Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mondo Jazz: A New Radio Program hosted by Ludovico Granvassu

Mondo Jazz, a new radio program hosted by Italian-turned-New-Yorker Ludovico Granvassu (Founder and Editor-in-Chief of All About Jazz Italia), has a mission of showcasing international jazz that's not readily available on the US airwaves.

Starting on November 15, 2017, the show will broadcast on Wednesdays from 10 p.m. to midnight via Radio Free Brooklyn.  (See below for additional links to the archives, playlists, Facebook page.  Radio Free Brooklyn is also available through the App Store or via the “Tune-In Radio" app, which can be subscribed to on iTunes.)

“When I first moved to the United States I was surprised that, in the country where the customer has unlimited choices, I could go to a supermarket and find 80 different brands of cereal, but in a record store the selection of jazz albums was much narrower than in record stores in Oslo, Tokyo, Brussels, London, Rome, Paris, etc. It was therefore not surprising that the playlists of the major radio stations was equally narrow," says host Granvassu. “How could it be that, in the land which gave birth to this music, jazz fans had fewer options than jazz fans from anywhere else in the world? I quickly realized that whereas record stores and radio stations abroad naturally featured albums from the US, since jazz was born in the US, they also featured albums by international jazz musicians since there are thriving jazz scenes everywhere, which produce excellent artists. These foreign artists were virtually unknown in the US and absent from American airwaves.

“My mission with Mondo Jazz is to share some of my favorite international artists with US jazz fans to widen their listening options,” adds host Granvassu. “Needless to say there will be plenty of US jazz on my program, in an attempt to show the continuity that exists between the US and the international jazz scenes. Mondo Jazz is dedicated to the proposition that jazz is a language that originated in the US but is now spoken all over the world in various, at times very strong, accents and dialects, which make it a rich resource for rewarding sonic explorations. In the end, I hope to give a small contribution towards making barriers (across music-genres and nationalities) meaningless, and show that all that matters is people, the beauty of their music and the emotions it can generate."

Schedule and themes of next episodes

November 15th: Episode 1: First Steps... Jazz Walking
November 22nd: Episode 2: Jazz Travelling
November 29th: Episode 3: Film Noir Jazz Soundtracks

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CONCERTOS PORTA-JAZZ: Sábado 18 Nov - Jacob Sacks Trio + Programação Festival Porta Jazz


Jacob Sacks - piano
Demian Cabaud - contrabaixo
Vinnie Sperrazza - bateria

Jacob Sacks é um pianista em destaque no panorama nova-iorquino actual. Liderou o projecto Two Miles a Day, com Eivind Opsvik, Mat Maneri e Paul Motian.

Tocou com músicos como Clark Terry, Charles Gayle, Christian McBride, Brian Blade, Joe Maneri, Ben Monder, Chris Potter, Tony Malaby e Okkyung Lee.

Os seus mais recentes projectos têm sido aclamados pela crítica internacional.

(Sessões iniciam às 19:00h e às 22:00h)




O Festival Porta-Jazz está de regresso com a sua maior edição de sempre!

Concertos, lançamentos de discos, oficinas e jam sessions.

Os bilhetes para os concertos da 8.ª edição do Festival Porta-Jazz estão à venda nas respectivas salas e custam 5€ (preço por sessão única ou dupla).

A ENTRADA é LIVRE para os membros da associação*.

De 2 a 9 de Dezembro, o Porto vai receber 70 músicos profissionais, 20 dos quais estrangeiros, numa programação composta por 17 concertos entre estreias e parcerias artísticas. O Rivoli, a Casa da Música, a FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Univ. do Porto), o Passos Manuel e a Sala Porta-Jazz – sede da associação – vão ser os palcos da 8.ª edição do festival. Haverá ainda oficinas na ESMAE (Escola Superior de música, Artes e Espectáculo) e um encontro de escolas de jazz no Conservatório de Música do Porto.

2 Dez.
18h00 Sala Porta-Jazz :: Gysler-Perez-Nick Trio (CH) - AMR
19h00 Sala Porta-Jazz :: The Nada (PT)
22h00 Sala Porta-Jazz :: Controvento (CH) - AMR

3 Dez.
21h30 Casa da Música :: Coreto, lançamento de "Analog" (PT)
22h30 Casa da Música :: In Love With de Sylvain Darrifourcq (FR)

5 Dez
21h30 Passos Manuel :: Mirrors (Guimarães Jazz / Porta-Jazz #3) (PT, ES)
22:30 ESMAE :: Jam Session

6 Dez.
21h30 FEUP :: Ariel Bringuez Quarteto present "Jazzing the Classics" (CU, AG)

7 Dez.
21:30 Rivoli, Ricardo Toscano Quarteto (PT)
22h30 Rivoli :: Grande Auditório :: Eduardo Cardinho Group (PT, NL)
23h30 Rivoli, Café :: Gomes/Rosado/Monteiro (PT) + Jam session

8 Dez.
18h00 Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório :: AP Quarteto (PT)
19h00 Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório :: LAMA (PT, CA)
21h30 Rivoli, Grande Auditório :: Porto-Barcelona Connection feat. Marco Mezquida
22h30 Rivoli, Grande Auditório :: AXES (PT)
23h30 Rivoli, Café :: ESMAE Ensemble + Jam Session

9 Dez.
19h00 Sala Porta-Jazz :: Bode Wilson, lançamento de "Lascas" (PT, AR)
22h00 Sala Porta-Jazz :: Ricardo Formoso, lançamento de "Origens" (PT, ES)

Actividades escolas

5 dez 14h00, ESMAE :: Oficina com Virxilio da Silva
3 dez 11h00, Conservatório de Música do Porto :: Encontro Escolas (Oficinas)
3 dez 14h30, Conservatório de Música do Porto :: Encontro Escolas (concertos combos)

*Poderá tornar-se Membro Porta-Jazz à entrada de cada concerto do Festival e também nos concertos da Sala-Porta  Jazz.

* - cotas válidas por 1 ano: Membro amigo 40 euros; Membro músico/estudante 25 euros.

Nuno Guedes Campos Trio - Sensations... Illusions... (SINTOMA RECORDS 2017)

Anticipation... Dejà-vu... Elements... Contours... Palindrome... Walking... Going up... Going down... Progressive... Transition... Reasons... Sensations... Illusions... Line... Repeat... Unconscious... Contemplation... Unexpected... Environment... Unifying... Somewhere... Memory... Emotion... Recurring... Reflection... Reaction... Effect... Print... Image... Wire... Driver... Insert... Energetic... Intimist... Idea... Elsewhere... Obsessive... Surrounding... Containment... Direction... Improvisation... Satisfaction... Timing...

1. Intervalo em Ponte de Sôr 06:23
2. Walking Down the Stairs 06:15
3. O Estranho Caminhante 05:35
4. À Volta de Um Instante 05:05
5. Um Sambinha Moderno 06:18
6. Sensations...Illusions... 04:20
7. Horizon's Look 05:01

Nelson Cascais (contrabaixo | double bass) 
Bruno Pedroso (bateria | drums)

Maciej Obara Quartet – Unloved (ECM 2017)

The Maciej Obara Quartet was established in 2012 by Polish saxophone player Maciej Obara, with Dominik Wania (piano), Ole Morten Vaagan (double bass) and Gard Nilssen (drums).

The quartet embodies the very best of today's leading European jazz scene and each member posesses an individual sound emerging from differing musical experiences. Obara has invited powerful and mature artists who create complete, mindful and, above all, beautiful music together.

The band has performed in prestigious venues such as Jazz at Lincoln Center (NY), Jazz Standard (NY), Porgy & Bess (Vienna), Cotton Club (Tokyo) as well as at festivals like London Jazz Festival, Tokyo Jazz Festival, Jarasum Intl Jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Molde Jazz Festival, Festiwal Jazztopad, Akbank, Izmir Jazz Festival, or New Haven Jazz Festival.

After 5 years of intensive touring, the Maciej Obara Quartet received an invitation from Manfred Eicher to record an album for one of the world's most prestigious record labels – ECM. As a result, the new album “Unloved” will be released in September 2017. The album contains original compositions by Obara, as well as one track by the legendary Polish composer Krzysztof Komeda.

“Unloved” is the first studio recording of the quartet, vividly presenting the leader’s lyrical inspirations from the Polish jazz masters and Romantic-era composers alike. The whole is completed by the remarkable harmonic sensibility of Dominik Wania, the folk sound of Ole Morten Vaagan and the rock feeling of Gard Nilssen.

Freedom, intuition and great communication characterize the Maciej Obara Quartet and enable the members to follow risky musical paths, emphasising the dynamism and unpredictability of each concert.

The diversity of the band is reflected by vigorous intensity - contrastingly overcome by lyricism and completed by the leader’s compositions.

The Maciej Obara Quartet presents young and active musicians of the European jazz scene, jazz being one of the many vectors of the band. If musical genres are languages, we can easily say that Maciej Obara Quartet has mastered many of them, mainly deriving from classical and improvised music.

01 ULA (Maciej Obara) 06:55
02 ONE FOR (Maciej Obara) 06:14
03 JOLI BORD (Maciej Obara) 05:49
04 UNLOVED (Krzysztof Komeda) 07:13
05 SLEEPWALKER (Maciej Obara) 06:38
06 ECHOES (Maciej Obara) 09:06
07 STORYTELLER (Maciej Obara) 06:16

Dominik Wania   Piano
Ole Morten Vågan   Double Bass
Gard Nilssen   Drums

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – November 15, 2017 MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m. ~ Use this link to access the show online.

Michael Mantler - Comment c’est (ECM 2017)

Michael Mantler writes: Comment c'est (How it is) is a song cycle for female voice and chamber orchestra. Wanting to use French, a language that so beautifully lends itself to be sung, I had long been thinking of using a certain type of voice from French popular music in a totally different and serious context. When the project finally came to be realized I luckily found a very interesting French electro-pop/jazz singer, Himiko Paganotti.

She turned out to be the perfect choice, having a tremendous range, both musically and emotionally. Introduced to me by John Greaves, an old cohort of mine, she had worked with him and in many different contexts, including the French cult rock-jazz band Magma. Our first occasion to work together was at a concert in Paris during 2014 with the Chaos Orchestra of composers Daniel Yvinec and Arnaud Petit. This collaboration resulted in a lengthy work entitled Oiseaux de Guerre (Birds of War), which dealt with atrocities of the Iraq war. Continuing from there, wanting to explore the voice and the general theme further, I worked on creating Comment c'est.

I have always kept my musical life as abstract as possible, never directly related to programmatic influences or themes, such as world politics, news items or personal life events. In hindsight, that was only partially successful. After all, I participated in the early Liberation Music Orchestra projects with Charlie Haden. For me, however, it was more the musical experience that counted, rather than the expression of political views. Of course, at the time, one marched on Washington, demonstrated against Vietnam and, in general, behaved anti-government, anti-business and anti-establishment.

Certain critical political-sociological world-views eventually began to appear from time to time in my work, such as in Cerco Un Paese Innocente (I search for an innocent land - another song cycle, this one in Italian), and especially in the extended sort-of-an-opera The School of Understanding, with some of its songs resurfacing, extensively revised, in this current project.

No longer able to ignore outrageous recent world events, it had simply become impossible to continue creating music without reacting to this overwhelming and pervasive environment of hatred, greed and corruption. Comment c'est therefore concerns itself quite specifically with a range of serious subjects, such as war, terrorism, hostages, migration, poverty, fear and the generally sorry state of our contemporary world.

I have always wanted to simply create music that is beautiful and that perhaps reveals something that might be deep within us all. Yet, with this music, in particular, I hope not only to touch those elusive feelings but also to more concretely tell How It Is.

Born in Vienna in 1943, Michael Mantler went to the United States in 1962, and after early activities in the New York avant-garde as composer and trumpet player, he formed the Jazz Composer's Orchestra, and eventually WATT, a music production company. He toured and recorded extensively with Carla Bley as well as occasionally with his own live performance projects.

He has recorded many albums for WATT with varying instrumentations and soloists. Appearing infrequently live, he mostly concentrated on composing and recording. He has often worked with texts of contemporary authors (among them most prominently Samuel Beckett) featuring well-known singers from diverse backgrounds of jazz and popular music, including Jack Bruce and Robert Wyatt.

in 1991 he left the United States and returned to Europe. Continuing to cross the borders between jazz and contemporary classical music with his distinct instrumental and vocal compositions, he recorded new albums, now for ECM Records, including "sort-of" an opera, pieces for chamber ensembles, a large work for full symphony orchestra, suites of songs with words by Giuseppe Ungaretti and Paul Auster, a series of instrumental solo concertos and a collection of guitar/piano duets. His 2014 recording, The Jazz Composer's Orchestra Update, revisited and revised compositions written in the 1960s.

Comment c'est was recorded at the Porgy & Bess Studio in Vienna (April 2016) and Studios La Buissonne in Pernes-les-Fontaines, France (June and July 2016). Live performances of the music followed in Vienna in September 2016.

Dave Young / Terry Promane Octet – Vol. 2 (Release Date: December 8th, 2017)

The Dave Young / Terry Promane Octet is a dynamic Canadian jazz group co-lead by two renowned JUNO winning musicians: bassist Dave Young and trombonist Terry Promane. Their new album Octet Volume Two features well-crafted originals, lush arrangements of songs from the Great American Song Book, and tributes to the music of jazz greats Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, and Cedar Walton.

Their latest CD, Octet Volume Two, is the follow up album to their JUNO-nominated debut CD, Octet Volume One (Best Traditional Jazz Album, 2013.)

The Octet has gained a strong reputation in the jazz community as a powerful ensemble featuring Canada’s most prolific improvisers - Kevin Turcotte (trumpet), Mike Murley (tenor sax) Vern Dorge (alto sax), Perry White (baritone sax), Terry Clarke (drums), and David Restivo (piano).

Young and Promane are both prolific and acclaimed performers, having collaborated with many of the top names in jazz, including Oscar Peterson, Clark Terry, Zoot Simms, Rob McConnell and Kirk MacDonald.

Dave Young / Terry Promane

Dave Young is a gifted jazz and classical player performing with the Edmonton and Winnipeg Symphonies, as well as the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. As a jazz artist, collaborations include Oscar Peterson, Clark Terry, Zoot Simms, Oliver Jones, Rob McConnell, James Moody, and Cedar Walton.

Terry Promane is an Associate Professor – Jazz Studies at the University of Toronto and is best know for his work as a trombonist with Rob McConnell, Mike Murley, John MacLeod, and Kirk MacDonald.  As a writer, he is an award winning composer and arranger with many of Canada’s most prolific small and large jazz ensembles.

1. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning  6:32
2. Duke Ellington’s Sounds of Love  7:48
3. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love…(Baby)  6:05
4. Detour Ahead  7:27
5. Bebop  8:17
6. You Must Believe In Spring  7:30
7. Can’t You See  6:35
8. Moon And Sand  6:46
9. Jeannine  6:20
10. Hindsight  5:48

Dave Young – Bass / Arrangements
Terry Promane – Trombone / Arrangements
Kevin Turcotte – Trumpet / Flugelhorn
Vern Dorge – Alto Saxophone
Mike Murley – Tenor Saxophone
Perry White – Baritone Saxophone
Dave Restivo – Piano
Terry Clarke – Drums