Sunday, February 28, 2016

SFJAZZ Collective - The Music of MICHAEL JACKSON and Original Compositions NEW LIMITED EDITION ALBUM (2016)


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Music of Michael Jackson and New Compositions

Live at SFJAZZ Center

The SFJAZZ Collective is an all-star ensemble comprising eight of the finest performers/composers at work in jazz today. The group’s new limited edition two-disc live CD, which was recorded live at the SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco this past October, features new arrangements of Michael Jackson classics like "Thriller", "Smooth Criminal", "Human Nature", "This Place Hotel" and more, as well as eight new original compositions by the band. The 22-page booklet contains exclusive photos, interviews and commentary from the band. 

· Limited edition 2-CD set available exclusively through SFJAZZ – not available in stores.

· Each CD set is numbered.

· Booklet contains exclusive photos from the live performances at the SFJAZZ Center, liner notes by jazz journalist Jesse Hamlin, insights by the musicians and artist bios.

· The compositions of King of Pop Michael Jackson, arranged by members of the Collective.

· New compositions by individual Collective members commisioned by SFJAZZ.

Miguel Zenón: alto saxophone
David Sánchez: tenor saxophone 
Sean Jones: trumpet 
Robin Eubanks: trombone 
Warren Wolf: vibraphone 
Edward Simon: piano 
Matt Penman: bass 
Obed Calvaire: drums

Track Listing

1. The Love You Save – Michael Jackson (arranged by Robin Eubanks) 
2. Blame It On the Boogie – Michael Jackson (arranged by Matt Penman w/ Miguel Zenón) 
3. Fall Prelude – Miguel Zenón 
4. Gray Skies in Baltimore – Warren Wolf 
5. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson (arranged by David Sánchez) 
6. Franklin & Fell – Sean Jones 
7. Beauty of Space – Edward Simon 
8. Thriller – Michael Jackson (arranged by Obed Calvaire) 

Disc 2
1. Rock With You – Michael Jackson (arranged by Sean Jones) 
2. Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson (arranged by Miguel Zenón) 
3. Mr. Right – Matt Penman 
4. Lineage – David Sánchez 
5. 150 Million Gold Francs – Obed Calvaire 
6. Human Nature – Michael Jackson (arranged by Warren Wolf) 
7. Why – Robin Eubanks 
8. This Place Hotel – Michael Jackson (arranged by Edward Simon)


Zane Rodulfo - Pathways (EP 2016)

Label: Lavway Music

A brief breath of bass explodes into a lush groove led by drummer Zane Rodulfo and decorated by an impressive line-up of Dayna Stephens (tenor saxophone & EWI), Nir Felder (guitar), Marvin Dolly (guitar), Noble Jolley (piano & Fender rhodes). “Trismegistus” may begin quite simply with Luques Curtis’s bassline plucking its way along a string of milliseconds, but the remainder of the track’s 4 minutes and 8 seconds venture into the stretches of Rodulfo’s musical mind.
Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobego, Zane Rodulfo left his home for the undergraduate program at Oberlin College & Conservatory, ultimately completing his Masters at New York University. This web of geographical influences crop up across the entirety of Rodulfo’s upcoming Pathways EP, including this lead track, “Trismegistus.” In crafting Pathways, “I explored and utilized some of what I heard growing up in Trinidad & Tobago and then in the States, where I moved in my late teens,” Rodulfo said. He went on to explain, “I decided to pay homage to Caribbean rhythms, motifs as well as more contemporary Afro-American, so-called Jazz, ideas and sounds.” But fear not, the tourist-baiting steel pan sound on which commercial calypso banks makes no appearance: the kit (courtesy of Victor Provost and Earl Brooks Jr.) is respected alongside his own drums, layered into the sound rather than tacked on top in hopes of adding “Caribbean flavor.” These Caribbean rhythms and motifs meld effortlessly with Rodulfo’s “so-called Jazz,” creating a feel that could only flow from an artist entrenched in a global network of sounds.
“Trismegistus” traverses its way through this young artist’s journey, taking its listeners along as it pulses with soft-spoken vibrancy. The rhythm tumbles forward, driving the piece forward as each section unfolds into something new, eventually unveiling a climactic EWI solo by Stephens. The piece fades nearly as quickly as it begins, drifting into quiet swells of sound until nothing remains. Zane Rodulfo’s Pathways will be released February 26th, and is available for pre-order February 1st.

1. Abiku
2. Trismegistus
3. Seek
4. Retrospect
5. Hourglass

Zane Rodulfo - Drums
Dayna Stephens - Tenor Saxophone & EWI
Nir Felder - Guitar
Marvin Dolly - Guitar
Noble Jolley - Piano & Fender Rhodes
Luques Curtis - Bass
Victor Provost - Steel Pans #5
Earl Brooks Jr. - Steel Pans #1