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Emilio Mendonça / Celio Barros / Marcio Gibson - Triozz (January 17, 2022 PMC - Produção de Música Contemporânea)

Improvised music trio. This is the only recording session from this trio. All tracks are in the same sequence from the original recording. The silence between tracks were cut for the listener convenience.

1. Greetings 08:27
2. Points of View 08:23
3. Agreement 04:38
4. Celebration 05:50
5. Three Similar Differences 08:18
6. Few Comments 01:53

Emilio Mendonça - piano
Celio Barros - double bass
Marcio Gibson - drums

Crucial Encounters / Mladi Raziskovalci IV. – Brina Kren – Crucial Encounters (Live at Jazz Cerkno) December 2021

Every particle can function modularly if the situation is composed to function. The possibility of having an impact lies within the ability to curate experience. Sound can carry meanings language cannot and vice versa. New ways of existence and coexistence are realized only through experiencing them. Music requires no specific identity but instead offers every one of them an agency. There are no degrees to truth, only what is and what isn’t. The most potent of what is can be realized through the experience of what can be. Levels of reality are infinite; their accessibility depends on one’s way of being. The most meaning lies within how people are.

1. in 01:10
2. 12 02:52
3. 12.1 03:00
4. 12.2 02:52
5. 12.3 03:58
6. N 05:59
7. N.1 02:47
8. N.2 01:25
9. over 07:26
10. N.3 02:48
11. N.4 02:10
12. N.5 00:30
13. I 01:12
14. out 01:48
15. beyond 01:33

Tilen Zlatnar (percussion)
Jonatan Hudnik (oboe, piano)
Maj Brinovec (saxophone)
Brina Kren (saxophone)

Compositions N and I by Crucial Encounters, all others by Brina Kren.
The music was created during the festival workshop Mladi raziskovalci IV. / Young Researchers IV. mentored by Dré A. Hočevar.

Recorded at the 26th Jazz Cerkno festival on 16th July 2021
Recorded by Iztok Zupan
Mix and mastering by Dave Darlington
Produced by Dré A. Hočevar
Design by Tjaša Travižan
Liner notes by Brina Kren
Live at Jazz Cerkno logo by Milan Erič

Arkadia Jazz All-Stars - In the Beginning... (December 2021 Arkadia Records)

“Arkadia Jazz, one of the hippest and most uncompromising labels on today’s scene.” – Bob Young, Boston Herald

This album, “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: In the Beginning” features songs from the first six Arkadia Jazz releases in 1997. It includes special Radio Versions of songs by Soprano Saxophonist extraordinaire David Liebman debut album “New Vista” and legendary Saxophonist and Composer Benny Golson’s new release “Up Jumped Benny”, unreleased tracks by pianist Billy Taylor from “Music Keeps Us Young”, as well as a bona fide piece of Jazz history… A recording of French gypsy Jazz guitar legend Django Reinhardt entitled “Nuages” featuring sax legend Coleman Hawkins. We also introduce two acclaimed international musical groups, Brazilian jazz band Nova Bossa Nova, and the jazz virtuosity of the Moscow Sax Quintet from Russia.

The “Arkadia Jazz All-Stars: In the Beginning” release is the perfect introduction to Jazz music and Arkadia’s award-winning catalog and artists.

1. Dave Liebman, Vic Juris, and more - New Vista 05:09
2. Dave Liebman, Vic Juris, and more - Beauty and the Beast 05:28
3. Billy Taylor and more - Caravan 04:54
4. Billy Taylor and more - Naima 05:40
5. Nova Bosa Nova; Bob Mintzer, Claudio Roditi, and more - Jazz Influence 06:00
6. Nova Bosa Nova; Bob Mintzer, Claudio Roditi, and more - Convite (Invitation) 04:58
7. Benny Golson, Kevin Hays, Dwayne Burno, Carl Allen, and more - Up Jumped Spring 06:25
8. Benny Golson, Kevin Hays, Dwayne Burno, Carl Allen, and more - Tiny Capers 06:19
9. Moscow Sax Quintet - Yardbird Suite 03:43
10. Moscow Sax Quintet - Smashing Thirds 02:59
11. Django Reinhardt, Coleman Hawkins, Benny Carter, and more - Out of Nowhere 03:20

Billy Taylor / Ten Fingers - One Voice (December 2021 Arkadia Records)

“Jazz master pianist, composer, journalist and educator Billy Taylor stands alone both figuratively and literally with his Arkadia Records album, “Billy Taylor: 10 Fingers, One Voice”. Only the 2nd solo recording in his 65 year career, the Billy Taylor that emerges here is another jazz surprise – an exhilarating one!

Liberated from all constraints, Billy plays with a joy of self-discovery on swingers that is infectious… Moreover, on ballads here, he plays with a subtle, gently probing romanticism that is never sentimental and thereby is all the more penetrating. In mobile space that is all his own, he swings with more ease, liveliness, and resilience than ever before. He makes the standard songs in the set sound as if he were playing them for the first time. For this listener, the Billy Taylor that emerges here was a surprise – a daring risk-taker who has absorbed the entire jazz tradition but now breaks through as an immediately identifiable personal force.” – (quote from the liner notes by Nat Hentoff)

Now at the peak of his powers, he brings fresh, yet steeped in history of Bop, piano style to this robust collection that features both thoughtful originals and classic standards from accomplished composers such as Dizzy Gillespie, Rogers and Hart, Clifford Brown, Jon Hendricks, and Cole Porter.

His career is recognized with the utmost adoration and respect. Dr. Billy Taylor is one of only three Jazz musicians appointed to the National Council of the Arts, also working as the Artistic Director for Jazz at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He is a recipient of the National Medal of Arts, and is also known for the artist profiles he hosted as the Arts correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning.

“…In a solo setting, Taylor reinvigorates the concept of instrumental mastery. He is just all over that piano, creating moments that are so musical, one could easily forget the technical mastery involved. …a great mix of tunes and arrangements. The arrangement of “Laura” may be the perfect link between modern solo jazz piano and the impressionist explorations of Debussy and Ravel.” – Cortland Kirkeby, The Reader

Playing with infectious joy and playfulness, Billy Taylor: 10 Fingers, One Voice showcases Taylor’s deliberate and impressive ability to swing dynamically on upbeat numbers and yet play stirringly on softer songs, conveying both his passionate melodic soul and his blissful energy – resulting in a solo piano recording with a depth that makes repeat listening an imperative. 
1. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams 05:08
2. In A Sentimental Mood 05:48
3. Joy Spring 05:31
4. Laura 04:49
5. Easy Like 04:26
6. Night and Day 04:49
7. Can You Tell by Looking at Me? 04:59
8. Early Bird 03:10
9. Tea for Two 06:01
10. Solo 03:57
11. My Heart Stood Still 04:10

Billy Taylor: Solo Piano

Liner notes by: Nat Hentoff
Produced by: Bob Karcy

Cristina Mazza / Sean Bergin / Bruno Marini / Jean–Jacques Avenel / Sangoma Everett - Celebrating the Music of Mal Waldron (December 2021 Caligola Records)

Mal Waldron (1925–2002) è stato uno dei più importanti pianisti dell’epoca successiva a Monk e Powell ma allo stesso tempo – lo affermiamo senza remore a 20 anni dalla morte – un musicista dimenticato troppo in fretta. Eppure l’Europa, sua seconda patria, gli deve molto. Dopo aver suonato con molti giganti del jazz moderno, da Mingus a Dolphy, il pianista si è trasferito nel 1967 Monaco di Baviera e negli anni ‘90 a Bruxelles. Fra i molti jazzisti europei che hanno avuto la fortuna di suonare con Waldron c’è l’altosassofonista veronese Cristina Mazza che, dopo averlo conosciuto ai seminari tenuti negli anni ’80 da Giorgio Gaslini in Liguria, ha registrato con lui e Reggie Workman nel 1991 l’album «Where Are You?». 

Ed a cinque anni dalla scomparsa del pianista neroamericano, ha pensato bene di organizzare una seduta di registrazione, affiancando ai tre membri del suo ultimo quartetto europeo – Sean Bergin, Jean–Jacques Avenel e Sangoma Everett – altrettanti jazzisti italiani – con lei suonano Bruno Marini e Daniele D’Agaro – formando così un atipico sestetto con quattro ance e senza strumento armonico, che ha reso omaggio a Waldron eseguendo con sentito trasporto e freschezza creativa otto sue composizioni, cui hanno dato nuovo smalto arrangiamenti originali e riusciti. Quando Cristina ci ha proposto l’ascolto di questa registrazione ne siamo rimasti subito folgorati. Non era semplice resistere alla tentazione di pubblicarla, per far sì che anche gli appassionati potessero gustare, pur dopo 15 anni, una musica quanto mai viva ed attuale. L’impatto dei quattro fiati è davvero notevole, ed ogni brano ha un qualche motivo di interesse.

Quello che si ascolta in «Celebrating the Music of Mal Waldron» è jazz profondo e viscerale, com’è sempre più raro sentire oggi. Difficile stilare una graduatoria fra le otto tracce dell’album, ma un plauso particolare spetta a Sean Bergin, che nella finale Left Alone, dopo un toccante prologo al sax tenore, recita con emozione le parole di Billie Holiday, trasformando la celebre canzone in un’accorata preghiera. 

1. Hurray for Herbie 05:57
2. Snake Out 05:18
3. What It Is 06:06
4. Our Colline's a Treasure 05:27
5. Status Seeking 07:23
6. Medley (Soul Eyes - Changachangachanga) - Medley 06:54
7. Dig It Deep Down Baby 06:51
8. Left Alone 04:26*

Cristina Mazza (alto sax)
Sean Bergin (tenor sax all tunes, except Left Alone  voice) 
Daniele D'Agaro (clarinet, tenor sax on Dig It Deep Down Baby solo)
Bruno Marini (baritone sax all tunes included Left Alone prologue)
Jean-Jacques Avenel (double bass)
Sangoma Everett (drums)

*Left Alone: intro  Bruno Marini baritone sax, Jean Jacques Avenel bass, Sangoma Everett drums - then Sean Bergin voice with Cristina Mazza, Daniele D’Agaro, Bruno Marini (reeds background), Jean Jacques Avenel, Sangoma Everett 

Marco Tamburini & Marcello Tonolo - Amigavel (December 2021 Caligola Records)

Disco tutto da gustare questo “Amigavel”, tuffo rinfrescante nel jazz più lirico e raffinato, saldamente radicato nella tradizione ed allo stesso tempo estremamente moderno. Il sodalizio che lega Marcello Tonolo a Marco Tamburini risale all’inizio degli anni ’90, ai tempi cioè della Keptorchestra. Tonolo ha poi accompagnato Marco in diverse occasioni e di recente sia nel quintetto che quest’ultimo dirige con il trombonista Roberto Rossi, sia nel sestetto “Massive Groove”, che ha da poco pubblicato un disco per la prestigiosa etichetta francese Dreyfus Jazz.

Il duo non è altro quindi che il completamento di un lungo lavoro, forse il punto più alto sin qui raggiunto dalla loro collaborazione. Il disco <> è stato registrato dal vivo all’Unisono Jazz Café di Feltre, e prende il titolo da una lenta e nostalgica bossanova composta nel 1996 dal mai dimenticato Maurizio “Bicio” Caldura, che aveva in origine un testo in dialetto savonese della cantante Tiziana Ghiglioni. Oltre al bel brano di Caldura, il duo reinterpreta con grandi lucidità e passione due celebri standard, How deep is the ocean di Irving Berlin e A Child is born, di Thad Jones. Gli altri cinque titoli sono composizioni originali dei due musicisti, una di Tamburini e quattro di Tonolo, che si rivela autore prolifico e personale, comunque subito riconoscibile. Marcello Tonolo, nato a Mirano (Venezia) nel 1955, è da ormai vent’anni fra i più ricercati ed affidabili pianisti di jazz italiani, facendosi apprezzare per la solidità ritmica ed il gusto musicale. 

Ha suonato con i più importanti jazzisti italiani ed ha accompagnato molti maestri americani di passaggio nel nostro paese.lche nome. All’inizio degli anni ’90 è stato fra i fondatori della Keptorchestra ed ha poi guidato la GAP Band ed il gruppo Music On Poetry. Marcello dirige da qualche anno la Thelonious Monk Big Band di Dolo. Marco Tamburini, nato a Cesena nel 1959 ma residente da tempo a Bologna, oltre che essere un solista di spicco del jazz italiano, Marco Tamburini lavora attivamente come turnista in ambito pop, e collabora dal 1995 con Lorenzo Jovanotti.

Ha inciso molti dischi come leader. Lo scorso anno ha pubblicato per la prestigiosa etichetta francese Dreyfus il disco “Why Not”, inciso come direttore musicale del gruppo “Massive Groove”, che comprende ancora Roberto Rossi, Marcello Tonolo ed il sassofonista Piero Odorici. 

1. How Deep Is the Ocean 06:21
2. Yesterday Night 07:40
3. Zal 07:57
4. Amigavel 05:36
5. No Matter 06:38
6. A Child Is Born 06:53
7. Pirati 05:46
8. Borderline 04:55

Marco Tamburini (tromba, flicorno)
Marcello Tonolo (pianoforte)

Enzo Rocco - Tubatrio's Revenge (December 2021 Caligola Records)

Disco importante questo, il terzo inciso per la nostra etichetta dal Tuba Trio di Enzo Rocco, chitarrista di Crema forse più apprezzato nel nord Europa che nel nostro paese. Noto per le sue collaborazioni con Carlo Actis Dato, con cui ha registrato in duo, ed il sassofonista inglese Lol Coxhill, Rocco tiene in vita questa formazione atipica da ormai più di otto anni, ed i risultati, frutto di un mirabile affiatamento ma soprattutto di un progetto coerente ed originale, sono ben evidenti in questo godibile «Tubatrio’s Revenge», che segue «Bad News from Tubatrio» (Caligola 2028), del 1999, e «Tubatrio» (Caligola 2012), pubblicato nel 1996.

Nulla è cambiato rispetto alla precedente incisione:la creativa e personale chitarra elettrica del leader è ancora affiancata dalla fantasiosa ed incalzante batteria di Ettore Fioravanti, nonchè dagli ottoni (trombone e tuba) del veterano Giancarlo Schiaffini, vero e proprio santone dell’avanguardia, capace di misurarsi con le difficili partiture di Luigi Nono ma anche di prendere ispirati assoli all’interno dell’Italian Instabile Orchestra, punta di diamante del free-jazz italiano degli ultimi anni. Una formazione così assemblata consente molta libertà, che però non diventa mai confusione, poiché il filo del discorso musicale rimane sempre saldamente in mano ad un leader quanto mai autorevole ed efficace, oltre che autore di tutti e nove i brani dell’album.

Entrambi i partner sembrano muoversi del tutto a proprio agio all’interno della “libertà vigilata” di un Rocco lucido ed essenziale, ironico e sornione, mai appariscente eppure sempre molto concreto e convincente. Difficile stilare una graduatoria fra le nove composizioni del chitarrista, che hanno tutte più di qualche motivo d’interesse. Ma almeno una curiosità merita d’esser segnalata. Ci riferiamo alla presenza di una breve ma gustosa e divertita Il Paese dei nasi, che col suo titolo ironico rimanda inevitabilmente a Stefania ed il naso, brano del primo disco, ed a Il ritorno del naso, presente invece nella tracking-list del secondo. 

1. Il paese dei nasi 05:54
2. Pulpbone 08:42
3. Todos los pepinos del mundo 08:22
4. Animali pericolosi 08:23
5. Schrippentrappenkrantz 05:16
6. Amabilia Betulia 06:26
7. Sonia, Tania, Olga e le altre ragazze del Volga 05:08
8. Itadakimasu 05:37
9. La bonaccia 02:50

Enzo Rocco (chitarra)
Giancarlo Schiaffini (tuba, trombone, electronics)
Ettore Fioravanti (batteria)

Ellery Eskelin - From the Archives: Ellery Eskelin, Chris Lightcap, Billy Mintz - Live at Cornelia Street Cafe in NYC, 2012 (December 2021)

These performances are free improvisations. They each involve a sort of meditation on or poetic homage to certain classic 20th century popular and jazz compositions. In this way they function a bit like musical contrafacts, pieces of music historically played by jazz musicians in which the melody of a standard tune is replaced with something new and the existing harmonic form utilized as a vehicle for improvisation. In our case it’s even looser than that. You will hear some quotations and references but each of these long form improvisations might best be thought of as a weather pattern, a mix of conditions in which elements come and go but the overall focus is on the big picture.

1. Improvisation: Happenstance (Just One of Those Things) 25:56
2. Improvisation: Endless (How Deep is the Ocean) 16:11
3. Improvisation: Fortune (Just in Time) 18:55
4. Improvisation: Question (What is this Thing Called Love) & Aspiration (My Ideal) 34:13
5. Improvisation: Monk (We See) 28:32

Ellery Eskelin - tenor saxophone
Chris Lightcap - bass
Billy Mintz - drums

Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC, 2012

Recorded by Jimmy Katz

Fantastic Swimmers - Organismus (December 2021)

1. Patahon (Sudorific) 02:38
2. Minsky Moment 05:29
3. Rak Ikar (Icarus the Cancer) 02:07
4. Saski 02:16
5. Fanfaron 03:05
6. Jucho (Cold) 03:28
7. José 01:53
8. Unceremoniously 04:04
9. Born of Revolution 10:01
10. Organismus 14:10
11. Quintessence 07:31
12. Patahon. Reprise 06:29

Vital Appow – fagot
Eugene Bułdyk – drums
Jan Małkowski – alto sax
Alaksiej Varsoba – accordion
Viktar Siamaška – piano, flute
Martyna Liliana Kabulska – violin
Piotr Mełech – clarinet, bass clarinet
Piotr Dąbrowski – drums, percussion, voice

Sound, mix, mastering by Radosław Bednarek
Cover by Piotr Dąbrowski

Quality Studio, Warsaw, Poland, November 2021

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Jan Sturiale - In The Life (December 2021)

Jan is an indipendent musician, composer and performing artist and educator. He's one of the most in-demand guitar player for recording sessions and lessons in his area ,he's not easily categorized, since his playing is a creative blend of jazz and rock.

1. In Her Eyes
2. Green Lake
3. Night Expansion
4. A Day In The Life
5. Powder
6. Chelsea
7. Live To Tell
8. Fee Fi Fo Fum
9. Black Hole Sun
10. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

All music composed and arranged by Jan Sturiale
except for "Black Hole Sun", "A Day In The Life", "Live To Tell", "Fee Fi Fo Fum", "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" composed in order by C.Cornell, Lennon/McCartney, Madonna/P.Leonard, W.Shorter, C.Mingus.

Recorded by Matej Gobec at Cosmosonic Studios, Ljubljana, SLO

Mixed by John Davis at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn, NY, December 2021
Mastered by Alex De Turk at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn, NY, December 2021
Cover artwork by Corinne Sturiale
Produced by Jan Sturiale

Cory Weeds - Just Coolin' (December 2021 Cellar Live)

In the summer of 2021 Cory Weeds put together the quartet on this recording for a gig at Frankie’s Jazz Club in Vancouver, BC. It was one of those nights where everything came together in every aspect. Club was packed with an appreciative and enthusiastic audience, the band was fired up and ready to go and Cory's dear friend and supporter of jazz Yvonne DeTroye was at her usual perch taking in the festivities. When the band was packing up, she approached Cory to tell him how wonderful the band sounded AND that should he ever decide to record she would be more than happy to lend financial support. Around this time, Weeds had just taken the Presidents role at The Fraser MacPherson Jazz Fund and started thinking about how he could use this recording as a fundraiser. After 18 months of a pandemic the fund was basically depleted and needed to increase its fundraising efforts and create some awareness. Yvonne donated to the FMJF to produce this 8 track set and 100% of the proceeds from the sales (in all formats) benefit The Fraser MacPherson Jazz Fund.

Thank you to Will and Norah Johnston for opening up their beautiful home to record in, the FMJF Board of Directors for their patience and for understanding the vision and Sheldon Zaharko for capturing the sound of the band so brilliantly. Special thanks to Tilden, John and Jesse for the incredible musicianship that they always display. It’s such an incredible pleasure to make music with this group. Extra special thanks to Yvonne DeTroye as she continues to make jazz dreams come true for so many of us and there are not enough words to express appreciation for all that you do for the jazz community.

-Cory Weeds
Burnaby, BC
October, 2021

1. Just Coolin' 06:48
2. Beep Durple 06:20
3. Chicken N' Dumplin 06:08
4. Bitter Sweet 06:10
5. We Three 11:01
6. Street Scenes 06:03
7. Vendetta 05:41
8. Night Walk 06:16

Cory Weeds – tenor saxophone
Tilden Webb – piano
John Lee – bass
Jesse Cahill - drums

Executive Producer: Yvonne DeTroye and Cory Weeds
Produced by Cory Weeds and Tidlen Webb
Recorded at Will and Norah’s house in Vancouver, BC, on September 15th, 2021
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Sheldon Zaharko
Photography by Cory Weeds, Photo of Cory Weeds by Jesse Cahill
Design and layout John Sellards
Cover art by Fujioka Takao

Gods of Chaos - Gods of Chaos (December 2021)

1. Gods of Chaos 13:01
2. Congregation 10:29
3. Unity 03:38

Recorded direct to tape on August 14, 2019 at Soundpark Studios

Trumpet - Felix Meredith
Tenor Saxophone - Andre Lew
Tenor Saxophone [3] - Lachlan Daff
Trombone - Luke Dema
Piano - Max Teakle
Rhodes/Effects - Jake Amy
Organ, Piano [3] - Angus Gray
Guitar - Daniel Waddingham
Double Bass - Jonah Grant
Bass [3] - Carl Lindeberg
Percussion - Rayan Aridi
Drums - Conor Anderson-Vague

Compositions written by Felix Meredith, improvised by Gods of Chaos

Produced, arranged and mastered by Felix Meredith
"Gods of Chaos" and "Congregation" mixed by Theo Carbo
"Unity" mixed by Felix Meredith

Cover photograph by Clytie Meredith

Shirt Tail Stompers - Walk Right In (December 2021)

The hottest in London's vintage jazz music, prohibition, swing dancing and cabaret

1. 9:20 Special 03:27
2. Walkin Blues 02:43
3. On the Sunny Side of the Street 04:03
4. Bug in a Rug 02:43
5. Just You, Just Me 03:13
6. Your Feets Too Big 02:41
7. Stompin' at the Savoy 03:08
8. It Had to Be You 03:21
9. Sophia 03:01
10. Mary Lou Blues 03:13
11. The Lockdown Lockup 03:18

Trumpet - Steven Coombe (Vocal on 'Just You, Just Me')
Saxophone/Clarinet - Duncan Hemstock (Vocal on 'Your Feets Too Big')
Saxophone - Pete Long (on Stompin' at the Savoy')
Trombone - Callum Au
Piano - Luca Filastro
Guitar - John Kelly, Kourosh Kanani
Double Bass - Spencer Brown, Dave Chamberlain
Drums - Nicholas Ball

Vocal - Sara Oschlag ('Walkin Blues' and 'On the Sunny Side of the Street' and 'Stompin' at the Savoy')

'Lockdown Lockup' composed by Duncan Hemstock

Recorded at Porcupine Studios in 2021

David Liebman Group - New Vista (December 2021 Arkadia Records)

“Critics’ Picks – Top 5 Recording of the year.” – JazzTimes, Chuck Berg and Bret Primack

Arkadia Records recording artist, jazz soprano sax virtuoso Dave Liebman, together with his group and the great Brazilian percussionist Café, breaks new ground in this inspired album, entitled “David Liebman: New Vista”. Mixing Brazilian rhythms with penetrating ballads such as “Estaté”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Zingaro (Portrait in Black and White)”, this recording is, in the innovative Liebman’s words, his “most upbeat release to date.”

“His effervescent “New Vista”… reflecting the music of Brazil, Liebman sounds unusually comfortable and relaxed, as his fluid, cleanly articulated soprano lines dart, weave and flutter through the shifting grooves… Liebman displays a marvelous lyrical facility, bringing a beautiful, somewhat breathy tone to the seductive rhythms and intoxicating melodies. He adds tremendous warmth and feeling to these tunes… It’s hard to recall a Liebman project as buoyant and immediately appealing as New Vista.” – Downbeat, Jon Andrews

David Liebman’s New Vista is an extraordinary adventure. That, though, is what we have come to expect from Liebman, one of contemporary music’s true innovators. Although having just passed the half century mark, Lieb is playing with an intensity pulsing with youthful energies.
“At the same time, his playing possesses a Solomon-like wisdom. On one level, there’s a brilliant reconfiguring of the past, of Dave’s own considerable legacy, as well as those of Miles (Davis) and Trane (John Coltrane). And yet the music springs from the immediacy of the moment. So while imbued with the spirits of the giants, Dave’s impassioned quests once again push past the present and into the future.

In the aptly titled “New Vista”, arguably Dave’s most assessable project to date, the inspiration comes in large part from Brazil. This, though, is not the Bossa Nova of your father – or mother. Indeed, it’s an electro-Amazonian voyage into an exotic and rhythmically charged neo-musical hyperspace, a magical realm in which myth and dream dance with joyous abandon.

I have no doubt that New Vista will stand as a landmark in Liebman’s already distinguished career. Its appeals are many. Its impact is immediate. Indeed, it’s serious and joyous fun at the summit by one of our great contemporary artists, saxophone extrodinaire, Dave Liebman.” – Dr. Chuck Berg

“Liebman has evolved a persuasively personal voice and a spare approach that not only focuses on the choice notes but the choice timbre to set them off.” – Gary Giddins, The Village Voice

Most well known as a key member of the seminal Miles Davis Quintet in the 1970s, Dave Liebman, along with notable musicians Phil Markowitz, Tony Marino, Jamey Haddad, Vic Juris, and Brazilian percussion master Café, creates this thrilling CD, “David Liebman: New Vista” that fuses Jazz with Brazilian influences; culminating in an exhilarating recording of Dave Liebman’s individual musical vision. 

1. New Vista 06:47
2. Estaté 05:18
3. Real Dreams 07:06
4. So Far, So Close 05:23
5. Christmas Socks 06:03
6. Beauty and the Beast 05:29
7. Jungle Glide 07:00
8. Zingaro (Portrait in Black and White) 05:52
9. The Gross Man 05:58

David Liebman: Soprano sax and tenor sax
Vic Juris: Guitar
Phil Markowitz: Piano and synth
Tony Marino: Bass
Jamey Haddad: Drums and percussion
Café: Percussion

Produced by: Bob Karcy

David Lahm - Jazz Takes on Joni Mitchell (December 2021 Arkadia Records)

“…Lahm’s takes are distinctive enough to create his own thing while underscoring the jazz lines that inform Mitchell’s work. Lahm gets so personal that he becomes a collaborator in his own right. He starts with her heartfelt music and makes some of his own.” – Karl Stark, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Jazz pianist David Lahm and his All-Star guests, Randy Brecker, Thomas Chapin and Lew Tabackin, use Jazz music to re-imagine the songs of Joni Mitchell, one of the century’s greatest musical talents, on this imaginative Arkadia Records album entitled “David Lahm: Jazz Takes on Joni Mitchell”.

“An admirable piece of work with musicians who add eloquence to the compositions. One can only rejoice in the glow of the music.” – Jerry D’Souza, Planet Jazz

The individualistic, esoteric nature of Joni Mitchell’s repertoire bears a natural affinity to Jazz. Now pianist, arranger, and composer David Lahm pays tribute to her in the idiom that has permeated her repertoire: Jazz. This recording represents a new kind of recognition for one of Pop and Folk-Rock’s most endearing song sculptors. Features 19 all-star Jazz musicians including Randy Brecker, Lew Tabackin, Thomas Chapin, and Kenny Washington, “David Lahm: Jazz Takes on Joni Mitchell” proves that Joni Mitchell’s works are Jazz compositions that have a place in the repertoire of that most vital and uncompromising genre of music, mainstream American Jazz.

“Lahm captures the musical and emotional complexity of a range of Mitchell pieces, which cuts straight to the heart!” – Hilarie Grey, JazzTimes

“A strong tribute to Joni by a collection of musicians that understand her compositions. Your ears are in for a treat, and you’ll agree with me when I peg it as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Joy for the ears.” – Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation 
1. Solid Love 07:03
2. Song for Sharon 06:44
3. Edith and the Kingpin 06:14
4. Coyote 05:56
5. Blue Motel Room 07:19
6. The Blonde in the Bleachers and the Vamp from Hell 07:32
7. The Fiddle and the Drum 05:23
8. Solid Love (alternate version) 06:57
9. Shadows and Light 08:50

All songs composed by Joni Mitchell.

David Lahm: Piano
Randy Brecker: Trumpet
Lew Tabackin: Tenor sax
Thomas Chapin: Alto sax/flute
Mark Feldman: Violin
David Friedman: Vibraphone
William Galison: Harmonica
Roger Rosenberg: Sax/clarinet
Ron Vincent: Drums
Peter Herbert: Bass
Ed Naumeister: Trombone
Mike LeDonne: Organ
Kenny Washington: Drums
Peter Washington: Bass

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Message From A New Dawn (December 2021)

Opening up a new era!
The re-birth of the Kyoto Jazz Massive sound for the future.
‘Message From A New Dawn’ is finally here!!
20 years since the single ‘Eclipse’
19 years since the album ‘Spirit Of The Sun’
The long-awaited second album of Kyoto Jazz Massive
has evolved into a full band sound bringing together elements of
Techno, Jazz, House, Boogie, Soul, Broken beats, Fusion, Afro beat...
KJM are excited to bring you their vision of the ultimate crossover electric jazz fusion album.
Featuring the legend Roy Ayers!
1. Astral Ascension 07:47
2. Primal Echo 06:51
3. Get Up ft.Roy Ayers 05:57
4. Get It Together 07:28
5. This Feeling 06:51
6. Visions Of Tomorrow 07:07
7. The Message 07:08
8. The Mask 05:49
9. Revolution Evolution 10:36
10. Eternal Tide 06:24

Kyoto Jazz Massive are Shuya Okino & Yoshihiro Okino

Recording Member:
Vo : Vanessa Freeman *03, 04, 05, 07, 08
Bass : Kenichi Ikeda (ROOT SOUL)
Ds : Yasushi Fukumori
Keys : Takumi Kaneko (cro-magnon)
Keys : Kaztake Takeuchi (A Hundred Birds)
Per : Takashi Nakazato
Tp : Tabu Zombie (SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS) *02, 04, 08
Vibraphone : Roy Ayers *03
Violin Kirill : Kobantschenko *10
SE : Shuya Okino *06

Vocal recorded by Toni Economides
All tracks mixed by Toni Economides
Band recorded by Shinya Matsushita at Studio Dede
Mastered by Neil Pickles

Produced by Shuya Okino
Directed by Shuya Okino & Yoshihiro Okino
Arranged by Shuya Okino & Kenichi Ikeda (ROOT SOUL)

Sun Ra and His Arkestra - Omniverse (December 2021 Sundazed Music / Modern Harmonic)

Recorded in New York in 1979 and released that year on Sun Ra's Saturn label, this is a solid, overlooked set in the vast Ra canon. The tracks aren't so much compositions as excursions, pure jazz, lots of reflective piano in trio, quartet, and sextet settings.

1. The Place Of Five Points 04:17
2. West End Side Of Magic City [Vita No. 5] 05:58
3. Dark Lights In A White Forest 10:42
4. Omniverse 08:33
5. Visitant Of The Ninth Ultimate 09:25
6. Over The Rainbow 02:54
7. The Sound Mirror 09:02

Monday, December 27, 2021

Claudio Scolari Project - Cold Water (December 2021)

Cold Water is the new single track from the Claudio Scolari Project, a preview of the new album that will be out in 2022

The album features Claudio Scolari on drums/synth programming, Daniele Cavalca on drums/live synths/rhodes/piano, Simone Scolari on trumpet and finally Michele Cavalca on electric bass (the new entry of the project who turned the trio into a quartet).

Claudio Scolari: drums, percussion, synth 1
Daniele Cavalca: percussion, trombone, keys, synth 2
Simone Scolari: trumpet
Michele Cavalca: electric bass

All music by Scolari/Cavalca
Produced & mixed by Daniele Cavalca
Artwork by Simone Scolari

Principal Records
Copyright © 2021

Métier - Please Yourself (December 2021)

Infernal jazz outfit, scattered around the world, unlikely to ever play live

1. Whatever You Do, You Have To Live With It 10:15
2. Lark 05:29
3. Strange Desire 04:43
4. Try To Stop Comrade 05:22
5. Heaven's To Betsy 07:59
6. What's Left of Me 16:08

Virk Mastra - Drums
Teddy Powell - Saxophone
Jessie Dervishi - Basses
Earl Franklin - Guitars
Mada Nasser - Pianos

Mixed in Dolby Atmos by Paul @ Audio Animals
Mastered by Nick @ Audio Animals

Geoff Mason Quartet - GMQ (December 2021)

GMQ is a new album from the Geoff Mason Quartet and includes tunes from modern jazz masters, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and Herbie Hancock.

The recording was made over two days at the JVG studio in Brixton where it was engineered and produced by Dave O'Higgins. All members of the band work regularly with trombonist Geoff Mason; John Horler (Cleo Laine, Matt Ford), Adam King (Ronnie Scott’s, 606 Club) and Winston Clifford (British Jazz Award winner, 2018).

The CD features Geoff's favourite composers and includes pieces not always associated with the trombone, such as Thelonious Monk's “Trinkle Tinkle” and John Coltrane's “26-2”.

To enhance spontaneity the players recorded together in the same room and most of the tracks were first or second takes.

1. 26-2 05:16
2. Tell me a Bedtime Story 04:55
3. Trinkle Tinkle 08:07
4. Beyond All Limits 08:03
5. Well You Needn't 03:53
6. Riot 07:18
7. L'Bop 05:42

Geoff Mason Trombone
John Horler Piano
Adam king Bass
Winston Clifford Drums

Elmar Krick - Based on (December 2021)

This record was inspired by the first four notes of a Sonny Rollins solo on Almost Like Being in Love. That short musical cell ignited my imagination and made me write a full-fledged tune over the song’s harmonic structure.

By moving beyond this mere contrafactual approach I discovered a much more original compositional style.

Writing music based on hearing the material that is out there on a granular level, digesting it, evolving it, transforming it and integrating it, and thus making it my music and my style gave me the feeling of a profound connection to this art form called Jazz and its masters past and present.

1. Mrs. C.K. - Based on The Source 04:38
2. Farther than the Sun - Based on East of the Sun 05:21
3. Chicory con Karma - Based on Cherokee 04:37
4. Day Gig - Based on the oeuvre of Don Grolnick 09:12
5. Almost Like Beijing in Laim - Based on Almost like Being in Love 04:18
6. The Sweetest Tea - Based on Sugar 06:11
7. My Writing Hour - Based on My Shining Hour 06:06
8. A Year in A Flat - Based on Reflections 06:27
9. I Love Music 04:57

Elmar Krick - ts, bs
Matthias Preissinger - p, rhodes
Peter Cudek - b
Harald Rüschenbaum - dr

Written, arranged and produced by Elmar Krick, except Track 9 which was composed by Hale Smith.
Recorded and mixed by Florian Oestreicher
Mastered by Christoph Stickel

Artist photography by Konstantin Kern
Background photo and artwork by Elmar Krick

Daniel Ayala - Sugestión (December 2021)

Pianist and composer from Asunción, Paraguay, He lived in the US for many years, where he got his musical education. His style is a mix of jazz subgenres like hard bop, post bop, modal and latin. He also enjoys playing progressive rock and modern solo piano. His biggest influences are Keith Emerson, Keith Jarrett, Kenny Barron, Lyle Mays, Chick Corea and many more. 

1. Sobrellevando 07:11
2. Ethereal Beauty 07:22
3. Sugestión 04:49
4. Choli 05:57
5. Lucha Interna 08:40
6. South Swingin' 07:13
7. A La Deriva 11:44
8. Tarkus 04:50

Fred Jackson Jr - GENRE (December 2021)

In 2020 I was awarded the “New works, Fresh Voices” grant. This allowed me to give a call to people that I’ve worked with in the past or had some sort of musical relationship with. For instance Dana Hall (Dr.) was a college professor of mine when I went back to school to get my masters of music (2012-14). Joshua Ramos and Corey Wilkes whom I’ve worked with since I moved to Chicago in 2001. I’ve been a member in Dee Alexander and Maggie Brown’s bands in the past. Dee and Maggie always use Miguel Dela Cerna. I totally understand why now. This is why I asked him to play on more tracks. Isaiah Collier is a new friend that I met over at Vincent Davis’ house. Once we played together there was instant chemistry. I wanted to capture some of that. There is another recording coming out of this with different songs and musicians. During the beginning of the pandemic and all through the shut downs, I wrote over 30 songs. It’s like the world slowed down enough for me to actually write out things I hear. Now I can’t stop. Not complaining:)

The themes in these songs are centered around inspirations and dedications. All the songs were inspired by people who have left an impression on me. I call it Genre because the letters spell different words when you switch them around.

“Genre” New Album Concept (2021)
Genre / Erneg / Negre / Regne

Interesting to me… but also a genre is a category of artistic composition. This is how I hear, this is my Genre. I tried to blur the lines and tell a story about Love and Family as I reminisced through 2020 - 2021. There are no lines really, only stories and perspectives.

F. Jackson Jr 
1. Expose' interlude (feat. Isaiah Collier, Dana Hall & Fred Jackson Jr) 01:30
2. Fred Jackson Jr - All Night Long (feat. Dee Alexander) 04:30
3. Retort (Return of The Moors) feat. Corey Wilkes (trumpet) 06:38
4. Hemphill (Blues at 4:20 (feat. Miguel Dela Cerna) 06:06
5. Those Were Days (feat. Maggie Brown) 04:37
6. Put A Sock In It (feat. Dana Hall & Fred Jackson Jr) 04:43
7. Expose' (feat. Isaiah Collier ; Dana Hall ; Joshua Ramos ; Fred Jackson Jr) 05:00
8. All Night Long Interlude (feat. Fred Jackson Jr) 00:52
9. Long Story, Shorter (feat. Fred Jackson Jr) 04:27
10. Dane Dane (feat. Dana Hall ; Joshua Ramos) 05:45

Joshua Ramos (bass)
Dana Hall (drums)
Miguel Dela Cerna appears on all tracks except Expose’

Special guest:
Dee Alexander (vocals)
Maggie Brown (vocals)
Corey Wilkes (trumpet)
Isaiah Collier (tenor sax)

Ellery Eskelin - From the Archives: Trio New York - Live in Antwerp, 2013 (December 27, 2021)

De Singer, Antwerp, Belgium, 2013

1. Improvisation / Celestial (The Midnight Sun) & Regret (After You've Gone) 27:39
2. Improvisation: Flame (Flamingo) & Happenstance (Just One of these Things) 29:33
3. Improvisation: Coordinates (East of the Sun), Potential (If I Had You) & Monk (We See) 46:09
4. Improvisation: Aspiration (My Ideal) 08:33

Ellery Eskelin - tenor saxophone
Gary Versace - Hammond organ
Gerald Cleaver - drums

Ellery Eskelin - From the Archives: Trio New York - Live at Cornelia Street Cafe in NYC, 2010 (December 27, 2021)

Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC, 2010
Recorded by Jimmy Katz

1. Improvisation: Monk (Off Minor) & Rumination (Memories of You) 31:56
2. Improvisation: Conjuring (Witchcraft) 31:28
3. Improvisation / Desire (Lover Come Back) & Fortune (Just in Time) 01:06:23

Ellery Eskelin - tenor saxophone
Gary Versace - Hammond organ
Nasheet Waits - drums

Ellery Eskelin - From the Archives: Trio New York - Live in Montreal, 2012 (December 2021)

Recorded by John Klepko
Suoni per il Popolo Festival in Montreal, June, 2012

1. Improvisation / Regret (After You've Gone) 24:56
2. Improvisation / Monk (We See) 14:12
3. Improvisation / Spirits (Ghost of a Chance) 11:50
4. Improvisation / Aspiration (My Ideal) 09:15
5. Improvisation / Happenstance (Just One of Those Things) 22:07
6. Improvisation / Endless (How Deep is the Ocean) 10:44
7. Improvisation / Flame (Flamingo) 13:59

Ellery Eskelin - tenor saxophone
Gary Versace - Hammond organ
Gerald Cleaver - drums