Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – May 17, 2017 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m.

Let's have some fun!

Thanks to Music Director Serah and friends around the world for the program's content.

Nubya Garcia - Nubya's 5ive (jazzre:freshed 2017)

London-based saxophonist and composer, Nubya Garcia, is one of the leading forces behind the resurgence of jazz-influenced sounds in the UK. Raised in a creative environment built by a set of Caribbean parents, her brand of afro-tinged Jazz has made her a key component in a string of new and established groups: from work with MOBO Award-winning drummer, Moses Boyd, legendary Jungle producer and toaster, Congo Natty, through to her own works as part of six-piece, Maisha, and the Nérija septet.

Nubya fearlessly threw herself head first into this 5ive project, her debut recording, with a clear vision of what she wanted and was meticulous in her pursuit of her sound. Enlisting the help of fellow musical comrades from an exciting new wave of London based talent, Nubya tapped into well-seasoned, harmonious relationships with players that know and understand her – and this joyful union radiates through her compositions.

Beautiful music, thoughtful and passionate playing.

1. Lost Kingdoms 07:38
2. Fly Free 09:41
3. Hold 07:09
4. Contemplation 09:56
5. Red Sun 08:17
6. Hold (Alternate Take) 05:29

Joe Armon-Jones / Piano (all tracks) 
Moses Boyd / Drums (all tracks) 
Daniel Casimir / Bass (all tracks) 
Femi Koloeso / Drums (1, 3, 6) 
Sheila Maurice-Grey / Trumpet (1) 
Theon Cross / Tuba (3, 6) 

Recorded at: Soup Studios 
Engineered by: David Holmes 
Mixed by: David Wehinm 
Mastered by: Cicely Balston at Air Mastering

One Two Free Fall - One Two Free Fall (UNDERPOOL RECORDS 2017)

One Two Free Fall es una nueva propuesta del trompetista Julián Sánchez en coliderazgo con la violinista Luz Prado, el contrabajista Joan Masana y el baterista Javier del Barco. Una formación que aúna la frescura y madurez artística propias a un proyecto que encuentra en la improvisación y la estética del free jazz su principal vehículo de expresión. Ornette Coleman, Eric Doplhy, Sun Ra, Roland Kirk y tantos otros referentes del avant-garde y la improvisación libre han servido como punto de partida a un cuarteto que firma música original y que se no se establece, sino que encuentra en la incertidumbre su propia naturaleza.

El sonido conjunto de trompeta y violín ofrecen una amplia y atractiva sonoridad que traslada al oyente al ámbito de la música contemporánea. Junto a ello y en equilibrio estético, contrabajo y batería provocan que florezcan la danza y el baile en sus melodías. Una propuesta protagonizada por cuatro músicos con trayectoria, madurez y experiencia; una novedosa unión que busca un espacio común donde las respuestas se construyen en comunión con el público, con el momento, a través de ellos.

1. I don´t know why but i like it
2. Marmeládov
3. Poco a poco
4. Lonely
5. A pique D
6. Love in the Garden
7. Love in outer space
8. Requiem

Julián Sánchez - Trompeta 
Luz Prado - Violín 
Joan Masana - Contrabajo
Javier del Barco - Batería

Brenton Foster - The Nature Of Light (2017)

This record represents more than a collection of music. It feels more akin to a personal enlightenment, drawing on experiences that evoked strong emotions across the spectrum. In each track, an experience and emotion are represented by one prominent colour which, even with the passing of time, instantly recalls its origin. 

This was the inspiration for this record - emotion defined through colour. An emotion which resonated within me, that I could reflect on, could sit with, often for days or weeks at a time. Those emotions find an outlet in these songs, the composition of which, though credited to me, happened almost involuntarily; an innocent bystander as the music found its way to the piano and the page. It is by this metric, the emotional rawness and honesty, that I feel so proud of this record. It speaks of sadness, love, hope and fear, of happiness, regret and excitement. 

Emotional expression is hard. For me, at least. Talking about emotion, particularly negative emotion, is a painful process. This record provides me freedom of expression, in a language with which I’m more comfortable. 

This record is intensely personal. It has challenged me and left me exhausted, but at the same time, has inspired and energised me. I hope it will do the same for you. I hope this record will help you to pause, to reflect, to feel and to express your inner self as honestly and fearlessly as possible. 

Thank you.

Composition by Brenton Foster 
Produced by Brenton Foster 

Piano: Brenton Foster 
Trumpet: Tom Jovanovic 
Saxophone: Gideon Brazil 
Trombone: Nick Pietsch 
Double Bass: Marty Holoubek 
Drums: Aaron McCoullough 

Recorded by Allan Neuendorf 
New Village Studios, Melbourne, Australia 
Mixed by Tom Barnes 
Mary Street, Adelaide, Australia 
Mastered by Robert Thomas 
Ten Eight Seven Mastering, London, UK 

Photography: Madeléna Rehorek 
Art Direction: James Bobridge

1. mx 05:35
2. First Day 06:51
3. Hundreds And Thousands 05:26
4. Juniper 04:44
5. Midnight Suite, pt I: Transit 01:37
6. Midnight Suite, pt II: Rialto 04:24
7. Midnight Suite, pt III: Flinders Street 04:29
8. Playtime 04:49
9. The Audacity Of Tropes (Redwash) 07:47

Daniel Santiago & Pedro Martins - Simbiose (2017)

O encontro entre dois guitarristas/violonistas se explica para além da sonoridade proposta por este duo. Daniel e Pedro são amigos, filhos da mesma terra (Brasília) e se destacaram nacional e internacionalmente na musica instrumental por seus trabalhos próprios e acompanhando artistas de renome.

Daniel Santiago coleciona indicações e prêmios como Tim Jazz Festival e Grammy Latino de Melhor Grupo Instrumental ao lado de Hamilton de Holanda. Pedro Martins recentemente foi o vencedor do tradicional Montreaux Jazz Festival na Suíça, favorito do júri e do público.

Daniel, 14 anos mais velho, serviu de referência no início da carreira de seu parceiro e hoje admite que o próprio Pedro o influencia.

Há uma simbiose nesse Duo que ultrapassa as influências musicais em comum e deságua no encontro de duas emoções absolutamente compatíveis.

1. Retrato 5:17
2. Simbiose 2:07
3. Distância 3:50
4. Terra Molhada 4:32
5. Caravela 2:17
6. Paz 4:53
7. Terra De Ninguém 5:21
8. Refletindo 6:24
9. Chorando E Sorrindo 5:39

All tracks written by Daniel Santiago, except "Refletindo", by Pedro Martins.

Daniel Santiago violão
Pedro Martins guitarra