Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Daniel Tamayo - No Strings Attached vol​.​1 (September 2021)

No String Attached is a string orchestra and jazz ensemble.

Any profits will be used for future realisations of this project.

As a master student at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Daniel Tamayo started this project as his main undertaking for his composition degree, founding a large ensemble of students within the HfMT and other recognised musicians residing in Cologne. The CD recording took place in October 2017 at the Konzert Saal of the HfMT Köln, where in January 2019 the project was presented as a concert, with new instrumental additions and new pieces.

This music uses a chromatic language, seizing functionality and blocks of sound that resemble tonality. It is written with a loose form, developing musical events and transforming them inside of a consistent environment. It also expresses an interest in the relation between dissonance and stability in tonal and non-tonal contexts.

1. Simply
2. Asyndetonean Prelude
3. Owl
4. Spekulation
5. As if, As if (Live)

Daniel Felipe Tamayo Gómez
Composition and Guitar.

Mariam Chatzaki

Cheng-Hung Tsai.

Violin I:
Cheng-Hung Tsai
JeeYoung Choi
Iora Kama
Magdalena Lorenz
Luís López Jorge

Violin II:
Ségolène DeBeaufond
Yang Lin
Ellen Vong
Barbara Toth

Anastasia Agapova
Sophie Rasmussen
Julia Casañas Castellví
- Hanna Dembny

Ching-Jung Chung
Ana Belen Ruales Aguilar
Sofía Martín Rodríguez

Ilja Gussarov

Trumpet, Flugelhorn:
Ferdinand Schwarz

Soprano and Tenor Saxophone:
Jens Böckamp
Florian Fries

Moritz Preisler
Double bass:
Conrad Noll
Dominik Mahnig

Recording Engineers:
Reinhard Kobialka
Marvin Böttger
Benjamin Bentz

Stage assistance:
Richard Schwarz

Mustafa Khalaf
Film Realization

Michael Stephenson Meets The Alexander Claffy Trio (September 17, 2021 Cellar Live)

This album chooses 20th century American music to send its message for a reason.

Twentieth century American popular music is one of the greatest artistic gifts ever given to the world -- and barely anyone talks about it when discussing America. In contrast, Michael Stephenson and Alexander Claffy have made an album that leads with that message. It revels in it -- and it does so at a critical moment. Right now, when we're asking ourselves quite painfully, who are we, and who do we want to be as Americans, the music on this album matters because it reminds us of who we are. It helps answer: what do we have to give? And it dares us: can we give the best of ourselves -- our hearts, our joy, our genius -- to the world? Can we even recognize that part of ourselves?

From Nat King Cole to Ray Charles to Marvin Gaye: this album takes that journey. In pointing us to our own past, this album makes a very modern statement here and now. In the face of injustice, inequality and racism, this music reminds us of our capacity to love, to hold each other and dance, and to agitate for a better future. You ask us what it means to be a Black American musician, or a white American musician? In response we play a slice of our inheritance -- some of the most beautiful songs we know!

1. Sweet Lorraine
2. Greenbacks 04:30
3. What's Happening Brother?
4. When A Man Loves A Woman
5. On The Street Where You Live
6. Tennessee Waltz 03:42
7. Ain't That Love
8. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
9. Can't Hide Love
10. Did You Call Her Today?
11. For All we Know

Michael Stephenson – voice and tenor saxophone
Alexander Claffy – bass
Julius Rodriguez – piano
Itay Morchi - drums
Benny Benack III - trumpet

Executive Producer: Cory Weeds
Produced by Jeremy Pelt
Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder’s, Englewood Cliffs, NJ on October 21, 2020
Engineered by Maureen Sickler
Mixed and mastered by Michael Perez
Photography by Martina DaSilva (cover) Ana Yuskevitch (inside)
Design and layout by John Sellards

Steve Maddock - The Blues Project (September 2021 Cellar Live)

The velvety voice of one of Canada's most versatile vocalists, Steve Maddock shows a new side belting out the blues on 10 blues-drenched tunes!

The project began in 2018, when Cory Weeds pitched an idea to Steve for a Joe Williams tribute show at Frankie's Jazz Club in Vancouver. Williams is arguably one of the greatest jazz & blues singers we've ever had. In March 2019, they played two club dates, calling the show "Nothin' But the Blues: A Tribute to Joe Williams". It was so well received, that they immediately began planning a follow-up gig. The theme expanded , still travelling a blues path, but drawing material from other artists. Weeds was an invaluable source, hipping Maddock to such names as Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Jimmy Witherspoon, David Peaston, and Billie Poole. In September 2019, they played a second show at Frankie's: "Steve Maddock Sextet: The Blues Project". Cory suggested they make a record for the Cellar Music label, so they invited their friend Bill Coon, a wonderful musician & composer, to co-produce. After several challenges and delays due to the global pandemic, the band finally got into the studio in December, 2020 and now have "The Blues Project" album dropping on September 3.

1. Everyday I Have The Blues/All Blues 08:28
2. Turnaround (If You're With Me, Today Will Last Forever) 04:38
3. My Funny Valentine 04:10
4. Please, Send Me Someone To Love 06:49
5. Liars' Club 05:16
6. Backdoor Blues 04:14
7. Let Me Out 05:46
8. God Bless The Child 05:27
9. Au Privave 03:24
10. Alright, Ok, You Win 03:54

Steve Maddock – vocals
Chris Gestrin – piano
André Lachance – bass
Dave Robbins – drums
Cory Weeds – tenor saxophone
Brad Turner - trumpet

Executive Producer: Cory Weeds
Produced by Bill Coon
Recorded at The Armoury Studios in Vancouver, BC on December 1, 2020
Engineered by Sheldon Zaharko
Mixed and mastered by
Photography by
Design and layout by Perry Chua

Nightcrawlers - Do You Know A Good Thing? (2021 Cellar Live)

One of Vancouver's most beloved jazz groups of the past 10 years serve up heaps of grease playing the music of Eddie Harris, Shirley Scott, Hank Marr and other purveyors of greasy jazz! Usually a two horn front-line, this edition of the Nightcrawlers features only the tenor saxophone with Cory Weeds at the helm. Filling out the sound of the band is percussionist Jack Duncan with the all-star Vancouver band Dave Sikula on guitar, Chris Gestrin on Hammond B3 and Jesse Cahill on drums.

Here's what Cellar Music CEO, Cory Weeds had to say about the release:

Before recording this album, The Nightcrawlers were on what appeared to be a permanent hiatus. As a band they hadn’t gigged in several years, dating back to The Cellar. When the coronavirus put a stranglehold on the world, The Cellar Music Group was fortunate to have the support of organizations like FACTOR Canada and Creative BC who stepped up with relief funds for organizations in the music industry. The Cellar Music Group was one of the lucky recipients. So I wanted to do something fun and something that involved just local musicians, production and studio staff.

During the first two or three months of the pandemic, I was listening to a ton of organ music and I was inspired to make another organ record. The problem was that Day By Day was due out, O Sole Mio was in the can and I was set to record my album with strings, so the world did NOT need another record led by Cory Weeds.

I called Jesse Cahill and asked whether he would consider reuniting The Nightcrawlers for a recording. Although he didn’t say yes, it wasn’t no. Eventually, through some prodding, he came around and we started conceptualizing. Jesse was hearing something different for this record. He wanted one horn instead of two and wanted to add congas to the mix. We had done a few gigs at Frankie’s with that lineup under my leadership, and it was really fun and a great sound. It was fantastic to have percussionist Jack Duncan on board. He elevated the sound of the band.

Jesse and I met in my backyard (socially distanced, of course) to talk through some material. We have very similar tastes in music and more specifically in organ music, so coming to a consensus about the material was pretty quick and easy.

The four key members of The Nightcrawlers – Jesse, Dave Sikula, Chris Gestrin and I – have shared the stage for many hours over many years in various configurations, and playing with them feels like playing with family. This recording came at a time when we all needed a bit of normalcy in our lives. We needed to forget about what was going on in the world, have some fun and make some joyous music.

I hope you enjoy gettin’ greasy with The Nightcrawlers.

1. 1974 Blues 06:23
2. Do You Know A Good Thing When You See One? 06:53
3. Devilette 06:10
4. These Foolish Things 06:16
5. Soulful Kitty 06:26
6. Movin’ Out 06:41
7. New Mango 05:08
8. Greasy Spoon 04:11

Cory Weeds – tenor saxophone
Dave Sikula – guitar
Chris Gestrin – organ
Jesse Cahill - drums
Jack Duncan – congas on tracks 1, 3,4,6, 7

Executive Producer: Cory Weeds
Produced by Jesse Cahill and Cory Weeds
Recorded at The Armoury Studios in Vancouver, BC on November 8, 2020
Engineered mixed and mastered by Sheldon Zaharko
Photography by Jesse Cahill (cover) and Cory Weeds
Design and layout by Perry Chua

Futuristica - Futuristica 15 (September 2021 Futuristica Music)

To celebrate our 15th year as an independent label we are releasing this 2xCD, 32 track compilation along with a 36 page book featuring all the key releases from our catalogue as well as a Futuristica logo t-shirt, all in one package!

The CDs include brand new music recorded exclusively for this release by Marc Rapson, Deborah Jordan, Georgie Sweet, Nathan Thomas, DJ Simon S, LaNote and Sun Circle as well as selected rare and previously unreleased musical moments from the past 15 years

1. Marc Rapson - People Make The World Go Round featuring Deborah Jordan, Georgie Sweet and Nathan Thomas 04:29 video
2. DJ Simon S - What Goes Around featuring LaNote 04:07
3. Deborah Jordan - Take It Back 05:07
4. Nathan Thomas - Graffiti 03:27
5. Georgie Sweet - Circled 04:02
6. LaNote - When A Woman 03:02
7. Sun Circle - Hurricane 03:37
8. Mecca:83 - Love Is The Message 03:11
9. Deborah Jordan - Horizon (Kaidi Tatham Remix) 04:47
10. The Peter Franks Group - Days Past 04:48
11. Georgie Sweet - Half Human (Simon S Extended Re-Edit) 06:45
12. Nathan Thomas - Manifest (Marc Rapson Remix) 04:50
13. DJ Simon S - Mercy featuring Malena Perez 05:30
14. Deborah Jordan - Senses (Marc Rapson Remix) 05:03
15. LaNote - Rebirth (Simon S Re-Edit) 05:01
16. The Peter Franks Group - Lament For Her (Mecca:83 Remix) 02:43
17. Low Budget Soul - When I Call (Kev Brown Remix) 04:41
18. Stark - Narita (Nostalgia 77 Remix) 04:21
19. Kira Neris - Melly Medony 04:54
20. Electric Conversation - Dancing 04:43
21. Replife - Put It Down (Domu Remix) 04:35
22. Deborah Jordan - Want It Back (Marc Rapson Remix) 04:25
23. Jazz Chronicles - Bologna (Rise Spiritual Edit) 04:41
24. Sun Circle - My Story pt 2 06:01
25. Replife - The Rah Rah 03:43
26. Rise - Jordan's Theme 03:26
27. Electric Conversation - Golden (Marc Rapson Remix) 04:02
28. Masirah - Find A Way (Atjazz Remix) 05:57
29. Mr Beatnick - The 4th Day 04:22
30. Deborah Jordan - What You See (Limehouse Session) 04:51
31. ZigSixteen - Abstract Lullaby 03:32
32. Jazz Chronicles - Ya' Never Know featuring Jack Jones (Chris Read Rap Renaissance Remix) 03:44