Monday, September 20, 2021

Josh Barber - Thurgoland (September 20, 2021)

1. Thurgoland 05:51
2. Platts 08:15
3. Southport 05:24
4. Well Red 04:40
5. St Helen 05:55
6. Fox's Works Yard 06:07
7. Racecommon 05:02

Harry Cook - Piano
Callum Mintzis - Trombone
Gus Rigby - Saxophone, Flute
Tamara Murphy - Double Bass
Matt Dixon - Pedal Steel Guitar

Fraser Montgomery - Engineering
Lachlan Carrick - Mastering
Ry Wilkin - Paintings

Kristian Tangvik - The Cod and the Cat (September 20, 2021 Gotta Let It Out)

After his oneiric, Casio-centric 'Nullpluss' that Kristian Tangvik released two years ago, the time has come for his next move. In Kristian's own words:

"The Cod and the Cat has developed over the course of two years. It came to me in a dream. Some compositions arrived while traveling, others in a complete standstill. And so I have gathered a fresh combination of exceptional performers from the rich and exciting underground of Copenhagen's music scene, and it is because of their creativity and massive musicianship that this dream of mine could be realized in its precious form. Fusing cute naivety with strange complexity, yet staying true and honest to my own aesthetics, I have made an album to confuse, inspire, and comfort the listener. Touching upon grave topics as depression, addiction, and general malaise, there had to be a strong and playful side to the album, a Cat to the Cod so to speak.

This is genre-fluid music with a lot of space for improvisation. Contrasting expressions – surprising turns and twists – like a semi-lucid dream – where you wake up in the middle of the night to take a bewildered piss. This album is the truest expression of my search as of yet. I hope (and think) you will find something of value if you lend it an ear."

1. Poem 4 Tama 06:15
2. Guayaba Gordita 03:54
3. Kidney Kid 02:44
4. Livet 05:06
5. Howzit' 01:29
6. Den Sorte Gryde 04:17
7. Tivoli 03:56
8. I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore 04:06
9. Hold Fanen Højt 03:11
10. Takk 02:59

Mads Lund Egetoft: Tenor Saxophone
Peter Jensen: Trombone
Kristian Tangvik: Tuba and Vocals
Rasmus Kjær Larsen: Keys
Peter Danstrup: Electric Bass
Rune Lohse: Drums

WOOD ORGANIZATION - Drimpro (September 2021 Gotta Let It Out)

WOOD ORGANIZATION is an open constellation led by a Copenhagen-based duo of Szymon Pimpon Gasiorek and Tomo Jacobson - both players coming out of Copenhagen's vibrant improv and creative music scene. Initially devoted to improvisation drawing from the sounds of nature, the group has recently headed into a new direction which they themselves call drimpro (dream + improv). Their new music is a unique combination of repetitive acoustic grooves and abstract electronics sculpted in a free manner.

It is an eclectic amalgam of the duo's various influences ranging from free jazz to pop to ethnic to disco to reggae, that features both players as a rhythm section, soloists, and singers (on #7 & #9) alike.

In 2017 the group released their first well-received album on cassettes, featuring a three times Danish Grammy recipient Lars Greve on reeds, Freya Schack-Arnott on cello, and Franciszek Pospieszalski on second double bass.

1. WSCHÓD 00:41
2. DZIEŃ DOBRY 05:49
4. H.U.J.C. JAZZ TRIO 05:24
5. DRWAL 02:11
6. OVERDIGG 15:35
7. GLOBAL 14:19
8. LAST NOWAK [deus ex machina] 05:42

Tomo Jacobson – double bass, midi-ribbon, noise generator, vox
Szymon Pimpon Gasiorek – drums, percussion, OP-Z, vox

Recorded in 2020 at Monastic Studios
Mixed by Szymon & Tomo
Mastered by Albert Karch
Cover artwork by Szymon
Layout by Tomo

Pacho Davila - Down Systems (September 2021)

1. time wasted on mars 10:02
2. a place called third world 03:28
3. the old internet cafe 11:39

pacho davila saxo tenor
israel flores bravo drums
reiner schönfeld banjo guitarre electric bass banjo guitarre electric bass

Samy Thiébault - Samy Thiébault Awé ! (September 2021 Gaya Music Productions)

Tenor Saxophonist, flute player, Jazz composer and arranger, leader of 10 albums (upcoming on bandcamp soon) fondator of the label "Gaya Music Productions", Samy Thiebault is a passionated artist. He's strongly believe that Jazz music is a creole movement, a popular and an incredibly rich music, spiritual and political. Each of his album are the fruits of his worldwide tours, and his meetings.

Awé !, disque « tout monde » et ode à la créolisation !
dernier album évènement de Samy Thiébault
Cri du Jazz et de l’espérance...

1. Baila 04:20
2. Bailando 05:03
3. Awé ! 05:10
4. Chant du très proche 05:16
5. The Sooner, the better 05:36
6. Lagrimas 04:12
7. Blue Carnival 03:42
8. Jahân 's Song 05:46
9. Naranjas y Lemones 04:58
10. Fire 03:39
11. Alma del sur 03:53
12. Wild 03:36

Samy Thiébault : saxophone ténor
Brian Lynch : trompette
Manuel Valéra : piano
Eric Légnini : fender rhodes
Yunior Terry : contrebasse
José Gola : basse électrique
Dafnis Prieto : batterie
Yaité Ramos Rodriguez : chant (sur « Alma Del Sur »)
Mathieu Gautron : bandonéon
Clara Abou : violon
Anaïs Perrin : violon
Benachir Boukhatem : violon Alto
Sophie Chauvenet : violoncelle
Odile Simon : contrebasse
Anne -Cécile Cuniot : flûte
Hélène Gueuret : hautbois
Camille Lebrequier : cor
César Poirier : clarinette
Cécile Hardouin : basson, régie d'orchestre
Bastien Stil : Tuba, direction d'orchestre

Enregistré à la "Frost School of Music", par Justin Thomas Chervony, assisté de Jack McGuire et Natalia Schlesinger les 28 et 29 septembre 2019 et les 5 et 6 octobre 2019 à Coral Gables, en Floride aux Etats-Unis d'Amérique.
Et au Studio Ferber à Paris, en France, le 6 septembre 2020 par Jeff Ginouvès assisté de Nicolas Beugnot.
Mixé par Monsieur Philippe Teissier du Cros
Masterisé par Simon Lancelot (qui fait également des pizzas)
Production éxécutive USA : Brian Michel Bacchus
Réalisation et production exécutive : Sébastien Vidal
Artwork : Guillaume Saix / Photo : Youri Lenquette

Michaël Attias / Nataniel Edelman / Santiago Lamisovski / Nicolás del Águila - Los Ángeles (September 2021 Ears & Eyes Records)

Los Ángeles is the collaborative musical outcome of the relationship between four musicians of different generations and places. New York-based saxophonist and sound poet Michaël Attias and three young Argentinian musicians: Nataniel Edelman (piano), Santiago Lamisovski (bass), and Nicolás del Águila (drums). The record here presented is a document of fearless improvisation, a strong sensitivity for compositions and songs, and a compassionate stand on musical dialogue. After a tour in Buenos Aires and other cities of Argentina in 2019, and a remarkable performance in Buenos Aires’ Jazz Festival the band entered the studio to record the music that was to become part of the album. 

Some of the material was part of the book the band was playing on tour and other stuff was let to grow in the moment of recording. Most of the songs recorded were written by different members of the band, bringing a singular color to the whole. Also two Paul Motian compositions (Mumbo Jumbo and Mode VI) are included in the record along with the old standard “My Ideal”. But first a brief history of the group:

In 2016 Santiago Lamisovski and Nataniel Edelman traveled to New York to attend the Summer Workshop of the School for Improvisational Music (SIM), a unique workshop held every year in that city that features some of the best artists in the improvised and jazz music scene as teachers in the faculty. Michaël Attias was one of the teachers that year, and the exchange between teachers and students was very fluid. After a day of work, Santiago and Nataniel approached Michaël to ask him about a recording he did with the greats Paul Motian and Masabumi Kikuchi (On Broadway 5). A recording both of them deeply loved and felt close to, thus wanting to know more about it.

Michaël was very generous from the beginning, sharing stories and thoughts around it and also curious about these two Argentinians who wanted to know more about this record and the association between Motian and Kikuchi. The conversation ended with Michaël inviting the two for a session at his studio once the workshop was over. In 2018 Nicolás del Águila was living in New York City and attended a concert of Attias. After the concert, Nicolás approached him and among other things, they talked about their mutual Argentinian acquaintances.

The conversation resolved in Nicolás inviting Attias to a session at his studio, which happened a few days later. That was the beginning of a strong musical relationship between the four and that was to develop through the years and the distance. As Attias puts it:

“There is an interesting bridge happening between New York City and Buenos Aires, people from here going there, people from there coming here, sharing different ways of improvising and dealing with compositions going back and forth, so I felt really in my element right away.” 

1. Ping Pong Angel Fold 12:16
2. Corcho Blanco 05:28
3. Libson 05:30
4. Mumbo Jumbo 04:19
5. Mode VI 05:23
6. #63 (settled) 06:56
7. My Ideal 06:28
8. Perecedero 08:04

Michaël Attias - alto saxophone
Nataniel Edelman - piano
Santiago Lamisovski - contrabass
Nicolás del Aguila - drums

Tracks 1,3 and 6 composed by Michael Attias
Track 2 composed by Santiago Lamisovski
Track 8 composed by Nataniel Edelman
Track 4 and 5 composed by Paul Motian
Track 7 composed by Richard Whiting, Leo Robin and Newell Chase

Recorded by Gonzalo Manco at Estudio Libres in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mixed and mastered by Mariano Miguez in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cover photo by Celeste Rojas Mugica
Design by Tomás Würschmidt

Sean Khan - Azawala (September 2021 BBE Music)

Named after a word in Ghana’s Fante language, meaning “it’s up to you”, Sean Khan presents ‘Azawala’, the second single from his upcoming album ‘Supreme Love : a Journey Through Coltrane’, featuring UK jazz pioneer Peter King and a remix by Kaidi Tatham.

Steeped in 12/8 African rhythms, Azawala’s overall feel pays homage to Coltrane’s recordings of such classics as Ole, My Favourite Things, and Afro Blue, acknowledging the essential role of African music and culture within jazz.

This track notably features the powerful last performance by English jazz saxophonist Peter King, who sadly passed away in August 2020, shortly after the recording. The historical significance of King’s artistic career simply cannot be over-stated. It’s safe to say he was probably the last surviving link between the legends of the 1960s New York scene and Europe. He played the first ever gig at Ronnie Scott’s club in 1959 and went on to perform with, among many others, Philly Joe Jones, Elvin Jones, Bud Powell, Ray Charles; recording with Freddie Hubbard, Tubby Hayes and Miles Davis collaborator George Coleman, to name but a few.

As Khan puts it: “the solo Peter plays on Azawala put simple is world class. I do hope people who know my work and probably know me more for my underground status will open themselves up to Peter’s playing and let a master of the improvised art form tell his story.”

The remix of Azawala is delivered by another undisputed master, this time from the Broken Beat scene: Kaidi Tatham (with a great mixdown by Daz I Kue). Kaidi’s remix features an alternative saxophone solo and original flute arrangements from Khan, moving from an African jazz rhythm into an incredible crescendo of uplifting House.

“So there you have it…” says Sean. “My new single Azawala, one legend on the original and another legend on remix duties, what more could you want?” 

1. NAzawala 07:39
2. Azawala (Kaidi Tatham Remix) 07:23