Monday, January 28, 2019


ll Considered’s 5th and 6th albums were recorded just over a year after their first. One studio album (Ill Considered 3) plus two live albums completed the vinyl output in their prolific first year. Albums 5 and 6 clearly demonstrate the development of the band’s sound and the interaction between the players. Taking only a few sketches of tunes into the studio over a two day period, the albums are still largely fully improvised. Some concise and well-defined hooky groove-based melodies are here, nestled beside rich, dark textural pieces that draw the listener in and propel them through this unique musical journey. 

The arrangements of bass, drums, percussion and sax are joined by bass clarinet, outrageously manipulated, yet emotive and at times searing electric guitar, an Indian shruti drone box, and powerful middle eastern percussion opening up new opportunities for interaction between Emre and Satin. 

The albums are beautifully recorded, mixed and mastered by Emre and each tune has its own sonic identity. There is however a progression between the tracks that ties both albums together in an intuitive journey, so that when you reach the end of album 6, you want to return to the start of album 5 again. 

Incredible playing from all four regular members and guest guitarist Steve Ashmore (on album 6) gives unexpected and surprising twists, massive climaxes and incredibly intimate moments, whilst never allowing themselves the luxury of self indulgent coasting. 

The sound is massive and the music unique. Whilst definitely not a coffee table album of background jazz, these are albums that you can immerse yourself in as well as allow to wash over you in almost any situation.

Idris Rahman: Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Leon Brichard: Electric and Upright bass
Emre Ramazanoglu: Drums
Satin Singh: Percussion
Vincent De Boer: Ink and Brushes
Special Guest: Steve Ashmore: Guitar

1. Lies 02:48
2. Gunning 05:03
3. Ward 06:18
4. Waterfall 00:55
5. Amber 04:10
6. I didn't 04:49
7. Single Leaf 03:32
8. Predator 05:21
9. Percolator 02:54

ILL CONSIDERED - An Ill Considered Christmas (2018)

Dark, melancholy, aggressive, raging and subdued; “An Ill Considered Christmas” captures these essential festive feelings, weaving thorny, angular, unforgiving structures and stretching the helpless, protesting forms of infamous Christmas songs over them, creating a unique collection of Yuletide Chimeras. Recorded live in a day, with each musician extremely close to each other in the room, you can really feel the intensity of communication between them and the cohesive sound this proximity elicits. We hope this albums helps you have an appropriately Ill Considered Christmas.

Vincent De Boer: Paint and Brushes
Idris Rahman: Saxophone, Clarinet
Leon Brichard: Electric Bass
Emre Ramazanoglu: Drums, Percussion, Drones

1. Noel noel 05:22
2. Let it snow 04:15
3. We three kings of orient are 05:17
4. Silent night 04:25
5. Santa claus is coming to town 03:30
6. White christmas 06:58
7. Away in a manger 04:59
8. Jingle bells 06:34
9. Good king wenceslas 03:41
10. Dark the herald angel sings 04:13
11. Little drummer boy 05:45
12. Petit papa noel 05:35

Recorded, Mixed and Master By Emre Ramazanoglu at Hoxa HQ London on the 12th and 13th November 2018

Oz Noy - Booga Looga Loo (ABSTRACT LOGIX February 15, 2019)

New York guitar phenom Oz Noy is that rare artist -- one who has cultivated his own distinct voice within the context of classic structures. His latest album, Booga Looga Loo reawakens timeless Boogaloo meets Jazz meets R&B grooves with Noy’s extended, unpredictable harmonic sensibility, stinging phrasing, and deft musical economy. Helping to realize Noy’s concept of the boogaloo record is a cast of musicians equally versed in the backbeat and the beyond, including drummers Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl and Steve Ferrone; bassists Will Lee, John Patitucci, and James Genus; and keyboardists Jerry Z and Brian Charette. Other contributors include Kevin Hays, Seamus Blake, and Anne Drummond. 

On Booga Looga Loo, five taut, incisive Noy originals are joined by striking reinventions of material by the Beatles (“Eight Days a Week,” with Lee on vocals), the Beach Boys (an achingly delivered “God Only Knows”), Ray Charles (“I Got a Woman”), and Thelonious Monk (“Bemsha Swing”). The album follows Twisted Blues, Oz Noy’s acclaimed two-volume exploration of the limits of the blues, a searing live set recorded in Shanghai with Weckl and bassist Étienne M'Bappé (Asian Twistz), a Soul Funk R&B record “Who Give A Funk" and the debut of Ozone Squeeze, Noy’s versatile, accessible trio with drummer Darren Stanley and vocalist and keyboardist Rai Thistlethwayte.

Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Steve Ferrone (Drums)
Will Lee, John Patitucci, James Genus (Bass)
Jerry Z, Brian Charette, Kevin Hays (Keys)
Seamus Blake (Sax)
Anne Drummond (Piano)

1. BoogaLoo Fever
2. Chocolate Souffle
3. A Soul Thang
4. Bemsha Swing
5. Booga Looga Loo
6. I Got a Woman
7. God Only Knows
8. Eight Days a Week


Ivan Conti - Poison Fruit (2019)

From an artist in their seventies, you probably wouldn’t expect to hear an album like this. But Brazilian drumming legend Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti has been experimenting and innovating for the last half a century. As one third of cult Rio jazz-funk trio Azymuth, Mamão was at the root of the group’s ‘samba doido’ (crazy samba) philosophy, which warped the traditional samba compass with jazz influences and space age electronics. Even with his lesser known jovem guarda group The Youngsters, Mamão was experimenting with tapes and delays to create unique, ahead-of-its-time sounds, way back in the sixties. More recently Mamão recorded an album with hip-hop royalty Madlib under the shared moniker ‘Jackson Conti’. 

With his first album in over twenty years, and the first to be released on vinyl since his 1984 classic The Human Factor, Mamão shares his zany carioca character across eleven tracks of rootsy electronic samba and tripped out jazz, beats and dance music. Featuring Alex Malheiros and Kiko Continentino on a number of tracks, the Azymuth lifeblood runs deep, but venturing into the modern discotheque (as Mamão would call it), Poison Fruit also experiments with sounds more commonly associated with house and techno, with the help of London based producer Daniel Maunick (aka Dokta Venom) and Mamão's son Thiago Maranhão. 

Take a bite of Mamão’s psychoactive Papaya and join the maestro on a weird and wonderful stroll through the Brazilian jungle. 

United by a love for the music of Mamão and Azymuth, the CD and digital edition also feature the previously released remixes and dubs from some of today’s most forward-thinking producers with a penchant for percussion, including IG Culture, the 22a crew, Max Graef and Glenn Astro.

Ivan 'Mamão' Conti

1. Aroeira 03:12
2. Jemburi 01:44
3. Encontro 04:28
4. Bacurau 06:29
5. Ninho 03:18
6. Ilha Da Luz 02:35
7. O Ritual 02:56
8. Poison Fruit 07:33
9. Que Legal 06:18
10. Ecos Da Mata 04:11
11. Tempestades 02:00
12. Ilha Da Luz (aka Mamão’s Brake) Tenderlonious remix 03:25
13. Encontro (aka Azul) Glenn Astro Remix 04:47
14. Que Legal Reginald Omas Mamode IV Remix 03:19
15. Encontro (aka Azul) Max Graef Remix 03:34
16. Poison Fruit (Dokta Venom's Digital Dub Mix) 07:30
17. *ALBUM TEASER* 06:38

Nik Francis Trio - Two for air, one for ear (2019)

Steve Arnold (bass)
Jim Ryan (alto sax, tenor sax, flute)
Nik Francis (drums, cymbals, gong)

1. Two for air, one for ear 36:51

Beyond Trio (Cheryl Pyle , Michael Eaton , Reggie Sylvester) - Live at I-BEAM (2019)

1. Jarman's Triagent -Beyond Trio 05:09
2. In Ornette's Orbit -Beyond Trio 04:08
3. Hamiett Blues -Beyond Trio 04:19
4. Harmolodics Anonymous and the 12 tone truth -Beyond Trio 04:46
5. Crazy Wisdom holding on to something Wild 04:44
6. Tweet Storm -Beyond Trio 03:07
7. Cecil Taylor's Time -Beyond Trio 03:55
8. Nocturne for Nix-Beyond Trio 05:08

Cheryl Pyle

Cheryl Pyle - c flute, alto flute
Michael Eaton - soprano sax
Reggie Sylvester - drums

Recorded live at I-Beam Bk -Jan 24, 2019 
Cover art by Bo Gorzelak Pedersen 
All compostitions tunettes by C L Pyle @11th street Music BMI 2019