Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke's Hope shipping now (NEW VELLE RECORDS)

This record is truly something special.  We very much hope you enjoy Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke's Hope.  A labor of love from two masters of their craft.  All original music from these two stellar composers and improvisers.  This record is shipping out today from our plant in Paris to all Newvelle Members.


"There’s a commonality of intention and inspiration here.  A search for—or rather, a reliance upon—something beneath the surface.  This is, of course, something that is represented and searched for in all music, not just improvisational music, but the connection between Lionel and Kevin is so clear and warm that it is hard not to try to understand it.  For these musicians who grew up across the globe from each other, to pull at the subterranean strands of connection, expose them to the world, and turn them on so they glow and illuminate -- this is fundamental to the very idea of “hope.”  For whether you find solace in the divine, the spiritual or the human, it’s this sort of communion that we’re all searching for, and relying upon."

--excerpted from the liner notes by Elan Mehler

Hays/Loueke "Twins" written by Lionel Loueke
Video shot by Sarah Enid Hagey and edited by Ben Chace

Next month we're releasing a quartet led by pianist Jon Cowherd.  A record of all original music featuring an incredible band of Steve Cardenas, Tony Scherr and Brian Blade.   Vibrant, melodic stuff from some of the leading lights of the New York scene.

The 4th record in this series is from the phenomenal young bassist Chris Tordini.  Featuring guitarist Greg Ruggerio and recent Rising Star Downbeat Winner, vocalist Becca Stevens.  An album of standards, this one is a heartbreaker.

John Patitucci Trio Featuring Yotam Silberstein and Rogerio Boccato

Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke Duo

Jon Cowherd Quartet featuring Steve Cardenas, Tony Scherr and Brian Blade

Chris Tordini Trio featuring Becca Stevens and Greg Ruggerio

Aruán Ortiz revisiting the music of the great Cuban classical composers

Rufus Reid Trio with Steve Allee and Duduka Da Fonseca and featuring the Sirius Quartet

All of our cover and interior photographs for Season Two come from the astonishing French Collective Tendance Floue.  Our Recording Engineer on all six records is the incomparable multi-Grammy winning Marc Urselli.  Mastering engineer is the brilliant Alex Deturk.  Jim Hoppin and Sarah Enid Hagey shot lovely video for us at these sessions.  All video editing is by the award-winning Ben Chace.  Jordan Kleinman shoots all our studio photos.  Our web team is run by French genius Aymeric Auberger.  Social Media management by Jessye Mehler.  Newvelle is run by:  Elan Mehler and Jean-Christophe Morisseau.

European Jazz Legends Volume 11 (CHALLENGE RECORDS)

European Jazz Legends Volume 11

This is already the eleventh volume from the Intuition records series of European Jazz Legends. The title of the series already says it all. Previous volumes included live concert registrations of Fred Frith, Günter 'Baby' Sommer, and Enrico Pieranunzi among many others, and this new volume presents once again music from one of the greats: Louis Sclavis. 

"We must not complain, we must fight", is a motto Louis Sclavis repeats almost like a mantra. The 64 year-old from Lyon likes the process this triggers. The son of a photographer, whose own photographs have been shown in exhibitions and adorn the covers of his newer studio CDs, began playing the clarinet at ten. His inspiration back then was the music of Sidney Bechet, France’s biggest Jazz star at the time. From there he went on to the conservatory, where at sixteen he saw a concert by the Workshop d’Lyon and immediately began playing their sophisticated style of Free Jazz. "You could say that I experienced a very fast transition from New Orleans Jazz and the music of Duke Ellington, which I also liked back then and still like a lot, to Free Jazz", he laughingly admits. "I only found out later what happened in Jazz musically in between." True to his fighting spirit, Sclavis soon engaged himself in the French – and European – Jazz scene with a vigour to match his extraordinary talent, winning the Prix Django Reinhardt in 1988 already and recording many groundbreaking albums, such as „Carnet des Routes“, inspired by a tour of Western and central Africa with Henri Texier and Aldo Romano.

The concert documented on this album opened the WDR 3 Jazzfest at the Theater Gütersloh on February 2, 2017, which also happened to be Louis Sclavis’ 64th birthday. As a present to himself and to his audience, he presented a new quartet that evening, with Sylvain Rifflet, who more than stepped up to the plate as the second reed-voice on saxophone, the excellent Christophe Lavergne on drums and Sarah Murcia on bass. Sclavis adores this eclectic group and explains that especially Sarah Murcia, best known in France for accompanying chansonnier George Moustaki or writing the score to a successful movie about Serge Gainsbourg, brings a different flair and freshness to the music. "I like drummers and bass players, but they just did not appear on any of my last albums", he says. "So I was very happy to be playing with a real 'Jazz rhythm section' again in Gütersloh."

More information about this album, and all the other albums from the series can be found here.

Cuneiform Artists on Tour - July 2017

July 2017

New Releases: Spring-Summer 2017


September 7-10 - Hopscotch Festival - Raleigh, NC

July 14 - Iron House - Northampton, MA
July 15 - Riverwalk - Nashua, NH
July 18 - The Loving Touch  - Ferndale, MI
July 20 - The Frequency - Madison, WI
July 24 - 7th St Entry - Minneapolis, MN
July 25 - The Bottleneck  - Lawrence KS
July 27 - Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO
August 1 - Analog Café - Portland, OR
Listen to Say So

August 12 - Homiefest - Mt. Hood Forest - Portland, OR
August 20 - Monavilla Jazz Festival  - Portland, OR
Listen to Swim

July 29 - with Krakatu & Senegal Drums - Rantajatsit - Raahe Finland
August 4 - with Tatu Rönkkö - Norpas Festival - Taalintehdas, Finland
September - tour of Finland with the eCsTaSy band TBA
Listen to Out Of The Blue and eCsTaSy

Celebrating their new release on Cuneiform: Edit Peptide!
July 22 - Buzzstock - Big Watab Lake, MN
July 29 - Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolis, MN
Listen to Edit Peptide

August 1 - Three's Brewing -  Brooklyn, NY
Listen to Ambit

Celebrating their new release on Cuneiform: Putting Off Death
July 29 - with Yowie - Shafly Tap Room -St Louis
July 30 - with Free Salamander Exhibit - Record Bar - Kansas City, MO
July 31 - with Free Salamander Exhibit - Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL 
August 1 - Radio Radio - Indianapolis, IN
September 15 - Rock In Opposition Festival - Cap D'ecouverte, France
September 16 - TBA - Lyon, France
September 17 -  Une Figue dans le Poirie - Girmont Val'D'Ajol, France
September 19 - Mora Mora -  Orleans, France
September 20 - TBA - Metz, France
September 22 - Freakshow Art Rock Festival - Würzburg, Germany
September 23 - OFF -  Basel, Switzerland

2017: The Claudia Quintet Celebrates 20 years!
June 29 - Vancouver Jazz Festival - Vancouver, BC, Canada
June 30 - Edmonton Jazz Festival - Edmonton, AB, Canada
July 1 - Toronto Jazz Festival - Toronto, ON, Canada
Listen to Super Petite

Empirical's radical musical experiment - bringing jazz directly to the public via Pop-Up Jazz Lounges - goes nationwide!
September 18-23 - 'Pop-up Jazz Lounge' - Liverpool, UK
October 4 - Symphony Hall - Birmingham, UK
Listen to Connection

Celebrating his 80th birthday with a tour of big band performances!
September 22 - TBA - Hamburg, Germany
September 24 - with the Hans Koller Big Band - Scarborough Jazz Festival - Scarbourough, North Yorkshire, UK
September 25 & 27 - Vortex Jazz Club - London, UK
September 26 - Watermill Jazz Club - Dorking, Surrey, UK
September 28 - CBSO Centre - Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
September 29 - Turner Sims Concert Hall - Southhampton, Hampshire, UK
October 19 - with Bill Frisell and Gary Burton, Berklee School of Music - Boston, MA 
[w/ Bill Frisell & NDR BigBand] &
In My View [w/ NDR BigBand]

Sunnyside Independence Day(s) Sale!

Celebrate Independence Day with Sunnyside Releases!

This weekend marks Canada Day & July 4th. To celebrate we are
offering a 20% discount on Bandcamp through Bastille Day weekend!

Sale begins June 30th and goes until July 16th!

Some perfect Summer listening to be had!

Purchase Here:

Upcoming Sunnyside Releases:

Sunnyside Artists Live:

7/2 - Hush Point @ Ottawa Jazz Fest - Ottawa, Canada
7/6 - Davy Mooney @ Snug Harbour - New Orleans, LA
7/6 - Dan Tepfer & Camille Bertault @ Montreal Jazz Festival - Montreal, Canada
7/7 - Jamie Baum @ The Side Door - Old Lyme, CT
7/7 - Chano Dominguez @ Matador Club - Madrid, Spain
7/8 - Dan Tepfer @ Windham Civic Centre - Windham, NYC
7/9 - Jamie Baum @ The Falcon - Marlboro, NY
7/10 - Benny Green @ National Arts Centre - Ottawa, Canada
7/11 - Jamie Baum @ Jazz Standard - NYC
7/12 - Dan Tepfer & Lee Konitz @ Copenhagen Jazz Fest - Copenhagen, Denmark
7/14 - Duane Eubanks - Fat Cat Jazz - NYC
7/22 - Duane Eubanks Quintet - Chris' Jazz Café - Philadelphia, PA
7/25 - Romero Lubambo - Jazz Standard - NYC
7/30 - Freddie Hendrix Quartet - Buffalo Jazz Fest - Buffalo, NY
8/9 - 9 Horses @ Saranac Lake Concert Series - Saranac Lake, NY
8/19 - Laszlo Gardony @ Bar Harbor Jazz Festival - Bar Harbor, ME
8/22-26 - Benny Green Trio @ Birdland - NYC