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Emmeluth's Amoeba - POLYP (ØRA FONOGRAM March 16, 2018)

Signe Emmeluth will release her debut album mars 16th on Øra Fonogram with her quartet Emmeluth’s Amoeba. An album consisting of four strong Nordic voices searching for the natural  dance and flow within improvisation and music.

 Øra Fonogram with her quartet Emmeluth’s Amoeba. An album consisting of four strong Nordic voices searching for the natural  dance and flow within improvisation and music.


An album which moves beyond the expected and leaves the listener with music which is grippingly raw, quirky and frail.

The album consist of a variety of free improvisations and  compositions by Emmeluth. Inspired by free jazz and classical  music from the 20th century is the foundation of which  Emmeluth’s Amoeba moves upon into a polyphonic muddle. The title track POLYP is referring to the dancing movements of  the naval plant and the feeling of lacking gravity associated  with being under water which is a theme throughout the record. Big ears and good intuition are the foundations upon which the  band creates an ensemble sound, where the roles of the  instruments are challenged as well as the gravity points in the  music are shifted. The music is turned up-side-down and moves rapidly in changing directions by consensus. Preparations and extended techniques are added to the broad palet of sounds available to the  musicians, from which they effortlessly draw upon and follow the flow of the music. Space and chaos, lyrical  yet mysterious melodies and fierce dramaturgy are united in playful playing, where curiosity is a keystone.

“​I hear music and sounds in shapes and colours, and i’m therefor often inspired by visuals. For me it’s  fascinating to see if I can bring my visual thoughts in to a auditiv experience.  We want to create a complete  picture of sound that explores different aspects of movement, acoustic and electronic sound, tone, rhythm  and harmonics. What is sound? Cacophony, euphony, everything is sound and together it is music.” - Signe  Emmeluth

Signe Emmeluth (25) is a Danish saxophone player and composer, currently living in Oslo (NO). Emmeluth has lately become a leading voice of improvised music in the Nordic countries with her bands as KONGE (​Mats Gustavsson, Ole Morten Vågan og Kresten Osgaard) and OWL(​duo with Karl Bjorå). She is also known through her corabollations with artists like Paal Nilssen-Love, Pascal Niggenkemper, John Edwards and Mette Rasmussen.

1 Polyp
2 Magma
3 Kolibri
4 Dans
5 Jerome
6 Pixels
7 Silhouette
8 The Angler Fish
9 Ladybug
10 Embryo



Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – March 14, MST 7:00 to 9:00p.m. ~ Use this link to access the show online.

Dinosaur - Wonder Trail (May 4, 2018)

Mercury shortlisted band Dinosaur continue to surprise
and impress with their remarkable new album ‘Wonder Trail’.

LAURA JURD trumpet, synth
CONOR CHAPLIN electric bass

Available as
Limited Edition Double Cover. CD. Digital

Released 4th May 2018

Dinosaur’s second album is as electrifyingly different as anyone who knows Laura Jurd’s track record would expect. Never one to be labeled, the fearsomely talented and multiple award-winning Jurd has a Miles-like way of taking her work and tuning it to illuminate a vast array of musical worlds. She’s done orchestrated and meticulously composed; jazz rock grooves; electronic minimalism; mainstream jazz and now, with her new album, Wonder Trail, and band Dinosaur, keyboard maestro Elliot Galvin to the fore, she’s plundered the synth-pop of the 1980s for a new sound. But this is not gratuitous borrowing, or any kind of hipsterish, retro post-modernism. For one, these are very current sounds (Broen’s an indie band with similar reference points that comes up in conversation). And for two, Jurd and Galvin use the poptastic-ness of the keyboard sound as a sort of tin opener to get into all kinds of serious musical areas - improvisation, vocodered strangeness, strutting rockishness, bucolic folkiness. But, as with any proper stylistic amalgam, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

Wonder Trail, whilst being a stations of the cross tour through an array of musical influences/interests, synthesises the experience (in more ways than one). It’s the use of the synth as the core sound that brings it all together, the other instruments queued in by its stabs and swirls, energised and contextualised. Within, around and over this hovers Jurd’s clear-toned trumpet sound which manages to be hot and cool without any apparent expenditure of energy - poised is the word I suppose, but that belies the power and incisiveness of her improvising and technique. 

Laura is keen to join the tricky task of placing the music on some kind of stylistic map. “There’s two vocals on the album. Plus one track with a scattering of vocals... something to bear in mind. The pop / folk influence is definitely there. There's certainly more of that in there than the second Viennese school! Perhaps it could be described simply as 'synth-pop meets jazz band'. I quite like the clarity of that. Personally I'd love to filter that down further and say - 'Dinosaur is a trumpet-led, instrumental band'. That way it's left to the music to explain the rest - which is something unique and personal for every listener.” 

1. Renewal (part I)
2. Quiet Thunder
3. Shine Your Light
4. Forgive, Forget
5. Old Times' Sake
6. Set Free
7. Swimming
8. Renewal (part II)
9. And Still We Wonder

All music by Laura Jurd
Recorded at Giant Wafer Studios, Wales on 27th - 31st October 2017
Recorded and Mixed by Sonny Johns
Mastered by Tom Leader

Listen to the Brand New Single:

'Quiet Thunder'

Limited Edition Double Cover LP

More Info

See Dinosaur Live

Alan Benzie Trio - Little Mysteries (2018)

Winner of the BBC Scottish Young Jazz Musician of the Year at only 17, and Berklee College of Music’s prestigious Billboard Award, pianist/composer Alan Benzie is one of the UK’s most exciting young talents. He is joined by friends and long time collaborators Andrew Robb on bass (BBC Scottish Young Jazz Musician of the Year 2009; BassEurope Jazz Competition 2016 - 2nd Prize) and Marton Juhasz on drums (Foundation for Hungarian Percussion Culture Award; “Drummer of the Year” 2014 and 2015, JazzMa reader’s poll).

Their debut album “Traveller’s Tales” garnered glowing reviews from critics, and they have been delighting audiences throughout the UK and Europe, including at London International Jazz Festival and United Europe Jazz Festival, as well as being the featured artists on BBC Radio 3’s “Jazz Line-Up”, Austrian National Radio and BBC Scotland’s “The Jazz House”. The music is rooted in European and American jazz, but is influenced by impressionist piano music and film music, and Benzie’s love of Japanese animation gives a visual, storytelling quality. From sensitive, magical textures to virtuosic explosions of energy, the trio are both sophisticated and accessible, with the warmth, empathy and interplay that can only be achieved through great friendship and years of making music together. 

“Andrew Robb and Marton Juhasz on bass and drums are all about close ensemble interaction, and sometimes it’s as if their sounds were coming out from the inside of Benzie’s piano... Benzie’s playing has a hushed yet yearning quality to it; an exquisite touch and elegant virtuosity make for a thoroughly engaging listen.” Jazzwise

“Tasteful and well-judged, this trio makes a terrific team... Benzie has created a set of memorable tunes and his playing, plus that of his colleagues, is exemplary… There is a radiance and beauty about this music…” The Jazz Mann

1. Natsume 2:49
2. The Warrior Who Became a Tiger 7:35
3. Beslan 7:22
4. Hatake Song 6:41
5. Sunken Ruins 6:41
6. Red Street 6:49
7. There Will Be Other Sunsets 5:24
8. Inexorable 5:29
9. The End of His Days 3:07

Andrew Robb, bass
Marton Juhasz, drums

Dikeman / Allemano / Baggiani / Svirsky - The 2nd Path To NowHere (FLEA BOY RECORDS 2018)

The 2nd Path To NowHere” was released on February 21, 2018 by “FLEA BOY RECORDS”. Album was recorded by interesting and original jazz masters – Lina Allemano (trumpet), John Dikeman (tenor sax), Leo Svirsy (piano) and Marcos Baggiani (drums). All these four musicians are creative and talented jazz musicians – their original and innovative playing style is full of unpredictable stylistic waves, spontaneous musical decisions, extraordinary and dynamic sound and many other things. Because of creative, fascinating and interesting improvising the musicians are famous and active members of avant-garde jazz scene – they are concerting in various world countries, playing and collaborating together with other various avant-garde jazz masters. Their playing style is based on synthesis of different jazz styles – avant-garde jazz, free-jazz, creative jazz and other experimental jazz styles are combined together with bebop, post-bop, hard-bop and other intonations of modern and traditional jazz styles. Musicians masterfully combine all these elements together in one place and create energetic, active, vivid, gorgeous and bright sound.

This album compositions have original and dynamic sound. The synthesis between avant-garde jazz, bebop, hard-bop, post-bop, some intonations of cool and various traditional jazz styles, are the main element of this album compositions. Free, wild and spontaneous collective improvisations are full of different stylistic waves, unpredictable and sudden turns and surprises. All four musicians are improvising passionately and expressively. Trumpet melodies by Lina Allemano are full of many different musical language elements, which are masterfully combined together. Wild fast and furious solos, aggressive, provocative, rigorous and very sharp sounds, powerful and vibrant blow outs, stunning musical experiments and special effects are gently combined together with soft, memorable, melodic and romantic melodies.

She tries out many innovative and experiment ways of playing – organically combines together sudden and colorful trills, virtuosic and wild fast passages, gorgeous and interesting glissando and other traditional playing techniques with experimental and fascinating methods of playing. The improvisations by Lina Allemano are unpredictable and dynamic – the sound is always changing and never stays the same. Musician express many different moods, characters and create contrasting music elements – the sound of their improvisations sometimes is soft, lyrical and nostalgic or  very dramatic, loud, powerful and vibrant.

From the silent, abstract and subtle episodes her improvisations turn out to expressive, wild fast, harsh, sharp, dramatic, bright and turbulent culminations. Tenor sax improvisations by John Dikeman are as much expressive and interesting as trumpet melodies. Improviser also is playing especially expressive, bravely and creatively tries out new and unusual ways of playing, puts together many different music styles, which are the opposites to each other. His improvisations are based on contrasts – silent and extremely loud, vivacious and tragic, harsh and soft, depressive and joyful and many other different moods, characters and expressions are gently combined in his improvisations. Piano improvisations by Leo Svirsy are based on avant-garde jazz elements and form the harmonic basement of the compositions. Sharp, aggressive and provocative dissonances create dramatic, active, interesting and expressive harmonic background.

Virtuosic passages, turbulent and fascinating piano solos, wild fast passages and arpeggios, sudden glissando and many other traditional playing techniques are used together with innovative ways of playing. Marcos Baggiani drums form and keep firm, outstanding and solid bass line and drum section. His improvisations gently fit together with other musicians playing – for the most of the time he improvises very expressive, vivid, passionate and striking.

Marcos Baggiani  improvisations have especially rich and bright musical pattern, are contained by many different types of rhythms and basic rhythmic formulas of various jazz styles. Album improvisations have bright, vivacious, vivid, deep and vibrant sound.

1. The 2nd Path To NowHere 14:15
2. Mr. John abrió la puerta 06:57
3. BAM! 03:14
4. Under Leo's Sign 05:18
5. Dialogen 01:29
6. Popolocotocopoco 06:49
7. A Rare Sweetness 02:28
8. The Beginning 08:10

Lina Allemano: Trumpet
John Dikeman: Tenor sax
Leo Svirsy: Piano
Marcos Baggiani: Drums

Jean​-​Brice Godet - Épiphanies (GIGANTONIUM April 19, 2018)

Dans les K7, et dans le désordre, il y a des vrais morceaux de Julien Chamla, Sylvain Darrifourcq, Céline Boiroux, Élise Chauvin, Marine Mane, WATT, Julien Pontvianne, Antonin-Tri Hoang, Jean Dousteyssier, CUIR, Jérôme Fouquet, Nicolas Souchal, John Cuny, Marco Quaresimin, Yoram Rosilio, Jacques Brel, Jean-Sébastien Bach, James Joyce, Igor Stravinsky, Jean-Marc Foussat, Dan Charles Dahan. 
Dans le vent de la pointe du groin, il y a ma mère. 
Dans les radios, il y a mon père. 
Dans l’absence il y a Faustine Moulin. 

“Jean-Brice Godet, je l'appelle Godot.  
comme le personnage de Beckett.  
parce qu'il est loin et proche à la fois.  
comme sa musique.  
il semble venir nous prendre par la main pour que nous n'ayons plus peur, et quand il nous a apprivoisé, il nous laisse face à nous-même, tout seul, dans la neige.  
je pourrais croire qu'il en sait plus que nous, qu'il connait un endroit tout à lui,  
fabriqué avec des crayons de couleurs, des ciseaux, des bouts de papier, des bandes magnétiques.  
mais il y a un drône au-dessus de ce monde-là ,  
un drone qui plane très bas au-dessus de nos têtes  
avec des morceaux de voix comme des chuchotements .  
ces voix font tomber de la pluie.  
et la pluie,  
quand elle est généreuse,  
ça ne pardonne pas. » 
Marine Mane.

1. Ouverture
2. Dans la matière
3. Well you know
4. Petit poème symphonique
5. Continuum
6. L'absence
7. Dans les aspérités
8. Final


8 études pour dictaphones, radios et clarinettes

Enregistré, mixé et masterisé par Jean-Marc Foussat au Studio Pyjama, en juillet/août 2017 à La Garennes-Colombes. 
La pièce « L’Absence » a été créée à l’issue d’un travail en binôme avec Marine Mane, à l’occasion du « Laboratoire de traverse #8 - Créer en (dé)jouant les contraintes », le 6 décembre 2016.

Alex Hitchcock Quintet - Live at the London and Cambridge Jazz Festivals EP (May 11, 2018)

Saxophonist Alex Hitchcock (‘a fantastic talent' – Helen Mayhew, JazzFM) leads a powerhouse quintet that combines a compelling, adventurous ear for melody with virtuosic improvising. Highlights from the past year include performances at Love Supreme Festival, the Royal Albert Hall, Jazz in the Round, the London Jazz Festival and Pizza Express Jazz Club, as well as a tour of Hungary and Poland and radio play on BBC Radio 3 and JazzFM

Debut CD release from the Alex Hitchcock Quintet, recorded at the London Jazz Festival in 2016 and the Cambridge Jazz Festival in 2017.

'Sax virtuoso... one to watch' – Jazzwise

'A fantastic talent... undoubtedly one of the stars of the future' – Helen Mayhew, JazzFM

'The ideas and emotions cascading from his imagination... emerge as perfectly shaped notes and beautiful phrases from the bell of his saxophone. It’s a spellbinding process to witness’ –

1. Happy Ending
2. Gift Horse
3. Context
4. Wojciech

James Copus – trumpet / flugelhorn
Will Barry – piano / keyboard
Joe Downard – bass
Jay Davis – drums

All compositions by Alex Hitchcock

Recording, mixing and mastering by Viktor Volaric-Horvat at Undular Production

TbPn Camarasa & Mahler - TbPn (GIGANTONIUM March 20, 2018)

Le duo piano / trombone est une formation assez inédite dans le jazz, les musiques improvisées ou la musique contemporaine. La musique du futur disque se veut à la croisée de ces trois mondes musicaux et de leurs approches respectives du duo et des interactions de ces deux instruments.

Ainsi la musique de TbPn est conçue par le pianiste Xavier Camarasa et arrangée par les deux instrumentistes/compositeurs/improvisateurs, en élaborant un langage et une écriture reflétant cette problématique.

Cette exploration s'exerce sur les paramètres de sons et postures musicales: entre écriture et improvisation, entre matière sonore et hauteur, entre rythme et bruit blanc, entre événement sonore et silence, entre deux timbres d'instruments séparés et constitution d'un seul timbre d'instrument à deux.

Le langage développé dans les 2 suites reflète la saturation de l’environnement sonore, matériel et numérique actuel, il fait état de la déstructuration et superposition des couches sonores temporelles, sans lien entre elles, qui nous entourent.

A travers la recherche de liens, de mises en relation et de sens par des systèmes de connexions dans la constitution d'un langage musical propre, TbPn entend développer une poésie et une forme de beauté en résonance avec son univers contemporain.

1. Partie 1
2. Déconstructions simultanées
3. Partie 3
4. Partie 4 A
5. Partie 5

Xavier Camarasa   piano, piano préparé
Matthias Mahler    trombone

Composition Xavier Camarasa, Arrangement Xavier Camarasa et Matthias Mahler

Clément Janinet - O.U.R.S. (Ornette Under the Repetitive Skies) GIGANTONIUM March 20, 2018

Sur une proposition du festival « Jazz en Herbe », Clément Janinet réunit le quartet en juin 2016. Au fil des collaborations et après s'être investi dans des formes collectives (Radiation 10, Collectif LaVie Brève, Garden trio, le Banquet...), il fait appel à trois musiciens avec lesquels il joue depuis plus de dix ans.

Clément Janinet compose la musique du quartet en s'inspirant du lyrisme des mélodies du free jazz des années 60 (Ornette Coleman, Pharoah Sanders...) et des textures timbrales et rythmiques de la musique répétitive (Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Adams).

La première création du quartet a eu lieu au Théâtre de verdure de Montceau-Ragny en juin 2016 autour des oeuvres d'Antonin Artaud, dont les mots ont été portés par le comédien David Rougerie. Cette création se nourrit des expériences Texte/Musique menée par Clément Janinet au sein du collectif de théâtre « La Vie Brève » (Le crocodile trompeur, Orfeo, je suis mort en Arcadie) et du quatuor à corde « Le Banquet ».

Le guitariste Gilles Coronado et le violoncelliste Mario Boisseau se joindront à O.U.R.S. sur quelques-uns des morceaux de l'album à paraître.

01. Crions (Part 1)
02. Crions (Part 2)
03. Ciel
04. Ornette Under the Repetitive Skies
05. Cassiopée
06. Momie
07. Danse
08. Fy (M.Boisseau)
09. Ton Pied, mon Pied
10. Ours
11. Lila
12. Niana (N.Doumbia)
13. Banyan Tree (Janinet-Boisseau-Florent)

Hugues Mayot : clarinette basse, saxophone ténor
Joachim Florent : contrebasse sauf 8 et 9
Emmanuel Scarpa : batterie sauf 7, 8, 9
Gilles Coronado : guitare sur 1, 2, 10
Mario Boisseau : violoncelle sur 3, 7, 8, 13

Enregsitré récemment au Studio Juno à Yerres

O.U.R.S. - "Ornette Under The Repetitive Skies" from Romain Al'l on Vimeo.