listener’s reservations.

The band releases their debut album on April Records 29th of April 2022.

The debut release “ALAWARI”, is the distillate of several years of work, immortalized in one album like a musical manifesto that wants to revitalize the authentic music experience.

In 2016, the project started consisting of six musicians who quickly made themselves noticed by their telepathic and fabulous animal-like expressions. This was the message after the band in 2017 won the Young Jazz competition, which was the starting point for a European tour in Germany and Poland as well as the intake of some of the most prominent venues in Denmark..

Simon Forchhammer, Jonatan Bak, Sune Sunesen, Frederik Engell, Carlo Becker, and Asger Nissen constitutes the group that through a strong instrumental and compositional surplus seeks to create one intense and present experience that tears the world apart, and invite the listener to rebuild and put it back together.

1. Flimmer 02:47
2. Koral 02:11
3. Hvalen 03:30
4. Misundelse 06:33
5. Sunes Hit 03:49
6. Etude 02:53
7. Stone 03:54
8. Elegi 04:09
9. Sorg Pt. 1 03:37
10. Sorg Pt. 2 01:43
11. Revolution 08:23

Sune Sunesen Rendtorff - Piano
Carlo Janusz Becker Lauritsen - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Jonatan Melby Bak – Double Bass
Asger Uttrup Nissen – Alto saxophone
Simon Forchhammer - Drums
Frederik Engell – Tenor saxophone

Featuring: Eigil Pock Steen – Live Processing & Sampling (Tracks: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8)

Produced and Mixed by Frederik Engell, Simon Wetterstrøm Mariegaard and Simon Forchhammer
Recorded by Simon Wetterstrøm Mariegaard
Mastered by John Fomsgaard
Cover Artwork by Sune Sunesen Rendtorff
Cover Design by Enrico Andreis
Liner Notes by Flemming Agerskov

Myele Manzanza - Soho Radio Sessions (April 18, 2022 DeepMatter Records)

Myele Manzana performs 'Two Chords & The Truth' for The Vinyl Factory & Soho Radio's Vinyl Sessions at 180 Studios. A one-shot series where artists record direct-to-dubplate. One disc, one take, one shot.

1. Two Chords & The Truth
2. Back In The Days

Myele Manzanza - Drums
Lewis Moody - Keys/Synths
Seth Tackaberry - Bass

Recorded at 180 Studio w/ The Vinyl Factory & Soho Radio

Dimitris Angelakis - Long Way Home (April 15, 2022)

The title Long Way Home is inspired by Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis, in particular the poem “Ithaca.” “Don’t expect Ithaca to give you many riches,” the poems reads. “Ithaca has already given you a fine voyage; without Ithaca you would never have parted.” We become who we are, Angelakis suggests, through the voyages we take, and this is in fact the voyage’s ultimate goal.

Wise words from a musician who has undertaken extensive journeys of his own. The son of an acclaimed Greek trumpet player/arranger, Angelakis established himself in Europe with a number of Greek orchestras, as well as the Delaware Steel led by Harvey Price, before moving to Philadelphia on a Fulbright. There he completed his master’s degree in music at the University of the Arts, studying with Tony Miceli and Don Glanden. He traveled as well to New York City to study privately with vibraphonist Christos Rafalides, who had been a student of Dimitris’ father. “Christos was my first teacher and first inspiration on the jazz vibraphone,” says Angelakis. “He really introduced me to the world of jazz vibes, a relationship of sharing that lasts up until today.” Angelakis also took advantage of opportunities to learn from Joe Locke, Ed Saindon, Larry McKenna and John Swana. Shortly after, he spent a year in China connecting with the Asian music scene, teaching and performing alongside Chinese and international musicians.

All these experiences inform the beautiful Long Way Home, powered by the supple rhythm team of bassist Kimon Karoutzos and drummer Jason Wastor. The five original pieces each tell a story, most of them gleaned from inspirations particular to Greece, even as the music reflects Angelakis’ immersion in the sound and culture of American jazz. “I was trying to keep my eyes open to everyday life situations,” he remarks, “especially during long periods of not traveling, like during quarantine or in the gap between my times in the States and China.” 

1. Murphy
2. Ulysses' Journey
3. Only for You
4. Joe's Corner
5. Coral Keys
6. Very Early
7. Johnny the Liar
8. Polka Dots and Moonbeams

Dimitris Angelakis (vibraphone)
George Kontrafouris (Fender Rhodes/piano)
Kimon Karoutzos (bass)
Jason Wastor (drums)

Heidi Skjerve & Daniel Formo & Friends - I’m Glad There Is You (February 14, 2022)

Jazz vocalist Heidi Skjerve and pianist Daniel Formo have shared sunny days and rainy days, laundry, renovation projects and parenting for many years, but have now for the first time recorded an album together. During the recent pandemic times when we all have realized just how much people need other people, and how musicians need other musicians to play with, they gathered some topnotch jazz musicians at Øra Studio in Trondheim to record some of their favorite jazz standards about love and longing. The result is the present release “I’m Glad There Is You”, featuring a playful rhythmic and improvisational approach to the melodies, strong and seductive harmonies and arrangements referring to some of the great recordings from the jazz tradition.

1. ’Round Midnight 04:08
2. I’m Glad There Is You 05:21
3. Lazy Afternoon 05:32
4. Come Rain or Come Shine 04:25
5. You Go To My Head 04:55
6. Social Call 03:33
7. You’ve Changed 04:46
8. What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry 03:34
9. I’ll Be Seeing You 04:19
10. People 03:58

Heidi Skjerve - Vocals
Daniel Formo - Piano
Bjørn Marius Hegge - Bass
Håkon Mjåset Johansen - Drums
Mona Krogstad - Tenor Saxophone (5, 6, 8)
Klaus Ellerhusen Holm - Alto Saxophone & Clarinets (1, 3, 6, 7)
Marthe Belsvik Stavrum - Flute (2)

Produced by Heidi Skjerve
Recorded by Jo Ranheim at Øra studio, Trondheim, August 8 & 9 2021
Mixed by Jo Ranheim at Øra studio
Mastered by Karl Klaseie at Øra mastering
Photos by Juliane Schütz
2022 Particular Recordings Collective

Todd Capp + Kurt Ralske - Fire Alarm (February 2022)

“Fire Alarm” is an alarming sonic experience. The piece, recorded in one single unedited 45-minute take, shows two unique improvisors duetting at full tilt, revealing the depth of the musical connection they have built through seven years of collaboration. Todd Capp’s impossible polyrhythmic pulsations careen in all directions, while Kurt Ralske’s abstruse melodies circle back on themselves. No holds are barred in this dialogue, and its intensity sometimes feels dangerous; and yet, “Fire Alarm” is not formless: it’s a structured blast of energy, with recurring themes and dramatic shifts of texture. It begins with the sombre introspective quality of Art Ensemble of Chicago’s “People in Sorrow” and culminates in a climax hinting at the Mount Everest of sax-and-drum duets, John Coltrane’s “Interstellar Space”.

Does the “Fire Alarm” of the title refer to an alert that has not yet been sounded....or to an alarm that’s already been ringing for far too long? Either way, this music is a strong statement from two uncompromising artists, who show us they are fully committed to one ideal: now is the time for change to begin.

TODD CAPP (drums + cymbals) started in music in the mid-1960s in Chicago, playing with members of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, including Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Lester Bowie, and Douglas Ewart. He can be heard with the Berlin-based trio Oceans Roar 1000 Drums (with Bryan Eubanks and Andrew Lafkas), and leading his own long-standing ensemble, Todd Capp’s Mystery Train.

KURT RALSKE (soprano sax, flute, ney, vibraphone) is a musician and visual artist. He is a Professor of the Practice in Digital Media at Tufts University. In some previous incarnation, he was the driving force behind the dream-pop outfit Ultra Vivid Scene on the 4AD label. 

1. Fire Alarm 44:42

Todd Capp (drums + cymbals)
Kurt Ralske (soprano sax, flute, ney, vibraphone)

Alan Kwan Quartet - Petrichor (February 2022)

“Incisive, beautiful playing and gorgeous writing. Great record, Alan is a voice worth listening to!”
- Paul Bollenback

"Alan is a next-generation modern player/composer on the rise, from Hong Kong but with NYC pedigree. Beyond his lush harmonies, seamless rhythmic sophistication and breathy melodies, I connect with the expressiveness and honesty I hear in this array of original compositions that are beautifully recorded. It's music that will appeal to musicians who love this idiom, and to listeners new to jazz who love soothing textures and ethereal melodies. I hear the budding of a prolific composer who I think people will be excited to see/hear where he goes”
- Peter Mazza

“…The guitar artistry is exceptional, the tone is warm and rich, the technique is clear, precise and very fluid….”
- Fred Hamilton

“This album is full of his brilliancy, warmth and tenacity. The tone heals the listener.”
– Daiki Yasukagawa

1. Voyage 06:45
2. When Will I See You Again? 06:01
3. Central Escalators 06:20
4. Montauk 04:55
5. Petrichor 07:57
6. Hold True 06:39
7. Tread Softly 03:17

Alan Kwan / guitar, compositions
Fabian Almazan / piano
Linda May Oh / bass
Johnathan Blake / drums

Special Guest: 
Dayna Stephens / tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

Samo Salamon, Cene Resnik & Urban Kušar - Takt Ars Sessions Vol. 3 (February 2022)

1. Free I 17:16
2. Free II 10:02
3. Free III 08:16
4. Free IV 09:02
5. Free V 17:08
6. Free VI 06:02

Recorded on 5 February 2022 in Maribor as part of the Takt Ars Sessions.

Cene Resnik - tenor sax
Samo Salamon - guitar
Urban Kušar - drums

Nate McBride - DANODUE (February 2022)

This is the second installment of the DANO project, a series of solo electric bass recordings on a Danelectro 3412 bass. Where the first was about the pure sound of the instrument and was improvised, DANODUE is all songs.

LIPS is thinking about my brother, who goes by Cakes.

JOE MCPHEE was recorded twice, but you hear the telephone demo here.

PLOW FLEET RADIO and the rest of this record was made during a Nor'easter and couldn’t help being named after the yellow and orange trucks working the street out the window, all that day and night.

STACKS is clearly to Stacks, and CROPS for the Colonel. I think about the sound of their playing all the time.

1936 is the only one of these songs that’s been played elsewhere, it was written for a solo show in 2019.

All of these were recorded in single passes and then left alone, though I would have loved to edit the major clam on STACKS. Per the rules and to obtain more “wood” sound from the bass, no overdubs, effects or preparations were used.

1. Stacks 04:20
2. Plow Fleet Radio 03:45
3. Joe McPhee 04:51
4. 1936 02:58
5. Crops 04:21
6. Lips 07:17

Richard D. Ruttenberg - Life Force (February 2022)

LIFE FORCE has several meanings. The impulse for creating this album is my sincere love of the music of Sergio Mendes. The tune Sambadouro literally means life force. Life Force also reminds me that we have a divine spark from above when we are born and I feel that within me at all times. I remember going to see a doctor in Pittsburgh a long time ago and he wanted to know what I felt about my health. I told him I am extremely strong within and that my divine spark is completely in tact. He liked that answer.

Life Force is all about creation, too. As many of you know, I am enthralled by everything beyond the confines of Earth. We are sadly so consumed with all the terrible stuff going on in our world that we forget that there is endless wonderment beyond the clouds. We must focus on the real challenge facing our civilization... to jettison off this planet and colonize elsewhere. I think that may well be the entire point of us being here other than bringing G-dliness down to the Earth.

This album took us well over a year to complete. I wrote all of the compositions and sent the charts to saxophonist Carl Cox, bassist Eddie Kohen, and guitarist Joe Berger. These superb musicians truly turned in exceptional performances and helped fuel the idea that these tunes will endure for years to come. That's right, I think these songs will stand the test of time beautifully and will remain pleasing to the ears forever. For me, that is the aim of creating original, meaningful music. All my life I've wanted to be a world class musician. I still yearn for such a distinction. Deep in my heart and soul I need it, you know? My sincere hope is that these original compositions will please you. I spent a long my time with these songs & came up with interesting modalities resulting in complex, beautifully crafted compositions. Combined with very simple, yet elegant melodies, I think we succeeded in providing relevant music here.

This is always the goal. The charts for these songs challenged the imaginations of the studio musicians on the album. I am forever grateful to them and am tremendously happy with the results. These brilliant players made this a special album that will endure and hold the interest of listeners for decades to come. We humbly ask you to please support the arts and purchase this digital download. Every dollar earned goes right back into creating future music. Thank you kindly, Richard 
1. Crimson Sky 04:24
2. Sambadouro 04:14
3. Loving You 03:20
4. Solar India 03:31
5. Heliocentric Rings of Saturn 05:30
6. Mercurial Spheres 04:22
7. Dreaming in Sound 04:00
8. Gujarati 03:32
9. Far & Away 03:42

Carl Cox - Sax (1,2)
Eddie "Motown" Kohen - Bass (1,2,3,4,5,6,9)
Joe Berger - Guitar (5,6,9)
Richard D. Ruttenberg - Modulus 002, Korg Karma, Elektron 4V Analog Sequencer, ARP Odyssey, E Drums (all songs)

Executive Producer - Sherry Mandel Podobnik
All compositions written, edited, mixed by Richard D. Ruttenberg.
Mastered by Joe Berger
Album Art Design - Drishanah Kambatta

Klangfahrer - Colors Of Trance (February 2022)

1. Colors Of Trance 04:32
2. A Warm Rain 05:06
3. Dusty Clouds 04:20
4. After The Rain 02:59
5. Dialogue 08:14
6. Motion 05:37
7. Danger 04:03
8. Floating Area 05:14
9. New Moments 05:50
10. Grace And Temptation 05:53
11. Secret Carrier 09:16

Thomas Berndt - Piano, E-Piano
Johannes Flamm - Saxophones
Gerd Breuer - Drums
Berndt Kistemann - Bass

Recorded at Topaz Studio
Cologne November 2013 / Mixed and Mastered by Reinhard Kobialka
Produced by Klangfahrer / Artwork by Frank Hermanns