Thursday, January 27, 2022

David Fenech & Pierre Bastien - Suspicious Moon (March 15, 2022 Improved Sequence)

*LP ships June 3rd 2022*
*CD ships Feb 28th 2022*
500 copies, 100 on LTD White Vinyl.

Suspicious Moon

A collection of Elvis Presley covers recorded by the duet David Fenech & Pierre Bastien

The idea of "Suspicious Moon" started at a party around the topic of blue color. David Fenech had chosen to play "Blue Moon" and Pierre Bastien asked to join in. It was a very enjoyable party and then they recorded the song and decided to plan an album exclusively based on covers of the King. Not that we were absolute fans of Elvis... but as a starting point to go somewhere else. And this is what we reached: in many aspects a premiere for the two musicians. Pierre focuses on (prepared) trumpet for the very first time, while David is heard extensively as a vocalist and is more than ever responsible for all arrangements and textures.

Playing other people’s material is also a premiere for both of them. 11 tracks around very well known standards. Like familiar places that are changed when seen in a different light. Please enjoy.

"Our choice of the Elvis Presley song book for this record may seem strange to many. It seems strange to me as well. Not that I dislike the original music, but before our sessions it had never been a direct source of inspiration. Paradoxically, this distance gave me freedom and flowing ideas. I hear similar qualities in David’s parts too. We hope that our relaxed attitude and its positive outcome will be reflected in this album" - Pierre Bastien

“The strange thing about these recordings is that the creative process was so fluid and natural… that it seems that through playing other people's music, we almost reveal something of ourselves. As if these tracks were our creation, as if they were our own children!” - David Fenech

Pierre Bastien (born in 1953) is a French musician who builds his own machineries, at the cross between music and visual art, that blends live trumpet sounds with screen projections of on-site, mechanical sound sculptures in a very poetic way. His work is described as “a timeless sounding orchestra, both futuristic and slightly dada, conjuring ancient traditions in its surprisingly sensuous music.”. Around 1986 he started participating in Pascal Comelade's Bel Canto Orquesta. At the same time he created - and literally built - his own orchestra called Mecanium : an ensemble of musical automatons constructed from meccano parts and activated by electro-motors, that are playing on acoustic instruments from all over the world. Collaborating in the past with video artist Pierrick Sorin, fashion designer Issey Miyake, singer and composer Robert Wyatt and Aphex Twin (who released three of his albums on his label Rephlex) to name a few, he is one of the most influential experimental musicians working in the field. In 1986 he formed his own self made one man orchestra, Mecanium and made over 20 records over the years. “a mad musical scientist with a celebrity following” (The Guardian ).

David Fenech (born in 1969) is a French musician living in Paris. He plays a large variety of instruments and is a skilled guitar player with his own technique. His main instrument is the microphone and his music features whatever he puts under it. His baroque style has been described as ‘a kind of punk musique concrète’. He has played and recorded with musicians such as Jac Berrocal, Felix Kubin, Jad Fair, Tom Cora, Rhys Chatham, Jah Wobble, Ergo Phizmiz, Nurse With Wound and many others. His third solo album will be released this year 2022. His recordings have been published on inPolysons, Sub Rosa, Blackest Ever Black, Wergo, Gagarin Records.

"One of my all time favorites" (Felix Kubin) "Truly unpredictable, you never know where any given tune is heading, or which stylistic outfit he is going to whip out next from his magic trunk of disguises. He makes it look easy, but you can bet there’s 500 kilograms of sheer talent and hard work behind his every move. Recommended! " (Ed Pinsent - The Sound Projector)  

1. Jailhouse Rock
2. Heartbreak Hotel
3. Are You Lonesome Tonight
4. Hound Dog
5. Love Me Tender
6. Suspicious Minds
7. Don't Be Cruel
8. Blue Moon
9. Bridge Over Troubled Water
10. Fever
11. In The Ghetto

Michael Feinstein - Gershwin Country (March 11, 2022 Craft Recordings)

Arguably the world’s foremost and most passionate anthropologist and archivist of the Great American Songbook, Feinstein has dedicated his career to preserving, protecting and promoting the work of the great tunesmiths, ranging from household names like Gershwin, Porter and Berlin to such lesser-known craftsmen as Hugh Martin and Burton Lane.

1. Michael Feinstein & Dolly Parton - Love Is Here To Stay
2. Michael Feinstein & Rosanne Cash - I've Got A Crush On You
3. Michael Feinstein & Alison Krauss - Someone To Watch Over Me
4. Michael Feinstein & Brad Paisley - I Got Rhythm
5. Michael Feinstein & Amy Grant - They Can't Take That Away From Me
6. Michael Feinstein & Lyle Lovett - Clap Yo' Hands
7. Michael Feinstein & Mandy Barnett - How Long Has This Been Going On?
8. Michael Feinstein & The Time Jumpers and Vince Gill - Fascinating Rhythm
9. Michael Feinstein & Lee Ann Womack - Soon
10. Michael Feinstein & Ronnie Milsap - Oh! Lady Be Good
11. Michael Feinstein & Liza Minnelli - Embraceable You

Lisa Ullén / Elsa Bergman / Anna Lund - Space (March 4, 2022 Relative Pitch Records)

Ullén/Bergman/Lund is a piano trio based in Stockholm that plays free jazz that channels the American free jazz tradition as well as contemporary classical music. Combining raw power with an exquisite attention to detail, the three musicians make every moment sparkle with possibilities. In this aural space, every movement matters.

Ullén and fellow Swedes Bergman and Lund are all significant players in the Scandanavian freejazz scene and the trio first met in the sextet Anna Högberg Attack, and have since played together in many constellations. Their debut album Space was recorded by Mats Äleklint during the pandemic in 2021 at the legendary venue Fylkingen, and is released by the American record label Relative Pitch Records in 2022.

1. Come Together 05:56
2. Circle of Security 06:28
3. Joint Attention 08:33
4. Tempest 11:15
5. Core 06:33

Lisa Ullén - piano
Elsa Bergman - double bass
Anna Lund - Drums

Courtial With Errol Knowles - Don't You Think It's Time (February 22, 2022 MAD ABOUT RECORDS)

Killer Soul/Jazz-Funk highly collectible LP recorded in 1976 in San Francisco Bay Area

Cult LP including Rare Groove classics like “Losing you”, “Don’t you think it’s time” or “Love Nevermore”

They are named after their mentor, Bill Courtial, a highly respected session guitarist. Co-founder is reputed to be Pete ‘Coke’ Escovedo. They had both worked together as part of the Santana spin-off group Azteca, a Latin jazz fusion outfit; most notably on 1973’s ‘Pyramid of the Moon’ LP. During these sessions, they were introduced to vocalist Errol Knowles, who has a pleasant if limited vocal approach. Together, the three of them form the core of Courtial. Meanwhile, the remainder of Courtial was forming in San Francisco. Originally scheduled to perform in a play that was cancelled on opening night, the assembled group were given an alternative venue at a local club, Butterfields. This was to be an important break for them as the club owner was friends with Bill Courtial, and it had come to light that Bill was looking to form a band.

Released in 1976 on Pipeline, a small label from Woodside, California

1. Don't You Think It's Time 03:47
2. Thank You Baby 03:44
3. Time To Explain 03:24
4. Best of Friends 03:59
5. Poem for Helen 04:01
6. Losing You 03:21
7. Nevermore 04:28
8. Take the Time 03:42
9. Corn of the Cob 06:13

Guitar, Co-producer, Arranged By – Bill Courtial
Vocals – Errol Knowles
Keyboards, Strings [Elka String Choir], Synthesizer – David Kempton
Percussion – Jose Najera
Bass – Edward Williams III
Drums – Geoffrey Whyte
Congas – Errol Knowles (tracks: A2, A3, B2), Pete Escovedo (tracks: A1, A4, B3, B4)

Co-producer – Steve Whiting
Design Concept, Photography By – Herbie Greene
Engineer – Ken Hopkins
Executive-Producer – Madjid Panahpour
Recorded At – Wally Heider Studios 1976

Under exclusive license from Steve Whiting , Whiting & Co. Entertainment

crazy doberman - devils daughter sings her hybrid poem (February 11, 2022 workingman laydown)

1. come one...
2. speak RED into the hand of another
4. the circle answered with heads reversed - - - cornering
5. the water filled where we had walked
6. ...and twenty seven cats would walk the fence before close.
7. one will do
8. never a fly to roam without hand raised
9. a lock that will hold
10. the six sing - A SLEEP

players: tim gick, drew davis, jordan allen zach rowden, kyle flanagan, casey flanagan, zeno benamotz, hector castro, joshua russel, jon k., paul baldwin, jason filer, casey synesael, brett green, bradley fantuzzi, eric ficken

recorded by t.g. & j.k. oct 7-14, mmxx @sans studio, richmond, va
no town records mmxxi/mmxxii

João Castellani - Passagem (January 27, 2022)

1. Passagem 02:50
2. Via Estreita (Feat. Edvvardes) 04:40

Single gravado entre agosto e outubro de 2021.

Fotografia da Capa: Isabela Santos
Bateria em "Passagem": Mateus Alabi
Masterização de "Passagem": Francisco Maffei
Masterização de "Via Estreita": João Victor
Voz em "Via Estreita": Edvvardes
Produção, mixagem, voz e demais instrumentos: João Castellani

Lançado independentemente em Maringá/PR.

Emma-Jean Thackray - Yellower Vol. 1 (January 2022 Movementt)

Bandleader, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Emma-Jean Thackray was born and raised in Yorkshire but is today a resident of Catford, south-east London. Her 2020 EPs Um Yang 음 양 and Rain Dance marked Thackray out as standard-bearer of a spiritually-minded, dancefloor-angled take on jazz that stood at a slight remove from the broader UK scene.

1. Say Something (Live On Later With Jools Holland) 03:56
2. Golden Green (Live At Pitchfork London) 07:39
3. Our People (Live At The Church Studios) 05:13

Emma-Jean Thackray // Voice [all], Guitar [1], Trumpet [2], Perc [2&3]
Lyle Barton // Rhodes [all], Synths [2]
Matt Gedrych // Bass [2]
Ben Kelly // Sousaphone [1&3]
Dougal Taylor // Drums [all]
Crispin Robinson // Congas [2&3], Percussion [3]
Dwayne Kilvington // Percussion [3]
Elliot Galvin // Synths [3]
And Is Phi // Voice [1&3]
Akin Soul // Voice [1&3]
Sara Lima // Voice [1&3]

Engineered by Phil Jones [1], Martin Omond [2] & Luke Pickering [3]
Produced & Mixed by Emma-Jean Thackray
Mastered by Beau Thomas

Augustine Yates - An Open Window (January 2022)

Canadian pianist Augustine Yates shines as both a composer and performer. His music values improvisation and focuses on interplay within the ensemble. Due to the combination of through-composed forms and freely improvised sections, his music emphasizes the dichotomy of spontaneity and control.

1. An Open Window 06:15
2. Dexter 03:40
3. Song for Jake 04:01
4. untitled10000 06:45
5. A River 06:14
6. Circles 06:28
7. BoulderBall 04:01
8. An Open Window Reprise 06:47

Augustine Yates - Piano
Robert Lee - Bass
Andrew McCarthy - Drums

Composed and Arranged by Augustine Yates (SOCAN)
Recorded and Mixed by Brandon Wells
Mastered by Reuben Ghose
Produced by Robert Wannell, Bruce Cassidy and Augustine Yates
Recorded at Gordon Wragg Recording Studios
Cover Art by Augustine Yates, Connie Yates and Kate Stevens

Jim Kimsey - perXactly! (January 2022)

As solo artist, bandleader and sideman, Jim Kimsey has shown himself to be a uniquely individual musician. Consistently spanning a wide variety of styles and a broad mix of music, Kimsey has always played himself in every situation.

With perXactly! his jazz debut, he continues playing many roles —composer, arranger, bandleader, guitar maestro—and proves he’s a master of each. His band consists of superb, sensitive players as well, who move seamlessly through an array of grooves and styles. The sense of interplay is swinging and conversational in the finest tradition of jazz ensemble performance.

There’s a lyrical quality to Kimsey’s writing, and the compositions are memorably melodic. His melodies are framed by bittersweet, goosebumpy harmonies using dissonance to express tension and suspense; to tease out subtleties of humor and longing. Pulling off this sort of harmonic thing requires great expertise and musicality, particularly evident on stunning ballads like Puo Dirmi.

Mixed in with this harmonic roux, however, is the persistent yet shape-shifting flavor of the blues.

While on exultant romps like Rampart Street Rhumba and Second Line Thang, we find rhythmic textures that pay tribute to the roots of classic New Orleans jazz and r&b. Both these tunes were part of a Kimsey set at 2001’s Indy Jazz Fest with his 2nd Line R&Bebop band Wild Blue Jimbos, played to a crowd of over 5000.

The thrilling guitar break on the tango bridge of NDKREBN shows us things aren’t always what they seem here, as they take yet another turn.

Indeed, one is transported by Kimsey’s music to invigorating, atmospheric places: the bustling streets of the French quarter; the lonesome cafes of Naples; the sexy social clubs of Havana; the smoky after-hours joints of old Indianapolis. Traces of classic Miles, Bill Frisell, Professor Longhair and Nino Rota are heard here.

The word perXactly! is a hip, soulful way of saying, “Yeah!”. It’s a funny and poignant sign of affirmation--and a perfect name for this beautiful music. 

1. perXactly! 05:32
2. Rampart St. Rhumba 05:14
3. Puo Dirmi 04:47
4. Now What Is It 08:54
5. Mambo Jimbo 05:13
6. NDKREBN 05:07
7. Without You 05:37
8. Second Line Thang 06:46

Jim Kimsey - Guitar, Keyboard and loops (8)
Michael Stricklin - Sax
Bruce Polson - Piano, Keyboard (3)
Sam Withrow - Drums
Fred Withrow - Bass
Jesse Wittman - Bass (2)
Pat Finnegan - Solo Keyboard (8)

Monodrama - Mndrmooaa (January 2022 Everlasting Records)

To approach a text explaining Monodrama is to take on a genuine challenge. Like Faust when ordered by Mephistopheles to “invent words, now that ideas fail you”, we are bereft of signifiers to describe Monodrama’s music – they are the happiest anomaly of current Spanish music, a band with no apparent reference points in our local scene.

1. A BLUE FLAME 06:18
4. THE HUNT 07:35
8. HOBO 06:05
10. INNER DANCE 06:10
11. BIG HOPE 08:43
12. SARABANDE 10:18
13. PAHOEHOE 05:24