Monday, May 16, 2016

Megumi Yonezawa Trio - A Result of the Colors (2016)


Megumi Yonezawa is from Hokkaido, Japan. She began learning classical piano at the age of six. Megumi graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Bachelor of Music. During her time at Berklee, she pursued dual majors in performance and jazz composition. Megumi is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards such as the Jazz Performance Awards, Clare Fisher Award and Techniques Endowed Scholarship. After her graduation from Berklee, Megumi received a scholarship from Japan as a trainee of the Hokkaido Cultural Foundation Overseas Artist Training. With her scholarship, Megumi had the opportunity to further her research of jazz music in the United States.

And Megumi received a recommendation from Jason Moran (Blue Note Recording Artist) and became the regular pianist for Greg Osby (Blue Note Recording Artist). She acquired countless performance experiences while playing piano for Greg Osby and his band. She had the opportunity to perform in prominent venues such as The Village Vanguard, Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall, Birdland, Jazz Standard, Sweet Rhythm, Symphony Space, Blues Alley, Cornelia Street Cafe, Montreal Jazz Festival, Northsea Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival and many others.

Megumi has recording experiences with Greg Osby and renowned jazz artist; Nicholas Payton, Robert Harst, Rodney Green and Joan Osborne in the album titled, “Public" (Blue Note Records). And as other projects as a sideman, Megumi performs with vibraphonist Mike Pinto’s group “Little Green Men", a group that is released their first album on Steeplechase Records in 2010. Also she plays in Fresh Sound Recording Artist, Jostein Gulbrandsen group with grammy award winning bassit Phil Palombi and former Jean Luc Ponty sideman Thierry Arpino. Additionally, Megumi also had been an Artist in Residence at Wildacres in North Carolina in 2010 and 2011.

Megumi has her recording debut as leader in Fresh Sound New Talent with her own trio that includes bassist John Herbert, and Eric McPherson on drums. It will be out on April 30th, 2016.

01. A Result of the Colors 6:05
02. Children of the Sun 5:27
03. Untitled 6:07
04. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 3:18
05. Sketch 2:59
06. For Heaven's Sake 9:08
07. Nor Dear or Fear 5:01
08. A Letter from Stillness 5:48
09. Epilogue 3:41

Megumi Yonezawa (p)
John Hebert (b)
Eric McPherson (d)  


Eden Bareket Trio - Choice (2016)

Source: Eden Bareket

Although a relative newcomer to New York's scene, the Argentina-born Israeli baritone saxophonist Eden Bareket quickly gained notice and esteem as an in-demand Sideman. Indeed Bareket's collaborative projects show an eclectic streak, as is horn playing ranges from modern classic Eyal Vilner Big-Band, to the adventurous Ari Hoenig Nonet, to even the Ethiopian jazz inspired grooves of Anbessa Orchestra. As his star has continued to rise, Bareket has also woven these disparate musical strands together in his own leader project , a trio featuring bassist Or Bareket and drummer Felix Lecaros. This notably minimalist and unfussy instrumentation is utilized to the group's advantage as the trio unveils a set of sparsely funky, often dark-hued to grooves, all while stretching out their positions into very open territory.
                                                                                                                 - Hot House Jazz Guide

01. Jenga 3:40
02. Raccoon 5:24
03. Choice 6:43
04. Unfinished Business 5:11
05. Arguing with Myself 3:32
06. The Last One 5:23
07. Camel 4:30
08. Diphthong 6:23
09. Don’t Give Up 6:57

Eden Bareket (bs)
Or Bareket (b)
Felix Lecaros (d)



Chicago Reed Quartet - Western Automatic (2015) AEROPHONIC RECORDS

Four generations of Chicago saxophonists join forces in this collaborative quartet, each one separated in age by almost exactly ten years. This wasn’t a calculated decision when Rempis and Vandermark first brainstormed the idea of the group in late 2013. The lineup came together based purely on the musical affinity of the personalities involved. (Oddly enough, Mazzarella and Williams had also been discussing the idea of forming a saxophone quartet at that time). However, the complex web of musical collaborations between these four musicians in countless combinations dating back twenty-five years, as well as their differing perspectives on composition, improvisation, and the instruments themselves, combine to reveal a truly cross-sectional perspective on the Chicago improvised music scene. Although an unintended consequence of the lineup that Rempis and Vandermark initiated, this accidental result may be one of the most intriguing perspectives from which to look at the quartet’s music.

These eight pieces, two compositions from each of the band members, were workshopped extensively in 2014, with regular rehearsals and concerts in Chicago throughout the winter and spring. This recording was made mostly in one day, all in single takes, on a laid-back, closed-door, summer afternoon session at Chicago’s Hungry Brain. And within these eight pieces, one can hear an ongoing artistic dialogue that stretches back for decades.

Released June 23, 2015 

01. Burn Unit (Williams) 7:24 
02. Remnant (Mazzarella) 5:01 
03. Broken Record Fugue (Vandermark) 8:57 
04. The Rush (Rempis) 9:00 
05. Camera Obscura (Mazzarella) 6:43 
06. P.O.P. (Williams) 11:47 
07. Hotsy Totsy (Rempis) 8:03 
08. Detroit Fields (Vandermark) 7:05

Nick Mazzarella, alto saxophone
Dave Rempis, alto/tenor/baritone saxophone
Mars Williams, sopranino/soprano/alto/tenor saxophone
Ken Vandermark, clarinet/bass clarinet, tenor/baritone saxophone

All tracks recorded August 10th, 2014 at the Hungry Brain, Chicago except for Track 6 recorded June 21st, 2014 at the Sugar Maple, Milwaukee during Okka Fest 6. 

All compositions by Mazzarella (BMI), Rempis (ASCAP), Vandermark (Twenty First Mobile Music/ASCAP), and Williams (Music from Mars/BMI) as noted. 

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dave Zuchowski 
Design by Johnathan Crawford 
Produced by Dave Rempis 

Special thanks to Janice White, Dan Morrizo, Adrienne Pierluissi, and Bruno Johnson



Tony Malaby Paloma Recio - Incantation Suite (feat. Ben Monder, Eivind Opsvik & Nasheet Waits) 2016

Tony Malaby, tenor sax, soprano sax
Ben Monder, guitar
Eivind Opsvik, double bass
Nasheet Waits, drums

1. Glass 9:16
2. Artifact 10:30
3. Hive 10:30
4. Procedure 17:37 


Samuel Muntlin Group - Samuel Muntlin Group (2016)

Mitt namn är Samuel Muntlin. Jag jobbar som frilansande musiker, med min bas i Stockholms län. Jag är född och uppväxt i Nordmaling, som ligger 5 mil söder om Umeå. Hela mitt liv har jag vart intresserad av musik. När jag var 10 år började jag spela saxofon i Nordmalings kommunala musikskola, för en lärare vid namn Esbjörn Mörtzell.

Efter grundskolan vidare till gymnasiet där jag började på Midgårdskolans musiklinje i Umeå. Här fick jag träffa likasinnade människor där alla hade ett brinnande intresse för musik. Det blev en hel del jammande på rasterna och på kvällarna efter skoltid. Ett år in i skoltiden så bildades bandet Fristad. Fristad var en grupp som vi spelade mycket med, var med i olika tävlingar och vann faktiskt riksfinalen i Musikdirekt  2009. Under gymnasietiden så spelade jag även med i Umeås mest omtalade storband "Renhornen". 

Efter gymnasiet så började jag på Framnäs Jazzlinje i Öjebyn, Piteå. Här studerade jag 2 år för en lärare vid namn Robert Nordmark. Under mina 2 år på Framnäs fick jag chansen att spela med fantastiska människor. Framnäs var en enorm utvecklande-fas för mig. Det var här jag började på riktigt intressera mig för Jazzen. Det var här jag skrev mina första låtar, och det var här mitt brinnande intresse för komponering och arrangering föddes.

Efter Framnäs så flyttade jag till Stockholm för att börja studera på Kungliga Musikhögskolan. På KMH blev det mycket fokus på egen komponering och jag skapade här Samuel Muntlin Kvintett. Under mina 4 år på KMH har jag haft äran att studera för Karl-Martin Almqvist, Jerker Lindström, Robert Nordmark, Joakim Milder och Fredrik Ljungkvist för att nämna några.

Idag jobbar jag som frilansande musiker och kompositör, där mitt huvudinstrument är tenorsaxofon. Jag har sedan 2013 jobbat som musiker på Astrid Lindgrens Värld i Vimmerby, där jag  sedan 2015 jobbar som Kapellmästare.

Vill du ha musik till ditt event eller din fest? Tveka in att höra av dig. Jag har ett stort kontaktnät av proffessionella musiker, och sätter gärna ihop ett paket som passar för just er! Jazzmingel, coverband, tributekonserter, storband etc. Allt är möjligt!

Samuel Muntlin-Saxofon, Flöjt
Joel Karlsson-Saxofon, Flöjt, Klarinett
Albin Grahn-Trumpet
Arvid Ingberg-Trombon
Emma Josefsson-Barytonsaxofon
Gaianeh Pilossian-Violin 1
Terese Lien Evenstad-Violin 2
Knapp Karin Norrfors-Viola
Agnes Magnusson-Cello
Malin Gunnarsson-Sång
Simon Reinikainen-Sång
Rasmus Lindelöw-Piano
Simon Löfstedt-Gitarr
Björn Lundén-Bas
Hannes Sigfridsson-Trummor
Maria Ohlsson-Percussion

1. Early Morning
2. Suddenly
3. The Sun
4. Londonderry Air Oh Danny Boy
5. Norrland
6. Pulse of Freedom (Live)


Thilo Seevers Ensemble - Dancing Lights (2016) UNIT RECORDS


It was in 2013, when three creative minds found to each other, at the University of Arts in Graz, Austria.

The influences of this international band reach from the rich harmonic world of Maurice Ravel to the strong attitude of people like Charles Mingus or Kendrick Lamar.

Centered in the tradition of jazz language, young composer Thilo Seevers deduces his pieces from this variety of inspirations.

The result: Modern Jazz tunes, that combine subtle complexity and simple beauty.

Thilo Seevers - Piano
Ivar Krizic - Bass
David Dresler - Drums

1. Quintessence
2. Dancing Lights
3. Hyperactive Mango
4. All the Things You Are
5. Fighting the Fear
6. Trust
7. Maximum 4 Minutes
8. Mas Que Nada