Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Anthony Braxton & Jacqueline Kerrod - Duo (Bologna) 2018 (i dischi di angelica 2020)

Anthony Braxton, composer, multi-instrumentalist and true giant of creative music, in 50 years of career and with more than 300 albums in his name as part of the most diverse line-ups, had never played in an instrumental duo with a harp; it is what AngelicA festival suggested to him for his return to Bologna in 2018, which followed his concert in a duo with Richard Teitelbaum in 2006; the suggestion was well received by the musician, and the festival set up the evening to be not just a fleeting encounter, but to also be professionally recorded in view of a potential future release and the result is indeed the CD Duo (Bologna) 2018.

Expressing himself through a wide range of mediums, from solos to large orchestras to multimedia projects, and drawing inspiration from a broad range of influences, from John Coltrane to Karlheinz Stockhausen, through decades of career Anthony Braxton has created a unique music system which celebrates the concept of global creativity and shared humanity, and which, in his own words, originates from “a research on composition, a synthesis between the concept of jazz improvisation and the complexity of contemporary classical music”.

Jacqueline Kerrod, of South-African origins, has performed as part of prestigious classic-contemporary line-ups like Modern Ensemble, Talea Ensemble and Alarm Will Sound but has also experience of participating in “pop” projects as one half of the voice and harp duo Addi & Jacq. Since 2016 she has taken part in Braxton’s projects such as the opera Trillium J, the 12+1 ensemble and the sextet ZIM Music, proving to be the ideal partner for this venture where different worlds meet – to the extent that the duo born at AngelicA festival is still in high demand at numerous other festivals to this date. 

Anthony Braxton & Jacqueline Kerrod

1. Composition 189 - primary 10:56

2. Composition 189 - secondary 1 29:01

3. Composition 189 - secondary 2 09:11

4. Composition 189 - secondary 3 06:54

5. Composition 189 - secondary 4 (encore) 03:22

Anthony Braxton: alto, soprano, sopranino saxophone

Jacqueline Kerrod: harp

Flatbosc & Cautery (NoBusiness Records)

 1. Biomes 11:08

2. Roughly Parallel 12:18

3. X-ularities 8:27

4. Tenuous Links Beyond 7:37

5. Small Ways, Chasmal 21:37

6. Tangible Thin Threads 3:46

Frank Gratkowski - alto saxophone, clarinets, flutes

Achim Kaufmann - piano

Wilbert de Joode - bass

Tony Buck - drums, percussion

Katarsis4 - Live At The Underground Water Reservoir (NoBusiness Records)

Katarsis4: Saxophone Quartet from Lithuania founded by Arminas Bižys, Kazimieras Jušinskas, Algirdas Janonis, and Danielius Pancerovas.

Their music moves between structurally free improvisation, which makes it sound each time differently, as well as academic music and the motives of Lithuanian folk music.

The saxophone quartet creatively presents the instrument itself - extending the use of saxophone by unusual methods. Also, the quartet not only uses extended techniques for extracting saxophone sounds but also objects from a daily basis.

Track List

1. Part 1 23:28

2. Part 2 14:20

Arminas Bižys - alto, baritone sax

Algirdas Janonis - alto sax, hornpipe

Danielius Pancerovas - baritone, alto sax

Kazimieras Jušinskas - soprano, alto sax


Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen - Live Recordings 2019​-​2020 (February 19, 2021 We Jazz Records)

 The dynamic duo of tenor saxophonist Timo Lassy and drummer Teppo Mäkynen return with a double LP of live recordings captured in 2019 and 2020. The We Jazz Records release "Live Recordings 2019-2020" follows the duo's 2019 LP which was shortlisted for "Jazz Album Of the Year" at Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards. While the studio album versions were studies in improvisational brevity, the live album lets the long-time collaborators really let loose and build memorable sonic narratives around the compositions. The album is produced and edited by Teppo Mäkynen, also known as a sought-after producer with the knack for looking at the big picture.

From the subtle minimalism of "Fallow" via the ambient of "Aero" to the riff-heavy groove of "Calling James", Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen breathe their music as one unit, building it based on a mutual trust as fellow musicians. Their duo shows have quickly become celebrated examples of what a long history of playing together can enable on stage when paired with the right mindset and a shared musical goal. This live album follows the ethos of both documenting what's happening and expanding on what was captured in the studio earlier.

1. Fallow (live)

2. Zomp (live)

3. Liberty (live)

4. Hypno (live)

5. Aero (live)

6. Kobi (live)

7. Solution Black (live)

8. Ecru (live)

9. Telemagenta (live)

10. Calling James (live)

Timo Lassy, tenor saxophone

Teppo Mäkynen, drums

All compositions by Timo Lassy & Teppo Mäkynen

Alan Braufman / Angel Bat Dawid Remix (released February 3, 2021)



"In 2020, we need the meditative focus and impassioned intensity of an artist like Alan Braufman more than ever" - Rolling Stone

Following the release of his new album The Fire Still Burns, Alan Braufman returns today to share a remix for "Sunrise" courtesy of Angel Bat Dawid. One of the standout tracks from Alan's new record, Angel Bat Dawid puts her own psychedelic and glitched out take on "Sunrise," which leans heavily on James Brandon Lewis' tenor melody. In addition the remix, Alan is also announcing that his 1975 album Valley of Search will release on CD for the first time, and that his classic 1972 WKCR session will be receiving a limited vinyl pressing.

Speaking on the remix, Angel says: "The fire most definitely still burns with Alan Braufman! His music, his legacy, the spirit, and importantly history of the whole downtown New York City improvised music scene still carries so pervasively and strongly as ever in these new releases. I feel honored and grateful to be able to do a remix on his beautiful glorious anthem "Sunrise." I had a lot of fun exploring new sounds and I loved listening to the OG recording stems. It was like having a personal intimate solo concert with some of my favorite musicians like James Brandon Lewis all up in my earhole! I had a blast and am ever so grateful!"
he Fire Still Burns released on August 28, 2020, two years after the rerelease of Valley of Search. The album is preceded by singles "Sunrise," "Home," and "No Floor No Ceiling." "When I found out that my 1975 album, Valley of Search, was getting reissued in 2018, I felt a wave of inspiration," says Alan. "In preparing for the first live performance of Valley of Search in decades at both WNYC's Greene Space and Brooklyn's National Sawdust, I realized that, of course, I would need some new music to play as well. I sat down at the piano to noodle around a bit and 20 minutes later, I'd written 'Home.' I gave it this name because, I was coming back home - to New York City - to play music. The other tunes on the album also seemed equally inspired. I've always thought of writing music was more like finding music. The music on this album was easy to find."

The Fire Still Burns is only the second album to be released under Alan's own name, following Valley of Search. The new album features Cooper-Moore (piano), James Brandon Lewis (Tenor sax), Andrew Drury (drums) and Ken Filiano (bass) as well as Alan himself (alto sax, flute).

Alan Brafman by Gabriela Bhaskar

Alan Braufman is an instrumental figure in New York City downtown culture. Born in Brooklyn, after studying at Berklee College of Music he moved to a vacant building at 510 Canal Street in Manhattan alongside several other musicians. Monthly rent at the time was $140 for a floor, and the space was transformed into a practice space and venue. This gritty, improvised set up in downtown Manhattan would blaze a trail for generations of creatives and set a do-it-yourself tradition for young jazz acts in the city that is followed to this day. During this period Alan recorded Valley of Search at 501 Canal Street, and released it with the label India Navigation. The album is a perfect snapshot of the energy and creativity of its era, and would come to achieve cult status. It was highly sought after by vinyl collectors, and in 2018 Alan reissued Valley of Search.
The Fire Still Burns
Valley of Search
August 28, 2020

1. Sunrise
2. Morning Bazaar
3. No Floor No Ceiling
4. Home
5. Creation
6. Alone Again
7. The Fire Still Burns
8. City Nights