Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Brad Linde Ensemble with Lee Konitz - BRADLEE (September 2021)

Brad Linde Ensemble with Lee Konitz 
featuring new music by Dan Tepfer

1. Stella By Starlight (Victor Young)
2. Just One Of Those Things (Cole Porter, arranged by Gil Evans)
3. Hi Beck (Lee Konitz, arranged by Sarah Hughes)
4. Darn That Dream (Jimmy Van Heusen, arranged by Gerry Mulligan)
5. LT (Lee Konitz, arranged by Brad Linde)

Like A Tree Flexing Its Muscles (Dan Tepfer)
6. Movement I: Deformation
7. Movement II: straight line
8. Movement III: Old Point
9. Movement IV: Things

*Like A Tree Flexing Its Muscles commissioned by Brad Linde for Lee Konitz with the Brad Linde Ensemble

Lee Konitz - alto saxophone
Dan Tepfer - piano

Sarah Hughes - alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Brad Linde - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, clarinet
Brent Madsen - trumpet, flugelhorn
Heidi Brown - horn
Matt Musselman - trombone
Jarrod Williams - tuba
Tom Baldwin - bass
Tony Martucci - drums 

Recorded September 22, 2011 at The Mansion at Strathmore, North Bethesda, MD
Engineered by Trevor Higgins
Mixed and Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at Tonal Park, Takoma Park MD
Artwork and design by Matt Rippetoe at Sideman Creative, LLC.
Produced by Brad Linde

Sonic Eel - Live in Brooklyn (September 2021)

1. Theme 37 - Chasinesque 05:58
2. Theme 38 - Six Bar Blues 06:30
3. Theme 39 - For Vaughn Benjamin 06:03
4. Theme 40 - Sarcasm 06:42
5. Theme 41 - For Cooper-Moore 06:55
6. All of Me and Mario 06:21
7. Recap 03:50

This is a live set from Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn in October 2019.

Theme 37 - Chasinesque - An 8 bar head with a heart of 12 and some free time too as we keep Chasin' after Trane. I originally wrote this to be performed by Ras Moshe, Matt Lavelle, Rodney Chapman, Evan, Tcheser Holmes, and me at Muchmore's in December 2018.

Theme 38 - Six Bar Blues - Some 6 bars and some vamping on a piece originally written for Jon Panikkar's blues band during its January 2019 performance at Bushwick Public House.

Theme 39 - For Vaughn Benjamin - based on a riff by the reggae band Midnite which featured Benjamin as lead singer. He was a brilliant vocalist and wordsmith who died young at 50 in 2019.

Theme 40 - Sarcasm - written by my daughter Ariella, age 7 at the time. She carefully wrote out the stacked five-note clusters in each hand of the A section, which showed me how serious she was about the piece.

Theme 41 - For Cooper-Moore - dedicated to the gorgeously inventive pianist, legend of NYC free jazz from the loft scene down to today. He has blessed me with his example and also the generosity of kind words in support of my journey on piano.

We ended our set with an improvised piece which I subsequently titled All of Me and Mario for audible reasons.

The last track on the album is a solo piano improv I recorded during a February 2019 session at the City College of New York. This studio improv seemed to me to recap and condense some of the preceding sonic ideas heard on this live album.

Sonic Eel is:
Eric Plaks - piano
Evan Crane - bass
Leonid Galaganov - drums

Tracks 1-6 recorded October 27, 2019 by René Alain live at Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, as part of John Loggia's SonicXchange series.

Track 7 recorded in the City College of New York recording studio by Trevor Schlam.

Tracks 1-6 mixed and mastered by Jon Rosenberg

Track 7 mixed and mastered by Yoni Kretzmer (with additional mastering by Jon Rosenberg)

Production and design by E. Plaks
All music © Plaks - Crane - Galaganov, 2019

The Eric Plaks Trio - Within and After (September 2021)

Bomb Cyclone: Within and After
for Eric Plaks …

Music to step to / made by
this trio right here / and now;
they did the do for joyful time
the time we’re in / they’re in.

The lyrical slides
into percussive swing
led by ivory keys, double bass,
percussive everything.

Each measure finds the time
to cast aside the news, the rumors
that brush the cheeks of babes
and oldsters too.

Conjure up heroes of Free Jazz /
the New Music
honed from the flesh of Monsters:
The Tradition that sends in this music.

A trio, a transport away
from all the gossip
that scrapes along the chalkboard,
where instead this music prefers to glide.

- Barry Wallenstein

About the Music

1. Theme 31 – So-Called Bomb Cyclone (for Jorge Sylvester) – On a January day last year (2018), the New York area forecast called for an extreme weather event which never quite transpired – the piece is an E-flat minor groove with a more serene B-section about 4 minutes in (there is a return to the A section at the very end).

2. Theme 26 – Simplicity (for Barry Wallenstein) – Trumpeter Aquiles Navarro and I wrote this one when we appeared with Barry to accompany his poem of the same name at one of his always-packed gigs at Cornelia Street Café (of blessed memory). The form is an ever-increasing chain of notes selected from the 12 tones without repeating.

3. Theme 28 – H.R. 40 (for William Parker) – This is a march. H.R. 40 is the U.S. House Resolution to study the question of slavery reparations.

4. Theme 29 – Throw Your Boxes In The River - This piece represents a voyage down a river (maybe the Amazon as in the movie that inspired it, The Embrace of The Serpent) after one has jettisoned the trappings of “society”. It has written material at the start but then a deliberate decision not to return but rather to let the waters carry you where they will.

5. Theme 27 - For Anthony Braxton – I should really dedicate this one to outstanding bassist Sean Conly who played this through with me when I thought it was a mess that needed cutting and he told me to keep it all. The whole complex A section repeats once and then the improvisation expands upon the snippets that make the piece.

6. Petal Tune (Trio Improv) – Breathe, inhale, enjoy the trio opening out with no pre-set form.

7. Strolling With Tcheser (Duo Improv) – It’s been four years of playing with Tcheser on his returns to NY from various world tours with Irreversible Entanglements, but it was like this from the very first time! What an honor and a pleasure.

8. Theme 32 – For Horace Tapscott – This piece is dedicated to a pianist who doesn’t get enough recognition in the jazz world, the LA legend Horace Tapscott, a truly unique piano stylist, composer, and bandleader. The piece is an AABA in homage.

9. This Nearly Was Mine – For Cecil Taylor – A Rogers and Hamerstein hit from the musical South Pacific, this piece is soupy enough in its original version that you might think Taylor was being ironic or provocative when he chose to make it one of the few standards he ever recorded in 1960 on The World of Cecil Taylor (Candid Records), but he insisted that he simply loved the tune that’s all. I was lucky enough to meet and interview The Maestro several times when I was 20 and have benefited greatly from that period of direct interaction with him, as well as collecting and listening to all the music through the decades. Taylor passed on April 5, 2018 and this one’s for him. 

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 by Eric Plaks
Track 4 by Eric Plaks and Tcheser Holmes
Track 6 by Eric Plaks and Aquiles Navarro
Track 9 by Rogers and Hamerstein
Recorded August 16, 2018 at Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ
Recorded and Mixed by Tom Tedesco
Mastered by Jonathan Goldberger

Paul Zaborac Quartet - Long Way Out (2021)

Long Way Out is a series of impressions inspired by a journey into the uncertain, a reflection on the thoughts and experiences of a traveler as they traverse unknown places.

Paul states that, “I was aiming to create a sparse, minimal, and open sound in the music to capture the feeling of loneliness and isolation, of uncertainty, that can often accompany traveling into the unknown.”

“Dissolution” looks to capture the disorientation, the falling apart, the dissolving of what was that starts the journey. The melody is played as a loose ensemble unison followed by introspective and free solos.

“Where to Now” represents the process of finding a path forward through uncharted territory. The tune uses a sparse mixed meter groove and bass line that moves the tune forward but elides a sense of directness or certainty.

“Passing By” is a reflection on the transitory nature of travel, of momentary meetings and places. The ballad features post-bop inspired harmony used to obscure the form of the tune.

“Far Away” is solo saxophone improvisation looking back at the distance traveled from what was, what used to be.

“Long Way Out,” the title track of the album, represents a slow, yet doggedly persistent, moving towards the new, of making it through and out. The melody is played freely over a bass ostinato pattern which gives way to the modal solo section and swing groove.
Featuring Paul Zaborac on saxophone, Austin Brown on guitar, Eric Krieger on bass, and Mark Grimm on drums, the quartet developed its unique sound playing regular gigs in Des Moines, Iowa at The Lift, a small, intimate, bar where musical exploration and openness were the standard. With all members hailing from the American Midwest, the group has a unique sound and character arising out of their shared sensibilities and experiences. 

1. Dissolution 08:15
2. Where to Now 08:51
3. Passing By 08:37
4. Far Away 04:34
5. Long Way Out 14:30

Paul Zaborac - Saxophone
Austin Brown - Guitar
Eric Krieger - Bass
Mark Grimm - Drums

Chris Helm - Recording Engineer

Paul Zaborac - Mixing and Mastering

All compositions by Paul Zaborac

Sharp 5 - Shine A Bright Light (September 2021 Valley Jazz Records)

1. Sharp 5 - Sunshower 06:17
2. Sharp 5 - Matte Kudasai 04:50
3. Sharp 5 - E Preciso Perdoar 06:52
4. Sharp 5 - Shine A Bright Light 05:06
5. Sharp 5 - Where Flamingos Fly 05:23
6. Sharp 5 - Island of the Sun 04:21
7. Sharp 5 - Meaning of the Blues 06:54
8. Sharp 5 - Spring Song 05:11
9. Sharp 5 - 'Round Midnight 07:22
10. Sharp 5 - Remembering You Shirley 05:56
11. Sharp 5 - Wholly Earth 05:50

TERI ROIGER – vocals
PETE LEVIN – piano / keyboard
JOHN MENEGON – bass (vocals on #4)
JEFF "SIEGE" SIEGEL – drums (except on #6)
NANNY ASSIS – percussion (except on #11) (guitar & vocals on #3)

special guest
JAY COLLINS – flute on #2, tenor sax on #8

Valley Jazz Records is an independent record label based in New York’s Hudson Valley operating since September 2021

Mixed & Mastered by Dave Darlington, Bass Hit Studios, NYC
Recorded at Tiny House Recording Studio May 7-8 (2021)
Engineered by John Menegon
Produced by John Menegon & Teri Roiger
Art Direction by John Menegon & Teri Roiger