Monday, March 27, 2017

Segunda, 27 março - Lançamento novo CD Carimbo Porta-Jazz : Axis Mundi, Rui Filipe Freitas

“Axis Mundi” é o disco de estreia do sexteto liderado pelo vibrafonista Rui Filipe Freitas.

Composto por sete temas dos quais seis são composições originais do líder, “Axis Mundi” surge como pretexto para uma jornada jazzística feita de sobriedade e êxtase e que tem como fim último a partilha do imaginário musical destes músicos.

Este é o 32º disco com Carimbo Porta-Jazz

O Ciclo "FEUP Lança Porta-Jazz" trata-se da parceria entre a Associação e o Comissariado Cultural da FEUP, e reúne os mais recentes projetos editados pelo Carimbo Porta-Jazz numa série de concertos de lançamento dos novos discos. Todos os concertos decorrem no auditório da FEUP e são de entrada livre.

BALKAN BEAT BOX llega esta semana a España presentando "Shout It Out" (ROOTSOUND Music)

“Shout It Out”

Miércoles 29 de Marzo · BARCELONA · Sala Apolo 

Jueves 30 de Marzo · MADRID · Sala Arena #MadTownDays 

Viernes 31 de Marzo · JEREZ · Primavera Trompetera


Balkan Beat Box llega esta semana a los escenarios españoles con su sorprendente nuevo disco Shout it Out.

Los líderes mundiales del movimiento “Balkan Beat” vuelven a nuestra tierra presentando su nuevo trabajo “Shout It Out”. Tras agotar todas las entradas en su último tour, la banda americana - israelí actuará esta semana en la Sala Apolo de Barcelona el miércoles 29 de Marzo, el jueves 30 de Marzo lo harán en Madrid en la Sala Arena y el viernes 31 de Marzo en el festival Primavera Trompetera de Jerez de la Frontera.

Ha llovido mucho desde que en 2005 con su primer y homónimo LP, Balkan Beat Box diera un golpe de estado a los patrones de la música tradicional y a las nuevas tendencias, creando un nuevo estilo, que sorprendía tanto a críticos como a público de todo el planeta, desconformes ante lo que sucedía en el mundo sus letras siempre han estado llenas de mensajes de protesta, de gritos de paz y unidad. Nunca se encasillaron en ningún estilo musical porque los creadores de esta original amalgama musical son tan diferentes como la procedencia de sus componentes; Tomer Yosef (voz, percusión, samplers), Ori Kaplan (saxo) y Tamir Muskat (batería, programación); y tan versátiles como la propia exploración que realizan disco a disco, en las músicas de raíz, la música electronica y urbana.

Ahora, tras cuatro años de la publicación de “Give”, llega el esperado regreso discográfico de Balkan Beat Box, “Shout It Out”, el cual está siendo muy bien recibido por toda su parroquia de seguidores, nuevamente rompiendo cliches. Temas como “I Trusted U” o “Chin Chin” ya superan el millón de reproducciones.

Liudas Mockūnas / Arnas Mikalkėnas / Hakon Berre - Plunge (BAREFOOT RECORDS 2017)

Renowned Lithuanian saxophonist Liudas Mockūnas put in 2014 together a new trio that connects the Norwegian/Danish and Lithuanian modern jazz scene. Mockūnas has for many years been one of the most important avant­garde musicians from the Baltic region, with a wide range of collaborations across Europe. On piano and accordion, we have Arnas Mikalkėnas who is one of the most promising improvisers from the younger generations of musicians from Lithuania. The last member of the trio is Norwegian drummer Håkon Berre, who has been residing in Denmark during the last 15 years and has worked with Mockūnas in several contexts such as the noise trio Angel, and with the free jazz trio Peter Friis Nielsen Kalas.

The trio focuses on original material written by both Mockūnas, Mikalkėnas and Berre, and can be characterized as modern chamber jazz with inspiration from contemporary classical music and free jazz. The compositions have a transparent structure where the rhythmic and melodic templates provide a starting point for a very open kind of improvisation.

In October 2014 the trio played a 2­ week tour with concerts in Lithuania, Estonia, Norway and the Czech Republic. The tour included a festival concert at Vilnius Jazz Festival, which was recorded digitally by Lithuanian state radio. The recording resulted in the CD “Plunged”; an honest and accurate documentation of the trio’s work.

1 Study No. 1
2 Study No. 2
3 Study No. 3
4 Stress
5 Study No. 4
6 Study No. 5
7 Pelš

Liudas Mockūnas (LT) – reeds
Arnas Mikalkėnas (LT) – piano, accordion 
Hakon Berre (NO) – drums

Liudas Mockunas / Rafal Mazur / Raymond Strid - Live in Divadlo 29 (NOT TWO RECORDS 2017)

1. Prologue (expositio) 8:59
2. Act I (peripety) 5:21
3. Act II (climax) 11:18
4. Act III (entr’acte) 2:08
5. Finale 10:42

Liudas Mockunas –  soprano, tenor & bass saxophones
Rafał Mazur – acoustic bass guitar
Raymond Strid – drums, percussion

Colin Steele Quintet - Even in the Darkest Places (GADGEMO RECORDS 2017)

Even in the Darkest Places heralds a welcome return for trumpeter Colin Steele, who was once described as the Sibelius of Scotland, and his band - Michael Buckley (saxophone), Dave Milligan (piano), Calum Gourlay (bass) and Stu Ritchie (drums). Since the Quintet's last release, Through the Waves (2005), the trumpeter has been through some turbulent times and the story surrounding Even in the Darkest Places is one of determination on Steele's part and the generosity and kindness of strangers on the other. 

When, in 2011, Colin Steele took the decision to improve his playing technique he could not have foreseen the events to come. Not only did he feel that his range was limited but every time he played, his mouth would get badly cut and was taking longer each time to heal, so he sought the guidance of a highly recommended American trumpeter. The decision proved disastrous as he was persuaded to completely change his trumpet technique and over the following months his muscles became increasingly confused, his throat muscles eventually going into spasm rendering him incapable of playing at all.

With his livelihood in the balance he was eventually introduced to Mark O'Keefe, principal trumpet player with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Not only did O'Keefe offer his services for free, he also saved Steele's career. 

When Steele was able to begin playing again, he found himself with very little work - he'd had to cancel all his gigs, as he was literally unable to play - plus he had also accrued a fair amount of debt. Recording a new album was out of the question and had it not been for a fortuitous gig in a pizza restaurant, Even in the Darkest Places would never have seen the light of day. Steele happened to be playing in the restaurant when a fan came up and asked why he hadn't released an album for a while. They got talking and when Steele told him of his recent troubles he offered to help by financing a new recording. The track Robin's Song is dedicated to this incredible act of generosity and is something that Steele will be forever thankful for. 

Even in the Darkest Places is comprised of 7 original tracks, all composed by Steele, and arranged by Dave Milligan, his long-term collaborator. His ear for melody has always been a key element of his work and is still much in evidence here. I Will Wait for You was a melody he had had in his head for years, the final section of which, he randomly found himself singing one day to the lyric "I will wait for you". Suite for Theo, dedicated to his youngest son, was originally written for the Edinburgh Jazz Festival Big Band and although Steele admits to missing some of the dynamics from the big band arrangement, it's a track that sits perfectly with the quintet. Down to the Wire is another track originally written for the Edinburgh Festival Big Band and is in three sections, the first featuring elements of Scottish folk, showcasing Michael Buckley on soprano, the middle section a gentle melody, and the final section, a rip-roaring Scottish blues, played as fast as Steele could manage. Other tracks on the album include Looking for Nessie, which was born out of a trip to Loch Ness, 

There are Angels, dedicated to all those who helped Steele through his darkest hours and finally, Independence Song, which initially began as a mournful ballad but which morphed into something altogether more uplifting, reflecting the joy and optimism that surrounded the Scottish Independence debate.

1 I Will Wait For You 7:02
2 Looking For Nessie 7:34
3 Suite For Theo 12:32
4 Robin Song 6:06
5 Independence Song 5:21
6 There Are Angels 5:51
7 Down To The Wire 15:43

Michael Buckley - saxophone
Dave Milligan - piano
Calum Gourlay - double bass
Stu Ritchie - drums

Caravaggio - Turn Up (LA BUISSONNE 2017)

We discover the desire to affirm the alternative characteristics of the music band by assuming even more the 'art rock' dimension.The tandem Chevillon - Echampard ( two essential representatives of the Jazz and Alternative world for 2 decades) and Sighicelli- De La Fuente( today's pillars of the world of contemporary and experimental music) have perfectly integrated the elements  from contemporary or electroacoustic music, thinking about the music pieces as sonorous worlds, while keeping in the game the rage and the spontaneity coming from Rock. 

The difference with the previous record is in the process of producing pieces which are much more inspired by the interplay and energy that emerge from them, maintaining this rock heritage and experimental legacy. Writing is born of collective play. The patterns, themes, harmonic grids and riffs are less frequent. The pieces look like sound ranges, they are worked and shaped to find their balance, as the sculptor would do with his raw material. Here the raw material is an alloy of pop, rock, experimental, classical, electronic...

If this record globally evolves in dense and dark tones, there sometimes appear light flashes, exciting then peaceful white moments. This play on contrasts remains perhaps the point of unity of all Caravaggio's music. This new repertoire on stage is an intense experience.

2. STREET ART 05:30
5. 1064°C 04:46
6. ENCERcléS 02:41
7. LAND ART 06:08

Bruno Chevillon : electric bass, double bass, electronic effects, tambourin, voice 
Eric Echampard : Tama Starclassic Drums, Paiste traditional cymbals, voice 
Benjamin de la Fuente : Violin, Tenor guitar, electronic effects, acoustic slide guitar, voice 
Samuel Sighicelli : Hammond organ, sampler, analog synthesizer (Korg, Dave Smith, Moog), Fender Rhodes, piano, voice 

Recorded at Studios La Buissonne in July and November 2015 by Gérard de Haro and Nicolas Baillard. 
ENCERcléS recorded by Jean-Baptiste Deucher (Studio Acousti, Paris). 
Edited by Benjamin de la Fuente and Samuel Sighicelli. 
Mixed in May 2016 by Gérard de Haro, Nicolas Baillard, Benjamin de la Fuente, Samuel Sighicelli. 
Mastered at Galaxy by Marwan Danoun. 
Cover and liner photos Mat Jacob. 
Graphics Roman Gigou. 
Produced by Gérard de Haro and RJAL for La Buissonne and Sphota.