Wednesday, April 7, 2021

April 10-11: William Parker & Melissa Aldana trios perform in Central Park as part of Walk With The Wind

Artist-focused non-profit Giant Step Arts partners with Jazz Generation's KEYED UP! for new edition of acclaimed concert series Walk With The Wind

April 10-11 free performances at NEW LOCATION in Central Park: Summit Rock in Seneca Village

Concerts honor legacy of congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis

Featuring William Parker Trio, James Brandon Lewis Freed Style Free Trio, Melissa Aldana Trio, Chris Potter Trio, Antonio Sanchez Trio, Marquis Hill Quartet, Michael Thomas Quartet, Nasheet Waits, Mark Turner, Marika Hughes, Johnathan Blake, Abraham Burton, Jason Palmer

"Sitting socially distanced on The Mall and listening to live jazz feels like an optimistic moment...Jimmy Katz and Giant Step Arts are plugging a gap with Walk With The Wind." - Dan Bergsagel, London Jazz News

Giant Step Arts in partnership with Jazz Generation’s KEYED UP! continues the acclaimed performance series Walk With The Wind honoring civil rights activist and congressman John Lewis. The concerts – curated by Jimmy Katz and Nasheet Waits – will take place at pop up locations in New York City’s Central Park. Shows will be rescheduled in case of inclement weather.


• Saturday, April 10 at Summit Rock in Seneca Village
Noon – Robert Lotreck Quartet–  with Sarah Hanahan, Anthony Hervey, Phil Norris

1 p.m. – William Parker Trio with Cooper Moore and Hamid Drake 

• Sunday, April 11 at Summit Rock in Seneca Village
Noon – Robert Lotreck Quartet with Sarah Hanahan, Drew Anderson, Phil Norris

1 p.m. – Steve Slagle Trio with Marty Kenney, Jason Tiemann

2 p.m. – Melissa Aldana Trio with Pablo Menares and Kush Abadey

More concerts HERE

Bayfront Jazz Festival Miami: Roy Ayers | Dee Dee Bridgewater | Chucho Valdés | Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymée Nuviola | Mark Guiliana | April 30 - May 1


Roy Ayers, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Chucho Valdés, Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymée Nuviola and Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music



"Jazz is not just music, it is a way of life, it is a way of being, a way of thinking." – NINA SIMONE

"The story of Jazz is written into the quest for human dignity, democracy and civil rights. It has given strength to the struggle against discrimination and racism. UNESCO believes in the power of Jazz as a force for peace, dialogue and mutual understanding." – UNESCO/International Jazz Day
The 2021 inaugural edition of the Bayfront Jazz Festival will take over Miami's Bayfront Park for two magical days as Miami’s "Post-Covid recovery calendar" kicks off one of the first LIVE musical events on April 30 and May 1, 2021. The first Miami festival of its scale, Bayfront's mission is to honor and celebrate the current and future giants of Jazz, Afro-Cuban/Latin & Electronic music and for fans from the world over to enjoy music's greatest heroes and masters play with a real audience for the first time in over a year at a stunning, iconic Miami open air venue. The concerts will host 1500 people, rather than the usual 10G and will respect  all Covid-19 sanitary rules of social distancing.

Hosted by Melrose Media at the FPL Solar Amphitheater at Bayfront Park in Miami, the Bayfront Jazz Festival will take place on the UNESCO International Jazz Day, intended to raise awareness of the virtues of jazz as an educational tool, and a force for empathy, dialogue and enhanced cooperation among people.
FPL Solar Amphitheater

This year’s unique line-up includes Roy Ayers, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Chucho Valdés, Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymée Nuviola and Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music who will be participating at the festival throughout 2 days of spiritual and joyful music.

The FPL Solar Amphitheater is situated in the middle of the Bayfront Park, directly on the Oceanfront. The Bayfront Park has 500-panel solar installation, including solar trees, which generates about 250 kilowatts of emissions-free energy – more than the power used during the Amphitheater’s concert season. 

Physical tickets can be purchased on Ticketmaster. An Internet ticketed livestream video will also be in place through EluvioLIVE allowing happy fans from the world to enjoy the Jazz musicians play in front of a real audience, which has not been possible for one year ! All payments will be accepted, including Crypto currencies to purchase the live streaming.

The livestream will be available on mobile, desktop, tablets,  Apple TV and Roku TV all in 4K.

Partial proceeds will be given to hospitals fighting Covid-19.

“Artists and audiences crave for live music in an outdoor venue and we had to fight to make that event happen. We took engagements with the venue and the City to protect our audience with masks, gels and social distancing,” said Manuel Molina, Managing director of Melrose Media. His co-producer Rozenberg added, “We wanted to bring back live jazz in the heart of the Miamians and feed their souls with iconic musicians vibes. There will only be 1500 happy people in the venue but everybody likes the sunshine. So everybody will be able to follow that hybrid event on a livestream”Molina wanted to add “We are so glad to put back on the map a new Jazz Festival, especially after the cultural chaotic Covid and bring back joy with live music.”

Tickets Bayfront Jazz Festival: via for the livestream and Ticketmaster.
Passes and vouchers are limited in number








Gabe Terracciano Trio - Three Part Invention (April 2021 Ligonia Records)

"Adventurous, but always melodic...Terracciano plays with Joe Venuti's
grace and Zbigniew Seifert's swagger."
- Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

"This latest effort from Gabe Terracciano, arguably the brightest lit of the current crop of emergent jazz violin luminaries, takes a European stance with its acoustic trio setting evocative of the gypsy jazz legend Django Reinhardt as well as intriguing takes on classical music gems, yet at its core is undeniably of the American canon, expressed at its most joyous heartfelt best." 
- David Balakrishnan, founding violinist/composer of the two-time Grammy winning Turtle Island Quartet

"Gabe Terracciano and his trio have made something remarkable: an album that’s at once unabashedly virtuosic and suffused with sweetness and intimacy. This is gregarious, generous music; an animated conversation that sweeps you in with a welcoming embrace."
- Tanya Kalmanovitch, genre-bending violist and entrepreneurial visionary

"I have a crush on Gabe Terracciano‘s new album: it’s ethereal, bright, intimate, effortlessly erudite, and incredibly generous. The dimension of thought that went into the choice of repertoire and manner of interpretation makes « Three Part Invention » some of the best recorded music I’ve heard in a long time, appealing to both my penchants for jazz and classical music — I could expect no less from such an excellent and versatile artist."
– Tatiana Eva-Marie, acclaimed singer and leader of the Avalon Jazz Band

"Gabe Terracciano is the golden goose and 'Three Part Invention' is his egg. A Masterpiece. Please use your ears to discover for yourself."
- Ari Hoenig, groundbreaking drummer and improviser
From Ligonia Records and acclaimed violinist Gabe Terracciano, this album provides a new take on chamber music. All nine pieces on this album explore the intersection of jazz and classical music, and how the potentials for stylistic crossover are always available, no matter what the genre. Featuring guitarist Josh Dunn and bassist Ian Hutchison, all three musicians on this recording are veterans of the New York jazz scene, and have been playing together as a trio for years leading up to this project. This fully virtual release is the culmination of a shared love of both jazz and classical music, and a desire to create new sounds out of the ones that came before.

The album opens with “Crazy Rhythm”, firmly establishing the trio as one that can tackle standard jazz repertoire with style. The music then makes its first forays into the world of classical music, first with “Invention No.4/Beautiful Love” that pairs a Bach piano invention with a well known jazz standard, and followed by the trio’s lush arrangement of Erik Satie’s “Gymnopédie No. 3”, featuring Terracciano on viola. The trio then picks up the tempo with “Flèche D’Or”, a lesser-known Django Reinhardt composition that brings some fire after Satie’s soothing melancholy.
Terracciano goes back to viola on the next piece, Alex North’s “Spartacus (Love Theme)”, which was inspired by Joe Venuti’s rendition of the cinematic classic from 1978. Moving from the twentieth century to the sixteenth, the trio tackles a medley of compositions by Italian composer Luca Marenzio, “Ad Una Fresca Riva” and “Al Primo Vostro Sguardo”. The complex interplay highlights the similarities between classical chamber music and playing in a smaller jazz setting - stripping down the music to the basic elements of melody, bass, and chords, smaller and more intense conversations between musicians, improvisations and divisions over standard tunes, the list goes on.

Coming back to the present day, the trio next tackles the one original composition on the album, Terracciano’s “Dance for Jimmy”, inspired by the small ensemble interplay of Jimmy Giuffre. The raw blues and collective improvisation returns the trio to a sound that will be more familiar with jazz listeners. The album then closes with two classic compositions. First, “Sonata ‘Pathétique’ II. Adagio cantabile” by Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the first classical pieces that Terracciano arranged for the trio, and “Sweet Chorus”, a Django Reinhardt/Stephane Grappelli composition that bookends the album with dynamic takes on swing repertoire.
1. Crazy Rhythm 02:13
2. Invention No. 4/Beautiful Love 06:37
3. Gymnopédie No. 3 02:53
4. Flèche D'Or 05:01
5. Spartacus (Love Theme) 05:51
6. Ad Una Fresca Riva​/​Al Primo Vostro Sguardo 04:46
7. Dance for Jimmy 04:38
8. Sonata "Pathétique" II. Adagio cantabile 05:52
9. Sweet Chorus 03:55

Gabe Terracciano - Violin and Viola
Josh Dunn - Guitar
Ian Hutchison - Bass

Recorded on May 19, 2019 at Soluri Studios
Mixed by Patrick Soluri
Mastered by Vlad Orzhekhovskiy
Artwork by Cait Jones
Design by Claire Lorman

©2021 Ligonia Records

Peter Knight & Australian Art Orchestra - Crossed & Recrossed (June 15, 2021)

Peter Knight & Australian Art Orchestra - Crossed & Recrossed (June 15, 2021)

Crossed & Recrossed presents two works composed by Peter Knight & inspired by mappings of imagined places by iconic Australian novelist, Gerald Murnane, & Italian master, Italo Calvino.

Simultaneously celebrating & deconstructing the tropes of minimalism, Crossed & Recrossed creates a series of musical mirages that form on an endless sonic horizon, reflecting & reimagining the wide open spaces described in Murnane’s iconic novel, The Plains, & the labyrinthine streets of Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

“Peter Knight’s work sets up a post-minimal logic that refracts & disintegrates as we listen. The instrumentation of the chamber jazz orchestra is expanded with the unexpected additions of turntables, a reel-to-reel tape machine & live laptop signal processing. The sounds of acoustic instruments & voices are interwoven with field recordings cut onto vinyl, & are filtered & augmented as Knight plays with our perceptions of what we hear & what we imagine we have heard. Time folds into itself in a very Calvino-esque manner, leaving us with the trace residue of moments half remembered.”

The Plains
Premiered National Forum of Music, Wroclaw Poland
Jazztopad Festival 2018
Finalist ‘Performance of the Year’ APRA/AMC Art Music Awards 2020 for performance at Berlin Jazz Festival 2019

Premiered at Metropolis New Music Festival 2016,
Melbourne Recital Centre
Winner Albert H Maggs Composition Prize 2017
Finalist ‘Work of the Year’ APRA/AMC Art Music Awards 2017

Peter Knight – composer
Perpetually curious, composer/trumpeter/sound artist Peter Knight’s practice exists in the spaces between categories, between genres, & between cultures.

As Artistic Director of one of Australia’s leading contemporary music ensembles, the Australian Art Orchestra (AAO), Peter has emerged as a significant international force in contemporary music, initiating commissions, collaborations, & performances with a diverse range of artists including recently: Anthony Braxton (USA), Nicole Lizée (Canada), Amir ElSaffar (USA), & Alvin Lucier (USA). He has also performed his works with the Orchestra at major international festivals with recent highlights including: JazzFest Berlin, London Jazz Festival, MONA FOMA (Tasmania), Jazztopad (Poland), Barunga Festival (NT), & Melbourne Festival.

In addition to his role with the AAO, Peter regularly presents his music as both performer & composer in a range of settings; he also composes for contemporary theatre, film, & creates sound installations.

“Solos here were like songlines, not paving superhighways through a compositional infrastructure but leaving faint footprints in a soundscape that evolved as organically as an ecosystem.” - Downbeat

“Hard to categorise… hauntingly memorable” - The Wire

“If trumpet is an element then Knight is an alchemist” - New York City Jazz Record 

1. The Plains
2. Diomira

Recorded by Jem Savage May 10/11 2019
Ginger Studios, Melbourne
Mixed by Joe Talia & Peter Knight
Produced by Peter Knight
Mastered & cut by Helmut Erler, D&M, Berlin

Georgie Darvidis – voice
Andrea Keller – piano
Peter Knight – trumpet/electronics
Aviva Endean – bass clarinet
Lizzy Welsh – violin
James Macaulay - trombone
Tilman Robinson – electronics
Jacques Emery – double bass
Simon Barker – drum kit

Recording of live performance by AAO for Metropolis New Music Festival May 9 2016 by Jem Savage & ABC Classic FM
Audio system design by Jem Savage
Remixed by Joe Talia & Peter Knight
Produced by Peter Knight
Mastered & cut by Helmut Erler, D&M, Berlin

Gian Slater – voice
Andrea Keller – Nord keyboard & piano
Peter Knight – trumpet/electronics
Tristram Williams – trumpet
Tony Hicks – bass clarinet
Erkki Veltheim – violin
Steve Raegele – guitar
Adrian Sherriff – bass trombone
Mary Rapp – cello
Nicole Lizée – turntables
Vanessa Tomlinson – vibraphone
Joe Talia – Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape machine
Sam Pankhurst – double bass
Jem Savage – audio systems design & live sound
Tamara Saulwick – pre-recorded whispered voice

Remix overdubs:
Katherine Philp – cello
Jacques Emery – double bass
Dan Sheehan – Fender Rhodes piano

Topsi Series / Cloud Reading Society (May 3, 2021 Umlaut Records)

“Hopscotch” is a Berlin based Company and represents Tristan Honsinger’s latest effort in a lifetime search for unity between music, theatre and poetry. This gatefold vinyl contains a collection of songs and compositions invented through the years as musical material for Hopscotch’s performances and plays, along with improvisations and dialogues.

1. Mother‘s Song Suite
2. Stupidity March
3. Family Suite
4. Potatoes
5. Father‘s Song Suite
6. Mockery Suite
7. 10 Inch Screw Suite
8. Electromagnetismo

Tristan Honsinger (cello, voice), Izumi Ose (voice, toy piano), Franziska Hoffmann (violin, voice), Tobias Delius (saxophone, clarinet, voice), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Hiroki Mano (tap dance, voice), Klaus Kürvers (bass), Antonio Borghini (bass, voice), Steve Heather (drums, voice).
Children choir on tracks A1, A4 and B3:
Mathilda Burand, May Fischer, Greta Grip, Frieda Simons, Pauline Simons

All compositions by Tristan Honsinger. Recorded (Kühlspot, Berlin, February 12 and 13, 2020), mixed and mastered by Alexis Baskind. Cover painting by Joel Grip. Still photos from the film Proud Cloud by Mauricio Hernandez (also including Hopscotch members Ciska Jansen and Hisako Horikawa). Produced by Topsi Series for Umlaut Records. Topsi Series produces records, books and films related to the activities around the venue Au Topsi Pohl in Berlin.
tslp1 c & p Topsi Series / Umlaut Records 2021

Topsi Series / When Will Never Meet (May 3, 2021 Umlaut Records)

“When will never meet” is the soundtrack of a fragmented movie in transformation. Engaging many musicians of the Berlin scene, performing in solo or in small bands, this soundtrack is a collage of the impossible, a mosaic of wishes and lost opportunities, the dream of a lonely demiurge.

1. Kleiderordnung
2. Irrenanstalt Buch, Festes Haus
3. Das Schiffchen Fliegt, Der Webstuhl Kracht
4. Niemand Ist Hier Geboren
5. But Being
6. Spreekreisschiftfahrtsgesellschaftstouristenselfiestangenhauptknopf video
7. Über Das Taubenproblem
8. Du Bist Bereits Auf Der Anderen Seite
9. Smalltalk Über Zeit

A : Sheeps
Olga Nosova : drums, voice
DJ Illvibe : turntables
Antonio Borghini : electric bass
B : Andrea Neumann
Andrea Neumann : inside piano
C : Carpet Below
Michael Thieke : clarinet
Kai Fagaschinski : clarinet
Liz Albee : trumpet, conch shell
Matthias Müller : trombone
D : Heather / Repotente
Steve Heather : drums
Rico Repotente : electric guitar
E : Il Salto del Dogo
Antonio Borghini : double bass
Grégoire Simon : violin
Anil Eraslan : cello
Rudi Fischerlehner : drums
F : Peepholes have the power
Mat Pogo : voice
Liz Albee : trumpet, conch shell
Antonio Borghini : double bass
Steve Heather : drums
G : Lillinger /Schick
Christian Lillinger : drums
Ignaz Schick : turntables
H : Al Schachtel
Alexis Baskind : electronics
I : Manunkind
Almut Kühne : voice
Michael Thieke : clarinet
Gerhard Gschlößl : trombone
Girogio Pacorig : piano
Antonio Borghini : double bass
J : An Kopf
Antonio Borghini : double bass
K : Hook, Line and Sinker
Tristan Honsinger : cello, voice
Antonio Borghini : double bass, voice
Tobias Delius : tenor saxophone, clarinet, voice
Axel Dörner : trumpet
L : Die Hochstapler
Louis Laurain : trumpet
Pierre Borel : alto saxophone
Antonio Borghini : double bass
Hannes Lingens : drums

Conceived and produced by Antonio Borghini and Alexis Baskind.
Recording : Berlin . 2017-2018
Sound engineering : Alexis Baskind (Christoph Schlimbach for session I)
Painting and graphic design : Joel Grip
Produced by Topsi Series for Umlaut Records.
Topsi Series produces records, books and films related to the activities around the venue “Au Topsi Pohl” in Berlin.

Solborg / Banke / Heebøll - Angels (2021)

The approach of the trio is about thorough attentive, synergistic and dynamic interplay. The focal point is always at how to redeem the material at hand in the strongest possible way - regardless of genre. Over time they have developed a deep mutual understanding and - in the words of some listeners - telepathic playing style. As if all in the group breathes through the same lungs - and create transparent elastic music. This is a place of thorough, respectful, curious listening and musical talks.

The last years the group has worked two main agendas:
A - Original works focusing on melody, counterpoint and complex rhythm
B - Interpretations of selected favorite songs by strong historical voices

On "Angels" both are intertwined in an intense and dynamic three-way conversation. All contribute with equal voices - and on these tracks in particular you can hear Heebølls energetic and ultra melodic answers to Solborg and Bankes playfull interwoven lines and melodies.

1. Den 7. Dag 05:05
2. Rigors Remain 05:11
3. Early Morning Bells 06:08
4. Mr. Y Oso 05:17
5. Another Bastard 04:32
6. Angels 05:35
7. Crepuscule With Nellie 02:35
8. Longsome 03:46
9. Harvest Breed 04:37


Doug Sides & Daniel Cano - Duplexity EP (April 2021)

"This record bravely highlights the colours and capabilities of the trumpet & drums. A modern extension of the American 60's tradition in a rarely heard line-up". -Binker Golding

Trumpeter Daniel Cano and drummer Doug Sides are two of the most exciting jazz musicians on the South-East Kent scene. They’ve played together in various bands, are both regular participants at Margate's legendary Monday night Lifeboat jazz jam and often perform at venues including Ronnie Scott’s and Pizza Express.

With live music on hold throughout 2020, Cano and Sides spent a day at Ramsgate’s Big Jelly Studios during the space between lockdowns and recorded their first EP as a duo. All the ideas were lightly rehearsed to keep them fresh and recorded live in no more than one or two takes. They show the strong compositional themes combined with powerful rhythms and inspired improvisation, echoing former trumpet and drums duos such as Max Roach and Dizzy Gillespie and Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell.

Daniel Cano moved from Spain to the UK in 2014 and has since recorded two albums as leader, "Don't Touch the Blue" and "Social Music" for the independent Blue Asteroid. He was awarded a scholarship to the Banff International Workshop in Jazz & Creative Music in Canada in 2019. Cano is a featured soloist, composer, and educator, works with Canterbury’s Free Range Orchestra and is a member of the London Improvisers Orchestra.

Doug Sides was born in Los Angeles in 1942, and as well as being a premier jazz drummer is also a composer and arranger. Before moving to Europe in the late eighties he worked and recorded with artists including Lionel Hampton, John Handy, Abbey Lincoln, Jon Hendricks, Joe Henderson, Sonny Stitt, Blue Mitchell, Bobby Hutcherson, Chick Corea, Harry Edison, Cedar Walton, and Clark Terry. While living in Paris he worked with Johnny Griffin, Horace Parlan, Benny Golson, Kirk Lightsey and Hank Jones.

1. Sanus 05:12
2. Made Up Recipe 05:44
3. Perpetual Motion 04:24 video
4. Libertatem 04:47

DANIEL CANO, trumpet

All selections composed by Daniel Cano (tracks 2,3) and Doug Sides (tracks 1,4)

Produced by Daniel Cano
Mixed by Tony Platt at "Have ears..."
Mastered by Cicely Balston at AIR Studios
Recorded by Mike Collins at Big Jelly Studios on 19 October 2020

John Hasselback III - Entrance (April 2021)

Buffalo New York native John Hasselback III is quickly establishing himself as a lyrical trumpet soloist and composer in New York City’s vibrant jazz scene. Hasselback’s colorful sound is thoroughly informed by the lineage of jazz trumpet tradition, combining the sounds of yesterday with the sounds of tomorrow.

This music was written while living in Hartford, Connecticut and New York City. It reflects my experiences, surroundings and inspirations. I hope the listener finds their own sense of meaning and joy from the music.

1. B.F.G. 03:42
2. Blood Orange 05:21
3. Robert's Run 06:59
4. Scarborough Street 05:26
5. Rene's Way 06:36 6. Third Time's the Charm 03:43
7. Body and Soul 05:41
8. Eclipse 04:42
9. Kingsbridge 05:11

All compositions by John Hasselback III | John Hasselback III Music (ASCAP) except Body and Soul by Johnny Green | Warner Bros. (renewed)

John Hasselback III - Trumpet
Wayne Escoffery - Saxophone
Steve Davis - Trombone
Jonathan Barber - Drums
Luques Curtis - Bass
Taber Gable - Piano

Recorded at GHR October 10th & 11th, 2020
Andrew Oedel - Recording Engineer
Ethan Weissman - Mixing Engineer
Carl Bespolka - Additional Mixing and Mastering Engineer

John Hasselback III - Producer
Jack Nosavage - Production Assistant
Zack Rubin - Cover Photo

This project is funded in part by the Pathways To Jazz grant, a donor advised fund of the Boulder County Arts Alliance.

Enrico Morello - Cyclic Signs (2021 Auand Records)

Enrico Morello, one of the most creative drummers in the Italian jazz scene, to release his new album “Cyclic Signs” on Auand Records on March 19

Italian drummer Enrico Morello debut album comes after gaining experience on the need of putting together the endless inputs he received over many years of activity as a sideman. These collaborations allowed him to get in touch and play with the musicians he selected as members of his Cyclic Signs quartet – Francesco Lento on trumpet, Daniele Tittarelli on alto sax and Matteo Bortone on double bass.

Immediately and solid and synched, the members’ approach and contribution fit into Morello’s complex original compositions, and enriched them with their own vision. The Cyclic Signs driving force is to be found in the rhythms of life, and their multiple transformations. However, this album also wants to become a gesture, a moving body, a kinetic force – in other words, a dance.
«When I had to put these concepts into music», Morello explains, «I started from what I feel is more suitable to me – rhythm. I tried to subvert the predictable logic of a metered tempo by tracing unexpected and mixed paths. My aim was to give that feeling of surprise and confusion back to the listeners facing the unknown.»

«Using instruments», he adds, «that are mostly monodic allows a polyphonic development of the themes and let the music flow from silence, just like the strokes of a painter on a canvas. I focused my energy on the harmonic side of each track, conducting the different voices that create the polyphony. Following these principles, harmony keeps a central role in the big picture of these compositions, and it determines their changing music scenarios.»

«Such choices», Morello says, «led me to exploring soundscapes that have an essential timber, although their appearance is complex and well-structured. They are not so far from some traditional music productions in Central Africa, which endlessly inspired my creative research.»

1. The Forest People 04:18
2. Persephone’s Dance 04:35
3. Sometimes, During The Night 00:49
4. What Happened On The Road 07:57
5. Walking Together 01:28
6. Drills In My Brain 05:49
7. Tales De Hadas 06:40
8. Playful 01:00
9. Natural Movement 05:25
10. Quite Close 06:25
11. Ghost Truck 09:20
12. The End Is The Beginning 01:56

Francesco Lento - trumpet
Daniele Tittarelli - alto sax
Matteo Bortone - double bass
Enrico Morello - drums, qraqeb, carillon

Recorded at Cicaleto Recording Studio, Arezzo - Italy
on July 2-3, 2020 by Francesco Ponticelli

Mixed at Cicaleto Recording Studio, Arezzo - Italy
on August 6-7, 2020 by Francesco Ponticelli

Mastered at Jambona Lab, Livorno - Italy
on August 24, 2020 by Antonio Castiello