Friday, May 11, 2018

Woodman / Kellam / Carlson / Campbell - hypostases (2018)

Hypostasis (Greek: ὑπόστασις) noun, 
plural: hypostases 

a. something that stands under and supports; foundation 
b. the underlying or essential part of anything as distinguished from its attributes 
c. substance, essence, or essential principle

1. hypostasis 1 14:44
2. hypostasis 2 13:18
3. hypostasis 3 20:57

Ben Woodman: trumpet, percussion
Matt Kellam: bass, electronics, percussion
John R.Campbell: guitar, electronics, percussion
Ricky Carlson: drums, percussion

All music spontaneously composed
Recorded live at Hovering Horse studio, Corvallis, Oregon, May 8, 2018

Rich Rosenthal / Jack DeSalvo / Tom Cabrera - Connoisseurs of Chaos (WOODSHED RECORDS 2018)

The innovative electric guitar of Rich Rosenthal ,somehow covering ground from Jimmy Lyons to a harmonically savvy Jerry Garcia, is joined by the unconventional cello of Jack DeSalvo (known primarily as a guitarist himself) and master percussionist Tom Cabrera on drums. The unexpected power and appeal in their music results from their ability to surprise each other with unanticipated twists and turns awhile relishing in the resulting sonic locales. Rich Rosenthal is a graduate of the world-renowned New School Jazz and Contemporary Music program.

He’s studied with Dave Moreno, Reggie Workman, Vic Juris, among others. Rosenthal has worked closely with Joe Giardullo, contributing to the saxophonist’s 2007 RogueArts release, Red Morocco. Rosenthal’s first album as leader is 2013’s Falling Up, featuring Giardullo. Rich released his next album, Live at Quinn's, on Unseen Rain. Jack DeSalvo, hailed in THE WIRE magazine as “masterful”, played with Ronald Shannon Jackson and D3. Guitarist DeSalvo, a highly regarded composer, also plays cello, mandolin and banjo. “banjo player Jack DeSalvo uncorks a salvo of twangs as if Earl Scruggs has pushed his way into a Count Basie jam.” – NYC Jazz Record.

He plays with his own band and with Julie Lyon, 12 Houses, Sumari etc. He is featured on many recordings as well as on Unseen Rain. In addition to being an incomparable jazz drummer, Cabrera is an adept world percussionist often adding to the proceedings instruments from all over the planet particularly the middle-east. A native of Long Island, NY, drummer and multi-percussionist Tom Cabrera began his career in local rock, folk rock and country bands but his love of jazz shifted his focus and studies strongly in that direction. A visual artist as well, he initially pursued a career as a photo-retoucher and spent 18 years in that field. His musical pursuits continued, however, and he became a mainstay in the Hudson Valley, NY jazz scene.

Cabrera relocated to Orlando, FL in 1995 but not before acquiring a frame drum, an event that proved to be auspicious to his future work. In Florida Tom gigged constantly establishing himself as one of the most respected players on the jazz scene. After meeting his future wife, vocalist Julie Lyon, they went on to form the Julie Lyon Quartet, a swinging ensemble and released two albums: Beginning to See the Light and Live: Between Then and Now. The quartet and Tom's own trio performed all over the state. Tom appears on almost 20 Unseen Rain recordings.

1. Piece 1 10:12
2. Piece 2 17:27
3. Piece 3 07:58
4. Piece 4 08:51
5. Piece 5 09:08

Rich Rosenthal - guitar
Jack DeSalvo - cello, bass ukelele
Tom Cabrera - drums, percussion

Recorded at Woodshed Studio, Westbury, NY by Christof Ziegenhirte
Edited and mastered at Hutter Studio, Orlando FL by Larry Hutter
Cover painting by Tom Cabrera
design by Qua's Eye Graphix
A Woodshed production

All music by Rich Rosenthal, Jack DeSalvo and Tom Cabrera ℗ © 2018 Woodshed Records

Quatuor Ovide Coudé - Quatuor Ovide Coudé (2018)

Originaire de Sainte-Rose-du-Nord, Ovide Coudé, aveugle de naissance, joue de la guitare depuis l’âge de 10 ans et touche à un éventail d’instruments à cordes tels que la mandoline, le banjo, la basse et le oud. Le jeune et brillant guitariste présente ses compositions aux influences de jazz qui rappellent parfois les sonorités froides et atmosphériques du jazz européen (ECM). La symétrie et les couleurs inhabituelles du quatuor donnent naissance à des pièces fortement imagées. Un travail très personnel et introspectif de la part d’Ovide Coudé, qui lancera son premier album au Festival Jazz & Blues de Saguenay en avril 2018.

1. Libération 08:37
2. Le prince du nord 06:54
3. En Norvège 12:03
4. Douleur automnale 08:19
5. La terre des héros 08:25
6. Dans le doute 11:06
7. Automobile 07:01
8. Le rêve triste 07:41

Denny Zeitlin Trio - Wishing On The Moon (SUNNYSIDE RECORDS 2018)

Denny Zeitlin is known as a musician of great taste and vast breadth of interests. It should come as no surprise that most of the great pianist’s collaborators have been equally eclectic and brilliant in their musical pursuits. In the long list of tremendous accomplices, bassist Buster Williams and drummer Matt Wilson have cemented themselves as two of Zeitlin’s most dynamic and moving. 

The trio has entered their 18th year as a working combo and, though they are all busy in many endeavors, their unique chemistry makes every performance a not to be missed event. Their new recording, Wishing On The Moon, was recorded live at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola in New York City on March 10, 2009. 

Zeitlin had always admired Buster Williams' s playing, and loved the warmth and immediacy along with his elastic and propulsive groove he displayed in their first encounter—Denny's trio recording, As Long As There's Music (Venus). 

Shortly thereafter Zeitlin and Williams needed a drummer for a performance at the San Francisco Jazz Festival. Matt Wilson was recommended, and after Zeitlin delightedly checked him out on the Internet, and was hired for the gig. Though there were quick rehearsals with bassist and drummer separately, the first time this trio hit together was at the concert. Matt's connection with Denny and Buster was immediate and telepathic. Everything fit like a hand in glove. 

The trio’s connection is deeply collaborative: each member has an equal voice in contouring the music. The mutual trust has allowed for the continued evolution of the group sound and dynamic and to create what Zeitlin calls true “trio music.” 

The recording presented is an exemplary instance of the trio’s cohesiveness, a fantastic snapshot of the band at that point of their union. Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola was a wonderful venue for playing and recording. The Steinway on hand was impeccably maintained and the recording engineer, Jeff "The Jedi Master” Jones, an expert. 

The recorded program is made up of compositions the ensemble was familiar with and which provided them perfect launching platforms for improvisation. Upon deep listening, layers of subtlety are revealed, expressing high levels of confidence, surprise, empathy, nuance and commitment to the creation of ensemble music. 

The program begins with one of the ensemble’s favorite pieces, Cole Porter’s “All Of You” (with some extensive reharmonization from the leader), which they frequently use as a leadoff piece at performances. Zeitlin’s searchingly tender “Wishing On The Moon” follows as a slow, yet challenging bossa nova. Originally introduced to the song by George Shearing’s rendition, Zeitlin has found a new life for Jule Styne’s “As Long As There’s Music” as a waltz. The leader’s “Slickrock” was inspired by Zeitlin’s interest in mountain biking and his rides in Moab, Utah. The piece evokes a day's adventures of a group of bikers navigating the treacherous terrain, allowing for some musical gymnastics, including some brilliant free playing. It plays continuously on the CD, but is divided into 4 sections to allow it to be experienced as a suite, and to encourage air play. 

A staple of Zeitlin’s book, the lullaby “Put Your Little Foot Right Out” follows as a divine, relaxed, gentle waltz. Zeitlin’s shifty “There and Back” takes its inspiration from Tolkien’s "The Hobbit," and balances between funk and jazz time. Williams' bass mastery is on full display before the trio launch into David Friesen’s bluesy “Signs & Wonders,” a longtime favorite and propulsive, driving piece perfect to conclude the program. 

Hearing a mature and highly intuitive band is always worth celebrating. Denny Zeitlin’s trio featuring Buster Williams and Matt Wilson has once again opened the curtain to reveal truly brilliant music making on their Wishing On The Moon.

1. All Of You
2. Wishing On The Moon
3. As Long As There's Music
4. Slickrock: Dawn; Gathering
5. Slickrock: On The Trail
6. Slickrock: Recovery
7. Slickrock: On The Trail Again
8. Put Your Little Foot Right Out
9. There and Back
10. Bass Prelute To Signs & Wonders
11. Signs & Wonders

Denny Zeitlin - piano
Buster Williams - bass
Matt Wilson - drums

Where it all began....Season One Spring Promotion (NEW VELLE RECORDS)

Where it Began

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Our first series of records with artwork by Bernard Plossu and text by Tracy K. Smith. Presented in a beautiful box set designed by Antoine Leroux.

Frank Kimbrough Quintet 
Jack Dejohnette Solo Piano 
Noah Preminger Quartet, featuring Ben Monder, John Patitucci and Billy Hart
Don Friedman Trio, featuring the music of Booker Little with Phil Palombi on bass and Shinnosuke Takahashi on drums
Ben Allison Trio, featuring Ted Nash on saxophone and clarinet and Steve Cardenas on guitar
Leo Genovese Trio, featuring Esperanza Spalding on bass and vocals and Jack DeJohnette on drums

"In its focus on vinyl and its distinctive, brand-coherent album art, Newvelle is a kind of throwback to jazz’s midcentury glories. But it’s also timely."
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Jared Gold - Reemergence (STRIKEZONE RECORDS 2018) + CD Release Shows

CD Release Shows

Wednesday, June 20th 8:00pm-11:00pm 
Tavern on George
361 George St
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Jared Gold – organ 
Dave Stryker - guitar
Billy Hart - drums
Joel Frahm - tenor sax

Friday & Saturday August 24-25
83 W 10th St
New York, NY 10014

Most jazz fans have encountered the unfortunate scenario of being thrilled by the names on an album cover but then being disappointed by the music. That is definitely not the case with the new leader project from Jared Gold, which showcases the versatile organist and his all-star band: guitarist Dave Stryker, drummer Billy Hart and trumpeter Jeremy Pelt. Stryker, who also produced the album, has a 14-year history with Gold, and his simpatico rapport with the organist spices up the proceedings, as each musician frequently adds clever coloration when the other is unleashing a sturdy solo. Hart—whose subtle brushwork is just as mesmerizing as his powerful stick-work in this program—demonstrates the mastery that has made him a legend. Pelt, who adds potent brass to three tracks, elevates this disc: Without him, these sessions might have yielded a memorable trio disc, but with him on board, the result is one of the strongest straightahead discs of the year thus far.

This band certainly can burn, as evidenced by the title track (which was penned by the leader), but a poignant reading of The Beatles’ “She’s Leaving Home” reflects Gold’s ability to tug at the listener’s heartstrings with a melancholy mood. Gold has curated a wonderful, eclectic program that features two Gershwin tunes (“It Ain’t Necessarily So,” “How Long Has This Been Going On”), Ornette Coleman’s “Blues Connotation,” Stevie Wonder’s “Lookin’ For Another Pure Love” (from 1972’s Talking Book) and “One For John A,” a swinging, original tribute to the late guitar icon John Abercrombie, with whom the organist worked for years. Gold and Stryker can ignite fireworks at will, but on this rendition of “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” both musicians coax a vocal timbre out of their respective axes. Nicely done, gentlemen. (Bobby Reed DownBeat Magazine Editor's Pick) of the year’s strongest titles to date and upon repeated listening  gets so much more enjoyable. (CJ Shearn Jazz Views)

...this is a CD that will be loved by Hammond fans, and highlights Gold’s talents as both a creative organist as well as arranger. His talents have matured and hopefully we’ll see more exploratory efforts from Jared well into the future. (Jeff Know Audiophile Audition)

Billy Hart, on drums, fuels the first and title tune, “Reemergence” composed by the featured artist, Jared Gold. Gold is a fresh, jazz -organ, recording artist making waves on the East Coast. This is his eighth recording, and he’s surrounded himself with a group of excellent musicians to support his musical concepts. Dave Stryker is not only a proficient guitarist, but a record producer with his own label, a composer and a very busy New York musician. Drummer, Billy Hart, is legendary and was once the drummer of choice with the great Jimmy Smith. Trumpeter, Jeremy Pelt, is a refreshing addition to the organ trio. The first thing that stands out about Jared Gold is his ability to take familiar songs like Stevie Wonder’s “Lookin’ For Another Pure Love’ or the Lennon/McCartney standard, “She’s Leaving Home” and turn them into harmonically fresh works of art. Gold’s creativity with harmonics is formidable. Gold started out as a piano player, but quickly found his expressive niche on the organ. He was born in Englewood, New Jersey February 27, 1980 and has worked extensively with Oliver Lake and John Abercrombie. This ninth album as a leader solidifies his unique approach to his instrument and his excursions into arrangements that are unique, like the title tune that roots itself in an unusual fourteen-bar blues pattern. On the tune, “Sweet Sweet Spirit” he takes us to church. Songs like “Ornette Coleman’s Blues Connotations” show the listener that he can groove with the best of them and also gives Hart an opportunity to break free and exuberantly solo on the drums. Jared Gold comes into sight and prominence once more, just like the title of this CD proclaims. (Dee Dee McNeil LA Jazz Musical Memoirs)

Recently voted the Top Rising Star on organ in an annual Downbeat poll, NYC based B-3 visionary Jared Gold fashions a dynamic through line to the generation of jazz organ that inhabits his muse by including, on his Strikezone debut Reemergence, legendary drummer Billy Hart, who got his start in the 60s with Jimmy Smith.

Ensembling again with guitarist Dave Stryker (who also produced), and adding trumpeter Jeremy Pelt to the fold, Gold creates an explosive melodic and rhythmic master class on the organ’s wide-ranging possibilities. He re-imagines Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Gershwin, an Ornette Coleman blues classic and a renowned church song – but saves his most imaginative expressions for his easy swinging tribute to John Abercrombie (who he played with for a few years) and Stryker’s adventurous closer “Nomad.” (Jonathan Widran JWVIBE)

Jared Gold is one of the most harmonically creative and grooving of the new generation of organists working today. Although influenced by the greats of the past, Jared is taking the organ into the future with his own sound. With his latest project Reemergence, Jared returns with new compositions, ideas and arrangements since his last recording Metropolitan Rhythm for Posi-Tone Records three years ago. Joining Jared are drum legend Billy Hart, (who started with Jimmy Smith in the 60 s) guitarist Dave Stryker and trumpeter Jeremy Pelt. This is a working trio with many gigs under their belts, and the communication is strong. Adding Jeremy Pelt, one of the finest of the new trumpeters, was an inspiring choice.

Dave Stryker: I first met Jared at Cecil s Jazz Club in 2004, and having played with many of the great organists myself, I immediately heard that this was a young man who was already establishing his own original voice. He has been a member of my trio ever since.

Born in Englewood, New Jersey on Feb. 27th, 1980, he attended William Paterson University studying piano before switching exclusively to organ. He is a big part of the New York scene and has worked with many of the greats including Oliver Lake and John Abercrombie. He has recorded 8 CDs as a leader, is a sidemen on many more and recently won Top Rising Star Organist in Downbeat magazine.

As always, Jared puts his own individual stamp on the music. His originals have unique harmonic twists and turns. Reemergence is a burning line that leads into a 14 bar blues form. One for John A. is dedicated to the late, great guitarist, whom Jared worked with for several years. Gold s skills as an arranger are evident on his treatment of Stevie Wonder s Looking for Another True Love (putting a classic groove on it that would make Jack McDuff proud) and the Beatles ballad She s Leaving Home, along with the standards It Ain t Necessarily So, and How Long Has This Been Going On. No organ trio record would be complete without a blues and Ornette Coleman s Blues Connotation is a piece that Jared first played with Abercrombie. Jared s church gigs inspired his gospel arrangement of Sweet Sweet Spirit, and he closes the set with Nomad, a Dave Stryker original Billy puts his inimitable signature on as he did on Stryker s first record First Strike in 1988. On Reemergence Jared Gold shows once again why he is one of the new greats of the organ.

1. Reemergence
2. It Ain't Necessarily So
3. Lookin' For Another Pure Love
4. She's Leaving Home
5. One For John A
6. How Long Has this Been Going On
7. Blues Connotation
8. Sweet Sweet Spirit
9. Nomad

Dave Stryker - guitar
Jeremy Pelt - trumpet, flugelhorn
Billy Hart - drums

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