Saturday, May 22, 2021

LEONEsauvage / Luise Volkmann - Dreams To Come (May 2021 Umland Records)

Kill your darlings, live the kitsch. We dance down our creed. There's too many walls 'round here, dreams to come, dreams to come. Wild and untamed blowers, yarning fragile heads. All to make, All to give! Free the music we give.

1. L’Initiation Du Bon Vieux Leone 04:38
2. Preacher 04:00
3. Satoko Reborn As Rockstar 06:54
4. The Cool 04:35
5. Howl 05:40
6. Hymne Pour LEONEsauvage 08:03
7. Ayler Suite 09:38

Hrafnkell Flóki Kaktus Einarsson – voice
João Neves – voice
Miguel Angel Crozzoli – soprano sax
Luise Volkmann – alto sax
Jędrzej Jagodziński – tenor sax&baritone sax
Jon Sensmeier – tenor sax&baritone sax
Federico Corsini – bass
Thibault Gomez – piano
Tore Ljøkelsøy – drums
Szymon Pimpon Gąsiorek – drums

Recorded by Søren Buhl Lassen, March 2019 in Copenhagen.
Mixed and Mastered by Julius Gass.
All compositions by Luise Volkmann, except Track 7, a Suite by Victor Aubert, based on Truth Is Marching In and Omega Is The Alpha by Albert Ayler.
Graphic Design by Petra Jastro.
Released on Umland Records in May 2021.

Markus Türk - türk (May 2021 Umland Records)

Markus Türk plays 10 originals and one standard, using several instruments next to his main subject trumpet.

This record is the consequence of three solo concerts that he performed in september 2020 in his home village, using a loop station.

It’s a rough mixture of jazz, rock, world, pop and Blasmusik.

1. Dunkle Zeiten 03:05
2. Wieder kein Oscar 03:57
3. Piece of the Night 05:33
4. You are my Sunshine 03:27
5. Sinai 04:47
6. Markt 16 03:37
7. The saddest Thing in your Life 05:41
8. Dorfpunk 04:04
9. Yuri Joāo 04:12
10. Somewhere in the Past 02:10
11. M. walking under Water 02:41

Markus Türk
trumpet, flugelhorn, tenorhorn, trombone,
tuba, guitars, bass, didgeridoo, berimbau, vocals,
drums, percussion

recorded between december 2020 and february 2021
at Dachapparat, Lutherplatz 24, Krefeld
mixed and produced by Markus Maria Jansen
mastered by Peter Koerfer
artwork and electronics by Markus Maria Jansen

Schroer / Bektas / Nebel - Exit (May 2021 Umland Records)

1. Up The Hill 04:21
2. Yulet 05:55
3. Exit 04:21
4. Ajde Jano 04:16
5. Verlorene Welt, Verwitterte Seele 05:14
6. Incipience 03:01
7. Remember 05:33
8. Laila 05:23
9. Little Peace 05:37

Oliver Schroer - Piano
Ahmet Bektas - Oud
Johannes Nebel - Double Bass

Recorded & Mixed in February/March 2021 by Philip Lütz at Airplay Tonstudio Castrop-Rauxel
Mastered by Oliver Siegel
Artwork by Achim Zepezauer

Tracks 1/3/7/9 composed by Oliver Schroer
Tracks 2/8 composed by Ahmet Bektas
Track 4 Traditional from Serbia
Track 5 composed by Manfred Heinen
Track 6 composed by Johannes Nebel
All tracks arranged by Schroer / Bektas / Nebel

Julia Brüssel / Frank Gratkowski / Lothar Ohlmeier / Wolfgang Seidel - TOC (2021 Umland Records)

The Cologne-born (free) jazz violinist Julia Brüssel (The Dorf, Umland Collective, h i l d e) and Berlin avant-garde drummer and electronics musician Wolfgang Seidel (founding member of "Ton Steine Scherben") met in 2020. Since then, they have experimented a lot and played together in many different casts with musicians from the Berlin free jazz and real-time music scene.

They recorded several sessions of improvised music with the two wind instrumentalists Frank Gratkowski and Lothar Ohlmeier.

The CD "TOC" tells a trippy story of electronically and acoustically fused fantasies, created in various trio sessions with Frank and Lothar in 2020.

1. To come to 04:30
2. Tocotrienole 04:20
3. Toco Loco 04:24
4. Toccata 03:17
5. Atocha 03:10
6. High Toc 04:04
7. Anthrocyane 03:12
8. Slow Toc 04:44
9. Kottbusser Toc 04:43
10. Toctally 02:20
11. Tocalote 03:58
12. Toctophon 03:11

Julia Brüssel (vl) (Track 1-12)
Wolfgang Seidel (dr, perc, syn, org, el) (Track 1-12)
Lothar Ohlmeier (bcl) (Track 1-3,10-12)
Frank Gratkowski (sax, fl) (Track 4-9)

Holy Drone Travellers - Soul Surfers: Benefit For Nepal (May 2021 Saw-Whet Records)

"We know Coronavirus has affected everyone but Nepal has had to face it more tragically. We are/were not equipped for this pandemic, there is no access to safety & preventive measures in and around the Valley. The expansion of COVID-19 has left the population out of their normal life routine and ways to run a house. In Nepal. It is very evident that the daily wage workers and those belonging to the middle-class have become more exposed and vulnerable to the unseen circumstances created by Coronavirus. To tell you the truth, People are willing to die of Covid rather than Hunger!

Keeping this in mind, we as a group of artists and you as our supporters will be aiming to support this particular population (low-income families & daily wage workers) by providing basic raw food materials as well as basic medical supplies.

We (You and Us) will be working with a very active YOUTH MEMBERS who have been super involved in such activities since long. As Bhuyash (he hails from Kathmandu, Nepal) tells, this hardcore independent team formed in the year 2015, when Nepal dealt with devastating earthquake.

The Project:
The selective tracks included in the Album were recorded between the Spring of 2018 and Fall 2020. With your purchase of this Album, we give you the sense of fulfillment and pride in having done a wondrous contribution for people of Nepal.

Your donation will be directed towards low-income communities and in remote villages once the travel ban is lifted. As discussed earlier, we would like to be very clear that we are NOT focusing on fulfilling the painfully high oxygen demands or ambulance demands right now. But if we feel it’s possible, we may venture into that area too. Few partners helping us this project will be Lalita Gyan Kunj, Nepal and Kathmandu.

We are here just to BRIDGE the gap between various day to day resources. And We are HERE with a hope that it brings smile to at least one family.

With the purchase of this music album, you help us give back to the country that has majorly inspired our Music. This will be an ongoing project. As we receive funs, we will forward it and use it for families in the community in need."

-Bhuyash Neupane 

1.     जलढुंगटार यात्रा / Jaladhungatar Yatra 09:48
2. Soul Surfers 30:21
3.     एकता को आह्वान / Ekata ko Ahwan (Call for Unity) 05:07
4.     अविरल अपेक्षा / Aviral Apekshya (Never-ending Expectations) 14:57
5. I am You, I am Me (सोहम /Sohum) - Part I 05:11
6. I am You, I am Me (सोहम /Sohum) - Part II 03:54
7. Inner Commotions [Rafiq/Neupane Duo] 15:35
8. Unfeeling 03:15
9. Rain Song [Bokma/Neupane Duo] 18:13
10. Reverse Rain Song [Bokma/Neupane Duo] 08:00

Ethan Bokma - Clarinet, Electronics, Tambura, Bass Clarinet
Matt Meeker - Bass Guitar, Trombone, Shawm, Electronics
Bhuyash Neupane - Tabla, Djembe, Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Mustafa Rafiq - Guitar, Synth, Vocals

Hannes Wittwer - Zellen (June 8, 2021)

"This is my debut album ZELLEN. It's a carefully selected collection of free-improvised pieces, played on my pretty basic jazz-drums setup. There are no extra effects, cuts or overdubs, just pure music.

The process was a lot of fun, and I hope this feeling gets transmitted to you when you hear it!"

Hannes Wittwer is a composer, improviser, drummer and educator based in Switzerland. Interested in developing his own voice in music and arts, he particularly explores the fields of jazz and contemporary classical music and the field in-between. His main projects are his solo work on drums, the trio SPHAERA III and the quartet ZHIMAERA. 

1. Style Over Substance
2. Mizuki
3. Udina
4. Stete Höhle Trotzdem Stein
5. Kappelerhof
6. Haenel
7. In Kyoto Bin Ich
8. Méolithikum 02:33
9. Freecia 04:03
10. À Pierre
11. The Drum Also... (Bonus Track

Hannes Wittwer - drums / improvisation
Sina Steiner - recording, mixing, mastering (at SOMA Studios, Zofingen)

Graham Dent and Adrian Smith - Inspiring Detour (May 2021)

My life in music, and especially as a gigging jazz pianist, is like a long journey with twists and turns as collaborations with other musicians come and go. With the coronavirus lockdown it nearly came to an abrupt halt. But fortunately it just took an "Inspiring Detour" instead. I collaborated remotely online with bassist Adrian Smith and this double CD album is the result of our inspiring adventure together. As well as our keyboard/double bass duo, I spiced up some tracks with my sitar and tabla playing and we employed the help of drummer, Greg White, on a handful of tunes, which definitely reminded us of what it was like playing a proper live gig. Enjoy! Graham Dent

1. Get Out Of Town (Porter) 04:55
2. Too Young To Know (Dent) 05:17
3. ESP (Shorter) 06:12
4. Waltz For Debby (Evans) 06:07
5. For Bethany (Dent) 04:47
6. Soul Eyes (Waldron) 05:33
7. Invitation (Kaper) 06:04
8. Easy Living (Robin, Rainger) 05:48
9. La Fiesta (Corea) 06:25
10. Dat Dere (Timmons) 05:42
11. It's Easy To Remember (Rodgers) 06:20
12. Watch What Happens (Legrand) 05:15
13. Waltzing With Ellie (Dent) 04:08
14. Falling In Love With Love (Rodgers) 05:18
15. Five Hundred Miles High (Corea) 04:56
16. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (Romberg) 03:58
17. Man-Boy (Dent) 06:02
18. You And The Night And The Music (Schwartz) 05:15
19. Quiet Reflection (Dent) 04:56
20. Waltz For Zweetie (Bishop) 05:32
21. Broadway (Bird,McRae,Woode) 04:12
22. My Favourite Things (Rodgers) 06:45
23. Blame It On My Youth (Levant) 05:40
24. Hazel Nut (Dent) 04:05
25. Summertime (Gershwin) 04:34
26. Dindi (Jobim) 05:19
27. If I Were A Bell (Loesser) 05:32

Graham Dent : keyboard, sitar, tabla
Adrian Smith : double bass, bass guitar
Greg White : drums on tracks 1,7,14
Delroy Brown : drums on track 25

Waxwing - Flicker Down (May 2021)

Following on their previous Songlines release, A Bowl of Sixty Taxidermists (2015), Vancouver’s premier chamber jazz trio Waxwing (formed in 2006) returns with a flowing program of compositions and improvisations that again combines delicacy and strength, melodic beauty and textural sophistication. Theirs is a reflective kind of lyricism, often tinged with tenderness or nostalgia, but be prepared for the unexpected as pieces move though different forms and emotional states.

1. Flicker Down 07:09
2. On This Day 02:58
3. Fweeo Walks By 01:06
4. Your Bet 03:25
5. Time Waited 01:02
6. A Day’s Life 01:13
7. Montbretia Gates 01:49
8. Highway of Tears 03:49
9. Birds in Cages 00:44
10. Crossing Paths 04:24
11. Joe’s Theme 08:08
12. Breathe 03:42
13. Invisible Something 02:13
14. Just Saying 03:09
15. Cloaks of Coax 01:02
16. Peace for Animeek 04:18
17. Chasing the End 02:03
18. Parasitic 02:51

Peggy Lee, cello
Tony Wilson, electric guitar, harmonica, kalimba, percussion, ektara
Jon Bentley, tenor & soprano saxophones, tank drum, synthesizers, percussion & bells, samples and programming

Bøl - Bøl (May 2021)

Bøl is an incursion with intuition as its sole itinerary. A transient elsewhere, a music from the body, where we lose ourselves until we lose track of it all.

A flirtation with a trippy and fiery trance, where the sharp entropy of writing melts into improvisation.

Pervasive spontaneity blurs the borders into an avalanche of raw sounds; moving towards a wild jazz.

1. Nébuler 06:04
2. Mountain Pike 07:10
3. Interlude 02:35
4. Little Bounce 06:50
5. Ouro 06:56

Trumpet : Ludovic Schmidt
Saxophone : Hugo Collin
Acoustic Piano : Sylvain Rey
Guitar & Music : Cédric Laval
Bass : Mickaël Gagné
Drums : Romain Choisy

Recording : Fabien Auguy (Funk You Studio)
Mixing : Clément Soulignac
Mastering : Alexis Bardinet (Globe Audio Mastering)

Tobias Haug Quartett - Empty Streets (May 2021)

1. PB 05:23
4. BACK HOME 07:38
5. REMEMBER 06:54
7. RISING SUN 05:54

Recorded at LOFT Cologne in March 2020

Tobias Haug - saxophone
Felix Langemann - piano
Luca Müller - bass
Felix Ambach - drums

All compositions by Tobias Haug
Recorded and mixed by Stefan Deistler