Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Brad Linde's Gumshoe - Gumshoe (2017)

Brad Linde is a saxophonist, bandleader, and presenter in the Washington DC metro area. In 2010, he founded and began co-directing the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra - a 17-piece big band in residence at the historic club.

He was a participant in the Banff International Jazz and Creative Music Workshop 2013 and he studied with Barry Harris and Lee Konitz, among others. READ MORE...

1. Good Time Islands 08:08
2. Seeds Sown 11:28
3. For Valentine's Day 11:10
4. Banff 2013 14:13
5. Tomorrow Was Great 10:22
6. Death Knell (Tolls) 11:22
7. King Reason 07:37
8. And...Scene 03:21

Brad Linde's Gumshoe 

Recorded February 14, 2017 at Airshow Mastering/Allyworld in Takoma Park, MD
Engineered by Gantt Kushner
Mixed and Mastered by Charlie Pilzer
Artwork and Design by Matt Rippetoe at Sideman Creative, LLC.
Produced by Brad Linde

Patrick Booth - soprano and tenor saxophone
Erika Dohi - piano and Rhodes
Jonathan Taylor - drums and percussion

Playlist for Tom Ossana – The Thin Edge – December 20, 2017

http://www.kzmu.org/listen.m3u ~ Use this link to access the show online.

I’m wishing jazz lovers a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year, especially to those of you who listen to and support the jazz programming on KZMU. Tonight's show is both jazzy and Christmassy. Instead of the usual summary, we'll include an abbreviated playlist. Stop right here if you're not fascinated with the details. For a detailed description of the show, go to Republic of Jazz and search for Tom O.

DKV Trio (Hamid Drake / Kent Kessler / Ken Vandermark) - Latitutde 41.88 (NOT TWO RECORDS 2017)

The DKV Trio is one of the most exciting ensembles working in contemporary improvised music. Featuring Hamid Drake (drums), Kent Kessler (bass), and Ken Vandermark, the band has been active since the mid 1990s and has released eleven recordings, including their most recent album, which came out in the autumn of 2016: Collider (that features the trio paired with the Scandinavian group, The Thing).

Their 2014 five CD box set, Sound in Motion in Sound, was reviewed by the Free Jazz Collective as follows, “They are tighter, more explosive, and ingenious than ever. Imagine every DKV Trio’s signature element coming together in a remarkably dazzling, fiery display of musical prowess. There’s an almost palpable quality to the way that the musicians meld their ideas and approaches together. There’s groove propelled by Drake’s funky, loose drumming, there’s melody in the bass lines, there’s dissonance and conflict in Vandermark’s fluid, mercurial playing.

This is a great recording by an unmistakable, intense group of musicians with a sound and feeling of their own. That much is clear now. I would even dare to call this album their best to date. Inspired, full of energy, harmonically, rhythmically, and even melodically rich, capable of wonderfully recreating the joy of listening to DKV Trio live.” 5 stars

2017 promises to be an exceptional year for the band: they will be releasing a new album on the label Not Two, have concerts scheduled in Canada during June, and will tour in Europe with Joe McPhee as a guest for the first time in their career.

01. Faster Than It Would Be (Hamid Drake, Kent Kessler, Ken Vandermark) 20:25
02. 20th Century Myth (Hamid Drake, Kent Kessler, Ken Vandermark) 17:33
03. Uncontrolled Writer (Hamid Drake, Kent Kessler, Ken Vandermark) 21:56

Ken Vandermark: reeds

Kent Kessler: bass

Hamid Drake: drums

Airto Moreira - Aluê (2017)

Aluê, seu primeiro trabalho após Live in Berkeley, de 2012, foi registrado num estúdio localizado numa fazenda, na paisagem verde do interior de São Paulo. Apoiado e construído com um time de grandes músicos (Carlos Ezequiel, José Neto, Sizão Machado, Vítor Alcântara, Fabio Leandro, Diana Purim e Krishna Booker), Aluê se apresenta como uma revisão inteligente e necessária de grandes momentos da carreira de Airto Moreira, retomando e relendo composições que evocam seu portentoso universo sonoro.

Não se trata apenas de seus ritmos, síncopes, cadências, diálogos, melodias, frases, gritos e texturas – mas também do que sua música disse e continua dizendo nos tempos estranhos em que vivemos, nos quais não podemos mais ignorar os avisos que o planeta envia a cada momento. De várias formas, essa mensagem sempre esteve na música desse catarinense, nascido em 1941 na pequena e charmosa Itaiópolis. A cada audição, Aluê nos traz lembranças, ressignificando experiências e emoções – algo como pegar uma canoa e atirar-se rio abaixo, enfrentando corredeiras rápidas e quedas perigosas, que se alternam com as águas mais calmas e límpidas cobertas por copas de árvores centenárias em meio à Mata Atlântica. É fato que a Mãe Terra sempre esteve presente na obra de Airto, sempre se manifestou nela inspirando seu sound design, sua marca registrada. READ MORE...

01 Aluê - Airto Moreira / Flora Purim 
02 Misturada - Airto Moreira
03 Rosa Negra - Airto Moreira
04 I'm Fine, How Are You? - Airto Moreira
05 Lua Flora - Flora Purim / José Neto
06 Não Sei Pra Onde, Mas Vai - Airto Moreira
07 Sea Horse - José Neto
08 Guarany - Airto Moreira


José Neto (guitarra)
Diana Purim (voz)
Sizão Machado (contrabaixo)
Fabio Leandro (piano)
Vitor Alcântara (saxofones)
Carlos Ezequiel (bateria e produção)

Yoram Rosilio & the Anti RuBber brAiN fAct0rY - Anti RuBber brAiN fAct0rY & Mar0kAït (LFDS RECORDS 2017)

Throughout the centuries each region, each town and sometimes even each village in Morocco have developed their own particular individual musical identities. Inspired by everyday life they give expression to major events of society recording and marking the identity of tribes and regions. They constitute an absolute traditional treasure, telling the tales of the different customs of people but also giving voice to their rebellious spirits and their magical and mystical visions of the world.

Our inspiration comes from this wide multicolored repertoire and we have endeavored to respect, to the best of our ability, the shapes, structures, rhythms and intentions that we can feel in this music and to reproduce them with what makes us musical beings.

1. 3abidat 'Rma 13:07
2. Leïlaa Lill 11:35

Yoram Rosilio : Bass, flute, percussions, Direction
Nicolas Souchal : Trumpet, flute, percussions
Jérôme Fouquet : Trumpet, flute, percussions
Jean-Brice Godet : Clarinets, flute, percussions
Jean-Michel Couchet : Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, flute, percussions
Florent Dupuit : Tenor Sax, Bass Flute, Flute, Piccolo, percussions
Benoit Guenoun : Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, flute, percussions
Paul Wacrenier : Piano, Vibes, Balafon, Flûte, percussions
Rafael Koerner : drums
Eric Dambrin : Drums, percussions
François Mellan : Soubasophone, flute, percussions (on 03 and 06)