Saturday, August 5, 2017

Jon Cowherd's "Gateway" Shipping Now! (NEW VELLE RECORDS)

Shipping now!  Jon Cowherd's "Gateway".  A record of all original, never heard before material ,from one of New York City's most heralded bands.  We can't wait to hear your response to this one....


“He absolutely influences me and inspires me in the way that his compositions all have a great vibration and mood and architecture.” 
– Brian Blade, on Jon’s compositions

"I love that Brian used the word “architecture” to describe Jon’s writing.  These songs do feel designed almost as much as written.  This is not to say they are fussily constructed—melody, rather than harmonic ostentation or ornate structure, is the driving principle on every piece.  But around that melodic thread, Cowherd builds castles to explore.  Gateway is a great title for this record, because there are so many moments in these compositions when you’re stepping through some edifice that Cowherd has built and discovering another chamber to explore.  There is a wealth of ideas here."                                    – excerpted from the liner notes by Elan Mehler

"Bronco Braun"   Written by Jon Cowherd
Video shot by Sarah Enid Hagey and edited by Ben Chace

Last month we released the absolutely stellar collaboration of Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke.  If you haven't heard it yet, check out a sneak preview, here

The 4th record in this series is from the phenomenal young bassist Chris Tordini.  Featuring guitarist Greg Ruggerio and recent Rising Star Downbeat Winner, vocalist Becca Stevens.  An album of standards, this one is a heartbreaker

John Patitucci Trio Featuring Yotam Silberstein and Rogerio Boccato

Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke Duo

Jon Cowherd Quartet featuring Steve Cardenas, Tony Scherr and Brian Blade

Chris Tordini Trio featuring Becca Stevens and Greg Ruggerio

Aruán Ortiz revisiting the music of the great Cuban classical composers

Rufus Reid Trio with Steve Allee and Duduka Da Fonseca and featuring the Sirius Quartet

All of our cover and interior photographs for Season Two come from the astonishing French Collective Tendance Floue.  Our Recording Engineer on all six records is the incomparable multi-Grammy winning Marc Urselli.  Mastering engineer is the brilliant Alex Deturk .  Jim Hoppin and Sarah Enid Hagey shot lovely video for us at these sessions.  All video editing is by the award-winning Ben Chace.  Jordan Kleinman shoots all our studio photos.  Our web team is run by French genius Aymeric Auberger.  Social Media management by Jessye Mehler.  Newvelle is run by:  Elan Mehler and Jean-Christophe Morisseau

Brian Blade, Tony Scherr, Steve Cardenas and Jon Cowherd.       ©Jordan Kleinman