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Alexander Hawkins / Evan Parker - Leaps in Leicester (2016) CLEAN FEED RECORDS


Alexander Hawkins / Evan Parker - Leaps in Leicester (2016)

Saxophone colossus Evan Parker is no stranger to the duo format with a pianist, and the recordings with the likes of Agustí Fernández, Sylvie Courvoisier, Matthew Shipp, Georg Graewe, Stan Tracey, Borah Bergman and John Tilbury are there to confirm it.

His encounter with Alexander Hawkins isn’t just one more experience in that context, however. “Leaps in Leicester” may put him in known territory instrumentally (after all, which contexts hasn’t Parker seen over the course of his illustrious career?); but it’s not the context which provides the route to new directions here, so much as the personality of the individual with whom the dialogue is developed.

A self-taught improviser and composer, Alexander Hawkins is one of a kind and the best partner possible for someone as unique as Parker. Although over recent years Hawkins has appeared in various Parker-led formations (ranging from trio through to a 15-piece large ensemble), this album captures the pair’s very first explorations in the duo format.

It’s not the first time Clean Feed has released a CD featuring him – Hawkins is a member of The Convergence Quartet, playing with Taylor Ho Bynum, Dominic Lash and Harris Eisenstadt. His background speaks for itself, including collaborations with Louis Moholo-Moholo, Joe McPhee, John Surman, Mulatu Astatke, Wadada Leo Smith, and Anthony Braxton. Additionally, the work he has developed in the collaborative trio Decoy (with John Edwards and Steve Noble) has brought the possibilities provided by a particular instrument, the Hammond organ, to new grounds. Prepare yourself for something special.

Evan Parker  tenor sax
Alexander Hawkins  piano

All music by Alexander Hawkins and Evan Parker

1. Jump Star
2. Gambade
3. Capriole
4. The Shimmy (For Tony Marsh)

Recorded 27th February 2015 at Embrace Arts, Leicester, UK by Chris Trent | Mixed by Chris Trent and Adam Skeaping | Mastered by Adam Skeaping
Production by Alexander Hawkins | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos

Special thanks to Roger Gow



Guillermo Klein - Los Guachos V (2016)

For 20 years, Guillermo Klein has been creating some of the most singular and exciting music for his highly adept 11-piece ensemble, Los Guachos. His compositional style has been evolving over the years, though always utilizing elements of jazz, folkloric music of his native Argentina, rock and modern classical music. Klein’s musical voice has established a number of unique composing concepts. His new recording, Guachos V, heralds his use of a new method: symmetries. To highlight this work, Klein has created two suites, Suite Indiana and Suite Jazmin, that use familiar works of the jazz canon and his own material reworked using mirroring, inversions and retrogrades of harmonies and melodies to create new compositions. Klein celebrates this anniversary by doing what he does best, presenting new, challenging, but tremendously gripping and rhythmically attractive, music.

1. Suite Indiana - Back Home Again 03:44
2. Suite Indiana - Donna Lee
3. Suite Indiana - Patria Espiral
4. Suite Jazmin - Symmetry I
5. Suite Jazmin - Si No Sabes 4/4 04:40
6. Suite Jazmin - Si No Sabes 9/8
7. Suite Jazmin - Burrito Hill Mirror
8. Suite Jazmin - Human Feel Mirror
9. Suite Jazmin - Jazmin
10.Symmetry II (Si No Sabes Que No Sabes)
11.Ashes 02:20
12.Quemando Velas

Ben Monder - guitar
Bill McHenry - tenor sax
Chris Cheek - soprano, tenor & baritone sax
Diego Urcola - trumpet, trombone
Fernando Huergo - electric bass
Guillermo Klein - piano
Jeff Ballard - drums
Miguel Zenon - alto sax
Richard Nant - percussion, trumpet
Sandro Tomasi - trombone
Taylor Haskins - trumpet, flugelhorn 


Bart Defoort Quintet - Inner Waves (2016)

Label: W.E.R.F.
Source: Jazz Around

Après « Moving » (en quartet avec Erik Vermeulen au piano), « The Lizzard Game » (avec déjà Hans Van Oost à la guitare) et « Short Stories On Our Journey » (en quintet avec le saxophonsite italien Emanuele Cisi et Ron Van Rossum au piano), voici le quatrième album personnel de Bart Defoort. Pour ce nouvel album WERF, le saxophoniste ténor du Brussels Jazz Orchestra et complice de Diederik Wissels pour l’album Streams a réuni un quintet.  Au piano, Ewout Pierreux, le compagnon de Tutu Puoane (albums « Breathe », « Ilanga » et Bert Joris and Tutu: « Live at De Roma ») et membre du Tuesday Night Orchestra. A la guitare, Hans Van Oost, l’un des membres de l’équipe réunie par Fabien Degryse pour un Hommage à René Thomas mais aussi membre du quintet de Koen Nyset du trio de Johan Vandendriessche. A la contrebasse, Christophe Devisscher, qui a longtemps fait partie du quartet du vibraphoniste Pascal Schumacher (« Bang My Can », « Here We Gong ») et vient d’enregistrer à son nom « A Fischeman’s Tale », avec Frank Deruyter au saxophone. A la batterie, Tony Vitacolonna, actuel batteur du BJO (« The Music of Enrico Pieranunzi », « Brel » avec David Linx) et fondateur de DelVita avec le tromboniste Peter Delannoye. Au répertoire, une nouvelle série de compositions originales : huit du leader et Still du guitariste. De longues plages de 6 à 9 minutes qui laissent de larges espaces pour les solos : guitare sur Late Night Drive ou Still, piano sur No More Church et Late Night Drive. Tout au long de l’album, on retrouve la sonorité ronde et chaleureuse du ténor, que ce soit sur tempo rapide (Bright Side, Make That Move, Inner Waves avec ce thème exposé à trois, sax-guitare-batterie, avant que n’interviennent piano et contrebasse), sur des ballades à la mélodie langoureuse (No More Chruch, Too Late To Tell You, Still) ou sur un mid tempo volontiers bluesy (Late Night Drive, Light Red To Dark Blue, The Yearning Song avec une intro piano-contrebasse). Du travail d’orfèvre.  Claude Loxhay 

01. Late Night Drive 07:03
02. Light Red to Dark Blue 07:14
03. No More Church 08:24
04. Bright Side 09:24
05. The Yearning Song 07:11
06. Make That Move 05:45
07. Too Late to Tell You 07:01
08. Inner Waves 06:26
09. Still 06:10

Bart Defoort - saxophone
Ewout Pierreux - piano
Hans Van Oost - guitare
Christophe Devisscher - contrebasse
Tony Vitacolonna - batterie

Chris Parker Trio - Blue Print (2016)

Label: Nunoise Records
Source: Cdbaby

Born in Chicago, Chris was playing drums at age three and began performing his first professional gigs at eleven. At nineteen, Parker began recording and touring with blues great Paul Butterfield and then broke into the New York studio scene in 1970,doing records, movie scores and filling the drum chair at Saturday Night Live.

Toph, as friends know him, recorded platinum, gold and Grammy winning albums and CDs with many artists,including the original Brecker Brothers, Bob Dylan, Cher, Natalie Cole, Donald Fagen, Ashford and Simpson, Aretha Franklin, Freddie Hubbard, James Brown, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Stuff, Miles Davis, Patti LaBelle, Michael Bolton, Michael Franks, Lionel Hampton,Eddie Palmieri,Gato Barbieri,Ivan Lins,Jane Duboc,Billie Holiday,Tony Bennett,Jon Secada,Don Covay and Quincy Jones who has written liner notes for the latest cd,”Blue Print.”

Currently leading his own band ,the Chris Parker Trio with Kyoko Oyobe,piano and Ameen Saleem,bass,Parker has just recorded “Blue Print,” a new cd dedicated to Arif Mardin and produced by Arif’s son, Joe.This new work features Randy Brecker,on three tracks as well as Parker’s original compositions.

 1. Opus De Tophe
2. You Be My Baby
3. Ballad
4. Filthy McNasty
5. Blue Print
6. First Days
7. Counting Sheep
8. Of Two Minds
9. Duomo
10. Choice

Chris Parker
Kyoko Oyobe
Ameen Saleem

Michael O'Brien

With special guest:

Randy Brecker - trumpet


Jack Dejohnette - In Movement (2016)

Label: ECM

There is something of the "six degrees of separation" theory at work in this newly formed trio, led loosely, by the great Jack DeJohnette. The drummer/multi-instrumentalist works in the company of saxophonist Ravi Coltrane whose lineage is well known, and bassist/electronic artist Matthew Garrison whose father Jimmy Garrison was the bassist in John Coltrane's classic quartet. And, of course, DeJohnette, early in his career, played with the fathers of both of his trio mates.

In Movement opens with an extended and stunning version of the senior Coltrane's "Alabama." While the trio loses none of the original version's emotional impact, they nevertheless take a fresh approach with the addition of restrained electronics and Ravi Coltrane's quietly surging tenor. The title track, one of two compositions where all three trio members share writing credits, again features a soaring performance from Coltrane, this time on soprano sax. A transformative take on the Miles Davis/Bill Evans "Blue in Green" includes some fine piano work from DeJohnette, a talent for which he's often under-recognized.

What may seem like an unusual entry on In Movement is the Earth, Wind & Fire song, "Serpentine Fire." DeJohnette, however, had worked with the legendary R&B group leader Maurice White in an early DeJohnette trio where the leader played piano and White was the drummer. DeJohnette's "Lydia,"—written for his wife—is slow and atmospheric and a perfect counter for the more frenetic "Rashied," a DeJohnette/R. Coltrane composition that sees the saxophonist blazing through improvisations set to DeJohnette's blistering pace. The drummer's own "Soulful Ballad" is just that, with DeJohnette back on piano and Coltrane turning in a quietly moving performance.

DeJohnette, in a 2011 NEA Jazz Master interview with The Smithsonian, described playing with John Coltrane as a ..."physical and spiritual experience...." When looking at the veteran artist's variety of output in the past twelve months, including Made in Chicago (ECM Records, 2015) and the fifty-year old Bill Evans Trio discovery, Some Other Time: The Lost Session From the Black Forest (Resonance Records, 2016), it is evident that DeJohnette is as much the source as the recipient of those qualities. As a drummer he runs the gamut from refined, light touches to visceral spontaneity. He finds perfect band mates in the always erudite and appealing playing of Ravi Coltrane and the refined musicality of Garrison. In Movement begs for a follow-up.  

1. Alabama
2. In Movement
3. Two Jimmys
4. Blue In Green
5. Serpentine Fire
6. Lydia
7. Rashied
8. Soulful Ballad

Jack DeJohnette (drums, piano, electronic percussion)
Ravi Coltrane (tenor, soprano and sopranino saxophones)
Matthew Garrison (electric bass, electronics)


Ermis Michail Quintet - Minor Change (2016)

Label: Sels Released
Source: Ermis Michail

Ermis Michail was born at 1988, he started playing the guitar at the age of 14. In 2008 he was accepted at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Jazz Department). He performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2010 as a member of the Rotterdam Big Band. In 2011 he finished his Bachelor degree in Music (Jazz Guitar) with honors. In 2012 Ermis Michail won the 1st prize at “The Nicolas Economou Foundation (NEF) Scholarship Competition”. In 2014 he finished his Master’s degree in Jazz Guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts). In 2016 he released his debut album with his original compositions "Minor Change".
He is currently teaching jazz guitar at the University of Nicosia while performing in various projects as a leader and a sideman at venues all over Cyprus, Greece, the UK and the Netherlands.


1. Fifty One
2. Turning Around
3. Coincidence
4. Out of the Blue
5. Introducing
6. Lady Spring
7. New Orleans
8. Minor Change

Ermis Michail - guitar
Thomas Lumley - tenor saxophone
Andreas Panteli - piano
Marijn van de Ven - double bass
Luis Mora - drums 


Billy Kilson Trio - Descension Rising (2016)

Label: Self Released
Source: Cdbaby

Billy Kilson has assembled a team of all-stars. Joined on bass, legendary Buster Williams along with Billy's long time friend also the highly acclaimed Bassist, James Genus. Rounding off the trio is the Pianist, Henry Hey, his formal BK Groove colleague.
After a decade plus with touring with Chris Botti, this is the debut recording of The Billy Kilson Trio inspired by his Jazz roots, Walter Davis Jr and Ahmad Jamal. Descension Rising - 復活 is an artistic display of Billy’s journey from his early days to his time with the Dave Holland Quintet.

This is a song written by Dave Holland for his late wife, Clare. The performance here is to pay homage to Dave and his lovely wife Clare.

This was one of Billy's audition tunes he played for Walter Davis Jr. Here Billy is paying homage to Walter and one of his favorite drummers Philly Joe Jones. 

The inspiration for this composition are from the strength of those who have suffered and fallen yet will not quit. After Billy's personal hardship due to the illness in his family, it was the will of many who have had similar trials and tribulations that pulled him through.

Billy's recently deceased friend, Bob Belden, introduced this album ”Transformation (The Speed Of Love)" to him. In the midst of Billy's metamorphosis, this song was quite profound .

This tune is simply an homage to Tony Williams. It is very rare that a musician's instrumental skills match their compositional skills. Pee Wee is Billy's favorite Tony Williams composition.

"Miss Jenny" was one of Billy's Mom’s nickname. Before every gig his Mom would always would say “play pretty for the people”. Each of Billy's recordings, he performs and composes a mallet drum solo for her.

Although this is a song written by Herbie Hancock, Billy is channeling his days with Ahmad Jamal by playing his arrangement of this beautiful composition.

This is a solo piece inspired by one of the many drum videos by Lenny Nelson. He was and still is a mentor to Billy. Lenny also studied with his teacher, Alan Dawson.

Two of America's greatest composers, Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock. This performance is inspired by Herbie Hancock’s arrangement of You’ve Got it Bad Girl.

This performance is paying homage to Max Roach and Billy's teacher Alan Dawson. Alan and Max has continued to inspire each and everyone of Billy's drum solos.  

1. Claressence
2. Stablemates
3. A Dying Breed
4. Piktor's Metamorphosis
5. Pee Wee
6. ...For Miss Jenny
7. Dolphin Dance
8. Rim-Tha-Ma-Ning
9. You've Got It Bad Girl
10. Mildama

Billy Kilson - drums
Buster Williams - bass
James Genus - bass
Henry Hey - piano 




'Fellow Creatures'


“..fusing the infectious grooves of a Phronesis rhythm section with the off-kilter hooks of Polar Bear.” LONDON JAZZ

JASPER HØIBY double bass, composer
LAURA JURD trumpet

OUT 15th JULY 2016

Fellow Creatures is the first new venture for Jasper’s own music since his formation of Phronesis in 2005, and as such will be hugely anticipated in jazz circles. The music embodies a strong sense of groove and an optimistic and driving energy, which combines with atmospheric textures and contrapuntal rhythms, leading Jazzwise to describe the band as “masters of evolving melody”.

Patrick Shiroishi's Black Sun Sutra - Anfinsen's Landmark (2016) CREATIVE SOURCES RECORDINGS


Patrick Shiroishi's Black Sun Sutra - Anfinsen's Landmark (2016)

Released April 18, 2016 

Noah Guevara - Guitar 
Robert Magill - Tenor Saxophone 
Ken Moore - Double Bass 
Sergio Sanchez - Drums 
Patrick Shiroishi - Alto & Baritone Saxophones

1. Human Suffering 08:09
2. Don't Truth Me and I Won't Truth You 06:41
3. Athialowi 06:06
4. Stand Up and Lose Your Name and Become One 06:34
5. Esteemer 04:34

Recorded live at the Church of the Epiphany in Oakpark, CA on the 23rd of August, 2015. 

Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Felix Salazar 
Titled by Amandeep Brar 
Artwork & Design by Nisa Karnsomport 

Dedicated to Ayumi Nancy Tashiro & Harry Asayoshi Shigetomi 

This album was made possible with the generous support of James Hall, Tommy Jordan, Martin Fleischmann, Jay Wilcox, Rev. Melissa McCarthy, Brian Driscoll, Jonathan Silberman & Kelly Coats. This binaural recording was made with a Neumann KU-100 "Fritz" courtesy of James Hall at Jawbone.