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Peeter Uuskyla / Tellef Øgrim / Anders Berg / Harri Sjöström - OSLO OCTOBER 10, 2021 (January 2022)

The key and the story of this group-made music is as I see the function of my drumming.

This band was made up by bassist Anders Berg when he asked me to send him some of my drum solo recordings for him to play along with and record.

Then he passed that further on to guitarist Tellef Øgrim to add his sounds.

The trio album titled Ullr by Uuskyla Øgrim & Berg was born that way in the winter of 2016/2017.

Live concerts followed and on one of them soprano saxophonist Harri Sjöström joined the band.

The LP Kafé Hærverk 17.11.18 (Hærverk Industrier HÆ003) was released 2019 and on the last track the trio became a quartet with Sjöström.

Here are the latest live recordings from this band at Kafé Hærverk in OSLO, OCTOBER 10, 2021 // Peeter Uuskyla

1. In A Previous State 11:13
2. Fat Spot 14:23
3. Off And On We Go 14:56
4. Why Do You Worry? 06:41
5. Slow Down Ride 05:15
6. Sky Rider 08:06

Live recorded October 10, 2021 at Kafé Hærverk, Oslo, Norway
Track 3-6 previously released November 10, 2021 by Jazztrau, Oslo, Norway

Bass: Anders Berg
Guitars: Tellef Øgrim
Drums, voice and bells: Peeter Uuskyla
Soprano and sopranino saxophone: Harri Sjöström

Recording engineer (track 2-6): Jens Ole Bjerkan
Track 1 is from a private audience recording
Mix, edit and mastering: Anders Berg

Chloe Jackson-Reynolds / The Winter Concert (January 5, 2022)

I am a 17 year-old improviser, multi-woodwind player and jazz musician. My biggest inspirations are Anthony Braxton, Charlie Parker, Roland Kirk, Eric Dolphy and Henry Threadgill to name a few.

1. The Greyhound Picks up the Midnight Wanderer 09:38
2. Leafpile 03:33
3. Days on the Road 08:15
4. Undisputed Islands 09:34
5. Turquoise 09:25
6. As the Riverman Lays Motionless 06:40

Chloe Jackson-Reynolds: Baritone Saxophone, C Flute, Alto Flute, Tenor Recorder, Sopranino Recorder, and Mixing/Mastering/Effects
Brennen Rigley: Track Titles

Quim Magnet Quartet - Ortigas (January 2022)

1. El avión perdido 05:58
2. Ortigas 05:33
3. Persecución 06:11
4. Amanecer 04:38
5. Oki Doki 04:17
6. Working Claes 05:50
7. Y de repente... la oscuridad 04:25
8. 8 06:14

All music composed by Quim Magnet

Quim Magnet: Electric Guitar
Marina Vallet: Tenor & Baritone Sax
Juan Carlos Buchán: Bass
Quicu Samsó: Drums

Recorded by Sergi Felipe at UnderPool Studio 28 & 29 november 2020.
Mixed and mastered by Ferran Conangla 2 & 9 november 2021

Art.eria - Acoustic Electronic Ensemble (January 2022)

Acoustic/electronic ensemble from Barcelona, Spain. Art.eria is a matrix where the worlds of electronic production, jazz improvisation, classical composition and 3d visual art coexist and interact. The aesthetic is somehow futuristic and classic at the same time, suggestive as a soundtrack, complex as modern jazz, experimental and daring.

1. Enrarecerse 04:12
2. La Torre de Marfil 06:16
3. Entre Ondas 04:09
4. Muchedumbres 04:33
5. Postureo 01:59
6. La Partícula y las Nubes 04:33
7. Relato del Tiempo Relativo 05:05
8. Panta Rei 05:22

Executive producer - Wesley Kendall

Leonardo Cincinelli - producer, live electronics
Mariano Camarasa - co-producer, piano
Fernando Brox - flute, effects
Jaime del Blanco - violin
Nuria Garcia Bonilla - violin
Aroa García - viola
Anna Llorens Caellas - cello
Antonino Restuccia Moreno - double bass

All compositions by Mariano Camarasa and Leonardo Cincinelli

Strings recordings - Joan Melero
Studio engineer - Dani Val
Mix engineers - Leonardo Cincinelli, Alejandro Fränkel
Mix consultant - Stephan Kruppa
Mastering - Inverse Limit

Cover Art by Max Rogov @N0vatik

Nick Maclean [Solo Piano - double album]- Can You Hear Me? (Browntasauras Records)

This double album, a debut solo piano release from award-winning Toronto pianist NICK MACLEAN, takes influences from jazz piano greats such as Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, and Brad Mehldau, as well as that of his two divergent ensembles: Snaggle and Nick Maclean Quartet. Maclean, whose groups have frequently been lauded for the strength of their collective improvisatory vision, continues here in that unconstrained spirit with courageous risktaking and musical exploration springing from in the moment inspiration. Shaped by Maclean's respect and trust in producer Brownman Ali’s impactful, omnipresent guidance, Maclean delivers rich and prismatic interpretations of originals, standards, and other spontaneous contemplations. Thus, this solo pianistic odyssey's completion represents Maclean's most vulnerable, personal, and intimate recordings to date.

Can You Hear Me? - Nick Maclean's debut 18-track, double disk solo album - features 7 Maclean-penned compositions, 8 standards, and 2 spontaneous improvisations, all recorded at the renowned Chalet Studio in Uxbridge, ON. Produced by internationally acclaimed trumpet player and producer Brownman Ali, this new double album was released in Canada on Oct 31, 2021, and will be released internationally on Dec 10, 2021 on Browntasauras Records. This is Maclean's fourth release for Browntasauras, following those by his two award-winning ensembles, Snaggle (The Long Slog & Christmas Tune, 2016) and Nick Maclean Quartet (Rites of Ascension, 2017).

“Nick Maclean has superior piano skills, coupled with great ideas and emotional execution.”
Randy Brecker
Photo Credit: Elaine Louw Graham

Disc 1
1. Dolphin Dance (H. Hancock) 8:00
2. All of You (C. Porter) 8:09
3. Someday My Prince Will Come (Churchill/Morey) 7:05
4. Why the Caged Bird Sings 6:20
5. Difficulties of Discernment 11:48
6. Rational Discourse 3:54
7. Circle of Influence 14:05
8. It Could Happen To You (Van Heusen/Burke) 8:54
9. Estratagema feat. Brownman Ali 5:23

Disc 2
1. Blackbirds (Lennon/McCartney, R. Henderson) 7:58
2. Spartacus Love Theme/Nardis (A. North/ M. Davis) 10:33
3. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know 13:37
4. Footprints (W. Shorter) 6:23
5. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be (M. Ellington) 5:53
6. Variations on a Porkpie Hat 6:53
7. The Truth Of It 15:17
8. Message to My Unborn Child 0:53
9. Zion 6:35
All songs by Nick Maclean unless otherwise noted

Brownman Ali - producer, percussion & drumset (Estratagema)

Christopher Dell - Alterity Stream / edition niehler werft (enw)

Alterity Stream presents a unique composition cycle by Christopher Dell, the internationally acclaimed composer and vibraphonist, who is known and highly respected for his experimental music. Taking the confrontation of the jazz quartett and classical wind ensemble as point of departure, Dell transforms this hybrid into an ecstatic montage of forms. Superimposed on the grid of serial structures, Alterity Stream unfolds as a captivating musical relais, which not only indulges in the overview, but also in the insight of the simultaneity of manifold musical practices. This publication is the first publication in the new retroactive series of the exclusive artist’s label edition niehler werft (enw). Conceptualized and produced in the year 2000, the recording was meticulously re-mastered by the German sound engineer and composer Arne Schumann in 2020.

Christopher Dell sees composing as a multidisciplinary exploration of the combining elements of music, as well as its modes of representation and its situations of performance. Dell constantly aims to reassess that what is considered as the musically realizable according to its practice and production of signification. He manages doing that by finding new constellations through the structural procedure of focused analysis, shifts and reassemblage of individual musical elements. This disposition also gave rise to the concept of Alterity Stream: How can the ensemble groupings as body of sound be grasped and that in the intricate interplay of the individual and the collective, between difference and equality?

The invitation by the Theo Jörgensmann Quartett in the year 2000, to write a new ensemble piece, encouraged Dell to these preliminary considerations towards this scenario of two ensemble groupings. The ensemble’s totality is staged as the constellation of two quartets a collective of instrumentalists who not only act as soloists, but at the same time as collective body of sound. This way the opposition of groupings emerges as fascinating plasticity of bodily movements relative to different genres of music making. This applies to every single gesture but seems even more intriguing when it comes to the multiplicity of the individual actions in the collective, also known as the ‘acting in concert’. The form and body of the whole are in constant change and it can never be clearly discerned who the actor and who the re-actor might be. Moreover this body of sound is held together by collective moments in alterity – and this is the only way that makes the work effective.

Alterity, as a compositional and potentially political trace, is of central importance in Christopher Dells music. Compositional experiences can be discovered during the structure of musico-clash, the confrontation of musical material, genres or actors propelling and facilitating processes of differentiation. The compositional interspace is the site of the most sensitive musical differentiation. At the same time, Alterity most likely belongs to the central categories of the political. It is the political where categorizations of humans and nonhumans are established, so that the latter can be differentiated in status or identity. This situation of alterity leaves us with the intense presence of the differentiated.

An experimental jazz quartet confronted with a classical wind quartet – both are put into perspective through the lens of a contemporary revision of the historical movement “Third Stream”. An explorative process of identity, style and time, a remix of the approaches of high, as well as late modernism once reflected in “Third Stream”, and most and for all a celebration of one of the most important, most modern ensembles in 20th century music: the Modern Jazz Quartet. Neither mixing genres nor crossing over from one into another, Alterity Stream constitutes the testimony of a casting aside of the category of genre itself, as if it were a relic of a long-vanished era.
About Christopher Dell
Christopher Dell, is a Berlin and Copenhagen based composer and instrumentalist working with a multidisciplinary approach to musical composition, its representation, its performance and the concert situation, resulting in works at the intersection of the genres of music, performance, installation, urban design theory and architecture. In 2001 he founded the Institute for Improvisation Technology (ifit) and in 2001 he founded the artist’s label edition niehler werft (enw).

01 First Piece 4:19
02 Sentenzen 2:54
03 Nummer 26 0:39
04 Kontext 5:05
05 Konturen A 2:44
06 Konturen B 4:23
07 Konturen C 4:31
08 En Face 5:39
09 Oleaster 6:28
10 Sandzeit 2 5:22
11 Glut 2:49
12 Nummer 26 Reprise 0:41
13 Maserung 6:54
14 Vektoren 5:24
15 Last Piece 2:26

Theo Jörgensmann – clarinet
Christopher Dell – vibraphone, composition, conduction
Christian Ramond – bass
Klaus Kugel – drums
Camilla Hoitenga – flute
Anja Schmiel – oboe
Berhard Kösling – clarinet
Christine Chapman – horn

Recorded 11th of April 2000 by Michael Peschko
Mastered 21st of December 2020 by Arne Schumann at Schumann & Bach

All compositions and concept by Christopher Dell
© & ℗ Christopher Dell

Design by Christopher Dell
All Compositions by Christopher Dell (GEMA)
With essay by Christopher Dell
Produced by enw and Christopher Dell
Cover art picture by Christopher Dell

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nOx.3 - Nox Tape

1. Potée 04:15
2. Chope 04:15
3. Expansion III 08:09
4. Noise.3 03:40
5. Mademoiselle Delay 05:26
6. Gesualdo 04:51
7. Pas Peur 05:15
8. Aspiration 04:18

Rémi Fox : Saxophones & FX
Mathieu Naulleau : Piano, Moog & FX
Nicolas Fox : Drums & Electronics

Produced by nOx.3
Executive Production : Jazz à Vienne
Recorded and mixed by Greg Dubuis at Studio du Flon, Lausanne, Switzlerland
Recording assistant : Ludovic besancet
Edited by Greg Dubuis and nOx.3

Art and Layout by Océane Combeau & Katy Laurent