Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hyper+ Amir ElSaffar Summer Tour 2016: 9/10/12 of July

After many positive reviews for the album "SAADIF", HYPER+ AMIR ELSAFFAR will perform in Italy during 3 unmissable events.


Sunday 9 July, 2016, h 9.30PM
Hyper+ Amir ElSaffar @Argini e Margini - Pisa
Free entry

Sunday 10 July 2016, h 9PM
Hyper + Amir ElSaffar @ JA'M Fontanelle - Treviso
Entry + dinner 10€ from 7PM

Tuesday 12 July 2016, h 10PM
Hyper+ Amir ElSaffar @ Castelfranco Jazz - Treviso
Free entry

Amir ElSaffar, trumpet & vocals
Nicola Fazzini, alto & soprano sax
Alessandro Fedrigo, acoustic bass guitar
Luca Colussi, drums

Listen to "Saadif":

Solo Operator + Konstantin Sukhan - Concert at Mars Center (2016) Kotä Records

Live Document: Solo​.​Op, Konstantin Sukhan – Concert at Mars Center

This “Live Document” issue is dedicated to the live act of two Moscow free jazz activists as Konstantin Sukhan (trumpet) and Solo Operator (tenor-saxophone, loop-station) which happened in Mars Center at Moscow Experimental Music convention.

Konstantin Sukhan is an active figure in Moscow improvisational music scene, the constant collaborator with many good people like Alexey Borisov, Henry Kaiser, Michael Zerang, Christoph Erb, Fred Lonberg-Holm and etc. Kostya is participating in many projects and is one of the few who stands behind ТОПОТ, Moscow record-label for experimental jazz music. Solo Operator is a project based on free-jazz, technology and anarchy ideology. The one who did Randrone (Random generated music machine on WebPD, released by Kotä in 2013, ) and Anthem of the Nations ( ). 

The live session did take place in Mars Center in Moscow, private art space formed in 1988, now the major Moscow venue for contemporary audio-visual art. A rehearsal schedule, which were planed to precede the concert, was totally failed to happen due to many reasons and as pure improvisers Sasha and Kostya met each other in 10 minutes before the gig and with no preparation, without even have been seeing each other for a year or something, they went and here is what we all heard that night...

Released June 10, 2016 

1. Live Document: Solo.Op, Konstantin Sukhan – Concert at Mars Center

Performed by Solo Operator and Konstantin Sukhan, Live, Mars Center (Moscow), 2016 
Recorded by Kotä 
Mastered by Mikhail Myasoedov 
Artwork by Leta Dobrovolskaya and Kotä


Julphan Tilapornputt - Regards to You II (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Cdbaby
Genre: Crossover Jazz
GAB's Rating: ★★★★★

The original modern jazz compositions with a unique combination of acoustic and electric guitar sound present the concept of human manners are in fact described differently, depending on particular individuals.

Jazz musicians always look for different source of inspirations. The instrumental music and improvisation are meaningful as its best deliver in-the-moment feeling of musicians. I am one of those jazz musicians who look for sharing this wonderful moment with you, audiences. Allow me to tell my stories.

"Regards to You II" is a completion of the idea of writing song for someone. Julphan Tilapornputt catches the fact that writing song for someone does not have to be in the form of dedication, so how about writing song "from" someone.

We all have friends, parents, influences and even enemies who constantly influences ourselves in different ways. One day I went to the Louvre Museum in Paris to experience the famous Mona Lisa with my own eyes. Once I left the picture, I had kept asking myself why I am not inspired by the picture at all although this picture has inspired many artists over decades. I found that it is not because of "Mona Lisa," it is because of "me." Once I reviewed the answer myself. I realized that I was already inspired by the Mona Lisa.

How about Mona Lisa becomes alive? that is the beginning of "Regards to You II" concept. The compositions were done by portraying 9 persons who influence me in 9 different ways, leaving rooms for improvisation so the musicians can fully express their perspectives in the song.

1. Bricks
2. Song for My Uncle
3. Regards to You II
4. Up to the River
5. Milky Assesmbling
6. Resurrection
7. From the End of Tales
8. Galleria
9. Number One

Julphan Tilapornputt - guitar
Joe Wagner - Tenor Sax
Jeong Hwan Park - Bass
Ken Ychicaka - Drums


Brinstaar + Bred Blondie - Dream of Stone (2016) Kotä Records

СОН КАМНЯ (DREAM OF STONE) is a soundtrack made by two kotä artists for our long-time friends' exhibition of granite sculpture. 0331c and Grisha (the artist behind Silk Saw album illustrations) did this sculptures, and we did this soundtrack which was playing in the gallery all the time trough the exhibition. 

In their work Brinstaar and Bred Blondie started out from the most obvious thing: the work of the artist with the stone. Just as well as the artists, taking into account the shape of a piece of granite, not overcome it but interact with it, and as a result it becomes a co-participant in subsequent works, the same is in the audio accompaniment: sound “theme” of granite is connected with musical “theme” of stone carving. 

“I took the composition of granite, with which operates 0331c and Grisha, and broke it down into elements. There turned out about 11 compounds that enter into the composition of the stone in different proportions: some consist 70%, some – 3%, some – 0.12%... The spectral lines of emission of each element correspond to the spectrum of the sound of drone loops. The modulation amplitude of the sound is dependent on the percentage of the element in the stone.” In such a way appeared “drone”, gradually changing sound that we hear. When this part was finished, there began work on the sound directly of the creation of sculptures and consolidation of sound. 

“0331C and Grisha use different pointing chisels, which emit different tone. At the same time we can hear different rhythmic patterns during carving as well, not to mentioning a range of overtones which can be heard after the strike, which forms not only the conceptually comprehended transmission (sound portrait of the artist’s work on a stone), but also interesting to listen musically. I was interested not only in “strikes”, I recorded separately a noise of various types of interaction of pointing chisel with a stone, which reflect the preparation before the strike, it can be even seen as action of artist’s admiring the stone.”

Released June 1, 2016

1. Сон Камня (Dream of Stone)

Drone by Brinstaar 
Field recordings and loops by Bred Blondie 
Mixed and mastered by Brinstaar 
Artwork by Mikhail Myasoedov 

© + Ⓟ 2016, Kotä Records


Vlad Dobrovolski - Concert at Dom (2016) Kotä Records

It’s winter time in Moscow, we all gathered in “DOM”, the significant place for Moscow underground and avant-garde community, where Kotä Records holds the label night. The “DOM” was founded by Nik Dmitriev, who, along with another salient figure from Leningrad, Sergey Kuryokhin, did many good things for Russian experimental scene in 80s-00s period. Including this venue, where many was playing, and as before many of international avant-garde and free-jazz individuals and bands are having their shows in Moscow. Now Vlad Dobrovolski is on the stage with his modular synthesizer, performing his show. Vlad always masterfully constructs his sound narration, and now he is getting us right there immediately from the very beginning of his set, carry us away out of “DOM”, winter in Moscow and all that and carefully land us down approximately 28 minutes later. Beautiful journey. 

Here also we have to say that Vlad is a long-standing figure in Russian electronic music filed. In 00s, under Fitz Ellarald moniker, he was involved in the international work in Japan, making collage music for Tokyo based label Amorfon, whom Yoshio Machida starts his label’s international roster with, also during this time Vlad is participating in a several musical collectives in Moscow focusing on improvisational approach in music performance. At 2014 a tape-duo S A D was initiated and nearly since this time Vlad and Kotä friendship starts on.


This release is a foregoer of the full length LP of Vlad’s works, scheduled to be released by Kotä on vinyl later this year. And “Live Document” series is for memorising some live performances, that we find distinct. Which is quite important when we are about improvisational music.

Released May 6, 2016 

1. Сoncert at DOM

Performed by Vlad Dobrovolski, Live, DOM (Moscow), 2015 
Recorded by Kotä 
Mastered by Mikhail Myasoedov 
Artwork by Jack Snow 
© + Ⓟ 2016, Kotä Records


Matt Ulery's Loom / Large - Festival (2016)

Label: Woolgathering
Source: Matt Ulery
Genre: Modern Creative
GAB's Rating: ★★★★★

Prolific and earnest bassist/composer, Matt Ulery, helps to spearhead a musical movement of art and beauty emerging out of the vibrant, blossoming scene in Chicago with his 7th album, “Festival.” Featuring his quintet (Loom) and an expanded 27-piece jazz orchestra (Loom/Large), this major work in three parts will be available on double vinyl, CD, and digital download formats on his own label, Woolgathering Records (WR-0003), October 4th, 2016.

“Festival” presents a rich variety of instrumental music with dramatic intensity and dynamic, choreographic aesthetic design with deep historical roots in American jazz and folk forms while celebrating the survival of experimental art music presentation. 

Music composed and arranged by Matt Ulery except "The Peacocks," (audio track 1) composed by Jimmy Rowles, done over by Ulery / featuring violin soloist, Zach Brock.

Side A - 27-piece jazz orchestra
Side B - trumpet/bass/clarinet/piano/bass/drums
Side C - trumpet/bass/clarinet/piano/bass/drums
Side D - tuba/pump organ/bass clarinet/trumpet/drums  



Heine Hansen Trio - Signature (2016) STORYVILLE RECORDS


Heine Hansen’s piano is playful, even bubbling and almost singing, like an early bird in the first days of spring. On his long awaited debut album, Hansen unfolds his signature sound on eleven new compositions of his own. Until now, he was best known as a sideman – modest, but highly respected as an elegant accompanist. In all probability Denmark’s most ethereal, swinging jazz pianist.

A signature is something so personal it can’t be replicated; Heine Hansen plays the piano with a unique sense for applying rhythm and melody. With Thomas Fonnesbæk on bass and Alex Riel on drums, a truly beautiful symbiosis of eloquent melodies and precise playfulness emerges like rays of sunshine finding their way through green leaves.

Heine Hansen is a talent in his own league: This spring, he was awarded the Ben Webster Award of 2016. Heine Hansen will be performing with Riel and Fonnesbæk during Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2016 (July 1-10). Signature underscores Hansen’s merits and connects Scandinavian simplicity with graceful warmth.

Heine Hansen (piano)
Thomas Fonnesbæk (bass)
Alex Riel (drums)

You're Gone And I Remain
In-between Black And White
Gee Blues
Moody Dance
Level Crossings
Low Profile
The Colour Red


Carsten Dahl Trio - Simplicity (2016) STORYVILLE RECORDS


Carsten Dahl (piano), Lennart Ginman (bass) and Frands Rifbjerg (drums) have played together for more than 20 years now and yet every time they play together, it still sounds completely fresh and new. The combination of the three of them is somehow a magic golden cut in terms of swing, balance, dexterity and imagination. In this particular session, the musicians just met in the studio and recorded the music. First takes, as usual - picking up some rough sketches that Carsten Dahl had composed on the spot that same day. There is a clear link to the trio’s first record Will you make my soup hot & silver from 1996 (Storyville Records, STCD4203). The inspiration from Carsten Dahl’s heroes Bud Powell, Jan Johansson, Johan Sebastian Bach and many more is also easily detected.

Carsten Dahl says: “My dear mentor jazz pianist Ed Thigpen used to say that "you've got to be able to snap your finger to it" and I always try to keep that in mind. I try to discover the magic in space and the simplicity in the music: In rhythmical progressions and in lyrical melodies. All this is what this trio’s essence is all about and we sure did exactly that.”

We hope that you’ll enjoy the 16 new compositions on the Simplicity album!

Recorded at The Village Recording, Denmark, on February 10, 2016.

Carsten Dahl (piano)
Lennart Ginman (bass)
Frands Rifbjerg (drums)

A Minor Mood for You
Sing, Sing a Song
Monk's Skunk
The Dancefloor
Dark Moments
Prelude and Blues
The Surrenders Blues
Flying Birds
A Simple Waltz
Sacrifice and Myth


Playlist summary for Tom Ossana / Dane Brewer – The Thin Edge – July 6, 2016 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m. ~ Use this link to access the show online.

Detroit's Corey Kendrick, pianist, composer, and educator, kicks off this edition of the Thin Edge with his 2016 KARI-ON Productions' Rootless. Corey's trio - Joe Vasquez (b) and Nick Bracewell (d) - gives us an unusually uptempo romp of Eden Ahbez's "Nature Boy." The esoteric Andrew Hill joins forces with vibist Bobby Hutcherson performing Hill's "Reconciliation" from his 1964 Blue Note Judgment. Veterans Richard Davis and Elvin Jones propel the group. Trumpeter Marquis Hill, new to this show, follows with his penned "Moon Rays" from his new Concord Jazz, The Way We Play. BTW, Marquis Hill's group will knock your socks off! Hank Mobley's The Turnaround returns with "East of the Village," this time featuring Donald Byrd on trumpet and Herbie Hancock's piano.

When I think of "cuddly" musicians, Italy's Enrico Rava comes to mind. Now we have Jim Self, an American playing the tuba and fluba from Los Angeles. Self has performed as a studio musician in the Los Angeles movie studios having appeared on over 1500 soundtracks. At 72, holding his fluba, Self may be even cuddlier than Rava. New from Basset Hound Music, Jim and the Tricky Lix Latin Jazz Band cover Clare Fischer's "Morning" from his CD ¡YO!. Jim's ensemble includes the trumpet of Ron Blake, Francisco Torres' trombone and Rob Hardt's tenor. Joonsam, a South Korean bassist, gets help from pianist Aaron Parks and Ralph Alessi's trumpet playing Joonsam's "2 Tune and Off-Hour Waiting Area" from Origin Records' A Door. From Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers' mighty 1964 Blue Note Indestructible, we are treated to Curtis Fuller's "Sortie" featuring the composer's trombone, Lee Morgan's trumpet, Wayne Shorter's tenor with a Cedar Walton, Reggie Workman and Art Blakey rhythm section. With a two-reed frontline, Connecticut's Kris Allen mashes up "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey" with seventeen signature Charlie Parker riffs in "Bird Bailey" from his new Truth Revolution Records' Beloved to bring this half to a close.

Interest in Lennie Tristano's coterie has appeared sporadically over the years since his influence in modern jazz began in the late forties, but it has seemed to spike in 2016. Lennie Tristano Sextette (Capitol 1949) is a great example of Tristano's unique approach. We'll hear the Konitz/Marsh composition "Sax of a Kind" featuring Lennie's piano with Lee Konitz's alto and Warne Marsh's tenor, Billy Bauer's guitar, Arnold Fishkin's bass and the drums of Denzil Best. Guitarist Marcos Pin's Broken Artist (Code Jazz Records 2016) - from the RoJ Team - "I Love You Too", an obvious Tristanoish cut, is next with help from Yago Vázquez (p), Pablo Castanho (sax) Alfonso Calvo (b) and ; Andrés Rivas (d). Hot off the press, at least as far as KZMU's library is concerned, comes Thelonious Monk's Monk's Music (Riverside 1957) with "Epistrophy," unusual because it merges artists initially involved in the "Swing" era: Ray Copeland (tr), Wilbur Ware (b) and "The Hawk"/"Bean" Coleman Hawkins (t) with modernists Monk, Art Blakey, Gigi Gryce (alto) and John Coltrane. The album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2001. One of my personal favorites from way back is Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet (Prestige 1957). We'll hear Miles, Coltrane, Garland, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones, Miles first great quintet, cover Richard Rodgers' "My Funny Valentine."

The Branford Marsalis Quartet with Kurt Elling will get our love Jones going with "I'm a Fool To Want You" penned by Frank Sinatra, Jack Wolf and Joel S. Herron. This coming from Branford's new Marsalis Music CD Upward Spiral, with help from pianist Joey Calderazzo. The most convincing Bill Evans Trio since the death of bassist Scotty LaFaro is next with Bretton/Edwards/Meyer's "For Heaven's Sake" from the 1964 Verve outing Trio 64 featuring long-timer Paul Motian (d) and newcomer Gary Peacock (b). Billie Holiday takes us to 1944, further back than ever, with her shellac version of Jerome Kern and Dorothy Field's "A Fine Romance," starring, among many others, Art Tatum, Freddie Green (g) and Ben Webster (t). The reissue is called Lady Day. Moffat's favorite guitarist, Barney Kessel, is next with Bacharach and David's "This Guy's in Love with You" from 1969's Contemporary Feeling Free featuring the vibes of Bobby Hutcherson. Mark Murphy is featured with The Five Corners Quintet and their 2005 Ricky-Tick Records' Chasin' the Jazz Gone By. Mark sings "Before We Say Goodbye," by an unknown composer. Yes, we miss Mark! Chris Conner, from her 1956 Bethlehem All About Ronnie, follows covering Howard and Ballard's "Fly Me to the Moon." Pawel Kaczmarczyk wraps up these romantic twists and turns with a cover of Elton John's "Blue Eyes" from his 2009 Complexity in Simplicity. The Polish pianist's trio is backed by Wojciech Pulcyn: double bass and Łukasz Zyta: drums. The name, Łukasz Zyta, sounds like a character in Francis Ford Coppola/Mario Puzo's The Godfather. Liberty Jam is next, which means we can continue holding hands.

Let's have some fun!

A special thanks to KZMU's Music Director, Serah Mead and the troops @ Republic of Jazz for their help putting the show together: Agenor (BRA), Chris do Brasil (BRA), Domi & Victor (SPA), GAB (BEL), JR (SPA), Javi (SPA), Juan/Jazzzz61 (SPA), Lira (BRA), Luisa, Menos Que un Perro (ARG), Marcos (BRA), Melokan (VEN), Raz (ISR) and Sonia (SPA). Also friend, Raul Boeira, the Brazilian based in Passo Fundo and Spain's Javier Carrete.