Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Ethan Chilton - The Planets (August 2021)

I’ve been obsessed with space since the first grade. I knew every obscure fact about every planet and could recite the entire history of the universe. I'm fascinated by the extremes that are involved- hot and cold, slow and fast, big and small.

“The Planets” features nine originals arranged for a different ensemble on each track. The music is a mix of ECM-inspired small-group playing, angular contemporary jazz, reimagined string quartets, and synth-driven sound collages.

Each piece is inspired by one of the eight planets plus Pluto, but the track names obscure the connection on purpose. For me, calling a song “Mercury” feels too abstract–it doesn’t say anything about the emotional content of the piece. It’s also pretty unoriginal. I’d much rather extract a concept from that planet and write a song based on that idea (Mercury has a 3:2 spin resonance with the Sun, so I latched on to this numerical relationship in the rhythms within the opening track “Resonance”).

The craziest part about the universe is that it doesn’t care if we’re not here. Humans need to become a multi-planetary species one day soon, and hopefully not so we can destroy another world like we’re doing to the Earth, but so that our species can live on in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster.

Thanks for listening,
Ethan Chilton

All tracks contain Ethan Chilton on trumpet

1. Resonance: Thornton Jazz Orchestra + The Planets String Orchestra: Emily Hsu, Alex Mansour, Quenton Blache, Cameron Audras, Annelise Haukenes

2. Caldera: Nicole McCabe on alto sax, Jon Hatamiya on trombone, Ben Ring on drums, Logan Kane on bass, Teis Semey on guitar, Michael Orenstein on keys

3. Pale Blue Dot: Ben McPeek on alto sax, Branden Brown on flute, Ben Ring on drums, Logan Kane on bass, Teis Semey on guitar, Michael Orenstein on keys

4. Rust: Sam Reid on piano, Cyrus Elia on bass, Luke Woodle on drums

5. Little Star: Michael Orenstein on piano, Cyrus Elia on bass, Luke Woodle on drums + The Planets String Orchestra

6. Time: Ben Ring on drums, Logan Kane on bass, Ethan Chilton on synthesizers

7. Father Sky: Nicole McCabe on alto sax, Teis Semey on guitar, Cyrus Elia on bass, Luke Woodle on drums

8. Voyager: The Planets String Orchestra

9. New Horizons: Sam Reid on piano, Cyrus Elia on bass, Luke Woodle on drums, The Planets String Orchestra

10. Deepest Field (BONUS TRACK)

All tracks composed and mixed by Ethan Chilton
Tracks 1-9 Mastered by Maahir Shah

Marco Woolf - Francine, I (2021 Phlexx Records)

Malawian-born singer-songwriter Marco Woolf announces a new EP, “Francine, i”. This marks Woolf’s first release since his “lush and introspective” (Match&Fuse | Worldwide FM) 2018 debut EP, “self”.
Over the last 3 years, Marco Woolf has developed a penchant for storytelling, at most of his live performances the audience has come to expect strange and intriguing poetic anecdotes (that are usually completely improvised!) The stories often shine a light on wonderfully grounded characters caught in very human moments, characters that are universally relatable, however, Marco noticed that one character seemed to be having much more of an impact than any other.

“I started to explore how I wanted to use stories in my live shows. Whilst on tour, I told a few stories featuring different characters but it was always the ones featuring this woman, Francine, that garnered the most responses by far. At least 5 people at the end of the show would come up to me and ask “Who is Francine?” After that tour I went home and sat down to try to answer that question, that’s when the first seeds of music began to sprout.”

This release will be a joint venture with UK-based independent label Phlexx Records.

1. Francine 07:59
2. A Bridge Too Far 06:20
3. With Love & Squalor 03:38
4. Let's Build This House 03:59
5. Modus Operandi 05:25


Winnie Greer and her Jazz Band - My Favourite Songs (September 8, 2021)

A collection of my favourite jazz standards performed my way, to help you relax and chill! Thanks to my amazing musicians Joe Bickerstaff (Keyboards), Peter Desmond ( Trumpet/ Flugel), Shura Greenberg (Bass) and Marc Parnell (drums).

1. Skylark 05:18
2. Dindi/That old black magic 07:41
3. On a clear day 04:28
4. Come rain or come shine 05:05
5. Moon River 03:45
6. Summertime 05:32
7. Somebody Else's Guy 04:52
8. Making Whoopee 06:22

Túlio Augusto - Interior (August 2021)

A set of songs made for meditation based on the simplicity of memories and moments that are kept and that inspire us to look inside, but above all make us want to live in the present. The farther from yourself you seek to know, the less you learn.

1. Passarinhos na Varanda 06:13
2. O Voo do Falcão 06:45
3. Ninhos no Telhado 07:32
4. Filhote de Pardal 05:17
5. Andorinhas 05:03
6. Jardim do Beija-flor 08:19

Adam Nolan Trio - Prim and Primal (August 19, 2021)

A fresh new concept album based on contrasting personalities and approaches to free jazz. One is clean, tidy, polite and humble while the other is aggressive, bold, raw, risky and wild. Each track is based on reflecting scenes called out by Adam Nolan before the take.

Some of my influences leading up to this recording session included Ornette Coleman, Kaoru Abe, Anthony Braxton, Kenny Garrett, Bobby Watson and Sam Rivers.

1: This first track I really wanted to bring elements of Elvin Jones's swing feel with Ron Carters urban sound whilst breaking out of a set tempo and creating a new version of that 60's sound. I feel we took it beyond the original idea and stretched the music out to new levels of expression.

2: Inspired by modern trios and that room sound recording free jazz. I remember I was watching some cool bands online including Michaël Attias New York Trio 'Renku' and it did inspire me. I also was watching the German double bassist Peter Kowald Chicago free jazz documentary which featured some of my favourites including the great saxophonist Fred Albert who inspired my previous album 'The Great Conjunction'

3: Coming up to the recording session Stan Getz kept coming to my mind, however I didn't listen to him as I was listening to other styles at the time. When it was time to record this track I decided to bring elements of latin jazz into this piece but with a complete new contemporary edge. I explained this to the guys and Derek Whyte expressed haunting contemporary harmony while Dominic played in a bossa inspired style. One of my favourites!

4: I have always been fascinated by the Mayans and the tropical jungles of the ancient world. Didn't I notice in the recording session that there was a mayan art rug used to dampen the drums sounds. This was something I had to incorporate into this track. I really like to use what's in an environment to create/express scenes. One of my favourite movies is also Mel Gibson 'Apocalypto' which really gave me great visual images of hunt scenes in the jungle as was in my teenage years.

5: Visualising the three of us in a desert. Thirsty and dying for a drink of cold water we spot a magic carpet flying past in the air realising if we can somehow catch and tame it we can save ourselves and find an oasis sanctuary.

6: Looking for something to really define the whole album concept this scene came to my mind just before we decided to record the final track.

The Kung Fu Master Vs The Ape in a smoking area and they are the same strength! Just so it's an even fight! This scene really expresses the wild raw power of an ape along with a Kung fu masters precision, awareness and discipline complimented by the rustle and tumbles of a smoking area along with a bewildered crowd experiencing this bizarre scenario.

This scene based visualisations will become more a norm in my future albums and live performances. This was a really great day.
1. Expand the Tempo
2. The Modern Jazz Trio
3. Latin Jazz?
4. Ancient Mayan Jungle
5. The Magic Carpet
6. Kung Fu Master Vs The Ape (in a smoking area)

Adam Nolan - Alto Saxophone
Derek Whyte - Bass
Dominic Mullan - Drums

Release date: 19th August 2021

Red Water Trio - Synesthesia (August 19, 2021)

A new recording of jazz standards from the Red Water Trio – their second album, this time with Brian McCree on acoustic bass, and featuring special guest Andrea Lindborg on trumpet/flugelhorn on three tunes. It was recorded by Joey Bradley in the Studio Kumau Barn, and he mixed the album in his Gold Door Studio above Hawi town. Both are in North Kohala on Hawaii Island. It was mastered by Ross Nyberg in Seattle.

1. Star Eyes
2. Watch What Happens
3. The Shadow of Your Smile
4. Alice in Wonderland
5. Do You Know What It Means…
6. Triste
7. How Deep Is The Ocean
8. Stranger on the Shore
9. Favela
10. Besame Mucho
11. Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Jesse Snyder – saxophones, clarinet, flute
Brian McCree – acoustic bass
Richard Russell – guitar

Special guest: Andrea Lindborg – trumpet, flugelhorn (1,5,11)

Recorded and Mixed by Joey Bradley
Additional recording by Luke Clebsch
Mastered by Ross Nygard
Cover photo by Jileen Russell
Produced by Richard Russell