Sunday, November 11, 2018

Jack DeSalvo / Joel Shapira / Phil Sirois / Tom Cabrera - Westbury Converge (UNSEEN RAIN Records November 2018)

Twin Cities based guitarist Joel Shapira has made many a sojourn to New York City, where he spent his early career studying, shedding and playing, to reconnect with the scene. In recent years he's been coming to record with old friend Jack DeSalvo on the latter's Unseen Rain label. On this session they united with bassist Phil Sirois and drummer Tom Cabrera at Tom's Woodshedd Studio in Westbury, New York for a fiery session of modern jazz classics and a very forward take on some standards for Woodshedd Records.

Jack DeSalvo - guitar
Joel Shapira - guitar
Phil Sirois - double-bass
Tom Cabrera - drums

1. Deluge 09:04
2. Beautiful Love 08:19
3. Bemsha Swing 06:00
4. Blue in Green 07:35
5. Dolphin Dance 07:14

Recorded at Woodshed Studio, Westbury, NY by Christof Ziegenhirte
Edited and mastered at Hutter Studio, Orlando FL by Larry Hutter
Cover painting by Tom Cabrera
design by Qua's Eye Graphix
A Woodshedd production
© 2018 Woodshedd Records

Jack DeSalvo / Dmitry Ishenko / Tom Cabrera - Connoisseurs of Chaos III (UNSEEN RAIN Records November 2018)

These spontaneous pieces emerged while the trio was rehearsing and recording Jack DeSalvo's compositions. Tom Cabrera had the idea to release them as part of the Connoisseurs of Chaos series on Woodshedd. Dmitiry Ishenko's sensitive interplay and flow of ideas integrates nimbly with the longstanding partnership of Cabrera and DeSalvo leaving us with powerful music of great character.

Jack DeSalvo - guitars
Dmitry Ishenko - double-bass
Tom Cabrera - drums, percussion

1. Open I 04:45
2. Open II 10:22
3. Open III 05:27
4. Open IV 07:52

Recorded at Woodshed Studio, Westbury, NY by Christof Ziegenhirte
Edited and mastered at Hutter Studio, Orlando FL by Larry Hutter
Cover painting by Tom Cabrera
design by Qua's Eye Graphix
A Woodshedd production

All music by Jack DeSalvo, Dmitry and Tom Cabrera ℗ © 2018 Woodshedd Records

Rich Rosenthal / Phil Sirois / Tom Cabrera - Connoisseurs of Chaos II (UNSEEN RAIN Records 2018)

This time Connoisseurs of Chaos features the horn-like intensity of Rich Rosenthal's the electric guitar, the deep, soulful double-bass of Boston native Phil Sirois and master percussionist Tom Cabrera on drums.

Rich Rosenthal - guitar
Phil Sirois - double-bass
Tom Cabrera - drums, percussion

1. Piece 1A 06:52
2. Piece 1B 03:06
3. Piece 2A 03:34
4. Piece 2B 07:07
5. Piece 3A 06:25
6. Piece 3B 05:59
7. Piece 4 09:27
8. Piece 5 10:48
9. Piece 6 14:29

Recorded at Woodshed Studio, Westbury, NY by Christof Ziegenhirte
Edited and mastered at Hutter Studio, Orlando FL by Larry Hutter
Cover painting by Tom Cabrera
design by Qua's Eye Graphix
A Woodshedd production

Robi Botos - Old Soul (ROPEADOPE RECORDS November 2018)

Dedicated to a dear childhood friend, the pianist/keyboardist András Losó, who was nicknamed gyémánt (Diamond). Unfortunately he passed away very young due to heart disease. Many great memories...I learned a lot from him about playing & music in general. His presence & music brought a lot of joy to many. One of the funniest people ever, too… I incorporated grooves & chord changes that we used to jam on for hours & hours. R.I.P 

A song that contains mixed feelings. A bittersweet tribute to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Many different experiences there for the first 20 years of my life. Some of the best, but unfortunately some of the harshest ones too. 

Somehow that’s how this tune felt like to me. That’s the title which came to me from the feeling of it. Musically, this track is all over the map. It has many old & soul-oriented influences from Romani, Folk, Baroque Classical to Jazz, Funk, Gospel, Fusion to Motown & all just came out like that. It also paints a musical picture of my journey from old Europe to North America. 

I used to play in Church a lot. I always try to play the same way I did when I was performing in Church, everytime I am on stage. This song is really a prayer. Praising the One who gave me all good things including music. As my former teacher Jim Blackley said to me: “you are not the doer, you are the instrument”. 

A Latin influenced tune, with a positive outlook. I wrote it shortly after winning the Montreux Jazz festival piano competition with a heart full of new hope. 

One of my favourite standards, with a groovy twist. I love old standards & the joy in finding fresh ways of playing them without losing their meanings. 

A tribute to the one & only Prince. One of the funkiest musicians, multi-instrumentalists & producers who ever lived. He was a musical chameleon. One of the few who knew his craft, kept & respected the tradition, but also brought a totally new thing to the scene. 

Produced by Scott Morin and Robi Botos 

All Compositions : Robi Botos 
except Calhoun Square (Prince) and Days of Wine and Roses (Mancini/Mercer) 
Recorded on Sunday, July 3rd at Planet Studios – Montreal, Canada 
Engineered by Nicolas Roberge at Planet Studios 
Recording Supervised by Dan Cinelli at Planet Studios 
Piano Tuning : Oliver White 
Mixed by John ‘Beetle’ Bailey at The Drive Shed 
Percussion Overdubs Recorded at Sound Lens Studio, Markham, Ontario 
Engineer : Ted Sevdalis // Studio Owner : Lenny Binder 

All audio Mastered by Peter Letros for Wreckhouse Mastering 

Photography : Tracey Nolan 
Art Direction and Design : Simon Paul 
Production Management : Geoff Lang for A440 Entertainment Inc. 
Release Coordination : Celine Peterson and Scott Morin 
Videography in-studio : Cedric Sequerra 

Robi Botos : Piano, Keys, Harpejji, Melodica, Percussion 
Larnell Lewis : Drums 
Mike Downes : Acoustic and Electric Bass 
Seamus Blake : Saxophones and EWI 

Featuring Special Guests on Calhoun Square : 
Cory Henry : Hammond B3 Organ 
Ingrid Jensen : Trumpet 
Lionel Loueke : Guitar 

String Section on Budapest and Old Soul : 
Drew Jurecka :Violin 1 
Rebekah Wolkstein : Violin 2 
Shannon Knights : Viola 
Lydia Munchinsky : Cello 

Robi Botos plays Nord keyboards and Yamaha pianos. 
Robi endorses: Roli Ltd, Propellerhead Reason Software, D'addario Canada, Hammond Melodicas, Marcodi Musical Instruments, Native Instruments North America Inc., Erikson Music/Audio, and Jamm Industries 

Larnell Lewis endorses Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, and Promark Drumsticks 

Seamus Blake endorses Ted Klum mouthpieces and Roberto’s Winds Reeds

1. Diamond 06:33
2. Budapest 06:58
3. Old Soul 11:35
4. Praise 07:27
5. Hope 06:26
6. Days of Wine 06:39
7. Calhoun Square 07:50
8. A Time to Love 07:00
9. End Of An Era 04:35