Monday, November 8, 2021

I Just Came From The Moon - Ånd Ud (November 8, 2021 April Records)

Ånd Ud is the second album from Danish jazzers I Just Came from the Moon. Following years of touring both nationally and internationally, the album is a natural follow up to the debut album ‘Hoax’, but also a more general reflection on growing up and settling down.

As Frederik, bass-player and bandleader puts it: “For us, all the songs on Ånd Ud navigate a world of both deep melancholy and natural beauty. There’s a lot of saying goodbye to your carefree youth in the music, mixed with a profound serenity when realizing that what lies ahead might be even better.”

The music was recorded in a tiny vacation home on the small island of Fur in Jutland. Just the band and one technician for a couple of extended weekends. Later, IJCFTM produced and mixed most of the music themselves. “We tried a few producers - and were super fortunate to have Stephen Koszler do the mix of ‘White’ (the first single) - but in the end, it felt the most natural to finalize the rest of the music ourselves. The songs are really personal, and we were absolutely sure how we needed them to sound.” says Tobias, who plays drums and ended up mixing most of the music.

The album will be released on the legendary and newly resurrected Danish jazz-label ‘April Records’ on February 25th, 2022, with three singles leading up to the release: Brothers (5th of November 2021), Dark Latin (10th of December 2021) and White (14th of January 2022).
1. White 04:26
2. Utke 03:21
3. Fossils 04:01
4. Dark Latin 04:53
5. Ånd ud 02:36
6. Mexico 05:02
7. Incendies 04:13
8. Brothers 04:08
9. Snowman 05:17

Recorded on the island of Fur in Limfjorden, Denmark

Jonas Scheffler - Trumpet
Nis Myrtue - Saxophone & Clarinets
Nikolaj Bugge - Guitar
Frederik Hagner - Bass
Tobias Andreassen - Drums

Produced and mixed by Tobias Andreassen, Stephen Koszler (White) & IJCFTM
Recorded by Esben Inglev / Penguin Productions
Mastered by Emil Thomsen / ET Mastering
Artwork by Josefine Sund
Photos by Peder Lyngsø
Cover design by Enrico Andreis
Liner Notes by Ned Ferm

All music composed and performed by I JUST CAME FROM THE MOON

Satoko Fujii - Hajimeru (November 2021)

1. Hajimeru 13:03
2. Ayumu 06:01
3. Sarani 02:59
4. Sanpo 06:58

Satoko Fujii - piano

Recorded by Satoko Fujii

Jonathan Reisin / Shinya Lin / Evan Palmer / Makoto Ishizaka / Yonatan Tagger - SUMMER 21' (November 2021))

1. Ida Lupino 09:17
2. Street Women 07:15
3. King Korn 08:56
4. San Francisco Holiday 08:10
5. Kathelin Gray 08:00
6. Una Muy Bonita 07:12

Composition by Carla Bley:
Ida Lupino, King Korn

Composition by Ornette Coleman:
Street Women, Kathelie Gray, Una Muy Bonita

Composition by Thelonious Monk:
San Francisco Holiday

Sax - Jonathan Reisin
Piano - Shinya Lin
Bass - Evan Palmer (track 1/2/3/6)
Makoto Ishizaka (track 4/5)
Drums - Yonatan Tagger

Pangpang - The Big Rip (November 10, 2021 Smia Records)

Pangpang's second album 'The Big Rip' picks up where the 2018 release 'Kiss Kiss Pangpang' left off, with the Norwegian jazz power trio embarking on further explorations to the extremes of the dynamic spectrum.

1. The Big Rip 08:36
2. Miniature 1 01:05
3. Freedom Passion Spiral Dance 04:35
4. Miniature 2 01:23
5. Nuclear submarines in the sky 05:14
6. Old Beginnings 06:54
7. New Ends 02:48
8. Epilogue (25/03) 02:25

Sander Eriksen Nordahl – guitar
Håkon Norby Bjørgo – upright bass
Ivar Myrset Asheim – drums

All compositions by Håkon Norby Bjørgo. Recorded January 7th and 8th 2021 by Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard at Flerbruket, Hemnes, Norway. Mixed February and March 2021 by Christian Obermayer, and mastered March 2021 by Christian Obermayer at Strype Audio, Oslo, Norway. Produced by Pangpang and Christian Obermayer. Artwork and design by Maria Alzamora.

This recording was partly funded by Creo and Norsk Jazzforum.

Paul Wertico | John Helliwell Project featuring Raimondo Meli Lupi & Gianmarco Scaglia - The Bari Session (November 2021 Challenge Records)

I can’t begin to adequately express how excited I am to have our first official studio recording, THE BARI SESSION, finally released! Ever since the very first time John, Raimondo, Gianmarco and I played together back in 2008, I’ve loved this band and knew we had that “special chemistry” that truly makes a band: A BAND.

However, since then, our only release thus far has been a double-CD entitled LIVE UNDER ITALIAN SKIES that features performances from two live concerts in 2008 & 2012. Due to our extremely busy individual schedules, and the fact that the four of us live in three different countries on two different continents, we’ve never quite found the ideal time and opportunity to actually go into a recording studio to officially document our band’s sound, its chemistry, and some of the songs that have become part of our standard repertoire in live concerts.

Well, THE BARI SESSION has now arrived and it beautifully showcases all of those things (as well as some new compositions), because in August of 2019 we were able to find a small window of time to go in and record in a fantastic studio in Bari with a first-rate engineer during one of our Italian tours. I believe the result speaks for itself. We also had a really wonderful experience making this recording and the music just seemed to “play itself,” which is always a great sign that the music is “ready” and “cooked to perfection,” just like the best Italian dishes! Godetevi un buon ascolto!
Paul Wertico

In 2019, I was working on my album “Ever Open Door” with Andy Scott, the arranger and composer. We decided to co-write a tune. Originally, the album’s title was to have been “When I Was Young” which is the first line of the lyrics from the Supertramp song “The Logical Song”.

The next line in that song is “…It Seemed That Life Was So Wonderful” — so as it represents my general outlook on life, it felt like an appropriate title for a new tune. Very shortly afterwards, I toured Italy with Paul, Raimondo and Gianmarco where we included this tune in our performances.

I am honoured that it was included in our MAST Studio session in Bari during this tour.
John Helliwell
A fundamental aspect of this recording session in Bari was to put at the service of every musician each one's musical personality.

I can assert that we strongly listened to each other, taking ideas from each other, forming a sound path of interplay and dynamics that fluctuate from Raimondo’s mainstream rock excursions (as I define them), to Paul's dynamic grooves and John's melodies.

“Good the first take!” has been an essential element of the whole project.
Gianmarco Scaglia

A “dream that comes true” is what comes to mind when I think about The Bari Session.

Having the chance to record with some of the most influential musicians of my life has not only been a great honour, but one of those “once in a lifetime” situations that you almost do not believe could happen to you! Since the quartet started collaborating in 2008, it has been a magical chemistry, even if we do not get the chance to play often. It is chemistry on both musicianship and human levels. I think the listener can realize that magic in the grooves of this recording, which came to life in a day-off during our short tour in Italy in the summer of 2019. All tracks are the first take and we recorded all in one day at MAST Music Academy Recording Studio in Bari with excellent sound engineer Massimo Stano. For the recording session, we used an analog mixing console, the SSL 4048 G SERIES, which is an iconic studio classic. The session was then mixed at Fonoprint Studios in Bologna on another iconic analog board: the SSL 4064 G SERIES. Even more iconic is the mixing engineer Maurizio Biancani: his talent, knowledge and musical taste have been essential to the project. I am very proud of this work and I consider it to be one of the highlights of my career, both as a musician and a producer.
Raimondo Meli Lupi

1 Circular Motion 07:00
2 Toms for Talia 03:11
3 Cowboys & Africans 05:13
4 It Seemed That Life Was So Beautiful 07:43
5 Train Bossa 09:15
6 What Would the World Be 04:58
7 Tuning Song 07:14

Matthias Lindermayr Trio - Triptych (November 2021 Squama Recordings)

Known for his soothing trumpet work in German jazz group Fazer, Matthias Lindermayr is back on Squama with an all-new trio and his third album ‘Triptych’.

With Philipp Schiepek on acoustic guitar and Simon Popp on percussion, the Munich-based musician created a forward-thinking record between jazz and contemporary classical, conceptually bold and utterly beautiful.

‘Triptych’ is a thrillingly quiet record.

While the album’s predecessor ‘Newborn’ (2018) featured a quintet, the rather unusual trio line-up on ‘Triptych’ gave Matthias more room to share the nuances of his playing.

His compositions, most written especially for this group, are of a noble simplicity allowing the musicians to focus more on interaction and sound.

1. Sanctuary
2. Triptych
3. Lola
4. Simmering
5. February 19th
6. First Steps
7. A Long Day Out
8. Farewell

Matthias Lindermayr, trumpet
Philipp Schiepek, acoustic guitar
Simon Popp, percussion

Recorded by Jan Krause at Mastermix Studio, Munich
Mixed and Produced by Martin Brugger
Stem Mixing by Mario Thaler
Mastered by Christoph Stickel at CS Mastering
Photography and Design by Maximilian Schachtner at Daily Dialogue
(c)+(p) 2021 Squama

ZOiD - Oldzoidjazz (November 2021)

ZOiD grew up in Dublin in the 90s listening to techno and jazz. He started making techno, but then he decided to learn jazz so he did that and nearly got sucked in to a level 19 jazz black hole, but with a strong effort he escaped and returned to the land of electronic reptillion dancebeats with only the shadow of a trumpet's sax to remember the memory of a time when jazzmen blue horns.

1. Peaceful Dreamings 06:01
2. RE: Squonk Mare + Shupe 07:52
3. Beam 03:00
4. Channel Two 04:35

Guitar: ZOiD

OLDSQUARELINES, featuring some savage musicians:
Piano: Greg Felton
Saxophone: Sean MacErlaine
Bass: David Redmond
Drums: Sean Carpio

Jeremy Monteiro & Alberto Marsico - JAZZ-BLUES BROTHERS (JazzNote Records)


There is no doubt that jazz is one of the greatest cultural exports to come from the United States. It has found enthusiasts on every continent, even in Antarctica where International Jazz Day has been celebrated at McMurdo Station. Singapore-based pianist, organist, composer, and arranger JEREMY MONTEIRO is surely one of the most prolific jazz recording artists on any continent. He is now releasing JAZZ-BLUES BROTHERS, his 46th album as leader. For this latest release, Monteiro has teamed up with co-leader ALBERTO MARSICO, one of the most renowned B3 players in Europe.

JAZZ-BLUES BROTHERS was originally released in every country of the world except in North America in 2014 on the Verve label. Monteiro is now releasing it in North America on the Jazznote label with three new tracks.

Monteiro has been called "Singapore's King of Swing." The Straits Times has said, “Monteiro's eclectic and international style, drawing from disparate inspirations, put Singaporean jazz into the global spotlight.” Marsico is very popular in Europe and Asia. He has released 11 CDs as a leader. Joey DeFrancesco says, “The gentleman that you are listening to here on this particular recording is one of my very favorite organists. Alberto Marsico is a fantastic jazz organist.” JAZZ-BLUES BROTHERS comprises three compositions penned by Monteiro, five by Marsico, and one co-written and made famous by Etta James.

The compositions on JAZZ-BLUES BROTHERS blends swing, soul, blues, and pop, creating an appealing, funky atmosphere performed by an eclectic group of international musicians, including sax player SHAWN LETTS, a native Oklahoman who has lived in Singapore for many years, guitarist EUGENE PAO, a Hong Kong native who has worked with top artists like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and McCoy Tyner, to name just a few, and drummer SHAWN KELLEY, a native of Syracuse, NY, who has lived in Southeast Asia for many years and who has toured, recorded and performed with a artists such as Ernie Watts, James Moody and Eric Marienthal. Each of these musicians are at the top of their game. Vocalist MIZ DEE LONGWOOD hails from Berkeley, CA, and now a resident of Oakland, sings the blues on “I’d Rather Go Blind” and “I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water.”

Monteiro first met Marsico several years ago when the organist was performing in Singapore but could not find a Hammond B3 anywhere on the island. He knew Monteiro by reputation and asked for his help. The two have been friends ever since.

Monteiro is the master of feel-good jazz tunes, and Marsico is certainly a kindred spirit. They open the album with Marsico’s tune “Opening Act,” a swinging, toe-tapping number about which Monteiro says, “I thought this would be a good tune to open the album, because it really lets people know what the band is all about.” “Olympia” is by Monteiro and made its debut on an Ernie Watts album. With tongue in cheek, Monteiro says, “I wrote Olympia after watching the Olympics in Los Angeles live on television. I really wanted to write an anthem for Olympics. No one asked me to, but I wrote this anyway.” The funky tune features a smoking solo by Monteiro.

“I’d Rather Go Blind” and “I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water” were recorded live at the prestigious Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The songs feature Miz Dee Logwood, a great blues singers who is well-known in Northern California but deserves much wider recognition. Monteiro’s tune “Mount Olive” first appeared on Monteiro’s previous album Live at No Black Tie. For JAZZ-BLUES BROTHERS, Monteiro changed the feel from swing to funk. The song’s title refers to the Mount Olive Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., where Monteiro visited while on tour and was enraptured by the music he heard there. “Lou” is Marsico’s bluesy, sexy tribute to Lou Rawls, who was a major influence on him.

Marsico wrote “Jack-Pot” honoring organ great Jack McDuff, who recorded the composition and for which he titled his 1996 album. Marsico wrote “Catastrophy” about the early days of the 21st Century. Each of the musicians takes a solo on this edgy tune that seems to sprint to the finish line. “Wishy Washy” has been part of Marsico’s live repertoire for many years. The song, which is reminiscent of a boogaloo, was recorded remotely during the pandemic with Monteiro in his home studio, Letts in an adjoining studio, Kelley in Thailand, Pao in Hong Kong, and Marsico in Italy.

Monteiro and Marsico prove to be worthy allies in the piano/organ jazz format. JAZZ-BLUES BROTHERS is catchy, soulful, swinging, and injected with a joyfulness that is eminently satisfying.

2. OLYMPIA 8:03
5. LOU 11:47
6. JACK-POT 7:58

MIZ DEE LONGWOOD vocals (3,8)
SHAWN LETTS tenor saxophone

7 Virtual Jazz Club’s Contest – Concerts of the winners of the Edition 2020

7 Virtual Jazz Club’s Contest – Live Concerts

The winners of the 5th Edition of the Under 25 and Pros & Amateurs’ categories will play live at the Jazz Club in Ferrara

7 Virtual Jazz Club’s Contest is pleased to announce the concerts of the winners of the 2020 Edition.

Tommaso Perazzo Quartet
November 19th 2021- 9 p.m. CEST
Tommaso Perazzo Quartet (Tommaso Perazzo, piano, Ben Fitzpatrick, saxophone; Jort Terwijin double bass,
Giacomo Camilletti, drum) was born in 2018 thanks to the meeting of the four musicians at the Amsterdam
Conservatory. The band won the first Prize in the Under 25 section of 7 Virtual Jazz Club’s Contest 2020

November 19th- 10:30 p.m. CEST
NAUSIQA is an international band (Portugal, Netherlands,Spain, Italy) which combines jazz sounds with
flamenco, ambient, melodic, , drum ‘n’bass. Their music draws on a wide range of influences: from
contemporary jazz, to the music film, from flamenco to drum ‘n’ bass. The band won the second place in the
Under 25 section of 7 Virtual Jazz Club’s Contest 2020 Edition.

Camila Ronza duo
December 3rd 2021- 9 p.m. CEST
Camila Ronza (voice) and Cato Pamplona (bass) present standards of Brazilian jazz and original arrangements
of choro,samba, bossa nova, and forrò. A true revelation of the 2020 Edition of 7 Virtual Jazz Club Contest,
Camila won the first Prize in the Pros & Amateurs section.

The applications for the 2021 Edition (the Sixth Edition) are open until November 15th