Tuesday, February 22, 2022

XOA - Program Change (May 27, 2022)

Having previously released music via Soundway Records and Five Easy Pieces, South London based producer XOA (AKA Nick Tyson) caught the ears of Gilles Peterson, DJ Mag, Boiler Room, Red Bull, XLR8R (and more) with his use of rich analogue sonics, steeped in the electronic sounds of London’s musical underbelly, blending vibrant textures and cosmic melodies, melding afrobeat and jazz sensibilities with house and techno.

Following a brief hiatus, XOA now re-emerges with not only a 4 track EP entitled ‘Program Change’, but also as a four person outfit, which sees Tyson (Bass & Electronics) joined by Johnny Tomlinson (Synths / Fender Rhodes), Josh Arcoleo (Tenor Saxophone) and Joost Hendrickx (Drums).

XOA has a new direction and meaning: hard hitting Jazz with big analogue electronic sounds. The focus is on the playing, with little to no programming on the tracks, but with a lot of care and focus on the individual sounds, drawing on Tyson’s experience as an electronic music producer.

In Tyson’s words “we just wanted and needed to get together to write, play, share time and create together, and I wanted each member to reach out at different points and express themselves’. The record is a result of that.

Instilled with a new revitalised energy and focus, the group channel deep interstellar visions throughout their music, incorporating celestial arpeggios, haunting motifs, acid infused bass lines and driving electronics throughout the record.

The EP’s title track ‘Program Change’ (due for release 18th March) serves as the first single, immersing the listener in an warp speed kaleidoscopic journey through space and time, giving a taste of what to expect from the EP. Second offering ‘World Tour’ (due for release 22nd April) sees the group unite with fast-rising Bristolian MC Gardna, who brings his vocals to the scattered drum patterns and drifting pads, punctuated by some truly phenomenal saxophone riffs.

Feeding on their newly-forged collaborative energy, XOA have created an urgent and enthralling record - one which perfectly captures the lightning-rod tenacity of their live performances.

The release will be the first on Tyson’s own imprint Outervisions - a label which embraces creatively driven artists blending sounds of Jazz and electronic music from London and beyond. 

1. Program Change (Radio Edit)
2. Counterforce
3. World Tour (feat Gardna)
4. Program Change (Main Edit)
5. Bump

Aidan Baker - Songs Of Undoing (May 6, 2022 Improved Sequence)

Recorded mid-pandemic, Songs of Undoing cannot help but have a sort of mid- or post-apocalyptic overlying concept, lyrically dealing with themes of exodus and travel / wandering, self-reliance, the weight of history...with pointed references to two post-apocalyptic, societal / environmental collapse novels, Octavia Butler's "Parables of The Sower" and Kate Wilhelm's "Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang." Musically, the songs move between minimal slowcore and a sort of textural noise-rock or what might be called deconstructed grunge, taking influence from artists like Lungfish, American Analog Set, PJ Harvey, and Stina Nordenstam.


Aidan Baker is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist using the electric guitar as his primary instrument. Using prepared and alternate methods of playing the guitar, along with various electronic effects, Baker creates music which generally falls within the ambient/experimental genre but draws on influences from rock, electronic, classical, and jazz. A highly prolific artist, Baker has released numerous recorded works, both solo and with various group projects - most notably the duo Nadja - on such independent labels as Karlrecords, Important Records, Southern Lord, and his own imprint, Broken Spine Productions. Baker is also the author of several books of poetry. A regular live performer, Baker has toured extensively around the world, including appearances at such international festivals as FIMAV, SXSW, Incubate, Unsound, and Mutek, among others. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Baker currently resides in Berlin, Germany. 

1. Undone
2. The Accumulation Of Objects
3. No One Is Coming To Save You
4. The Ghosts Of Buildings
5. Song Of Undoing I
6. What It Takes To Stay, What It Takes To Leave
7. The Sower
8. Song Of Undoing II
9. Late The Birds Sang
10. Done

500 copies, 100 on Limited Blue Vinyl.
CD ships May 6th 2022
LP ships June 10th 2022

J'USED - PLACES ( May 2, 2022)

Das neue Album der Band J’USED folgt, ähnlich wie sein Vorgänger „Characters“, einer konzeptuellen Grundidee: Jedes Stück ist von einem realen Ort inspiriert. So unterschiedlich wie diese Orte - sie reichen von den „Ilhas Desertas“ vor der Küste Madeiras, über die unterirdischen Welten Neapels „Sotterranea“ bis hin zu heimischen Gefilden in Rheinhessen „Palmenhof“ - sind auch die acht entstandenen Kompositionen. Ein breites Spectrum an Farben und Atmosphären, die in dieser intimen, akustischen Besetzung ihre persönlichen Bezüge klar offenbaren.

1. Soterranea 06:55
2. Palmenhof 06:22
3. Ilhas Desertas 06:02
4. Lakeshore 06:14
5. Bellinzona 04:39
6. Kaitieke Road 07:00
7. Santa Cova 07:09
8. Ährenfeld 03:33

Oliver Naumann – Altsaxophon
Lukas Moriz – Klavier
Eduardo Sabella – Kontrabass
Johannes Lüttgen – Schlagzeug

Mixing: Markus Born
Mastering: Christoph Stickel
Cover: Sara Rojo

Ben Feldman and Jenny Xu - Partner, Partner (February 22, 2022)

This is a first duo album from both Ben Feldman and Jenny Xu, as well as Jenny's debut vocal album.

1. Fly Me to the Moon 03:57
2. Pennies from Heaven 04:42
3. In the Wee Small Hours 06:13
4. I'm Old Fashioned 04:40
5. I Thought About You 05:52
6. Make Someone Happy 04:56
7. The Touch of Your Lips 03:20

Vocals: Jenny Xu
Double bass: Ben Feldman

Sound engineer: Ben Feldman
Mixing and mastering: Chris Spencer

Recorded in Ben Feldman's bedroom

Album photography: Ben Feldman
Back cover: Leonard Feldman
Album design: Jenny Xu

Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder - GET ON BOARD (April 22, 2022 Nonesuch Records)

Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder discuss the making of their album 'GET ON BOARD,' out April 22 on Nonesuch Records, in a conversation with writer Lynell George.

1. My Baby Done Changed the Lock on the Door
2. The Midnight Special
3. Hooray Hooray
4. Deep Sea Diver
5. Pick a Bale of Cotton
6. Drinkin’ Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
7. What a Beautiful City
8. Pawn Shop Blues
9. Cornbread, Peas, Black Molasses
10. Packing Up Getting Ready to Go
11. I Shall Not Be Moved

Richard Andersson - U·Synlig (March 20, 2022)

This album is the result of Richard Andersson interpreting 10 visual pieces of art. As Andersson is blind, he is not able yoo see the pieces of art, witch is why the pieces as been described fro him by various people. Each track is entitled with the name of the piece of art that was described to Richard and the music is his interpretation on double bass. You can see the descriptions (in Danish only) in the booklet or in the lyrics section of each track.

By buying the physical album, you will recieve a luxurious box including a Vinyl and a beautiful booklet that (in a manipulatede manner) displays the pieces of art Richard that is interpreting.

1. Legende børn. Enghave plads
2. Dinnes hjørne
3. Summer shadow leaves, Denmark
4. Brudstykker af en lykkelig barndom
5. Reality refugees
6. The day knowledge killed him
7. Dommedag
8. Sankt Hans aften
9. A view of the island of New Caledonia in the South
10. Mennesker på vejen

Richard Andersson on double bass

Jothan Callins & The Sounds Of Togetherness - Winds Of Change (February 22, 2022 MAD ABOUT RECORDS)

Rare Spiritual Jazz funk Masterpiece reissue for the first time ever Worldwide with the original 4 page booklet

“Winds of Change” is generally compared to the Strata East style of jazz

Jothan Callins had played with Olatunji in the late 1960s, he both joined The Sun Ra Arkestra and founded his own Sounds of Togetherness. The incarnation of the band featured on this 1975 New York recording includes Cecil McBee, Norman Connors, Joseph Bonner, and Roland Duval.

Released as a one and done on Triumph Records, there is a little information about Callins and almost nothing about the sessions. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Callins played with a long list of luminaries, was an educator and obtained his Masters degree at the University of Pittsburgh (where Nathan Davis directed the jazz studies program). He established the Birmingham Youth Jazz Ensemble (BYJE) in addition to becoming the first Jazz Artist in Residence in the Birmingham Public Schools. At the time this record was released, Callins was teaching in NYC.

1. Prayer For Love And Peace 08:14
2. Winds Of Change 15:05
3. Sons And Daughters Of The Sun 10:03
4. Triumph (Invitation / Call To Warriors) 10:10

Composed By, Trumpet, Bells – Jothan Callins
Bass – Cecil McBee
Congas, Percussion – Roland Duval
Drums, Percussion – Norman Connors
Piano, Tambourine – Joseph Bonner

Engineer – Frank Kulaga
Illustration – Taiwo Duwal

LITTERJUG - LITTERJUG (February 22, 2022 Gotta Let It Out)

Bloodstock themes, cascading drum fills, pumping bass lines, and flamethrower saxophone cries - LITTERJUG is a rollercoaster ride of joyful anarchy.

LITTERJUG is a Copenhagen-based contemporary trash jazz trio featuring three original improvisers from Poland, Lithuania, and Denmark.

The band's explorations are heavily rock-inspired, with a dose of abrasive free flow improvisations. The trio offers contrast-filled, action-packed music, sometimes rocking a simple groove, and other times boldly wandering into abstract territories.

1. Usurpator
2. Bøffel
3. Guitar
4. Snabelfisk
5. Projektil
6. Marv
7. Litterjug

Andrius Dereviancenko - tenor saxophone, clarinet
Szymon Gasiorek - drums, percussion
Asger Thomsen - double bass, objects

All music composed by Asger Thomsen

Recorded at Panalama, Copenhagen by Peter Rossel Lademann
Mixed by Peter Rossel Lademann & Asger Thomsen
Mastering, back photo, and drawings by Asger Thomsen
Front photo by Szymon Gąsiorek
Layout by Asger Thomsen & Tomo Jacobson

Marco Bianchi "LEMON" 4et - Switch (February 22, 2022)

This album is called “Switch” and it is dedicated to the moment in life when everything suddenly changes.

I asked to my self: how will my life change now? How I will react? Which elements will remain and which will go away? Why?

The “Switch” is present inside the tracks, (in the form of melodies, chords, rhythm, different genres) and among the songs (like playlist).

"Switch" tells you all about this.

1. Xennial 08:17
2. Beat Takeshi 05:43
3. Banitsa 07:49
4. Lisieux 07:46
5. Zubin Metal 07:08
6. Tum Bao Bab 09:18
7. Orange is the New Lemon 05:00
8. Kintsugi 02:58

Composed, arranged and produced by Marco Bianchi

Marco Bianchi, vibes, marimba and glockenspiel
Maurizio Aliffi, guitars
Roberto Piccolo, double bass
Filippo Valnegri, drums and percussions

Cecilia Aliffi, viola on “Lisiuex”
Ilaria Taroni, choirs on “Banitsa”
Maria Natchkova, voice over on “Banitsa”

Recorded in 2021 by Marco Bianchi and Filippo Valnegri at TRAM Studio, Lake of Como
Mixed and Edited by Marco Bianchi at TRAM Studio, Lake Of Como
Guitars Reamp of "Xennial", "Beat Takeshi", "Zubin Metal" by Larsen Premoli at RecLab Studios, Buccinasco (Milano)
Mastered by Cynthia Daniels at MonkMusic Studios, Easthampton, New York
Cover idea: Marco Bianchi
Graphic by: Roberto Cattaneo
Photos by Mauro Grandi
Produced by Marco Bianchi

Matt Clark / James Edmunds + Jules Lawrence - Inhibition Vanishes: Live​/​encounters at The Bees Mouth, Hove (February 2022)

Inhibition vanishes indeed, or at least it did for one member of the audience… well, anyway, here are the unedited (perhaps I should say unadulterated…) recordings of Matt and James’ live performance at the Bees Mouth in Hove, September last year, complete with ambient noises from the street. These are the recordings that formed the basis for Music In Unusual Spaces…

1. Holmes' Return 09:58
2. End Of The Beginning 06:24
3. Inhibition Vanishes 07:22
4. Experimental, jazz and improvised music, - Footsteps 08:22
5. Nepal 07:06
6. Metronine 06:18

Matt Clark - guitar
James Edmunds - drums

Guest appearance on sax (tracks 4 and 5) - Jules Lawrence