Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Sale from Sunnyside Round 2!

Happy Holidays from Sunnyside Records!

It is the giving season, so we decided to extend another sale!

Once again, all products in our Bandcamp store will
be 20% off! Follow the link below:

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The sale will end Jan. 2, 2017!

Some recent releases:

Upcoming Releases:

Feb. 10 - Davy Mooney - Hope of Home
Feb. 10 - Vitral Saxophone Quartet - Kites Over Havana
Feb. 10 - Gary Smulyan - Royalty at Le Duc
Feb. 17 - Harriet Tubman - Araminta
Feb. 17 - Chano Dominguez - Over The Rainbow
Feb. 24 - Glenn Zaleski - Fellowhip

Preview Upcoming Releases:

Dec. 19 - Los Angeles, CA - Duane Eubanks @ Blue Whale
Dec. 20 - New York, NY - Rebecca Martin @ Rockwood 3
Dec. 27 - New York, NY - Rebecca Martin @ Rockwood 3
Jan. 2 - New York, NY - Rebecca Martin @ Rockwood 3
Jan. 6 - New York, NY - Andrew Cyrille & Bill McHenry @ Winter Jazz Fest / New School Tishman Aud.
Jan. 6 - New York, NY - Vinicius Cantuaria @ Winter Jazz Fest / SOBs
Jan. 7 - New York, NY - Chano Dominguez @ Winter Jazz Fest / SubCulture
Jan. 7 - New York, NY - John Hébert Rambling Confessions @ Winter Jazz Fest / New School Glass Box
Jan. 7 - Adam O'Farrill Stranger Days @ Winter Jazz Fest / New School Glass Box
Jan. 11 - New York, NY - Harriet Tubman @ The Cell
Jan. 24 - New York, NY - Camila Meza @ Jazz Standard
Jan. 24 - New York, NY - Vitor Gonçalves CD Release @ Rockwood 3
Jan. 25 - New York, NY - Miho Hazama m_unit @ Dizzy's Club Coca Cola
Feb. 11-12 - New Orleans, LA - Davy Mooney CD Release @ Snug Harbour
Feb. 20-23 - Tokyo, Japan - Joey Calderazzo @ Cotton Club
Feb. 27 - Washington, DC - Duane Eubanks @ Blues Alley

Jazz Trumpeter Chris Pasin Invites You To Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

With Three New Holiday Tracks
From His Forthcoming CD
Baby It's Cold Outside


Patricia Dalton Fennell - vocals 
Armen Donelian – piano
Ira Coleman – bass
Jeff Siegel – drums

New Holiday Tracks Available From and iTunes

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Chris Pasin – trumpet and flugelhorn
Armen Donelian – piano
Ira Coleman – bass
Jeff Siegel – drums
Patricia Dalton Fennell – vocal

Patricia Dalton Fennell – vocal
Chris Pasin – vocal and trumpet
Peter Einhorn – guitar
Rich Syracuse – bass
Jeff Siegel – drums

Chris Pasin – trumpet and flugelhorn
Armen Donelian – piano
Ira Coleman – bass
Jeff Siegel – drums

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Hailing from Chicago jazz trumpeter Chris Pasin studied at the famed New England Conservatory of Music where he majored in classical and jazz performance.

In the early ‘70’s he performanced at the Village Vanguard with the George Russell Big Band and also a steady six night a week gig at the Parker House with the Winiker Swing Band as well as shows at the Hyannis Melody Tent and North Shore Music Circus and various and sundry studio and commercial gigs in Boston as an in-demand trumpet player.

This was followed by two years on the road with the Buddy Rich Band in the early ‘80’s, playing with stars such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughan, Mel Torme, Ray Charles, Nancy Wilson.

After this came ten years in New York City where he toured with the Toshiko Akioshi/Lew Tabackin big band internationally as well as freelancing in New York, where he recorded his first CD “Detour Ahead with Steve Slagle, Benny Green, Rufus Reid, and Dannie Richmond.

Add performing with Brother Jack McDuff, Stan Bronstein, Machito, a bit of broadway show work, and a host of salsa bands including Johnny Rodriguez and Fascinacion.

Fast forward to the present, after a long hiatus from music to raise a family, Chris is as active as ever, generating recordings, performances, and assembling ensembles ranging from avant garde improvised music to R&B and pop. His latest release, “Random Acts of Kindness,” is comprised entirely of his own compositions.

Current projects include “Ornetiquette,” a band with music of, and inspired by Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry, a new CD of reimagined holiday music, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and a performance/recording project with pianist/composer Armen Donelian of the music of Richie Beirach.

Cohorts, collaborators and colleagues now include Armen Donelian, John Esposito, Scott Petito, Patricia Dalton Fennell, Rich Syracuse, Pete Levin, Jeff Siegel, John Menegon, Ira Coleman, Adam Siegel, Jerry Marrotta, Murali Coryell, and many others.

JKA Quintet - from the nocturnal Chironian (LongLife Records 2016)

JKA Quintet - from the nocturnal Chironian

A dark, romantic, poetic and picturesque musical portrait of the greek mythological character, Chiron the Centaur Chief.

An intuitive mix of inspiration from the american jazztradition and western european classical music. Sounds something like Charlie Mingus meets Bela Bartok - melodies weaving together is often the main paragraph and the harmonic foundation is sometimes clouded in a dark and dissonant universe, reflecting Chiron’s wounds and inner conflicts. Tonal motives follow Chiron and other characters acting their part in the story and the music – they adapt and change.

Chiron learned to play the lyre by his foster father Apollo and the harmonic, lyrical, poetic/romantic has its place too reflected in Chiron’s love for the river-goddess Chariklo, their daughter Euippe, and Chiron’s insistence on kindness and universal serving love. The music is a sort of 64 mins long chronological suite and every piece has its own strong personal expression. Though some parts are more through-composed than others, there’s always passages for improvisations as an asset for the personal creative unfoldments of the 5 exciting musicians.

Besides being a study of the greek myth, it's also about the philosophy of Plato and Arisotele and the archetypical meaning of the myth in psychology og astrology. Presented in a comprehensive CD-booklet and a double LP-cover, beautifully illustrated with works by danish painter Rithva Landler.

Erik Kimestad – trumpet
Anders Banke – bass clarinet / tenor sax
Soma Allpass – cello
Thomas Præstegaard – drums and cymbals