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Solon McDade - Murals (April 20, 2018)

“Murals” the debut release by Juno Award winning bassist-composer Solon McDade features nine original modern jazz pieces infused with a love and respect for tradition as well as a passion for modernity and progress. 

Bassist-composer Solon McDade grew up on stage and has developed into a versatile performer, equally able to unleash his "complex and literate bass playing" (Dirty Linen Magazine) in jazz clubs, blues bars, and at folk and bluegrass festivals. He has been a part of numerous tours in North America, Europe and China and his distinctive melodic and powerful bass playing provides the foundation on which the sound of many recordings are built. His group The McDades won a Juno Award their album “Bloom” and his entire recording catalog features over 20 nominations for various awards. 

Murals features Solon McDade on bass as well as his brother Jeremiah McDade (Maria Schneider, Joshua Rager, Edmonton Jazz Orchestra) on tenor sax and Montrealers; alto saxophonist Donny Kennedy (Joe Sullivan Big Band, Christine Jensen Big Band, Kieran Overs, Kirk MacDonald and Andre White), Paul Shrofel (Nikky Yanofsky, Sophie Milman and Susie Arioli) Piano and Rich Irwin (Dave Liebman, Freddie Hubbard, Donny McCaslin, Dave Binney and Chucho Valdez) on drums. Together the band paint a vibrant aural image of Solon’s originals with an energetic swing in each beat.

The CD will be officially released on April 20th, and will be celebrated with a performance at The Yardbird Suite in Edmonton AB on Friday, April 20th at 8pm.  A second eastern Canadian release is planned for Montreal, QC at the Upstairs Jazz Bistro & Bar on July 21st.

1. He's A Problem In The Locker Room
2. Buy The Tractor
3. Do Airplanes Scratch The Sky?
4. Whatever Whatever
5. The Ballad of Sir William Ormerod
6. Off The Bed Rose
7. Blues For Sebastian
8. Ali's Second Line
9. A Shorter Thing

Donny Kennedy - Alto Saxophone
Jeremiah McDade - Tenor Saxophone
Paul Shrofel - Piano
Rich Irwin - Drums
20 Apr Yardbird Suite Edmonton, Canada   RSVP   Presale

21 July Upstairs Jazz Bistro & Bar Montréal, Canada

Mac Lloyd - It's Not All Bad, I Promise (2018)

Set for release on March 1st,  Mac Lloyd’s new album ‘It’s Not All Bad, I Promise’ will bring the little bit of sunshine you need to get you through the last few months of winter.The 24-year-old from Chippenham created and recorded this album filled with ambient electronic beats and drowsy vocals throughout 2017. The mishmash of electronic production, jazz, soul and hip hop melt together to create a chilled and reflective mix of tunes.

Mac Lloyd, real name Robert Mcleod, is a dedicated member of Bristol based record label, Beat Bandit Recordings and has previously been featured on works such as Sideline and Stil Bizzy (Prod A.G & 47ASKA). This album however is a self release and for a first album, let’s just say it’s pretty impressive.

The first song ‘Trapped’ opens with synthesised vocals, combined with abstract drum sounds to create a chilled out, rippling effect. This song will also make Mac’s debut video and he has teamed up with renowned filmmakers This and That to create a visual representation of the song. The album is said to come from ‘a place of self-reflection’, and focuses on topics such as loss, addiction, heartache and triumph.

The fact that Mac Lloyd has been able to create such a drowsy, effective result whilst keeping the sounds very subtle comes from a place of impressive talent and his music immediately transports you to lazy summer city days. A personal favourite of mine is ‘Poor Old Soul’; it instantly gives you those summer vibes with slightly snappier vocals, twinkling piano and blissful beats layered under edgy, down to earth lyrics. Some incredible artists have also been featured on the album, with Jman, Cassie Madly, Ben Holyoake and Oliver Cocup of Lambhorn lending their talents. A perfect combination to Lloyd’s mellow, ambient sounds.

If you’re a fan of artists like James Blake’s, ‘It’s Not All Bad, I Promise’ is a must-listen. Not only are the tracks very listenable, the album artwork also draws you in with its trippy cowboy and indian illustrations. The album will be available from all major digital outlets on March 1st.

"The fact that Mac Lloyd has been able to create such a drowsy, effective result whilst keeping the sounds very subtle comes from a place of impressive talent and his music immediately transports you to lazy summer city days." Subsource magazine 

"British frontman follows in the experimental footsteps of King Krule on this humble new single" Mystic Sons (on Trapped) 

"..there are songs that get you into a pleasant cocoon that you have trouble going out. Mac Lloyd's Trapped that we have just discovered is one of those." IGGY magazine

1. Trapped 05:08
2. Blur 04:02
3. Poor Old Soul 06:06
4. Whisper 02:17
5. Something To Say ft. Cassie Madly 02:56
6. Running By Now 04:33
7. At Long Last ft. Jman 04:26

All songs were written and Produced by Robert McLeod (Mac Lloyd) with accompanying arrangements, lyrics, vocals and instrumentation supplied by artists listed below. 

Trapped: Ben Holyoake (Guitar & Bass), Oliver Cocup (Drums)
Something To Say: Cassie Madly (Lyrics & Vocals)
At Long Last: Jman (Lyrics & Vocals)

Mixed & mastered by Nathan Long at J & J studios, Bristol, U.K.

Jon De Lucia: Live at Drawing Room with Ted Brown Record Release

New Recording with Ted Brown

Ted Brown, Lee Konitz and Jon De Lucia

The Jon De Lucia Octet Releases Live at The Drawing Room with Ted Brown in Summer 2018

The Octet was scheduled to play at Sir D's Lounge today but it was sadly cancelled due to emergency renovations at the club. We will perform again soon and have a ton of new music to present so stay tuned. 

In other Octet news, the tracks are mixed and mastered for the Live at the Drawing Room recording that we did with the great Ted Brown back in the fall of 2016. This was an amazing experience as we were able to play and record many of the arrangements from the original Lee Konitz meets Jimmy Giuffre album with Ted, who recorded them in 1959. We were even able to put together a reading session with Lee himself. These, along with some of my arrangements of Ted's great tunes and others make up the body of the recording. 

Right now the record is scheduled to be released on Gut String Records and I am raising funds to print CDs and design the package etc. If you feel that you would like to contribute, any donation of $20 and up will get you a copy of the CD when it is released. I have set up a PayPal link here:

Christophe Monniot - Jericho Sinfonia (AYLER RECORDS May 14, 2018)

This recording is a real novelty. Not only chronologically. This is a novelty in the purest sense, in the sense of a genuine rarity. Here Christophe Monniot tries and succeeds in what has been little attempted in recent years in the world of jazz. What does this singularity consist of? We can mention three aspects that characterize it: a concept album, very rich materials and the spiritual dimension.

Inspired by an inner necessity, Christophe Monniot and his collaborators have elaborated a very personal music, even revolutionary, and as such disturbing. It is a music that resists its own reification, it refuses to be an object and presents itself to us as a subject. It engages in an interaction, it solicits an answer and constitutes, by this personal challenge and this respect of the listener, a prophetic and essential voice in jazz today. (from Michel Petrossian’s liner notes)

1. Veni Veni Emmanuel
2. Pré-Hymne
3. Hymne 1 - Fil Rouge
4. Paix Nombres
5. Hymne 2 - Fil Rouge 2
6. Sonne, Heure !
7. Hymne 3
8. Fil Rouge 3
9. Ultime Atome
10. Dans Cité

Christophe Monniot, sopranino & alto saxophones, composition
Sylvie Gasteau, sound design & libretto
Roberto Negro, piano
Valentin Ceccaldi, cello, electric fretless bass, percussion
Adrien Chennebault, drums
Florian Satche, drums, percussion
Guillaume Aknine, electric guitar
Quentin Biardeau, soprano & tenor saxophones
Gabriel Lemaire, alto & barytone saxophones
Jean-Baptiste Lacou, trombone
Alexis Persigan, trombone
Yoann Loustalot, trumpet, cornet
Alan Regardin, trumpet

Recorded at "La Fabrique", Meung-sur-Loire, France.
December 27-30, 2015. Produced by Christophe Monniot.
Recording, mix and mastering by Matthieu Pion.
Cover artwork: Stéphane Berland.

Thomas Nordlund - Miles Left Behind (SHIFTING PARADIGM RECORDS May 7, 2018)

Minnesota-based guitarist and composer Thomas Nordlund will release his second album as a bandleader and producer, “Miles Left Behind” May 7, 2018 on Shifting Paradigm Records

Tracked in a single four-hour session with his quartet featuring Ben Abrahamson (banjo), Doan Roessler (bass), and Zach Schmidt (drums), “Miles Left Behind” picks up where his debut “Divide Avenue” left off, extending ideas about lyrical melody and non-standard form. It also contains elements of atmospheric sound design, processed from the sampled harmonics, open strings, and other noises of his guitars. 

Opening tracks “Becoming” and “Even Long After” expand the vocabulary defined on “Divide Avenue” into more complex harmony, odd time signatures, and extended improvisation. A singular arrangement of “Aerial Boundaries” by Michael Hedges precedes the nostalgic slide-song “Where Summer Had Gone”. After reinterpreting the older “Wandering Daughter”, the record closes with the through-composed “Circling Plains” and a slow-burning arrangement of “Si” by Nils Frahm. 

“Miles Left Behind” was recorded and mixed by Jason McGlone at The Hideaway Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota and mastered by Rob Schlette at Anthem Mastering in St. Louis, Missouri.

1. Becoming 06:38
2. Even Long After
3. Aerial Boundaries
4. Where Summer Had Gone
5. Northern Lines
6. Wandering Daughter
7. Circling Plains
8. Si

Ben Abrahamson - banjo
Doan Roessler - bass
Zach Schmidt - drums

Recorded and mixed by Jason McGlone at
The Hideaway Studios in Minneapolis, MN

Mastered by Rob Schlette at
Anthem Mastering in St. Louis, MO

Photography by Nicholas Wynia for
Story City Films

Sebastian Piovesan - Travelling Notes (DODICILUNE 2018)

Prodotto dall'etichetta pugliese Dodicilune, esce martedì 3 aprile in Italia e all’estero distribuito da Ird e nei migliori store digitali, "Travelling Notes", nuovo lavoro discografico del bassista e compositore veneto Sebastian Piovesan. Sette composizioni originali ispirate dalle esperienze vissute in occasione di alcuni viaggi in Francia, Belgio, Estonia che Piovesan cerca di esprimere attraverso suoni, melodie e armonie. "Note di Viaggio" o “Note in Viaggio”, narrate come storie, brani scritti e suonati mentre il musicista esplorava questi luoghi. Ad accompagnarlo in questo viaggio, quattro musicisti che si sono formati, come Piovesan al Conservatorio Giuseppe Tartini di Trieste: Francesco Ivone alla tromba, Giorgio Giacobbi ai sassofoni, Francesco De Luisa al pianoforte, Camilla Collet alla batteria. 

Il disco sarà presentato ufficialmente lunedì 9 aprile (ore 19) nel Laboratorio dell'orafo Maurizio Stagni in Via degli Artisti 7 a Trieste e il 28 aprile (ore 20.30) al 27Bflat Jazz & Blues Eetcafé di Brugge in Belgio.

«Ogni viaggio inizia con quell’apparente sensazione di disorientamento, in cui tutto è nuovo ma che presto diventerà familiare (Disoriented Breeze)», spiega Piovesan. «Il buio e la notte, il silenzio e la tranquillità, momenti in cui volgendo uno sguardo al cielo qualcosa ci riporta a casa (Evenings). Piacevoli sorprese, un dolce incontro inaspettato (Whillip), sensazioni ed emozioni che raccogliamo e portiamo dentro senza fine e senza tempo (Aeonian). È un girovagare attorno a qualcosa di misterioso che ci attrae (Around a Round Trip), forse inconsapevolmente spinti da quel proprio istinto che ci accompagnerà sempre (Funky Feeling). Un luogo diventato casa, non vorresti più ripartire, ma in cuor tuo sai che lo rivivrai ancora (Näeme jälle). L’augurio è che questo racconto sia soltanto la prefazione di una lunga narrazione ancora tutta da scrivere».

Sebastian Piovesan, bassista, compositore e arrangiatore, consegue i diplomi di Triennio Jazz (2012) e Biennio Jazz (2015) al conservatorio Giuseppe Tartini di Trieste, sotto la guida di Giovanni Maier, Marc Abrams, Klaus Gesing, Glauco Venier, Matteo Alfonso ed i maestri di arrangiamento e composizione Stefano Bellon e Alberto Mandarini. Vincitore di due borse di studio si trasferisce prima a Tallinn (Estonia) approfondendo gli studi presso l’Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre e successivamente, a Leuven (Belgio) dove ha insegnato, collaborato e si è esibito per il dipartimento di Jazz della Luca School of Arts di Bruxelles per l’anno accademico 2015-2016. Rilevante la sua dedizione per la composizione e l’arrangiamento sviluppata anche grazie alla “Big Tartini Band” diretta da Klaus Gesing, della quale fa parte in qualità di bassista ma anche di compositore e arrangiatore di alcuni brani. Ha partecipato a numerosi festival musicali in Italia ma anche in campo Internazionale, ha frequentato numerosi seminari e varie sono le collaborazioni nel lavoro in studio di registrazione.

Francesco Ivone si avvicina alla musica all’età di 9 anni tramite lo studio della tromba classica e successivamente del Jazz. Dal 2009 continua la sua formazione musicale presso il Conservatorio Giuseppe Tartini di Trieste dove si diplomerà a pieni voti nel 2014 sotto la guida di Gianluca Carollo, Alberto Mandarini, Giovanni Maier, Riccardo Chiarion e Klaus Gesing. Vincitore delle borse di studio dei seminari di Gorizia Jazz (2010) e di Jazz in Laurino (2012) ha frequentato diversi seminari tra cui le clinics di Umbria Jazz e i seminari dei maestri Jarrod Cagwin, Keith Tippett, Steve Lehman, Nik Bartsch, Mark Ribot, Jeff Stout. Molto attivo nel panorama musicale regionale e di confine, si esibisce con formazioni differenti in diversi contesti e numerosi festival internazionali, spaziando tra vari generi, dal Jazz alla musica elettronica, passando per la musica improvvisata.

Giorgio Giacobbi, frequenta la scuola di musica “La Sorgente Onlus” di Domegge di Cadore dal 2003 al 2011, partecipando al corso di sax tenuto da Marco Crestani e ai progetti di musica d’insieme assieme al fratello Marco Giacobbi (batterista). Dal 2011 al 2014 frequenta il triennio di Saxofono jazz al conservatorio Giuseppe Tartini di Trieste, studiando con Klaus Gesing, Giovanni Maier, Matteo Alfonso, diplomandosi nel 2015 e proseguendo con il biennio di jazz ad indirizzo interpretativo (tenuto dagli stessi insegnanti), diplomandosi nel 2017. Nello stesso periodo suona come primo tenorista nella Big Tartini Band, organico che si è esibito, tra i vari concerti, a Cividale in occasione del Friuli del Mittelfest nel luglio 2013; e con lo Skomrah Modern Quartet, ensamble premiato come “gruppo che ha centrato al meglio il tema del crossover” al concorso “Opening band music 2014”. Prende parte a diversi gruppi musicali, partecipando alla realizzazione di vari dischi.

Francesco De Luisa si diploma in pianoforte al Conservatorio Giuseppe Tartini di Trieste sotto la guida di Massimo Gon nel 2010. Si laurea al Biennio Specialistico in Jazz nel 2013 nello stesso Conservatorio, studiando con Klaus Gesing, Giovanni Maier e Matteo Alfonso, conseguendo il massimo dei voti e la lode. È stato finalista di concorsi in ambito jazz come il premio Lelio Luttazzi (2011) ed il premio Chicco Bettinardi (2014), mentre nel 2008 al Gorizia Jazz Workshop riceve una borsa di studio per frequentare i corsi di Siena Jazz. Ha frequentato i seminari di Siena Jazz (2009), Roma Jazz’s Cool (2011), Tuscia in Jazz (2013, 2014), Spezia Jazz (2015), Gorizia Jazz Workshop (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), studiando con John Taylor, Kenny Werner, Danilo Perez, Aaron Parks, Franco D’Andrea, Kevin Hays, Stefano Bollani, Omar Sosa. Ha scritto, eseguito ed improvvisato numerosi commenti sonori per letture, proiezioni cinematografiche e rappresentazioni teatrali. Ha suonato in Italia, Slovenia, Croazia, Austria, Grecia, esibendosi in vari festival internazionali.

Camilla Collet studia al Biennio Jazz al Conservatorio Giuseppe Tartini dopo aver conseguito il diploma di Triennio Jazz (2017) nello stesso Conservatorio, sotto la guida di Klaus Gesing, Giovanni Maier, Bruno Astesana, Giuseppe Urso, Stefano Peretto. Partecipa a numerose masterclass e seminari tenuti da artisti di fama internazionale, ha una vivace attività concertistica, anche all’estero, esibendosi con diversi ensembles. Suona in svariati festival jazz e teatri con la Big Tartini Band diretta da Klaus Gesing. Esegue le Danze Sinfoniche da West Side Story di Leonard Bernstein con l’orchestra sinfonica del Conservatorio diretta dal maestro Antonino Fogliani. Nel 2016 ottiene l’opportunità di entrare nel programma Erasmus, grazie al quale si reca a Porto (Portogallo), per studiare alla “Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo” sotto la guida del batterista newyorkese Michael Lauren.

L’etichetta Dodicilune è attiva dal 1996. Dispone di un catalogo di oltre 220 produzioni di artisti italiani e stranieri ed è distribuita in Itali a e all'estero da IRD in circa 400 punti vendita tra negozi di dischi e store. I dischi Dodicilune possono essere acquistati anche online, ascoltati e scaricati su una cinquantina tra le maggiori piattaforme del mondo.

1 - Disoriented Breeze
2 - Evenings
3 - Whillip
4 - Aeonian
5 - Around a Round Trip
6 - Funky Feeling
7 - Näeme Jälle

All compositions and arrangements by Sebastian Piovesan (Dodicilune edizioni)

Francesco Ivone - trumpet
Giorgio Giacobbi - tenor/soprano saxophones
Francesco De Luisa - piano
Camilla Collet - drums

Total time 42:52 STEREO DDD
p 2018 DODICILUNE (Italy)

Produced by Sebastian Piovesan and Gabriele Rampino for Dodicilune edizioni, Italy
Label manager Maurizio Bizzochetti ( 
Recorded 2 March 2017 at Artesuono, Cavalicco (Ud), Italy
Mixed and mastered 27 June 2017 at Artesuono, Cavalicco (Ud), Italy
Sound engineer Stefano Amerio
Cover photo m Denis Belitsky
Photos by Davide Franceschini

Jonas Cambien Trio - We Must Mustn't We (CLEAN FEED RECORDS 2018)

The Jonas Cambien Trio reveals influences from the pioneers and greats of free music, but there’s much more going on in “We Must Mustn’t We”, beginning with Cambien’s classical-influenced piano style. A Belgian-born living in Oslo, Jonas Cambien divides his career between contemporary music, solo playing and free improvisation with groups like Simiskina and Platform – one aspect of his musical interests feeding the other. The use of extended techniques doesn’t get in the way of his preference for more conventional resources like ostinatos and counterpoint, all of which providing structural functions in both his compositions and for the improvisations of the band. 

On the 12 tracks-long album, the music is balancing seamlessly between contemporary ‘avant-garde’ material, slightly weird pop melodies, and occasional free-jazz outbursts. Much of its secret lies in the inventive orchestration, like the use of prepared piano or a home-made microtonal melodica. Reed-player André Roligheten playing tenor and soprano saxophones, as well as bass clarinet and flute, and the extensive use of percussion instruments by Andreas Wildhagen, all add richness to the frequency range and texture. On two tracks, the trio is joined by trumpeter Torstein Lavik Larsen. 

Nothing here is like you would expect: instead of using all the implications of a piece in an exploratory way, Cambien is more interested in finding the essence of all situations. We’re not facing some sort of minimalism or reductionism, far from it, but there’s a methodic application of subtractive procedures giving light to the most defined musical elements, whether they are subtle or explosive of nature. This approach paves the way for almost telepathic communication between Roligheten, Wildhagen and Cambien, and allows the music to emerge with affirmation and clarity in both it’s most sophisticated and raw ranges of expression. This is exactly that what makes this music so mysterious and captivating.

1. Creationism 01:31
2. Swear Like A Bear 05:19
3. Long Long 02:34
4. Survivalism 02:04
5. Crib 04:19
6. Renaissance 03:44
7. Animalism 01:49
8. Copper Man 05:47
9. I Must Mustn't I 04:10
10. Unlikely Friendship 03:19
11. Sister, You Proved Me Right 03:17
12. Long Long Long 03:03

André Roligheten soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute
Andreas Wildhagen drums and percussion (trumpet on track 4) 
Jonas Cambien piano (microtonal melodica on track 9) 

Guest: Torstein Lavik Larsen trumpet on track 6 & 8 

All compositions by Jonas Cambien | All arrangements by André Roligheten, Andreas Wildhagen, Jonas Cambien 

Recorded by Morten Qvenild at Det Grønne Rommet, Nesodden 
Mixed by Morten Qvenild at Det Grønne Rommet, and by Johnny Skalleberg at Amper Tone, Oslo 
Mastered by Christian Obermayer at Strype Audio, Oslo 
Produced by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul 
Design by Travassos

Tim Berne / Matt Mitchell - Angel Dusk (2018)

1. Perception/reception 12:02
2. Not Too Two 02:26
3. Exeception/pest 07:23
4. Concepción 05:08
5. Starfish Blues 03:01
6. Chance 05:43
7. Snail's Pace 05:03
8. Petulance 04:54

Matt Mitchell - Piano 
Tim Berne - Alto saxophone