Saturday, April 3, 2021

Avi Tell - Old & New (April 3, 2021)

1. Old & New 28:18
2. Naked 26:35
Avi Tell
Creator of musical constructions and the owner of unfounded consciousness

Philip Weyand Quartett - Placido Sessions (April 3, 2021)

1. E.T.G. 06:28
2. Solar 06:51
3. Placido 06:22
4. Everything I Love 04:10
5. I Wish I Knew 06:05

Kristina Shamgunova - Sax
Philip Weyand - Piano
Nico Klöffer - Bass
Micha Jesske - Drums

Jason Reolon Trio - Outline (April 3, 2021)

1. Outline 05:00
2. Mirror Mirror 05:31
3. Picture Perfect 06:55
4. Pepper Tree 06:20
5. Remember a Time 04:45
6. Nieu Moon 03:36
7. Glass Roots 07:21
8. Mothercity Blues 04:49
9. Heinsight 04:10

Jason Reolon - Piano
Wesley Rustin - Double Bass
Heinrich Goosen - Drums

Marques Carroll - The Ancestors’ Call (April 16, 2021)

Marques Carroll steps out in his debut record with his quintet featuring all original music that pays tribute to the Ancestors while inviting special guest artist; Victor Gracia (congas), Alex Wasily (trombone) and Sharon Irving (vocals). Marques spent much of the last year reworking old material and writing many new pieces that he felt were needed to deal with the climate of America during this time. The Ancestors' Call features music that tells a story of the strength that we have been given from our Ancestors and the responsibility we have to carry on in their footsteps.

There is a sense of struggle in each piece while still reaching resolve in the end. Aries Goddess (For Consuela and the Fallen) tells the story of a mother dealing with the loss of her son and Irving's vocals represents the mother letting go of her son and reaching a sense of peace even through the tragic event. Each song moves us forward to a sense of resolution within ourselves to be better for one another as a collective.
1. The Ancestors' Call Upon Us
2. Generational Response
3. Assemble The Elightened
4. Beyond The Battle
5. Urgency
6. Aries Goddess (For Consuela and The Fallen)
7. Resolution For Us
8. The Ancestors' Final Call

Marques Carroll (trumpet)
Brent Griffin (alto sax)
Amr Fahmy (piano)
Christian Dillingham (bass)
Greg Artry (drums)
Victor Garcia (congas)
Alex Wasily (trombone)
Sharon Irving (vocals)

Georgie Auld - Let's Jump (April 2021 nagel heyer records)

Georgie Auld (May 19, 1919 – January 8, 1990) was a jazz saxophonist (tenor, alto and soprano) and bandleader who moved to Brooklyn, New York at the age of 10.

Primarily a swing saxophonist, he was a member of big bands and led his own big bands.

Auld worked with Bunny Berigan, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Erroll Garner, Dizzy Gillespie, Al Porcino, Billy Eckstine, Tiny Kahn, and Frank Rosolino.

1. A Smooth One 04:21
2. Route 66 02:39
3. Sweet Lorraine 03:41
4. I've Found a New Baby 04:47
5. Canyon Passage 02:50
6. I Can't Give You Anything but Love 03:26
7. Wholly Cats 04:09
8. I Don't Know Why 02:54
9. On the Alamo 02:31
10. Blue Moon 02:58
11. Just You, Just Me 02:43
12. Seven Come Eleven 03:10
13. 100 Years from Today 02:52
14. Soft Winds 04:10
15. Air Mail Special 03:19
16. Gilly 02:38
17. Breakfast Feud 03:17
18. Rose Room 02:42
19. Handicap 02:47
20. Scarecrow 02:51
21. Let's Jump 03:12
22. Mo-Mo 02:38
23. You're Blasé 02:53
24. Flying Home 03:37
25. Gone With the Draft 02:45
26. Chicken Lickin' 02:47
27. Benny's Bugle 03:45

Georgie Auld - tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax
Don Fagerquist - trumpet
Larry Bunker - vibraphone
Lou Levy - piano
Howard Roberts - guitar
Leroy Vinnegar - bass
Mel Lewis - drums

Various Artists

Jonathan Barber - Vision Ahead (April 2021)

Jonathan Barber is proud to announce his arrival with the release of his highly-anticipated debut album Vision Ahead. Featuring pianist Taber Gable, guitarist Andrew Renfroe, saxophonist Godwin Louis, bassist Matt Dwonszyk, and vocalists Denise Renee and Sasha Foster (collectively and eponymously known as the album title), Vision Ahead is Barber’s product of six years spent cultivating a distinct and immaculately tailored sound with like minded musicians who, together, now present themselves as an undeniable, sonically-solid unit. Vision Ahead serves as a showcase of the fresh prospects that can be envisioned and the greatness that can be achieved when one is forced to face unanticipated, desolating life-challenges.

Upon hearing the devastating and unexpected news of his one and only brother’s death in November 2016, Barber struggled to comprehend life, and the purpose of his own, individual foreplanned and foreseen envisage slipped out of his understanding. “I became confused with the direction that life was taking me and numb to the new norm that instantly presented itself to me; for it was that stand still moment the words “Vision Ahead” became the theme of my next chapter in life.”

Sonically, Vision Ahead not only paints a picture of fresh perspective but one of perseverance. Aside achieving goals through adversity, it is a creation of polished craft and art that strives to breakthrough in a music industry that lacks the attention of an intellectual artist. “My music not only helped me through my grieving process, but sparked a fresh musical style in hopes of carrying on the spirit of this American art form; jazz.”
Eight out of the twelve tracks on Vision Ahead were personally composed by the young musician, named best “Up & Coming” drummer in the 2018 Modern Drummer Readers Poll. “Collectively we capture the deep emotion and the intention that encompasses the compositions of these songs.”

This tightly-knit ensemble has successfully created an album of hope and positivity. Whether itʼs graduating from The Jackie Mclean Institute of Jazz or being natives in the State of Connecticut, the seeds that were planted in one of the smallest states in the U.S. has already made an erroneous impact in the music industry; a vision that is still growing.

Jonathan Barber - Drums, Vocals (track 7)
Taber Gable - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Synthesizer  
Andrew Renfroe - Guitar
Godwin Louis - Alto Saxophone 
Matt Dwonszyk - Bass
Denise Renee - Vocals (Tracks 2, 5, 9, 11)
Sasha Foster - Vocals (Tracks 2, 5, 9, 11)

Recording Location- Big Orange Sheep Studios. New York, NY
Recording Date- August 16 & 17, 2017
Producer- Jonathan Barber
Mix and Mastering- Drew of the Drew
Engineer- Micheal Perez-Cisneros
Engineer Assistant- Alex Haley
Album Cover Design- Edward Larose
Photographer- Edward Larose

Matt Jorgensen - Tattooed by Passion: Music inspired by the paintings of Dale Chisman (April 2021)

Inspired by the paintings of his late father-in-law, the prominent abstract-impressionist artist Dale Chisman, drummer Matt Jorgensen has created a recording of all original works drawing influence directly from Chisman paintings, his home city of Denver, his life-long friends, and his constant reinvention as an artist. To properly reflect the power and expanse of Chisman's pieces, Jorgensen, along with his longtime collaborators - trumpeter Thomas Marriott and saxophonist Mark Taylor - expands his own palette from previous recordings, exploring broad new textures and musical landscapes aided by Corey Christiansen's earthy guitar work, bassist Dave Captein, and orchestrations for string quartet.

1. Space, Plane and Line 06:51
2. Tattooed by Passion 05:55
3. Colorado 06:07
4. August 05:43
5. Big Chief with a Golden Crown 06:13
6. The Armory (Interlude) 00:37
7. Primal Scrip 06:32
8. The Armory 04:42
9. Dialogue 2008 06:48
10. Fall 00:49
11. Savage Grace 08:28

Thomas Marriott - trumpet
Mark Taylor - saxophone
Corey Christiansen - guitar
Dave Captein - bass
Matt Jorgensen - drums

with special guests:
Richard Cole - clarinet (11)
Karen Haliburton - violin (3, 4, 11)
Eric Rynes - violin (3, 4, 11)
Brianna Atwell - viola (3, 4, 11)
Chris Worswick - cello (3, 4, 11)

Alessandro Galati / Bob Sheppard / John Patitucci / Peter Erskine - Jason Salad! (2021 JazZMUD Recs)

1. Bop 'Till You Drop 03:49
2. Love 05:15
3. Last Night 04:48
4. Circus 07:01
5. You don't know what love is 07:36
6. Bulgaria 05:32
7. Hi dance with you (to Luca Flores) 07:19
8. Woody's Grouse 03:01
9. This Up Year 06:06
10. Tobaccoless 04:57
11. Ascending 04:49


Recorded at Mad Hatter, L.A. (USA) by Bernie Kirsch, march 1996.

David Mirarchi / Mathias Højgaard Jensen - Nonlocal (April 2021)

Nonlocal is a series of improvisations each recorded real-time over video call. It is a result of us trying to find a way to make music together from opposite ends of the world.

Given the challenge of recording in separate spaces with significant delay, we are very happy with the result.

1. Mr. Hippo 05:14
2. Eastern Bluebird 06:04
3. As a Matter of Fact 05:36
4. Other One 12:27
5. Peart Halpitation 03:38
6. Nonlocal 13:44

David Mirarchi - Alto saxophone, Flute
Mathias Højgaard Jensen - Double Bass