Friday, July 22, 2016

DE ROOLEROS - Últimas novedades

Últimas novedades 

Sábado 06 de Agosto 

Presentación de nuestro segundo material:

Desde El Templo Sucesivo

El material audiovisual se recreará en dicha locación (Mediterránea Teatro, Tucumán 3378) contando con la participación e interacción de los siguientes artistas pertenecientes al colectivo En Linea Sucesiva...

Laura Massoni 
Ana Bella García 
Alexia Cymbalista 
Omar Isse 
Emiliano Meli 
Gastón Palópoli 
Carolina Alonso 
Felipe Lorea

Performers de siempre Martín Sucari y su pareja misteriosa. 

Danzará al compás de las musas Mario Rizzo.

Cabe aclarar que la entrada incluye disco, y el disco esta lleno de regalos bellos...

Ya se encuentran las anticipadas disponibles con un precio promocional de:

$150: entrada + disco o
$250: dos entradas + 1 disco...


Solicitar las mismas en o contactándonos por las redes!

Más información del evento en 

Los esperamos!!

Brian Groder Trio - R Train on the D Line (2016)


Where a downspout would hang, a stoic chain 
landing three stories straight from bank house eaves, 
netting wind's docile drops and channeling 
miniature rivers crossing shingles 
a soggy distance from foundation's edge 
You are the chain perhaps, and I the rain. 
Catching hold, tempering from wild places 
a duet created running your links, 
hear our song through your negative spaces. 
Or do I wear you down, down; red rust rub 
of salty spray, mildew years, achy days 
till strength I break, falling heavy to mud, 
wind-water music turned sole lonesome thud.

Rhonda Arnold 

1. Quanta 04:19
2. Retooled Logic 09:58
3. Drawing In To Pull Away 09:00
4. Isolating The Why 03:31
5. Praxis 06:21
6. Asterix 03:39
7. Whispered Sigh 04:34
8. Keel 08:37

Released March 20, 2016 

Brian Groder, trumpet & flugelhorn 
Michael Bisio, double-bass 
Jay Rosen, drums

all compositions by Brian Groder, Glyphs Music BMI 
recorded November 10th 2014 at Parkwest Studios, Brooklyn, NY 
recorded, mixed & mastered by Jim Clouse 
art by Robert Ryan ~ Robert Ryan Art on Facebook 
(cover art: R Train on the D Line / inside art: Retooled Logic) 
Holding Rain poem by Rhonda Arnold 
graphic design by Audrey Yeow 
produced by Brian Groder 
special thanks to The Louise Grayson Foundation ~ 
c 2016 Latham Records Limited Edition 
all rights reserved for both artwork & sound recording. 


Claudio Leone Trio - Changes (2016)

Claudio Leone was born in Rome, Italy in 1987 and started playing the guitar at the age of 8. He moved to Boston in 2007 to attend Berklee College of Music, where he graduated Summa cum Laude in 2010. At Berklee, he studied with legendary guitar instructors Mick Goodrick, Bret Willmott (teacher of Kurt Rosenwikel) and Tim Miller.

He has played with renowned Jazz musicians including Mark Turner, Larry Grenadier, Jeff Ballard, John B. Arnold and Roberto Gatto and recorded as a sideman for several artists from all over the world.

In 2013 he released People & Places, his first album as a leader. The album received positive reviews and Paolo Damiani, famous Italian composer, said about it: “I don’t know what I admire most about Claudio Leone, his instrumental mastery, his compositional skills or his musical knowledge. In this album his ability as a leader really shines through in the arrangements, his control over the form of every tune and over the bigger picture: a well orchestrated musical journey”.

Claudio is currently active in Rome as a performer, composer and educator.

Claudio Leone, guitar
Stefano Battaglia, double bass
Francesco Merenda, drums

1. Changes
2. Gracefully Falling
3. The Winter in Boston (Long Version)
4. Iron
5. Tre
6. The Winter in Boston (Short Version)
7. No Cachet
8. Hope

Tomás Gubbins - Proyecto Satélite (2016) VERTIGO PRODUCCIONES


Tomás Gubbins: guitarra composición
Alejandro Pino: trompeta composición
Cristian Gallardo: saxo tenor
Juan Villarroel: contrabajo
Cristobal Massi: batería

01. La Resurección del Monje
02. Refugio
03. Flujo
04. Bucle
05. Desiertos
06. (El) lento

Arnan Raz Quintet - LIVE MUSIC (Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Launch Party)