Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Movin' Along - Maciej Grzywacz plays music of Wes Montgomery (July 2021)

Maciej Grzywacz has 6 albums as a leader and 26 as a side man to his credit. Maciej Grzywacz is a faculty member at Academy of Music in Gdansk, Poland

1. Far Wes 03:45
2. Full House 05:01
3. Leila 05:17
4. Montgomeryland Funk 02:52
5. Wes' Tune 04:50
6. Movin' Along 04:06
7. Road Song 04:41
8. S.O.S 05:33
9. West Coast Blues 03:43
10. D-Natural Blues 04:50

Maciej Grzywacz - Guitar
Tomasz Grzegorski - Saxophone, Flute
Kuba Stankiewicz - Piano
Piotr Kułakowski - Bass
Kuba Grzywacz - Drums

Möbius Strip - Time Lag (July 2021)

Möbius Strip is the name of a young Italian progressive jazz-rock band, made of Lorenzo Cellupica (keyboards), Nico Fabrizi (saxophone & flute), Eros Capoccitti (bass) and Davide Rufo (drums).

1. Chand Baori 08:57
2. Iblis's Hybris 07:52
3. Mateka's Speech 08:29
4. Old Tapestry 10:06
5. Möbius Cube 07:32
6. A Theme for the end 06:34

Möbius Strip are:
- Lorenzo Cellupica: piano, organ, keyboards, vocals
- Nico Fabrizi: tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, percussions
- Eros Capoccitti: electric bass, percussions
- Davide Rufo drums, percussions

Special Guests:
- Fabio Gelli: trumpet (tracks 2 and 3)
- Romeo Venditti: trombone (tracks 3 and 3)
- Simone Marcelli: electric guitar (track 5)
- Caterina Sebastiano: vocals (track 6)
- Debora Camilli: vocals (track 6)
- Andrea Martini: vocals (track 6)
- Giacomo Serino: trumpet (track 6)
- Massimo Izzizzari: electric guitar (track 6)

Junichiro Mataga - Sketches (2021)

Junichiro Mataga is a jazz pianist, composer, arranger, and educator based in New York City. Mataga grew up in Niigata, Japan where he began playing piano at the age of six and guitar in junior high school. After graduating high school, he moved to Tokyo and began studying jazz piano in the University Jazz Club. Following his graduation from the University of Electro-Communications with a Master’s Degree in Engineering, Mataga worked as a Sound and Vibration Researcher in the Central Research Lab of NEC Corporation. 

Throughout his studies and his work at NEC,  Mataga was active in the jazz scene in Tokyo, Japan. He performed with his own band, the big band, Shiny Stockings; the gospel band, 7 Seasons; the jazz quartet, Beyond the Cinema. 

Mataga’s career took  a major turn in 2019 when he moved to New York City and began taking courses in the jazz program at Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College.  There he studied with world-renowned musicians such as David Berkman, Jeb Patton, Antonio Hart, Michael Mossman, Dennis Mackrel, Tim Armacost, and many others. Mataga graduated from ACSM in May 2020 and is now working as a freelance musician in NYC.

1. Midnight Shore 06:16
2. C.C.T 05:52
3. Cave 04:43
4. I Mean You 04:59
5. Little Cheers 05:24
6. Scramble Crossing 02:29
7. Light and the Darkness 06:38
8. Time to Work 04:34
9. Loop 07:16
10. Total Praise 05:00

Jussi Fredriksson Trio - Archipelago Sea Tales (July 2021 Flame Jazz Records)

On their latest album the internationally acclaimed Jussi Fredriksson Trio shares musical anecdotes on the beautiful yet vulnerable Archipelago Sea. The trio’s rooted new sound is ecologic and warm in nature.

1. Dead Sea
2. Splatter
3. Käkkärämänty
4. Red Ochre
5. Chase
6. Swan Love
7. Korpo Waltz
8. Rock
9. Improvisatio

Jussi Fredriksson - piano
Jori Huhtala - bass
Mika Kallio - drums

Recorded and mixed by Matti Fredriksson
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck

Joel Untinen Trio - Facing Paradise (July 2021)

After living in New York City and studying jazz guitar with Peter Bernstein, Canadian guitarist Joel Untinen recently moved to Montreal. His most recent project, "Facing Paradise," was recorded with his trio in New York in December 2019. Joel is a composer, a collaborator, and a band leader, who has performed on numerous live and recorded music projects in Calgary, Edmonton, Banff, and New York.

1. 12/10/16 05:34
2. Figure of Man 08:36
3. The Old Man and the Sea 07:27
4. Winter Hymn 11:04
5. Shorter Story 07:52
6. Facing Paradise 06:34

Joel Untinen - Guitar
Dan Montgomery - Bass
Timothy Angulo - Drums

Li Hai - Recording Engineer
Jacob Aviner - Mixing
Liberty Ellman - Mastering and Additional Mixing
Cover Art - Richard Charter
Guitar Made by Sota Mori Guitars

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Lil Tae Rides Again (Expanded Edition) July 2021 Royal Potato Family

'Lil Tae Rides Again (Expanded Edition)’—JFJO’s ethereal masterwork—returns after being out of print for years. The expanded edition includes 11 live performances from the subsequent tour supporting the album.

In 2008, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey re-awoke with their most idiosyncratic album to date, 'Lil Tae Rides Again.' Featuring pianist Brian Haas, bassist Reed Mathis and drummer Josh Raymer, the band had appeared for only a handful of tour dates and summer festivals the previous year. Rumors swirled among fans regarding the reasons for such scarcity. JFJO s intent, however, was never in question. They simply went underground to create music on their own terms, in their own universe, on their own timetable.

The trio enlisted eccentric electronic music futurist Tae Meyulks to produce. He shared in the trio s vision to record an album awash in sprawling soundscapes, minimalist melodies and subliminal themes.

Lil Tae Rides Again achieved its intent through an Eno-esque vision that offers a sustaining aura of ethereal splendor. As on previous efforts, JFJO defined themselves as a mercurial musical force in a constant state of re-imagining their creative horizons. The beauty in JFJO s self-definition is that they are utterly un-definable.

Unavailable for years on streaming platforms, this experimental jazz/electronic classic now returns in an expanded edition featuring a live version of each of the 11 songs from the subsequent tour in support of the album. 'Lil Tae Rides Again,' but better still, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey rides again. 

1. Autumnal 04:14
2. Winter Clothes 02:57
3. Tetherball Triumph 04:46
4. Carpool 02:48
5. Tae Parade 05:18
6. Santiago Lends A Hand 05:13
7. Waking The Reluctant Genius 02:24
8. Scuffle In The Hallway 02:41
9. The Votes Are Counted 02:20
10. Recovering The Time Capsule 03:15
11. Goodnight Ollie 07:31
12. Autumnal (live) 05:08
13. Winter Clothes (live) 03:35
14. Tetherball Triumph (live) 06:50
15. Carpool (live) 04:54
16. Tae Parade (live) 04:36
17. Santiago Lends A Hand (live) 03:50
18. Waking The Reluctant Genius (live) 03:43
19. Scuffle In The Hall (live) 05:07
20. The Votes Are Counted (live) 02:18
21. Recovering The Time Capsule (live) 04:05
22. Goodnight Ollie (live) 04:44

Brian Haas: Piano, Rhodes
Reed Mathis: Bass, Guitar
Josh Raymer: Drums

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Winterwood Revealed (Live Vipers & Studio Doves) July 2021 Royal Potato Family

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey ‘Winterwood Revealed (Live Vipers & Studio Doves)' is a companion piece to ‘Winterwood,’ JFJO's final studio album with bassist Reed Mathis. It contains live performances from the tour prior to recording the album, as well as, studio outtakes and alternate mixes from the 'Winterwood' sessions.

1. Song Of The Vipers (live) 07:13
2. Hover (live) 07:34
3. Goodnight Ollie (live) 04:39
4. Skeeball Over The Ocean (live) 07:39
5. Oklahoma Stomp (live) 09:34
6. Twinstar (live) 07:42
7. Bumper Crop Of Strange (live) 07:22
8. Sean's Song (live) 10:25
9. Julia (rehearsal) 04:07
10. Happiness Is A Warm Gun (live) 07:53
11. Santiago (live) 11:11
12. Vernal Equinox (live) 13:12
13. Dove's Army Of Love (live) 06:24
14. Oklahamo Stomp (dirty mix) 06:43
15. Twinstar (dreamy mix) 05:43
16. Song Of The Vipers (raw mix) 05:42
17. A-Bird (piano) 06:22
18. Crazy Fingers (piano) 04:48
19. Earl Hines (piano) 03:14
20. Goodnight Ollie (piano) 04:26
21. The Slip (piano) 07:18
22. Twinstar (piano) 05:41
23. Vernal Equinox (piano) 07:34

Brian Haas: Piano, Rhodes
Reed Mathis: Bass, Guitar
Josh Raymer: Drums

Produced by Reed Mathis

Out Now on Royal Potato Family

Eric Zinman / Mario Rechtern / Weasel Walter - Mermaids and Sirens Know (July 2021 ugEXPLODE Records)

A newly released studio session of piano/reeds/drums based volcanic free jazz, the trio of Eric Zinman, Mario Rechtern and Weasel Walter meets the high standards of the classic Cecil Taylor/Jimmy Lyons/Andrew Cyrille trio in terms of blistering momentum, density and clarity, but pushes forward in their own distinctive and idiosyncratic personal voices.

1. Mermaids in the water; Sirens on the sands. 34:30
2. When seas go high, 09:47
3. Where do we go? 09:16
4. Mermaids and Sirens know. 19:27

Eric Zinman - piano
Mario Rechtern - alto, baritone and sopranino saxophones
Weasel Walter - drums

Recorded May 2011
Mixed and remastered by Weasel Walter and Mario Rechtern
Artwork by Mario Rechtern

The Flying Luttenbachers - Negative Infinity (July 2021 ugEXPLODE Records)

Roaring out of the gates is the 15th full-length album by no wave/punk jazz/brutal prog iconoclasts The Flying Luttenbachers, led by founding member and main composer Weasel Walter. There's a few special twists this time, friends. The last two albums, "Shattered Dimension" and "Imminent Death", both epic double-length affairs released in 2019, focused on open ended, improvisational approaches more so than heavily structured ones. "Negative Infinity" is a sort of return-to-form in a regard, featuring 6 tightly scripted doses of what they call "Brutal Prog" - the tag Weasel coined in the early 2000s to describe an elite breed of intense, complex bands who emphasised harshness and intensity over the typical prog-rock flutes and fairies positivity. This is prog for THE APOCALYPSE, not your uncle.

The merciless opening track sets the tone for the album - "Fury of the Delusion" is a through-composed, neck-snapping whirlwind of a number where an unrelenting, hair-raisingly harmonized line spat forth in unison by saxophone and duel guitars is investigated, turned upside down and transformed into a deadly musical cyborg. Oh yes - the other big surprise is that Weasel doesn't provide his usual hyperactive drumming on this release. The chap has switched to guitar. He feels that it will be easier to drip sweat on the punters that way.That's right. Close your eyes. That's Sam Ospovat on the drums. Doesn't he sound great? We bet you won't even miss the Weez! Dark overlords Tim Dahl (bass) and Matt Nelson (saxophone) return once again and newest member Katie Battistoni plays the other guitar parts.

The closing number, "On The Verge Of Destruction" is a monolithic side-long extrapolation off of Albert Ayler's bizarre '66/'67 "marching band on acid" musical suites. The group is shuttled through an exacting sequence of berserk rollercoaster melodies and the whole front line takes turns spewing outrageous solos. The structure coils up the band to release a climactic orgy of noise before the piece goes back to the beginning and winds down. 

The rest of the tunes may invoke fragant whiffs of old Mayhem sturm und drang, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks sonic terrorism, the jigsaw puzzle logic of the Rock In Opposition bands and, ahem, even '90s Flying Luttenbachers style varsity team punk-jazz ("Demonic Velocities II" appears here as a meta-sequel to the old chestnut first performed by the group as early as 1993). The core tenets of The Flying Luttenbachers remain: Dissonance, Speed, Aggression, Weirdness, Singularity. This is perhaps the finest chapter of the three-decade saga so far . . . 

1. Fury Of The Delusion 04:47
2. Demonic Velocities II 06:57
3. A Depraved Heart 04:37
4. Omnicide 05:19
5. Mass Manslaugher, Ma'am 03:44
6. On The Verge Of Destruction 19:11

Weasel Walter (left guitar)
Matt Nelson (tenor saxophone)
Katie Battistoni (right guitar)
Tim Dahl (bass guitar)
Sam Ospovat (drums)

recorded at Mighty Toad Studios, Brooklyn, NY on November 30, 2020
recording engineers: Craig Dreyer, Lucas Haas
mixed by Weasel Walter
mastered by Colin Marston
band photo by Dominika Michalowska
all compositions by Weasel Walter / Sedition Dog Music (BMI)

copyright 2021 ugEXPLODE Records