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Toronto Jazz Orchestra, The - 20 (June 22, 2018)

20 is the fourth independently released album from the Toronto Jazz Orchestra (TJO). Recorded in May, 2017 at Revolution Recording in Toronto, it showcases the composition and arranging work of TJO Artistic Director Josh Grossman. 20 is a celebration of both the TJO’s 20th anniversary, and of Grossman’s evolution as an Artistic Director, composer, and arranger.

The seven original compositions and one arrangement featured on 20 were all written by Grossman between 2009 and 2016, with the most recent work (Georgie and Rose) completed specifically for this recording. The album's repertoire reflects in part the range of musical influences that inform Grossman’s approach to programming and composing: traditional big band swing, funk, rock, hip hop, samba, and free jazz.

Josh Grossman Photo (c) Marie Byers

• Georgie and Rose, a pseudo-samba dedicated to Grossman's kids

• Brad’s Prudence, an arrangement of Dear Prudence, based on Brad Mehldau’s performance of the tune

• 4 PN, a four-movement suite inspired by Phil Nimmons, loosely based on his Atlantic Suite (and other Nimmons compositions), and written in celebration of his 90th birthday

• Reflection, a ballad inspired in part by the passing of Grossman's grandfather, but more generally by any life event which gives us pause

• The Blob, a funk/rock tune which aims to capture the excitement and trepidation of becoming a parent

The production team for 20 features some of the most respected personnel in Toronto. JUNO Award-winning bassist Roberto Occhipinti, who has served as a personal mentor of Grossman's for many years, is the album’s Producer; JUNO Award-winning John “Beetle” Bailey engineered and mixed; Peter Letros, former Chief Mastering Engineer at Sony Music Canada, handled the mastering.

TJO Photo (c) Hyunwoo Hwang (Oh Happy Day Photography)

The Toronto Jazz Orchestra has established itself as one of Toronto’s most exciting and important big bands, performing repertoire and undertaking special projects not tackled elsewhere. With its 20th anniversary coming this fall - and nearly ten years since the ensemble’s last studio recording - the time is right for 20.

20 will be released worldwide on Friday, June 22nd 2018.

1. Georgie and Rose
2. Brad’s Prudence
3. 4PN, mvt. I: The Land of 2 and 4
4. 4PN, mvt. II: Under a Treeful
5. 4 PN, mvt. III: Birdsong
6. 4PN, mvt. IV: Flat 10 Strikes Again
7. Reflection
8. The Blob

Josh Grossman - Artistic Director / Conductor

Chris Roberts
Jake Koffman
Paul Metcalfe
Chris Hunsburger
Shirantha Beddage

Steve Dyte, James Rhodes,  Alexander Brown, John Pittman

Christian Overton
Pat Blanchard
Mark Grieve
Sylvain Bédard

Todd Elsliger - Guitar
Carissa Neufeld - Piano
Mark Godfrey - Bass
Ben Ball - Drums
Luis Orbegoso - Percussion

HOTEL FURY - SESSIONS VOL I (September 1, 2018)

Hotel Fury is an hybrid jazz, experimental, free music band from Paris.

It was born from a desire, three musicians who wanted to play and improvise live in a free and open manner with their instruments and machines, without compromises. 

The way we make our music is simple, we start from nothing, or sometimes with a few words, an image, a simple concept, only guided by our ear and feelings, improvising live and constructing our music while we play. During two days sessions, we recorded near four hours of music, live, at AZ FACTORY's Studio. 

We are proud to now launch the pre-order of our FIRST born album, "HOTEL FURY SESSIONS I", the first result of our work. 

Check out the preview track and don't hesitate to Pre Order if you like our music ! 


Album to be released in September, 2018 in Digital Format and October, 2018 in Vinyl Format. 

Other sessions have been recorded and other projects from Hotel Fury are on their way to be released somewhat between 2018 and 2019. 

So, if you like our music, FOLLOW US to stay updated ! 


9. FEU 13:18
10. PRINTEMPS 08:59

All tracks Composed and Performed live by HOTEL FURY

Drums, Machines, Noises - Nicolas KRASSILCHIK
Trumpet, Machines, Noises - Viane MONDESIR
Bass, Synth Bass - Michel-Ange MERINO

Adam Osmianski Trio - Meantime (June 21, 2018)

1. Crusts on Monday 05:32
2. Elsa 05:38
3. After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It 06:28
4. I'm an Old Cowhand 04:55
5. Last Minute Decision 07:27
6. Bolivia 05:59

Pat Bianchi - organ
Adam Osmianski - drums

Produced by Adam Osmianski
Recorded by Tom Tedesco at Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ, USA
Mixed by Ben Lamdin at Fish Factory Studios, London, UK
Mastered by Andrea Zanini at Owl Mastering Studios, Florence, Italy

The Richard Shulman Group - Turned Into Lemonade (2018)

“This collection of compositions/performances is a blend of melody, fire, water, groove, mutual exploration and beauty which I hope will uplift you the listener as much as creating it has uplifted me.”
– Richard Shulman

Awakening,” The Richard Shulman Group’s “Turned into Lemonade” envelopes the listener in an uplifting tapestry of beauty. Gorgeous piano and saxophone are joined by acoustic bass and drums in a flowing interactive style. Three extraordinary vocal tracks express transformation to gratitude and finding peace.

1. Atmosphere (7:03)
2. I Claim my Day (5:01)
3. In Between the Blue and Green (5:33)
4. The Gifts You Gave to Me (4:49)
5. For Mom (5:08)
6. No Matter What They Say (3:45)
7. Homage to Pharoah (11:44)
8. It’s All Inside (4:09)
9. Finding Peace (6:19)
10. Buried Diamond (4:57)
11. Turned into Lemonade (5:10)
12. Sunny Samba (5:44)
13. Write Again (5:34)
14. Nostalgia (2:53)

Jacob Rodriguez – tenor & soprano saxophones
Zack Page – bass
Rick Dilling – drums
Wendy Jones – vocals on tracks 4, 7 & 9

Oonops - Oonops Drops Vol. 1 (AGOGO RECORDS 2018)

'Oonops Drops' is the eponymous name of DJ Oonops' monthly broadcast on Brooklyn Radio (NYC). It's your not average radio show without talk and comments for which he invites renowned guests with their exclusive mixes from around the globe to create timeless and thematic episodes. In the last sixty shows he got visited by artists like Morcheeba, Guts, Nickodemus, The Herbaliser, Nostalgia 77, Boca 45, Blundetto, Chinese Man and many more. 

Born in 1977 he got in contact with music at an early stage and soon discovered his medium of choice: vinyl. Oonops is a dj, selector, digger and is known for his smooth mixing skills to rock parties in his unmistakable wildstyle of jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, beats, edits, reggae, dub and afro. He shared the stages with acts like Nightmares on Wax, The Beatnuts, Jeru The Damaja, Ebo Taylor, Myron & E, Akua Naru and The Artifacts to name just a few.

As a longtime friend of the label and as a resident of its own club night he now gets his own compilation series to showcase his manifold taste in digging, selecting and mixing. His matter was to create a compilation of manifold genres of undiscovered, previously unreleased and for the first time on vinyl delicacies for any avid and discernable listener and dj. Especially for the vinyl lovers he dug many tracks which are treats for every set from warm-up until peak time. This compilation will stay for a long time in the bags. 

For the cover he joined forces with San Francisco based oil paintress Lindsey Kustusch who cherishes the mood of this work and its spirit. Enjoy this musical trip from dub, soul, funk, instrumentals, hip hop and jazz!

1. Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 - Little Steps Dub 04:27
2. Figub Brazlevic - Shadows In The City 04:01
3. Guts - Score featuring Tanya Morgan & Lorine Chia 03:07
4. Mankoora - Sonór Tropicàl 04:39
5. Green Street - Don't Deny It 04:47
6. Suff Daddy - Paper-Proclamation (Pat Van Dyke Remix 03:31
7. DJ Cam Quartet - Mental Invasion 05:15
8. Cro-Magnon - Mysterious Vibes 04:35
9. Nautilus - Root Down feat. Fleur Earth 04:27
10. Shawn Lee - We Got The Jazz featuring Ohmega Watts 03:03
11. ShinSight Trio - You Got Soul 04:51
12. Indigo Jam Unit - Sepia 05:25
13. Slakah The Beatchild - Ain't Nothing Like Hip Hop 01:21

in Berlin

Misha Piatigorsky Trio - Stained Glass and Technicolor Grooves (2018)

Imagine a jazz event, one that's called something like "Jazz at the GRJC." So far, so good. You find out that it's the "first annual" occasion for the event, and you think of Themistocles and maybe how great things have small beginnings. Then you find out that GRJC stands for the Glen Rock Jewish Center, straight out of Glen Rock, New Jersey, and perhaps you start thinking that this is going to be a much smaller event than anticipated. Then you actually listen to this recording of the Misha Piatigorsky Trio, performed live at yes, the first annual "Jazz at the GRJC," and suddenly you have a whole new perspective.

Why the change of heart? In a word, the MPT is magnificent, and this performance sounds like a great undiscovered recording from fifty or sixty years ago. Misha Piatigorsky's piano is a marvel--one minute it is as smooth and lush and gorgeous of a piano sound that one can achieve playing jazz, and then he shifts into a wild, jagged improvisation full of new and dissonant ideas that all circle back to that lushness like a perfectly thrown boomerang. Misha is known for straddling these two modes, and it's breathtaking to listen to him swing like a pendulum from a warm affinity for melodies to a singular sense of adventure.

His trio consists of bassist Charlie Dougherty and drummer Sam Fishman, and on the last three tracks the trio becomes a quartet when Sam's brother Jeremy joins in on sax. Sam is the guiding force here, surprisingly enough--he is the one who started the "Jazz at the GRJC" and he wanted Misha to play because considers him to be "one of the best pianists in the jazz scene." Dougherty is longtime friend of Sam's, so the ensemble definitely has chemistry as well as history.

What makes the gathering so special is Misha's unique arrangements of such classics Cannonball Adderley's "Inside Straight," Mongo Santamaria's "Afro Blue" and even a deeply dug interpretation of "Pure Imagination," yep, the one right out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Mixed with several Piatigorsky originals, these ten tracks are epic in structure. This trio never takes the easy way out, thriving instead on "the spark of spontaneity," as Sam Fishman says. This is one piano trio that sounds like no other, and hopefully they will return to the second annual "Jazz at the GRJC" concert. If they don't, the smallish crowd who attended the first gig will probably remember this performance for many years to come.

1. Where's The Sun? 07:47
2. Nachlaot 12:09
3. Superhero 09:22
4. Close Your Eyes 07:47
5. Pure Imagination 06:01
6. Moten Swing 03:07
7. Afro Blue 05:39
8. Inside Straight 07:08
9. Misha's Mood 03:20
10. I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free 06:49

Charlie Dougherty - bass
Sam Fishman - drums
Jeremy Fishman - saxophone (tracks 8,9,10)

SAM BEVAN QUINTET, CD RELEASE "Emergence" Thursday, June 28th 8:00 & 9:30pm @ Cornelia Street Cafe

Thursday, June 28th 8:00 & 9:30pm

Sam Bevan-bass
Peter Apfelbaum-Tenor sax, melodica
Evan Francis-alto sax, flute
Kenny Brooks-tenor sax
Jerad Lippi-drums

@ Cornelia Street Cafe 
 29 Cornelia St.
New York, NY 10014

Sam Bevan - Emergence (2018)

As both a bassist and an arranger-composer, Sam Bevan was an important part of the San Francisco Bay jazz scene for 16 years until he moved to New York in 2016. On Emergence, he uses some of his favorite Northern California musicians to introduce nine new compositions that he performs at the head of a quintet that also includes altoist Kasey Knudsen, Cory Wright on tenor and bass clarinet, either Ian Carey or Henry Hung on trumpet, and drummer Eric Garland along with a few guests. Bevan’s music has memorable themes, original chord changes and grooves, covers a wide variety of moods, features inventive rhythmic interplay, and is filled with unpredictable moments. His utilization of the three horns make the ensembles sound as if they are being played by a much larger band. The performances utilize repetition creatively, are episodic, evolve as they progress, and range from hard bop to freer explorations.

The highlights on Emergenceinclude: “H & A”: Starting out with an ominous feel, the piece becomes more light-hearted as altoist Knudsen plays over Bevan’s danceable bass line. “Old Cool”: Trumpeter Carey and Cory Wright on his atmospheric bass clarinet are in the spotlight during a relaxed song which harks back to days of classic hard bop. “Wide and Awake”: A riff played at first by Wright on bass clarinet and taken over by Bevan’s bass gives this piece the feel of a caravan. “Blues For CM”: The quintet plays free bop that is worthy of Ornette Coleman, music that swings while being free from chords. “Nellowee’s Waltz”: The closing ballad has mellow and wistful playing from Wright on bass clarinet.

Emergenceis full of colorful solos from each of the musicians. But Sam Bevan deserves the main credit for the project’s success. He not only contributes bass playing that keeps the ensembles tight and provides a strong forward momentum, but challenging yet memorable compositions and the continually changing frameworks that inspires his musicians. Born in Oakand and growing up in Salt Lake City, Sam Bevan had classical piano lessons from the age of four, sang and played piano professionally, and earned a BA in French before dedicating himself to the bass and composing. Greatly in demand after moving back to Northern California in 1999, Bevan’s versatility and creativity while performing jazz, funk, r&b, folk, and Afro-Cuban music kept him constantly busy with stimulating projects.

He has repeated his success since moving to New York. Throughout his very productive career, Sam Bevan has worked with such artists and groups as David Grisman, Roswell Rudd, Joshua Redman, Monk’s Music Trio, Mark Levine, singer Kenny Washington, Stacey Kent, Meklit Hadero, Peter Apfelbaum, Roberta Donnay, Jacqui Naylor, Zigaboo Modeliste, Bjorkestra, Jim Kweskin, Maria Muldaur, Houston Person, Joe Locke, Jackie Ryan, Roberta Donnay, Industrial Jazz Group and the Matt Flinner Trio. He also has three previous CDs as a leader. 

Emergence is Sam Bevan’s most exciting release to date, a mature and enthusiastic statement that points the way forward for 21st century jazz.

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Jared Gold - Reemergence (STRIKEZONE RECORDS 2018) + CD Release Shows

CD Release Shows

Jared Gold – organ 
Dave Stryker - guitar
Billy Hart - drums
Joel Frahm - tenor sax

Friday & Saturday August 24-25
83 W 10th St
New York, NY 10014
Most jazz fans have encountered the unfortunate scenario of being thrilled by the names on an album cover but then being disappointed by the music. That is definitely not the case with the new leader project from Jared Gold, which showcases the versatile organist and his all-star band: guitarist Dave Stryker, drummer Billy Hart and trumpeter Jeremy Pelt. Stryker, who also produced the album, has a 14-year history with Gold, and his simpatico rapport with the organist spices up the proceedings, as each musician frequently adds clever coloration when the other is unleashing a sturdy solo. Hart—whose subtle brushwork is just as mesmerizing as his powerful stick-work in this program—demonstrates the mastery that has made him a legend. Pelt, who adds potent brass to three tracks, elevates this disc: Without him, these sessions might have yielded a memorable trio disc, but with him on board, the result is one of the strongest straightahead discs of the year thus far.

This band certainly can burn, as evidenced by the title track (which was penned by the leader), but a poignant reading of The Beatles’ “She’s Leaving Home” reflects Gold’s ability to tug at the listener’s heartstrings with a melancholy mood. Gold has curated a wonderful, eclectic program that features two Gershwin tunes (“It Ain’t Necessarily So,” “How Long Has This Been Going On”), Ornette Coleman’s “Blues Connotation,” Stevie Wonder’s “Lookin’ For Another Pure Love” (from 1972’s Talking Book) and “One For John A,” a swinging, original tribute to the late guitar icon John Abercrombie, with whom the organist worked for years. Gold and Stryker can ignite fireworks at will, but on this rendition of “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” both musicians coax a vocal timbre out of their respective axes. Nicely done, gentlemen. (Bobby Reed DownBeat Magazine Editor's Pick) of the year’s strongest titles to date and upon repeated listening  gets so much more enjoyable. (CJ Shearn Jazz Views)

...this is a CD that will be loved by Hammond fans, and highlights Gold’s talents as both a creative organist as well as arranger. His talents have matured and hopefully we’ll see more exploratory efforts from Jared well into the future. (Jeff Know Audiophile Audition)

Billy Hart, on drums, fuels the first and title tune, “Reemergence” composed by the featured artist, Jared Gold. Gold is a fresh, jazz -organ, recording artist making waves on the East Coast. This is his eighth recording, and he’s surrounded himself with a group of excellent musicians to support his musical concepts. Dave Stryker is not only a proficient guitarist, but a record producer with his own label, a composer and a very busy New York musician. Drummer, Billy Hart, is legendary and was once the drummer of choice with the great Jimmy Smith. Trumpeter, Jeremy Pelt, is a refreshing addition to the organ trio. The first thing that stands out about Jared Gold is his ability to take familiar songs like Stevie Wonder’s “Lookin’ For Another Pure Love’ or the Lennon/McCartney standard, “She’s Leaving Home” and turn them into harmonically fresh works of art. Gold’s creativity with harmonics is formidable. Gold started out as a piano player, but quickly found his expressive niche on the organ. He was born in Englewood, New Jersey February 27, 1980 and has worked extensively with Oliver Lake and John Abercrombie. This ninth album as a leader solidifies his unique approach to his instrument and his excursions into arrangements that are unique, like the title tune that roots itself in an unusual fourteen-bar blues pattern. On the tune, “Sweet Sweet Spirit” he takes us to church. Songs like “Ornette Coleman’s Blues Connotations” show the listener that he can groove with the best of them and also gives Hart an opportunity to break free and exuberantly solo on the drums. Jared Gold comes into sight and prominence once more, just like the title of this CD proclaims. (Dee Dee McNeil LA Jazz Musical Memoirs)

Recently voted the Top Rising Star on organ in an annual Downbeat poll, NYC based B-3 visionary Jared Gold fashions a dynamic through line to the generation of jazz organ that inhabits his muse by including, on his Strikezone debut Reemergence, legendary drummer Billy Hart, who got his start in the 60s with Jimmy Smith.

Ensembling again with guitarist Dave Stryker (who also produced), and adding trumpeter Jeremy Pelt to the fold, Gold creates an explosive melodic and rhythmic master class on the organ’s wide-ranging possibilities. He re-imagines Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Gershwin, an Ornette Coleman blues classic and a renowned church song – but saves his most imaginative expressions for his easy swinging tribute to John Abercrombie (who he played with for a few years) and Stryker’s adventurous closer “Nomad.” (Jonathan Widran JWVIBE)

Jared Gold is one of the most harmonically creative and grooving of the new generation of organists working today. Although influenced by the greats of the past, Jared is taking the organ into the future with his own sound. With his latest project Reemergence, Jared returns with new compositions, ideas and arrangements since his last recording Metropolitan Rhythm for Posi-Tone Records three years ago. Joining Jared are drum legend Billy Hart, (who started with Jimmy Smith in the 60 s) guitarist Dave Stryker and trumpeter Jeremy Pelt. This is a working trio with many gigs under their belts, and the communication is strong. Adding Jeremy Pelt, one of the finest of the new trumpeters, was an inspiring choice.

Dave Stryker: I first met Jared at Cecil s Jazz Club in 2004, and having played with many of the great organists myself, I immediately heard that this was a young man who was already establishing his own original voice. He has been a member of my trio ever since.

Born in Englewood, New Jersey on Feb. 27th, 1980, he attended William Paterson University studying piano before switching exclusively to organ. He is a big part of the New York scene and has worked with many of the greats including Oliver Lake and John Abercrombie. He has recorded 8 CDs as a leader, is a sidemen on many more and recently won Top Rising Star Organist in Downbeat magazine.

As always, Jared puts his own individual stamp on the music. His originals have unique harmonic twists and turns. Reemergence is a burning line that leads into a 14 bar blues form. One for John A. is dedicated to the late, great guitarist, whom Jared worked with for several years. Gold s skills as an arranger are evident on his treatment of Stevie Wonder s Looking for Another True Love (putting a classic groove on it that would make Jack McDuff proud) and the Beatles ballad She s Leaving Home, along with the standards It Ain t Necessarily So, and How Long Has This Been Going On. No organ trio record would be complete without a blues and Ornette Coleman s Blues Connotation is a piece that Jared first played with Abercrombie. Jared s church gigs inspired his gospel arrangement of Sweet Sweet Spirit, and he closes the set with Nomad, a Dave Stryker original Billy puts his inimitable signature on as he did on Stryker s first record First Strike in 1988. On Reemergence Jared Gold shows once again why he is one of the new greats of the organ.

1. Reemergence
2. It Ain't Necessarily So
3. Lookin' For Another Pure Love
4. She's Leaving Home
5. One For John A
6. How Long Has this Been Going On
7. Blues Connotation
8. Sweet Sweet Spirit
9. Nomad

Dave Stryker - guitar
Jeremy Pelt - trumpet, flugelhorn
Billy Hart - drums

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